The Protegay

Just when I was about to give up on Hong Kong movies, along came a spectacular box office hit that totally blew me away.

The Protege is possibly one of the best movies to come out from Hong Kong in a long, long time. As much as I hate the tired and overused good-cop-working-undercover-against-evil-gang-members formula, I must say this is one show I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.
Andy Lau was brilliant as the weak but wild-tempered drug lord, and the little girl in the movie is just too cute. Underlying the movie is a serious message warning the audiences about how drugs ruin lives.

“Where the f**k did I leave my car keys?”

One actor irritates me to no end though – Daniel Wu.
If Daniel Wu is supposed to be some tough-ass undercover police, then how come he screamed like a pussy when he spotted a dead body?

C’mon! When is the last time you saw a guy covering his mouth when he screams? That’s not the kind of reaction you would expect from an undercover police!
That’s the kind of reaction you would expect from an Ah Kua from Bangkok who just underwent surgery to remove his pair of ping-pong balls.

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186 Replies to “The Protegay”

  1. Hey Kenny, I must agree with you there about the guy screaming like a sissy. Hey am I first!? 🙂

  2. hey, didn’t u noticed Leo Koo’s arm? I guess you guys won’t mind to be a drug addict if you have such a good body!… Wuahahahahaha….

  3. it’s cos he was kinda in love with the girl.seeing a loved one in that kinda condition does that to a person

  4. dude. i love daniel wu..
    and thanks for ruining his image.
    and my face.
    i burst out laughing while doing my mask
    thx kenny

  5. he went undercover straight after he finish his training, thre wasnt any chance for him to witness any dead bodies…plus, he was in love with tht gal, do u really expect him to act cool?
    i tot his reaction brought up the climax.

  6. Heard that this movie is really good.
    since itz a recommendation from Kenny, I’ll give it a try.
    Poor Daniel Wu though, I like him! =D

  7. well i agree that it’s a normal reaction for most ppl when they see their loved one died if not wat u expect them do? keep quiet and go away?

  8. Kenny,
    I think he looks 100 times more man than you least he always get to date some hot chics..

  9. Sorry.. I have not finished my comment.. You just get to take photo with gals like stella and are pretty horrible ..

  10. Imagine if you found your love one died and you found her body days after???I bet you’ll shout like an old ah-kua too!
    Cant you just imagine?
    I think Daniel Wu is great this time in protege, even better than The new police story! come on-lah, not every guy shout the same way.

  11. I love that movie. (:
    And I think Daniel Wu’s reaction was supposed to highlight how brave that poor little girl was. Or how her mum’s behaviour affect her.
    It’s kinda sad.

  12. Oh, come on. He has improved his acting skill a lot. If you want to see him as gay, go watch Bishonen. It’s even better than Enter the Phoenix.

  13. It’s normal to act that way cuz seeing someone he loves just died like that, with a horror look..thinking bout how the poor little girl going to spend the rest of her life without a mother’s love and care,it’s all cuz of drag which he would be able to stop this tragedy if he acts fast. It’s really sad tho!

  14. come on…although im no fan of daniel wu, but u cant blame him for doing that- his good friend died in such a gruesome way dude. give him some credit, his acting improved loads.

  15. i have yet to see the movie but I assume from the short clip that you put, he saw somebody he knew/loved/or maybe its one of his beloved family..Imagine seeing these people dead, anyone, be it a prime minister or a police officer will have that kind of reaction. Its just human.

  16. Kenny and some of u might don’t understand the story? This reaction is accepatble for me..just i’m imaging that if the actor were kenny…hehe…fat shorty ah kua? with disgusting

  17. I agree with most of the previous comments posted. I am do not think covering your mouth while being shocked at the sight of a dead loved one makes you less of a man or an ah kua.
    Anyway you gotta wonder about the mentality of someone who consistantly talks about his own “coconuts” and manliness.
    Is someone unsure of his own masculinity and sexuality here? Not sure I want to “Poke You” as the button says Kenny but I will click it anyway to post this comment

  18. The girl he loves died in the most horrified way. What sissy? WHat do you expect him to react?
    You think every dude like you? Bang on all girls on friday nite and after that die or no die is their problem, not yours.
    What did your mum do to you man? Gave birth to you without brain? THINK!

  19. ” The girl he loves died in the most horrified way. What sissy? WHat do you expect him to react?
    You think every dude like you? Bang on all girls on friday nite and after that die or no die is their problem, not yours.
    What did your mum do to you man? Gave birth to you without brain? THINK!
    Posted by: Me at 09 March 2007 4:09 AM | Link to comment ”
    well said

  20. haha quite hilarious this post but might turn out hurting his fans. have you ever consider this kinda feedback at first place. yes? no? no.
    but still, i think that it is a good reaction from daniel wu than watching him faint on the spot right? or u rather watch him cry as in slicing onions or drop his handphone in the toilet bowl or sand caught into his eyes or bla bla blah….

  21. haha quite hilarious this post but might turn out hurting his fans. have you ever consider this kinda feedback at first place. yes? no? no.
    but still, i think that it is a good reaction from daniel wu than watching him faint on the spot right? or u rather watch him cry as in slicing onions or drop his handphone in the toilet bowl or sand caught into his eyes or bla bla blah….

  22. erm.. first, he’s screaming not bc of horrified when he saw the corpse, it is more to depress and dissapointment. think u hv misunderstand some where.. haha..
    bt i dn really like the ending.. y daniel wu choose to take drug in the end??? luckly the cute little gal stop him in time.. :/

  23. as a human being, when u c ur loved one died horribly in front of u, its natural 2 scream.. n as u scream, ur brain zaps u back, reminding urself is a undercover, so u close ur mouth 2 calm n control urself
    Daniel Wu is not Tony Leung(scene in Infernal Affairs where his Wong Sir died falling fr rooftop in front of him). Daniel havent reach the stage to act using onli eyes n face expression. That’s where hand gestures comes in play. it’s for the effect of the movie. Credit 2 Daniel.
    As 4 Kenny, the post is hilarious. Credit 2 U! of coz this kind of sarcastic joke can cause nasty feedback(s), its their problem if they kenot take it..not urs

  24. hahaa..i don’t care what you say about Daniel Wu really, i still love him to death..
    hey btw, that’s why they call it a *Movie* , you are supposed to express your feelings to the extreme so the audiences would get the message.

  25. Ha ha ha never liked him anyways, bah DAniel woo in that part did scream like an aqua……..and gawd is he the gay’est undercover cop ever…..he and louis koo should swap role, I bet he looked better as a gay addict which screams like an aqua…

  26. well the way she died was scary, so many (tat thing) on her -.-, even if its any calm police officer, mayb 1/2 will puke also…
    but it was a good movie, although i hate the part where andy tok to another drug lord, he used so many different lanuguaues to reply… kuazhang

  27. haha. I haven’t watched the movie. But judging by this post alone, this is a funny post.
    Chill out guys. That is just a movie. If the message of the movie is to stay away from drugs, absorb that in. Apart from that, just enjoy the movie. If there’s a funny scene, just laugh, even though it’s a heart breaking movie. Movies are for you to enjoy, not sob over it the next couple of days.
    It’s only a movie for goodness sake.

  28. You obviously don’t get the significance of that scene. Its more than just seeing someone die. Its seeing the person you care for die BECAUSE of drugs.
    He was struggling with the temptation of being in the drug ring. When he saw her dead in such a disgusting way, that cinched it for him that he would NOT be involved in it. It pulled him back to the good side.

  29. Covering one’s mouth while screaming is NOT gay. It is more like expressing a sense of awe. Let’s not stereotype movie characters or any jobs in that matter, shall we? =)

  30. Kenny, Daniel Wu is an actor. And as an actor he is acting his part la.. Maybe a bit too much of a sissy.. Maybe the Director wants it that way? So what? I bet you’d do the same when you’re acting or trying to mock someone!
    Am going to watch this movie. Thanks to you Kenny!
    Thumbs up!

  31. May be u do not understand this movie. He was not being a cop at all. Once he came out from the cadet school, he has been send for undercover. Thats y he scream like pussy. Hahahaha

  32. Oh well, Kenny won’t stand a chance.
    By the time he come close to the door with the damning smell of the corpse plus the rats, he already puking his guts out.
    And by the time he MANAGED to enter the room, he would have passed out, 10 times.
    So, please stop imagining Kenny screaming like an Ah-gua when he is doing brazilian wax on his balls.
    On the movie The Protege, I rate it 4.5/5

  33. Yea…i agree with you, Kenny. I think everyone is doing very well in the movie… EXCEPT Daniel Wu. Maybe it’s because we always have Tony Leung in mind every time it comes to undercover police (as in )…
    Besides the sissy screaming part, i found some other scenes of him amusing too. For example, when he showed his boss the bruises on his stomach…gosh…it’s like a kid showing his papa how he got hurt from fighting with some other kids. Or he just wanted to show off his abs? Did he have to do that in order to explain why he brought the police to the factory? Frivolous.
    I think he’s still way way behind. Even the rebellious daughter acted better than him. Somemore he said he would direct his own movie soon..pls la…protegay..maybe.. ha ha!

  34. Fuck lah. You insult Daniel Wu for what sai. Hello, in the movie Daniel Wu became an undercover right after his training. Btw, I was also shocked out of my wits when I saw that scene.

  35. i went to watch this movie w/out knowing anything bout the story in the 1st place n jz follow frens blindly to the cinema.
    VERY touching, emotional, meaningful n some scene of Leo Ku can make u feel full in stomach..HE’S DAMN DISGUSTING!!! imagine yellowish teeth he hv in the movie can laugh my ass out LOL~~
    after all, it’s such a great movie~! *thumbs up*

  36. What’s up man with you people, Kenny is just giving his comments. Lighten up lah! If you guys cannot take his comments then don’t come into his website!!

  37. Hey Daniel is such a charismatic actor and he has a body to die for…
    So what if he slightly overreacted in that scene…
    You also cupped your breast all the time what:P

  38. Kenny you alsolook like ah kua and sissy. So you don’t comment others too much and to Lily, if Kenny can’t stand or accept others comments, then he better no blog. You must remember a Chinese saying .. “Tortoise will never see his own back”.

  39. lol….i dont think this movie is really that nice…
    perhaps my definition on good movie is too high or u hav something else in ur mind…
    about Daniel, he did a great job…but ended being defined by u that he’s at the same lvl as bangkok ah kua… -.-”
    he’s just following the script n wat the director want…y not u say that the director miss bangkok ah kua a lot till he want daniel to be one of it…

  40. wtf is wrong with u haters? fuckin lifeless till u’ll hafto come here, read kenny’s blog and bang him? tell u guys wat, go make another blog which is as interesting as and then u can talk. blardy dumb fucks

  41. daniel wu is HOTTTTT!
    even if he does scream like a chick he’s still as hot as ever! hehe…
    GREAT movie! all the actors so damn handsome!

  42. Hey, give him a break. If this happens to someone you are falling for, of course that will be a normal reaction….think about it…

  43. Imagine you just made love with a girl you kinda fell for, few days ago and she died horribly in front of you. With rats and blood at her body. Will you shout, dear kenny dear?

  44. She was the one he loved and yet she died so horribly… That was why he had such a violent reaction mah. How can you criticise him for that?!

  45. Kenny i pity you by doing all this funky blog and try to get ppls attention and driving traffic.
    Please dont make yourself so elegant and comment on how ppl do things, i think he is doing good in most movies that he act. Mayb you should try to be on his post, i think it will be the suckest movie ever on this planet, look at urself, come on.
    driving traffic is one story, moral is another thing. Oh yeah, i will never fwd your url to others like how i receive it. and I will never click on any google ads watsover in this blog too. Well i think you are lucky as nowadays too many lonely ass out there seeking for attention and here you are being someone who echo their loneliness.
    contribute to the society please…

  46. “Well i think you are lucky as nowadays too many lonely ass out there seeking for attention and here you are being someone who echo their loneliness.

    Are you not seeking attention? With all due respect, who and what position are you in to comment on what other people do anyhow?It is the express right of the author of this blog to express whatever he wants and he has the liberty to put whatever material he sees fit. If you find it offensive, you might as well just leave. Why kick up a fuss over something you have no say about?

  47. To not daniel wu fan:
    While I am not impressed with Kenny Sia’s blatant ignorance and homophobia, I am even less impressed by your self righteous indignation and am amused by your inability to express yourself in a coherent manner. How do you contribute to society? By writing poorly writen messages to bloggers?
    Geez…you can disagree with Kenny but attacking him and everyone else who reads this blog is just poor taste and the actions or an ingrate and neanderthal.

  48. blardy hell…its daniel wu ur talking bout…come on!!! ur face looks like a chimp’s ass it is already…i so wanna see ur face when u act his part man….instead of looking like the ah kua fr bangkok who lost his ping pong…i think u’d look like the ah kua’s ping pongs themselves!

  49. his reaction was just perfect IMO… what would you react if u saw your partner died so horribly? i can’t imagine of the worst outcome…

  50. on the contrary, i think he acted quite well! i’ve not watched the movie but i could tell from your short clip that he saw the dead body of someone who matters to him, and not that he’s sissy…and i’ve comfirmed it when i see the comments from others who said that the dead body belongs to the gal he loves…

  51. some did say that, if cant take comment then dun come here.. then if cant take comment dun blog also lah.. funny..

  52. omg.. can’t a guy acts how he feels? don’t mind watching kenny screams like @laydi@ too~ p/s: I’m speaking up for him coz he’s cute.

  53. he does screamed kinda sissy. i had to cringe in a way. but knowing that a woman he had feelings with died in a tragic way with rats and all, i think even man or woman will be screaming like that.

  54. My, so many Daniel’s fan here. I think u got a point Kenny. Although I don think the scream is sissy, I think its a bit unnatural & overdone. Overall this movie is alright. My rating for the actors: Andy Lau: better than expected, well done; Daniel Wu: average performance, stiff, unreal, feels like his doing modeling for advertisement; Louis Koo: good acting but the character is unconvincing & over the top; Little gal: cute & dreamy.


  56. Kenny ! I agree with Aaven. im sure you’ll scream the same way if you’ve lost someone you cared about !

  57. oh man how cud u say that?he isnt sissy k…imagine if it was you…finding someone u knew, cared n even hv sex b4 lying dead on a couch with rats feeding on her flesh.. regretting that you cud hv prevented her wud u react then?to me the scream is good, it proves that eventhou he’s been undercover for 8 years, he hasnt lost his emotional senses as a human being…despite all the pressures n stresses from his duty..hoho if it was u mr kenny o anyone of us whu nv undergo phycological trainin, u wud go crazy immediately on da spot n b sent to hospital tanjung rambutan the next hour.

  58. The Ah Kua comment is not funny.
    He screamed because he’s utter aggrieved when found out he had lost someone he cared for. It was a sudden outburst of cry he couldn’t control.
    If you are the actor, and you’re told to show the pain of losing someone, how would you do it? I think he’s doing a great job.

  59. i bet kenny will yell like hell and act more girlish when he see the same thing. He might cry under his mama’s skirt too, who knows?
    by the way, daniel is just too handsome tat even if he done this, i don’t mind. Though i am not his fan, but he look much more better than KENNY SIA. hehe

  60. Et., exactly what I was thinking when I was reading the comments about Leo Koo and Leo Ku. Then I burst out laughing when I read your comments. I truly understand your feelings. Haha.

  61. all i can say is – u either have a miscontrued notion of what being man is about, or you just want to stir-up controversy and draw attention to your post (which is quite normal la for u..)
    there’s nothing wrong with screaming in such a way when seeing something as horrible as that – she’s someone he cares a lot. AND why would u call it`proteGAY’? is there anything in that movie that denotes homosexuality? sissy does not equal gay u know.
    and to let u know, i am not a daniel wu fan..nor pro-gay movement.. just thought u should be more responsible in your statement.. but again, it is your blog, YET you also love more ppl to POKE u.

  62. actually i was shocked to read you write like that kenny. did you do it on purpose to attract more comments or readers? actually i found it’s really horrible to see that woman died, with rats on her body somemore… i didn’t think there’s anything wrong with screaming like that…

  63. to ‘wtf’:
    let’s put it this way. this post might be quite controversial to the fans out there or i should say required high level of tolerance/sense of humour. but i think your arrogance by calling ppl to fuck their mother prickhead is too much, i was quite amazed to read this sentence which shows how low your mentality is, be it you as a phd student or degree or secondary, your character has simply offset your achivement. you are not only lacking in sense of humour, but also your moral value(which simpy reflect back on how your mother has taught you!!) eat back your own words.

  64. Oooohh! It’s hot in here. So many film critics and movie junkies here. Some of you really need to get a life.

  65. LOL! so many of you are losers la! Kenny isn’t a loser or whatver you said he is man, he’s just stating his mind and point of view that makes absolute sense and, is just RIGHT. Unlike many of you that doesn’t have any. Come on la, you had a bad day, gf totolly did it with your best friend, don’t come here and spoil the blog man. Go to xiaxue’s, she’ll be glad enough to shut your hole in a complete perfect manner. Get a freggin life la.

  66. Who calls themselves chicken and sissy? Are you too scared to TYPE out your real name for the world to see ? especially when you send in comments like these =) i would totoly give you some respect if you actually use your real name to state shitty comments like this. No guts? You’re just being a cheapo man. blasting and cursing someone without using your real name, ew. What a disgrace ( to your mum )

  67. lol…i think i prefer daniel inside one of the chinese movie acting wit nicholas..saying that i came from brokeback mountain..

  68. ahhh.. i rarely miss andy’s movie.. but it seems younger actor/actress are getting more and more attention compare to the old is gold actor/actress..
    i will see this movie… definately!!

  69. it is so lame how sometimes os many of you come here and say he is boring and this and tat and sya he is bad and all?Den why da fuck u still coming here for?fuck off la..if you dun like wad u read den dun read anymore..kenny is good..

  70. Yea, agree with most of the comments here. His reaction dont look as sissy or gay as you described but perhaps it’s Daniel’s lack of acting skill that couldnt stop you from kutuking him.
    I liked this movie too. A good HK movie since Infernal Affairs. I bet the hollywood director might want to remake this movie.

  71. i think those Kenny’s “fan” are all sucks and braindead. 🙂
    oh come on, those who darn fuking protective, live your own life! If you think we comment too much on Kenny and he has his right to do so, why coulndt we do the same? I think malaysian has much better things to do, be leader in other thing but blogging please. Open your eyes and see what other ppl are doing, brush up yourself for techni stuff and not just blog here endlessly.

  72. i agree with you fuker, altho im from msia bt i think they shouldnt say daniel wu is sissy or gay! that’s just a character of the movie, why do you have to care so much? nothin better to do?

  73. I haven’t watch the movie.. but talking about Daniel Wu, I just can’t help it but to think that he looks gay…. cuz’ of his debut movie Bishonen. Those who’ve watched Bishonen will know what I mean. Not that I dun like him, but… in whatever movie he’s in.. Bishonen is still flashing in my mind.

  74. I’d say Daniel screamed not because of seeing the corpse, it’s because the dead body belonged to someone he knew and cared for… some more the death of the cutie was totally unexpected…
    BUT, the director/plot made the cute Daniel acted so much like a gigolo only… =(

  75. I think the way u comment on how ‘gay’ should react is definitely offensive and discriminative. Of course, u have the right to say anything in your blog, but u r not suppose to be ‘famous’ just because u dare to comment on anything around.
    Get a mirror and look at yourself, do you love yourself more than anything else? Do love the people around you and be considerate. 口无遮拦,祸从口出.

  76. kenny pls show us something worth reading. your blog is losing its meaning, dont just bring up a topic out of nowhere and make yourself look like an idiot.

  77. it was a really stupid movie. the ending made the whole movie just look so incredibly stupid. i just didnt get the stupit ending.
    the actors were horrid! andy lau’s acting was awfully unconvincing. and Daniel Wu was as bad as a dead fish. but hey, at least he was hot to look at.
    i can’t believe u said this was great! u really need to watch more good movies.

  78. Kenny, i really pity you…. aunty sayang ya, don’t cry at home now, be tough, and post smth good. to win your readers back, or else you will earn lesser… consider for your sake of money ya . hehe.

  79. cibai la.all so chiak pa bo su cho?ppl blog about daniel wu play play only,you all take so seriously?must be singaporeans.

  80. To agu,
    tiu nia ma chao hai, tiu nei lou mou lah. what pin pointing singaporean or whoever? you are a big motherfucker without brain? the world will never in peace with ppl like you around, creating discrimination. If you think the way u start ur comment by “cibai” is really cool, i can tell you your mum cibai must be most stinking since has a son of a bitch like you.
    i also play play oni, you dont take it serious ya. lanjiao lah! you luv kenny so much just fuck his ass lah since he never get to fuck or being fuck.

  81. im sorry I , i read all the comments, and i feel ashamed of my behaviour. i was just not in shape that day, sorry kenny =(

  82. wah!using cibai in sentence is cool?exactly my point.only singaporean have that idea.please grow up ‘to agu’ want act pai,come kuching lah!dont just kam lan behind your computer screen.come kuching come our third mile.but people like you,sohai kia,sure only can talk no dare you set place for me in singapore.fuck you ah.

  83. to agu,
    wow, proven one thing. Kuching kia is corrupted. now wanna challenge others like gangster. must be watching too much hongkong movie now, you think your mum is a bitch you can yell like a bitch too? maybe you can, haha. fuck off, you are such a uneducated fuker humiliating urself and malaysia!

  84. Omg…Bwahahahah. Looking at that part by itself was funny…But if I watched the whole thing maybe there would be a better reason to him acting all ah gua. If I saw a dead corpse I’d probably poke it with a stick 🙂

  85. This is hilarious.
    NOT the blog entry, but the comments Kenny gets for trying so hard to make something supposingly sad and horrifying into a joke.
    Making fun of one’s emotions is definitely a wrong move. Especially when its DANIEL WU, who obviously has soooo many fans out there and when he DID put on a good show in protege.
    tsk tsk.

  86. kenny. i guess this is a lesson well learned for you eh? so many Daniel Wu worshippers out there. Ironically i’ve been commented countless times that i look like Daniel Wu lol.

  87. excuse me, but you probably doesnt know the whole story of the movie 🙂 he had not carry out any of the duty as a police man.. when he joined as a police, he was assigned to carry out the task, and that last him for seven years..
    it is reasonable that he had lost the qualification as a police man, and hence it’s not surprising to me that he acted so when he saw the dead body (somemore someone whom he had been so *close* with ^^)..
    to me, this movie is logical and i’ll give it 8.5/10!

  88. I got this movie from a certain source but it has no english subtitles. So i was watching Andy Lau and Danial Wu talking mandarin and I don’t understand not 1 bit.
    Finished the movie. And I guess I pretty much guessed the storyline. The ending was very tragic.
    I think I’ll give it at 7/10. Because I don’t understand what they’re saying. No English Subtitles Mah…

  89. haihz..its a human reaction lar, when see a woman who r addicted by drugs,when tat woman beg daniel to recover her drugs addict, n when daniel tk care of her wit love,sure got feeling ma,n in da end, while he saw tat woman died in a tragic do u feel? da woman which u ever try ur best to help her recover….

  90. Hey, Kenny.. how bout the scene where he shouted at andy lau in the thailand jungle. Should look at the way he talk.. and “shouted” like a girl hahahaha….!!! hahahahaha damn, funny!!

  91. kenny, i totally disagree with what you have said about Daniel. this review is seriously very offensive. how do you think you’ll react when you find a body with rats on it? i bet you’ll scream, throw up, or runaway, or even faint right on the spot. Daniel has definitely done a great job in this movie. if he irritates you to no end, leave him alone then. and stop writing such negative reviews about anything at all, you idiot.

  92. wow some people really dont know how to take a joke hey!
    i think living in perth has given you an irreverant sense of humour than these guys REALLY dont get.
    but who cares:P
    keep up the posting kenny
    ur awesome

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