Cat Betrayed His Girlfriend

Here’s some light-hearted Youtube fun for a lazy Sunday evening post.

I guess must be what Tiger Woods is going through if he was a cat.

Just came back from KK after attending the wedding of two of my high school friends from Beaufort College in Perth. After 12 years, everyone is still the same – except everyone is either already married, getting married soon, or married with kids.

The only ones in our gang left single are me and my best mate. *slaps forehead*

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  1. Dude, this is an old clip… seems like most of the bloggers have posted this clip way back… I already seen this so many times …
    Hmmm … you are way behind time now~ :p

  2. Hey Kenny and everyone,
    It’s a cool video.
    Just a bit of trivia. Did you know that all ginger cats are males? So, in the video in reality it was actually a male screaming at a female.
    Still a cool video though.

  3. that’s like the funniest conversation i’d heard (seen) in my whole life. And that cat really sounded like some ah soh scolding her husband..
    “I was a virgin”
    That’s totally hilarious. Just can’t get enough of them. And it lasted for more than a minute

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  5. Dear Kenny, if i dont write this i will felt owe compliment to you ..
    i like to thankyou Kenny for your super entertaining blog sharing updated information, news, interesting aspects of life and bring us to places we possibly never been, very good photos nice for sight!
    i wish you well, may you be blessed! 🙂

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