ADV: Education Is Not For Profit

My father never had a university degree.

He didn’t even have a college diploma for that matter.
No, it wasn’t because he didn’t care about education.
My father was one of the strongest advocates of higher education when he was alive. In his high school, he graduated at the top of his class. He was yearning so much to enter university, yet he never had the opportunity to do so.

My grandparents’ kampung in the 1950s

It was unfortunate that back in his days, there were no universities or colleges in Sarawak. Back then, the only option to further your education was to travel to big cities like Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and live there for 3 years before you could come back with that elusive piece of paper.
Coming from a poor family background and as the eldest child in the family with 4 siblings to support, leaving home for studies was simply too much a financial burden for him to carry.

Growing up, my father always emphasized to me how important it was to complete my university education.
He knew that he had to work twice as hard to get to where he was.
He knew that getting a university degree would put us head and shoulders ahead of everyone else. That’s why he spent a whole heap of money to send his three kids overseas. It is a financial sacrifice he had to put up with, because he knew that in this day and age it’s virtually impossible to survive in a job market without higher education.

But times have changed.
For one, universities and colleges and “university colleges” have been popping up all over the country left, right and centre. Within a short span of 3 years, I saw no less than FIVE institutions setting up their campuses within Kuching city alone.
Families are getting wealthier.
Parents can now afford to send their children to not just KL, Singapore or Australia. But to far far far away places like UK, USA and Mars (in the future).

But there was also one major change back then compared to now. Education has now become very commercialised.
Because there are not enough spaces in public unis to go around, many private education institutions suddenly appeared.
These private unis and colleges provide education, but in actual fact they are run very similar to business entities. Students pay school fees. In return, they receive a service in the form education.
Yes, just like public unis, these private institutions provide education. But no one can deny that their ultimate objective is to generate profit for their shareholders.

You see, everybody wanna make money these days.
But what if I told you that there is a private university in Malaysia that is actually NOT FOR PROFIT?
Would that be hard to believe?

It is not unreal. Such an institution does exist.
Malaysia’s first and only non-profit private university is Wawasan Open University.
Established only less than 2 years ago, the uni is funded not by the government, not by the rakyat’s taxes, but instead by charitable trusts, corporations and donations from the public.
To start with, a substantial donation was made by the family of Yeap Chor Ee, a banking tycoon who founded COCONUT BANK in Penang.

Mr Yeap, now immortalised in the form of a copper statue in front of the Wawasan Open University campus

Although Wawasan Open University is officially our 18th university, it functions unlike any traditional learning institutions most people are used to.
The university is truly a first of it’s kind in this country.
Wawasan Open University is an open distance learning university.

At a distance learning university, students are not required to physically attend classes. Instead they are expected to learn independantly through study materials provided and using of video-conferencing, instant messaging, online forums, e-mails and phone.
If needed, they can look for support or attend regular tutorials which are provided at their regional centres in Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, JB, KL and Bandar Utama.

WOU’s Penang regional office

The one big advantage this form of studies could bring is that working professionals or homemakers might find it easier to fit part-time studies into their schedule. By learning at home, these adult learners can still get a degree without going to classes.
The downside is that when it comes to distance-learning, A LOT of self-discipline is required on the part of students.
No one is gonna stop you from reading or update your Facebook if you’re supposed to be reading your course materials online. But hey, you’re the one who’s gonna suffer when exams come around!

I know. Distance learning have always sounded a bit dodgy, but really, it’s just mindless paranoia.
If you noticed, traditional universities especially in Malaysia has always been “spoon-feeding” information to students. A lot of students rely way too much a lecturer or a tutor to be physically there for them to learn something.

With distance learning, students have to learn on their own. But they’re also allowed to make contact with the lecturer or tutor online if they have trouble understanding course material.
And this concept have proven very popular overseas. In Wawasan Open University all courses are fully recognised in Malaysia, so there’s nothing much to worry about.

The most attractive thing about studying at Wawasan Open University is their course fees.
The fact that it is non-profit means its fees are significantly cheaper than at other universities.
Just to give an example, a typical bachelor’s degree in e-Commerce may cost up to RM50,000, while at Wawasan Open University it is around RM17,000.
If both can offer you the exact same qualification in the end, which one would you choose?

I call Wawasan Open University the AirAsia of university education.
It’s cheap, it’s convenient, it’s very accessible because almost everything is done online.
Already in their second year of establishment, and the university is offering eleven bachelor’s degree programmes in the fields of business and science, as well as ce-MBA and ce-MPA for postgraduate students. More is of course expected to come.

The oldest WOU student is 71 years old!

Honestly, I love the idea of a non-profit university, I love the concept of self-learning, and Wawasan Open University encapsulates both.
True, most Malaysians may not immediately warm up to the idea of an open distance learning university.
But I reckon for anyone who have self-discipline, Wawasan Open University is most definitely worth a shot.

If there is one university that is able to provide the type of higher education my father was financially deprived of in his younger days, this must be it.

The Incredible Hulk was definitely heaps better than Ang Lee’s intepretation of the same movie 5 years ago. At the very least, it managed to explain the mystery why Bruce Banner’s pants remain intact when he transformed from human to hulk. Gotta love the surprise cameo at the end too!
(Special thanks to Star Cineplex for providing me with complimentary tickets)

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  1. Well, open distance learning is pretty famous over in Aussie. A lot of Malaysians are taking those courses up as well. Just the difference that WOU is much cheaper.
    Personally as a university student I believe that learning in a lecture hall and tutorial classes are important. Well,considering the discipline people my era has right now..and I agree I am one of them. Sigh.

  2. sounds like a cool thing.
    but i can’t live a college life properly. saddening. lol.
    when everybody is at their campus, i bodoh bodoh sitting in the house studying. lol

  3. Hey Kenny, thanks for sharing this good university!! Which I have been trying to look for some distance learning. And never came across to this university!
    Thank you!

  4. I always thought that going to college wasn’t just about the material and knowledge it’s the experience. A non-profit college definitely sounds good to consumers. However, wouldn’t you agree that profit is needed so that the college can invest in themselves and expand in the future?
    Plus private colleges get all these PhD holders. They’re definitely going to be expensive when they teach. lol.

  5. Nice to know there is a Open University which is non profit basis in Malaysia. Hopefully more young people can get higher education…

  6. WOU is quite new. Therefore, even though it is convenient and cheap, WOU has to earn its credibility first before really attracts students. Sometimes, University has to be all about quality. But, I am sure that thre wud be no pro. for WOU.

  7. great post kenny.I don’t normally bother posting comments but I have family members personally involved in WoU, and therefore this particular articles strikes a chord with me. It’s great to see this university finally up and running after all the problems and obstacles it had to go through before it even began. this really is a chance for everyone to finally achieve their ambitions and get that degree or even a masters.
    cheers mate, keep up the good and entertaining work.

  8. Life College is non-profit too.
    WOU is run by Malaysians nevertheless. They do not have share holders, but they have trustees. How do these trustees think when they decide on policies? I do not think it is about profit or non-profit. Rather, who makes decisions.

  9. Just look at the way they are advertising on and how fast they are looking at increasing the number of courses on offer. One words = Massification. That ought to make us question their quality.

  10. Until today, Life College still has no advertising or marketing. Students either get there by word-of-mouth or through community outreach programs. This has given the college time to strengthen their foundation. The college library has improved since I studied there. The librarian is always busy. The number of students Life College has, isn’t much, but this has given the staffs more attention to spare for every student, in order to protect the students’ welfare. They want to make education a wholesome experience for students. Money is important, but strengthening the foundation is first priority to Life College which has been around for a few years now.
    So WOU is non-profit, but where is their priority?

  11. I agree with you that those of us who got a chance to go to uni are hugely privileged. I want to punch people whenever I hear someone describe themself as a “poor college student”. Hey! If you’re in uni it means either a) your parents have a lot of money or b) somebody else gave you a lot of money to come here (aka scholarship).
    And even if you’re not rich in money, you will be (or should be) rich in learning…in theory lah.
    How come the private unis/colleges in Malaysia are just diploma mills? In other countries you see tons and tons of research coming out of private universities (Harvard, MIT, Stanford…duh!). Universities are not just for teaching, they should also be for discovery.

  12. kenny, who is tat benny sia? dun u feel tat he’s irritating keep ‘reuse’ ur post and post in his blog?

  13. if i got a choice heaps ago i would have chose this , so cheaper , then balance can go set up business… or travel overseas back pack and enjoy life. instead of forking out RM70-120 k on such so called education based – high score paper driven recruiters.. when u work and study u see more reality.. hence u see the business side of things..
    .at the end come out with basic RM2k plus plus… long haul not worth it… when u know education business is so lucrative…u know lah … malaysia not like germany .. free education ..

  14. age doesn’t matter as long as you have the desire to study. 71 years so what? in the states, we have all old apek and auntie taking classes with me. i looked like as if i were their grandaughther. 🙂
    p/s: we should change our so called…hmmm asian mentality? pregnant women, old people, disabled all study in a same class. what can’t we do that in msia? good luck to the old apek. it’s not too late to do things you really wish to do.

  15. Where got free education anymore…
    You wan to get marry also need to pay and attend the course. That also need to pay!
    Now People only see money$$$

  16. Those photos of computer lab classes are from my college, Disted Stamford. I never knew they took photos of the room while I was there.

  17. Dear Kenny,
    Did you get any other degrees other than bachelor of science physics? What is the prospect of that degree? I am interested in doing that too.

  18. my uncle is the councilor and co-founder of WOU. If im not mistaken,there are a few Open Universities around the world and he’s part of it as well.
    WOU is opened up for those who couldn’t afford to go to private institution therefore, it’s priority is to help those who need to go to work at the same time wish to get a degree. You could actually do this at night and work in the morning. How cool is that?
    The downside is, they are not offering too many courses for now but my uncle told me there are more to come.
    Plus, I believe kennysia weren’t paid a whole lot by WOU after all.

  19. Hey kenny! Seems u were quick at replying..
    well, WOU is not that bad actually. This type of lifelong learning education has always been lacking in Malaysia. Education here involves studying all 1st, practise later, which may not be that good since there’s no hands-on training.
    Besides, if a person really loves education, you won’t be fussing much of QUALITY as in which UNI u shud go to (US marketing does play a role is such propaganda) Well, if WOU is still there when I’m 40 years old, I might consider joining a course or two. 😛 Just that I’m currently just 22 and doing another course which takes another 3 years to complete and God knows how many years to serve the country. -.-”

  20. Hi Kenny! I agree .. education is such an important thing .. back in those days and in the present time as well! My dad was in a similar situation to yours; eventhough he was born in KL itself, he just didn’t have the financial means to be able to go to university. And to make up for it, he made sure that his kids did .. eventhough he had to work 3 jobs!
    WOU sounds great .. if you have the will-power and self-discipline (and not mountains of cash lying around), it would be a good start to a better future.

  21. The quality of the degree might be important for interviews, however, in my opinion, it is more important you have related knowledge to do the job. So, if you study well in certain knowledge and able to show related experience and knowledge. I am sure the company will take you. After all, study is all about self-discipline. Sometimes, even if you got into reputable University, it doesn’t really mean most students came from that university are good, and most of the time, there are students who doesn’t really go there for study but for party.

  22. like hello? who the hell knows wat wawasan open university is?? crappy uni and u can twist it to make it sound sooooo damn good! yeah then y in the world parents send their children to good, REPUTABLE university n pay heaps of money? BECAUSE THEY ARE REPUTABLE UNIVERSITY OK! WITH BIG NAMES PRINTED ON THOSE UNI!

  23. wait wait wait…
    hold on just a second.
    you’re telling me……
    that star cineplex has a WEBSITE?!
    i mean they don’t even have toilet paper….

  24. When you say this university is like the ‘AirAsia of University Education’, I think everyone now has good idea about what to expect in terms of the quality and the value for money.

  25. You see, everybody wanna make money these days.
    But what if I told you that there is a blogger in Malaysia that is actually NOT FOR PROFIT?
    Would that be hard to believe?

  26. yea yea this university isn’t for profit, but somehow the post about the university feels like it is

  27. There is no point if you go REPUTABLE university with the rich man’s son attitude only to start your first job with the mind set that you’re better than everyone else. “Huh? starting pay only RM1500?? my daddy paid 200k for my education so im not sticking around for this shit”
    End of the day, attitude is the key. So what if u can only afford crappy degree from crappy university? put in a good few years hard work and soon you will be recognized in the industry. You may start with a crappy degree, but if you’re dedicated and good in what you do, organizations will help you go for professional certification and possibly even fund your masters, etc (with a bond of course). So the top guns like IBM, oracle etc may only filter those with degree from MIT so to speak, but i have learnt that if you’re really good in what u do, you don’t need to wait in line like the other 3000 applicants as you would have been referrenced by someone and ‘head hunted’, by passing those in line for a one way ticket to an interview with the COO.
    IT especially.. crappy degree, BUT if you have certification like Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), AIIM, ECMp.. U think Oracle won’t hire you if you’re well known in the industry?
    I have had one to many lazy fresh grads working under me as programmers so crappy degree or reputable degree, end of the day it’s the attitude and hardwork that counts.

  28. MIT,Stanford, Ivies and Oxbridge are not just about cost and if you want to go there. It is about if you can go there and for 99.99% of Malaysians those elite universities will be out of reach. I guess WOU with all the other private/ public universities will always be appealing in their own way with the masses. At the end of the day it gives everyone every chance at a shot at higher education.

  29. just my 2 cents, I would like to experience the culture shock, bonding with my lecturers and classmates, meet up people and know more about their culture, thats just too cheap for extra 300k or so

  30. yeah rite, paying 300k + at least for culture shock and bonding… think that’s really worth it? thats another rich man talking. I find many people study overseas with the wrong mindset. Some people can’t even afford 3k when 300k is too cheap.
    Anyway, those US uni are almost beyond reach and remain almost a fantasy. Lots of parents tend to send children overseas bcos of pride. Time to be practical an think of all… but then, there’s always many deciding factors. Those brats who had yet to earn money shudn’t brag much of ‘quality’ when they have not start earning money. That’s why kenny sia last post about unemployed grad was very true and not oni involves “no-quality” grads but also those OVER-QUALIFIED Grads.
    Good uni is gud, but how can u compare when the price is so different? Compare with the same range, and I’ll say u’re smart. Gud certs may get u hired, but ur attitude will determine whether u will stay on and/or get promoted.
    Besides, I dun remember Bill Gates or Donal Trump or those other rich men going to such prestigious uni. Oh yea, Bill Gates did, but tot he dropped out? 😛

  31. Maybe it is not a rich man’s talking.
    Maybe it is just a personal choice. If my son chose to study abroad and I can afford it, I dont see why not.
    Education is important. Certain courses, if you study abroad with certain country, it will gives you an xtra edge.. to some extend. But whether its worth it or not in the end of the day, there are many ways to say it.
    Its like, UTM (University Teknologi Malaysia). If lets say I took Business Administration and graduate with it. Would it safe to assume my interviewer would look at me and say, “OK……… so you have a BBA with UTM….”.
    I dunno about the overqualified claims. But I do know there were a lot companies paying the same amount of money (if not less) to fresh grads today as what they paid my cousin 10 years ago.
    Of course you can work first, gain experience and stuffs. But in the end of the day, its the money that counts.

  32. Can someone tell me what are the prospects of a bachelor of science physics? Is that the only degree Kenny pursued? Maybe kenny can enlighten me please.

  33. money does matters, but if u cant perform up to par yet, no point asking for more. If ur not willing to pay more for those deemed no-quality education, wud u hire no-quality workers. There are also lousy harvard grads and from other prestigious uni.
    The certain edge u get is gud, but always brought down by arrogance of graduates. My friend who’s a boss in IT field hired many graduates. He find that there’s not really much edge afterall. Degree is a small minor part of life. There’s so much more after that. A degree just means that you have that 1% of the actual knowledge and experience.
    Anything can be compensate with working experience except for ur brains.

  34. I graduated from the shittiest of institute. I have been working in IT for 9 years. My first pay was RM800. Work full time, study IT part time.
    Yes, money is important but if you really have trouble finding a job dont just bitch and complain. Settle for less if you have too. End of the day it’s the experience that counts. Once you’ve proven your worth then move on. Most to most suffer 3 years or so then you should be getting the pay you desire. Don’t come out fresh from uni, tin kosong and all and want to work in KPMG, PWC in IT Advisory for RM3k ok? chances are you’ll get Rm1800 or RM2k if you’re really lucky.
    Then the day you get a call from someone who head hunted you, go out and celebrate. Now you can start negotiating what you want.
    Those who get to go to really good colleges / Unis should appreciate what they got. Local uni grads look at it this way.. 5 – 10 years from now, your coursemate may very well be the CIO, COO or someone prominent in Telekom, SYABAS, STAR papers or where ever la. Sure got ‘khang thao’ for you then right?

  35. that’s why i’ve never ever looked down on people who hasn’t had any proper education.
    the institute i’m in also looks for profit. so much for goverment subsidy…

  36. Hi Kenny,
    Really thank you for your sharing. I always wanted to do MBA.. But what stopping me is that the cost of MBA may actually allow me to purchase a house, taking it as a down payment.. ha ha ha

  37. its a bit low to use the sympathy plea of your late father to sell some product and make a quick buck. disgusting really.

  38. it’s even disgusting talking bout other ppl’s late father like that u know. Kenny’s just writing on it, not receiving commision for each application via him. obviously not a person with any business sense.

  39. Open universities are a good thing. The term ‘open’ usually alludes to a distance learning programme. I’ve finished my undergraduate degree, and went back to uni via distance learning. Have to say that it ain’t easy, and it does take a lot of dedication and perseverance….and less time to have fun. I totally know how you feel about education too. That’s the main reason my mother made sure my brother and I have a good education.

  40. Hi Kenny, this is my first time reading your blog.Is there anything more interesting that you can discuss….why do you have to promote WOU? ThIS IS SO FRUSTRATING….

  41. There are a lots of non-profit organization are usually used to make profits not for the organization but the one who in charge in the organization. I don’t really trust “Wawasan Open University”.

  42. To disappointed- What do you mean kenny’s trying to make a quick buck?
    He is promoting a non-profit university. And it’s so obvious there is no commission for Kenny blogging on this. I don’t know how you see Kenny making a quick buck by promoting this non-profit university.

  43. Why are some people so anal about what Kenny posted on his blog?
    He can’t possibly go about squeezing tranny’s breast or swallow cobra’s heart in every post right?

  44. Hey dude, fact is the real good graduate who went oversea for a degree ( okay, not all, but majority) would find a job and stay there.
    I am sure we have met many oversea graduates who stil tok liddat one lah, mental thinking, reasoning capacity still feels like they lived whole life in Malaysia/Singapore one. Like that a company how can properly utulize what the new hired learned from oversea uni? In fact tell you, I have seen many foreign students cheating in example during my oversea time, even engineering course also want to cheat, how to leanrn?
    It’s all depend on oneself , how you learn and how you present yourself at a job interview. You are to sell youself during an interview, but you also have to have “liao”. I am sure competent HR manager and your future boss will look at your capability VS the degree you receiver. After all, especially technical world, you do not leanrt from the uni, they give you the basic, but you learn how to learn. If you can learn everyhing you need from uni, there will be no progress.

  45. wow.. I had the same idea about opening a non-profit educational unit too! Someone already started it. tho my idea is a little different. Yeap Chor Ee, you are cool!

  46. so why are you advertising for them? for free? or are they paying you to advertise their non-profit uni? *blinks*
    wouldn’t a lower cost/non-profit oriented university have less impetus to teach you better, or attract good lecturers?
    the purpose of going to a university is to learn, not just for the piece of paper.
    if you want the cheapest fastest option, this may be good, but not if u want to be armed with sufficient knowledge to make a difference.
    simply put. cheap will not mean good, simply because you will not have access to good resources, be it material or lecturers.

  47. but WOU doesnt let u take more than a certain amount of modules and doesnt let u speed up the process and must do it at minimum 5yrs or more worr..
    how to tahan

  48. I was actually at the main campus when WOU was being launched. I was actually looking for a course for Electronics Engineering and I’ve actually already looked around other collages, unis and institutions for their course structure.
    The price isn’t always the problem. They are expensive and cheap institutions and sometimes, you get what you pay for. Better facilities to perform your course work, better lecturers, etc.
    One thing which turned me off was the way WOU was promoting their courses. Although they are doing distance learning (Not the first), and although they are big and have plenty of resources (Not the best), they told me that their courses are the fastest! ONLY 5 YEARS! and no other College, Universities or private institutions can match that.
    Well, after my survey around the collages and institutions in Penang, the LONGEST duration for the equivalent course is only 4 years.
    Now, if they can lie so directly on their first day right at my face and my friend’s face, what else can they do next?
    Besides that, it seems that they were more interested to serve all the Datuks during the opening event then to actually promote education.

  49. hmm i don’t meant to be rude. but why are u writing about this college? u got paid by them to write about it?

  50. Well, what we’re saying here is that the concept is good, but of course, the implementation may be another story. lol!
    From n305er’s story, seems they have got off the wrong foot after all. Just hope that they will improve by then. 😛
    and to those thinking good uni armed u wif sufficient knowledge, dun make me laugh. We don’t depend on uni to teach us. Uni is meant to guide us and train us in our thoughts. Anyway, there isn’t sufficient knowledge in a degree these days. Although I do agree that cheap may not be good, expensive also may not be good.
    Sometimes I just wonder about the blogger ethics and how is it defined. It is up to us readers to judge whether something is good or bad, not simply influenced by so called celebrities. The advertorial here serves the purpose of creating awareness, not to make kenny sia’s fans to rush to get the said promoted products/services. It is still up to us to decide. There’s no gun threat for any reader to do what kenny says.
    Plus, even all sorts of entertainment like ASTRO also got ads, so why not free blog?

  51. Dear Kenny,
    I am a fan of your blog since 2006, but for once i decided to leave a comment for this entry.
    First pls get your facts right. WOU is not the 1st in Malaysia to offer ODL (Open Distance Learning). Their 71 year old student may be the oldest but what about the oldest ever graduate in Malaysia university?
    Yes you mention WOU is this and that champion of low cost education, do you really check on other similar universities on their pricing and discounts they offer. There’s one university who offers up to 75% discount on course fees for senior citizens and also for disabled citizens, which in my humble opinion worth your entry than keep emphasing on not-for-profit university.
    Frankly after years of reading your blog and being entertained by it, i find this entry very ADVERTORIAL and without much detailed research on your facts (unlike your travelling tips). Btw do you know WOU is a politically linked university? There is one WOU and Penang citizens aint proud of.

  52. JC, I never said Wawasan Open University is the first in Malaysia to offer ODL. They are not, I know.
    I said Wawasan Open University is the first non-profit private university in Malaysia.
    I’m sorry you find this entry ‘very advertorial’ because it is indeed an advertorial. That’s what the “ADV” tag at the title is for. That’s what I do to denote that the entries in my blog that are ads which provides the income essential for me to finance this website. And yes, I have done my research before I wrote this entry, else I would not have taken 3 months to write it.
    I have compared their course fees to other private universities in Malaysia and they are indeed cheaper. Of course, if you are a senior citizen or disabled, you’ll receive a discount at the other uni. But what if you’re not?
    Yes, Wawasan Open University is the brainchild of Gerakan. That does not immediately mean that it is a lousy university now, does it?


  54. I’m a distance learner through OUA and I’m enjoying it. You get to study and do whatever you want at the same time and the certificate will not be stamped with distance learning. how convenient ! self motivation is important thou

  55. Wawasan Open University is NOT to be recommended, the standard is poor, poor quality service. The management of this university is also very bad. The university belongs to GERAKAN party. They lost Penang in the recent election. As a result, the future of this university is NOT GOOD.
    My advice is just AVOID THIS UNIVERSITY. If you are interested Open University Malaysia (OUM) is a very good option.
    Best Wishes
    An educator from PENANG

  56. Hey man 🙂
    Your intro to the story reminded me of Kenny Sia heh heh Did we use to talk like that all the time? heh heh

  57. im starting to really hate reading your blog, so much advertisements, where’s the real kenny sia !?

  58. Hi Kenny,
    Thanks for introducing WOU,however some of the courses may not be suitable for me.
    Just to share with you, I’ve just sighed up for the e-learning mandarin course(http:/ I find interesting( Everybody seems to be learning mandarin nowadays, and being chinese myself, I don’t even know our own chinese language well – feel kind of ‘malu’ eh?
    Anyway, my 24-year old daughter passed away recently, so to manage my grief, I need to keep myself busy by reading your blog (somebody introduces it to me – to get few laughs!)and some other blogs, learning how to blog (starts with zero knowledge cos I want to keep my daughter’s blog going in memory of her), going to church, signing up for courses to keep myself occupied, etc – these are some of the ways to keep the pang of pains at bay!
    Keep up the good work!

  59. hey kenny,
    don’t be sad about people complaining this and that about this advertorial. people are sooo jealous about you getting more and more advertorial.
    btw, to all freaking people, kenny doing this advertorial because he is popular among all malaysian bloggers.
    this is his space and blog so it’s up to him to do anything he likes. if you don’t like then just don’t read it.
    let kenny do whatever he wanted to do and congrats kenny for this advertorial. at least we learn something for it 🙂
    btw, nice to read the 7-11 slurpee advertorial 🙂

  60. Sickening that there are still ppl questioning if kenny is being paid to write this, to stop writing ADVs, that ADVs are boring blablablabla…PLZ LA! Since it’s soooo boring, then don’t read it then *doh* Who are you ppl to ask kenny to stop what he wants to write on his blog ??!!
    And to that fellow JC up there who claims to have been a fan of kennysia since 2006. If that’s the case, you would have read in 1 of Kenny’s earlier posts that post titles with ADV are advertorials. So, if it sounds “very advertorial” to you, so what? That’s the point of the post, right?
    Anyway, I do find the ADV posts kinda informational & not boring 🙂 Ofcoz the complete picture might not be stated here, but it’s up to the readers to conduct their own research to find out more info rather than jz condemning Kenny *rolls eyes*

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