ADV: Zhng My Walls

Four months ago, this was what my cardio area looked like.


This is my cardio workout area today.


I was very much involved in the entire design process of my fitness centre. Everything, from what fitness equipment to buy, to which toilet bowls to use, to what colours were to be painted on the walls were all decided by myself.

The members love the look and feel of my fitness centre, but I kinda regretted not giving the walls more colour and design.


I wasn’t thinking too much back then. It would be a different story if my fitness centre were called “Sistine Chapel Fitness”. Or if my name were Michaelangelo Sia.

Unfortunately my name is only Kenny Sia. So I left the walls blank because I seriously had no idea what kinda drawings to put on them. I was way too busy choosing toilet bowls that I neglected to give my walls more forethought.

But Cindy, Cheesie and KY went to the Nippon Paint workshop and they’re like experts in home renovations now.

Cindy’s before and after.

This is what Cindy did after she transformed a section of her house into a work of art.

Cheesie’s Pacman wall. 

She cheat one ‘cos she got someone else to paint the wall. She only drew the Pacman herself.

KY’s before and after.

KY and Haze took 3 days to create that mural on his empty piece of wall. Don’t play play, got guitar some more.

There are a couple of other creative peeps who did a kickass job giving their rooms/table/shoe cabinet an extreme makeover.

From the top to bottom are works by Nara, SixthsealRedmummy, Kampungboycitygal, c33ram00n, Pinkstilettos, Nicolekiss, FoxyFarah and PlusSizeKitten.

All they used were masking tapes or paper cutouts and Nippon paint..

I must say, they made it look easy.


Which brings me to this blank wall I have in my cardio area.

I want something less dull, but easy enough to do it myself. Perhaps some random straight lines like this would brighten up the place a bit.


Now, I just need the time to do it.

If not, I’ll just hire my 1-year-old nephew Ethan to decorate those walls for me…




I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, right?

Wah! Level Up Fitness is featured on the latest issue of Happenings In Sarawak magazine!

43 Replies to “ADV: Zhng My Walls”

  1. Hahaha! You actually consider to let hire your nephew? But kids’ imagination and creativity sometimes are way more powerful than you ever imagine.

  2. Hey Kenny. You got a nice workshop there.
    Guess I will drop by one day and use the facilities, and maybe apply for membership.
    Anyways, good luck in your business endavours.

  3. That ‘random straight lines’ mural design idea must be a joke. Dun be fooled ppl. Kenny just pretend dunno how to decorate nia~ Hahaha ! 😀
    Mark my words ah.. in a few weeks or so we’re gonna see some awesome art reminiscent of the Copenhagen art fair on that wall !!!
    This is Kennysia, ballsiest blogger in Msia ley, die die oso won’t lose to other bloggers one !!

  4. your gym looked professional but gives dull feelings
    easy answer – too much gray colour!
    look at the floor.. the lines of the walls, the major colour of the workout equipments, and several boxes ALL GRAY IN COLOUR… overused of gray!
    i know gray can be professional but use wrongly is this feeling you get.
    nothing wrong with the walls. an easy fix is to change the floor colour to navy blue or other colour because you cant get rid of the equipments to get nice contrast on the floor. if you use navy blue to replace all the grays, will be more healthy professional look
    tip: NZ people see gray colour as aging and unhealthy colour certainly not a good colour for young adults.
    this project says it all
    Look forward to see your gym new look!

  5. hahhaha, reminds me of one of the episodes in Mr Bean where he put fireworks in his bucket of paint and it exploded 😀 Total makeover. hahaha ! 😀

  6. NO! no lines!
    paint Victoria’s secret models for motivation and inspiration! also.. position the threadmills/bikes infront of the models.. so they will be like..
    chasing after the girls…
    do u like my makeover KENNY!!! 😀

  7. did u really paint that wall by urself, kenny? good job there! 😀 My bf was asking me how comes ur wall (before) was so empty n boring just before i scrolled down to the one u painted! he says it’s so much nicer!

  8. Put more motivating phrases on the wall would be great.
    Maybe some Jessica Alba’s portrait drawing as it will surely motivate Mr. Kenny to exercise too =)

  9. Honestly, u DO need some colors N design on your gym walls! make it more… Urban & Chic. Chio only ppl wanna go & exercise thinkin “Hey, this is where urban peeps go” liddat mar~ hahaha! It’s psychological. ;D

  10. Well, you don’t want to make them cute and colorful like some kindergarten or An Beng Club Central. Quality clientele will come because only if you have good maintenance and good professional staff to service them. Most facilities and buildings in Kuching/Malaysia looks like craps 2 months after opening due to lack of maintenance or civilities of the users
    Ok, we know Kuching is no NY City. But anyway, check this famous New York Athletic Club ( ) look at under “Histroy” and “City House”. Good luck on your business.

  11. hi kenny, perhaps you may need some inject prints and some photo about healthy food and others gym information which is more benefit to the clients when they workout there and their eyes will look around the surrounding.just my idea….

  12. I find songs from the movie Rocky inspires me a lot.maybe u should consider playing it while your customers are there. 🙂
    i’ve moved to kuching recently.looking forward to drop by at ur gym one of these days.
    good luck Mr. Kenny! 😀

  13. maybe some soothing colours?
    the striking red giving me not a very cooling or comfortable feeling when looking at it a bit long….
    maybe something more lighter in colour?
    just a suggestion..^^

  14. …but red makes people feel hungry… Like Macs.. Burger King.. KFC… Use other colours la!
    Merry Christmas EVE! =D

  15. mirrors are good enough. if you hate the wall so bad maybe you can clad it with timber or metal. NEVER EVER TATTOO / GRAFFITIZE THE WALLS.
    my honest advice as an
    architecture student

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