Kuching Food Festival 2010

The Kuching Food Festival is back, and this time it’s groovier than ever.

Much of the Kuching Festival is the same as previous years. Most people come here for the food, but as usual they have a couple of attractions on the side as well.

The trade fair is where you see the whole entire housewife population in Kuching coming in to check out what’s the latest in cooking or cleaning technology. Seriously, the average age of people here is like 50 years old.

Then you have the other end of the scale.

There’s a mini fun-fair filled with 5-year-old ADHD kids bugging their parents to spend RM3 on some stupid game that’s impossible to win – just for that soft toy.


Not wanting to lose out on the crowd, I got ourselves a booth there to promote the fitness centre. Honestly speaking though, the response aren’t all that fantastic.

People coming to the Kuching Festival are not interested in signing up for a fitness membership and getting fit. They are more interested in getting fat.

Compared to us, the food stalls in general are doing very well. All the best food in Kuching are gathered here for the 3 week festival and a lot of them get sold out before the night is over.

Still, there are like 101 different stalls selling Taiwanese sausages and they are all the same. But I think Kuching people don’t like Taiwanese sausages anymore because they are way too small.

Kuching people like Rudy’s German sausages. He got people queuing up every night for his big juicy sausages. And every night without fail he’d sold out because people keep coming for more.


Food stalls that sell slightly different items are also doing very well. Most people won’t think twice about spending RM2 on a slightly different-shaped potato.

One thing that definitely fascinated me about Kuching Festival this year is the… questionable displays they have.

You see, right on the front gate are three monstrous cats who can climb trees. It’s so scary. The cat on the left is PURPLE. And most likely it’s PURPLE because the sponsor of the festival is Xpax (which is also purple).

At the backgate is a kiddy ride that loops around the most hideous-looking dinosaurs ever.

They are so ugly they’ll scare real dinosaurs away into extinction.

Like they say: it is SO bad, it’s good.

Charming as they may be, NOTHING could quite capture the attention of the people like the display of this Western food stall called… The United Steak of Richmond.

The United WHAT? Doesn’t matter.

Hellboy is already rolling in Hell over the blatant misuse of his picture, alongside Captain Davy Jones and Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars on the top of KLCC.

You wonder if they actually put these up to make kids excited, or to scare them away.

46 Replies to “Kuching Food Festival 2010”

  1. kenny if i wasnt in aus i would have signed up. not having much money atm i take free gym memberships where ever i can get them =)

  2. I ever emailed to level up fitness as I wanted to know is there still have student package. I guess is twice. No reply at all~ I heard that most of the time it’s pack in there~

  3. i think the united steak means they serves beef, chicken, squids, lamb and _______ (whtever the jarjar bink represents…)

  4. Sure looks like fun! Though the dinosaurs are weird…doesn’t have any connection with the food theme or sponsors…

  5. I tapao popia from a wicked face auntie saying that the popia just came out from the blabla and still “sio” “sio”. Back home open it already basi. Shouldn’t trust wicked face auntie. (Sigh)

  6. It’s look like a big festival, I love this type festival, I hope you did enjoy there. These type festivals are important for kids because they do more enjoy than younger.

  7. Have you seen the newspaper today?
    What is happening to Kuching nowadays?
    Snatch thief to daylight robbery.
    Is it safe anymore?

  8. As for the booth, did you do any pre-promotions? Perhaps many people in Juching will go even just to say hello to the Kenny Sia. 😉
    Network first. The membership will follow. Good job for having such a simple and down to eartj promotional method. 🙂 How about hiring some fit and sassy showgirl next time?

  9. There are 2 stalls selling tat twist potatoes. The one Kenny put is not so nice. Its soggy n oil reuse too long. Another near to the main entrance is crispy & nice although slightly more expensive. As for the German sausage the exterior is like plastic. Wonder if it one should peel off like banana b4 eat.

  10. I guess that is the only fun thing in Kuching that come once a year. Besides that, not much happening in Kuching. Correct me if i am wrong.

  11. there are ppl who dislikes to go to kuching fest, the forever crowded place, just like me.. why your fitness center so rigid that the rm58 pass can only be purchased at the kuching fest stall where the customer is willing to go to your gym directly? so many restrictions..

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