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  1. Lol…where is this pic taken? I know they have it here in Australia…never thought of that before until u pointed out…there are a few english names that just make people laugh… Dickson for instance…i always wondered how the hell would they want a name synonymous with that??
    Oh well…freedom of choice…and the freedom to laugh at them for it…

  2. hi how are you kenny i hope you are well and happy any where bless your week also hope you are well and happy
    any where you know people la there want bussiness
    use any name any how ma

  3. You know the original name for Nail Me Good was Kuku Station but it was rejected upon registration. Thank God someone has sense

  4. wah lau ay, you people so shallow. Not that I’m sensitive, but western people couldn’t give a fuck what asians think. By the way, Dick Smith is a multi million dollar company. And alot of people including ching chongs buy their made-in-china-imports… kua kua kua.

  5. Kenny! Shame on you for being late for the 1st day of audition for the Malaysia Top Model! How can you keep all those hawt girls waiting for you? >.

  6. 沈殿霞今早19th Feb 2008, 8:38am, 因肝癌病逝 终年60岁
    Rest In Peace~~~

  7. hi i’m from aus and love reading your posts.. but yes.. dick smith.. hehe.. he has matches too.. and its called.. “dick heads” o.O”
    really truly does exist..

  8. Yo Kenny!
    WOAH, ha ha… is that the one in Hamilton? Near Casabela lane? ha ha …
    Well, good to see you back! 😀
    p.s did you get any good pictures in Raglan?

  9. Hey dude, used to buy electronics parts from Dick Head Smith’s California Store at redwood city.. gives every electonics nerds a woody!.

  10. Boring d la your blog… Update something new, something inspiring, something worth knowing… Not another lame signboard, label… Write something interesting from NZ etc. pls

  11. hey kenny, i dunno whether you’re busy or what but seriously your blog post is getting very lame lately .. i felt that the reason you posted this was because you just had to post it for the sake of posting it..maybe you are really really busy… i mean really i do think lotsa people out there felt the same way how i felt…i really like to read your blog coz its funny and yet inspiring but lately… seriously i bet you knew it yourself … … I just feel that there’s a reason why ppl u addressed you as “the celebrity blogger” and you need to maintain a standard and live up to it… otherwise why use the name “celebrity blogger”..im sorry if i’ve hurt your feelings but i just wanna voice out my opinion

  12. to cliche, for god sake this is his blog, he has the freedom to do anything he wans (legally) with it, he has no responsibility to you to write something interesting to entertain u. in fact, he can just leave it for few months without any updates if he wans to. this celebrity blogger thingy is a title that he doesnt wans (i reckon), lame or not, interesting or not, its not his problem. you are not paying him to write for u, kennysia.com is not a newspaper publisher.

  13. Many years ago, in the 1980’s, Dick Smith Electronics used the “The Electronic Dick” line in it’s advertising materials LOL!

  14. Ng: Ha ha… Mew, so cretin! Bloggers have lives too. Meaning, sometimes we don’t have time to update because some stranger is anxious for an entry…
    You don’t even understand what the store is…
    Anyhow, enough said.

  15. Ahhh, the Dick Smith store in NZ… I once bought a box of 3.5″ floppy dicks… eeer… disks there, and they were kinda enough to replace 1 of the faulty diskettes inside.

  16. I thought you actually studied in Australia? Dick Smith is a multi million company, as if you didn’t know that.
    And for everyone else who finds this remotely funny, honestly the name Dick is really common in the western world. Grow up.

  17. omg! I owez passed that places around perth. bt i’v nvr notice it cud be such a joke. to me it seems funny nw. wakaka!

  18. probably Kenny’s had an overdose of female hormones thrown at him over the weekend at the Malaysian Dreamgirl Auditions. That’s why he needed to fill up his Head with some Dicks =P

  19. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Kenny, this is not a comment. Just want you to check out the magazine ‘FIRST’, Jay Chou front cover. Seriously, looks like you liao. If don’t believe you wear a hood and look in mirror. Alter-ego ar?

  20. kenny… i live in australia and you are the first person i know that actually thought about something like that. sometimes i dont know if you are funny or you just have a sick mind.

  21. oooi Kenny u need to select better clothes for Malaysian Dreamgirl la…. go research on what clothes will make u look slimmer and taller. Wearing cowboy clothes while you are supposed to be judging people on how good they look is just APALLING.

  22. “I was the “mean judge” for MalaysianDreamgirl.tv”
    Why a gay blogger is allowed to judge a searching for Malaysian Dream Girl? What does he know about dream girl?

    They have it here in Melbourne. I see it everyday and never seem to look at it as Dick”Head” Smith. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

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