The Four Stages of Life

The Four Stages of Life, according to Leong – a new friend I met recently.
Stage 1:
When you’re born, you are treated like royalty. Your mother spoon feeds you. Your father carries you on his back. When pretty ladies come to visit, they hug you and hold you close to their chests. You have no worries in the world, because every single thing is taken care of just for you.

You are a KING.

Stage 2:
You grow up. You start to have worries. Are the bills getting paid? Does wifey have enough allowance? Is Ah Boy getting fed? You work day and night. Few appreciate what you do, because they see it as your responsibility. You work not for yourself, but for your boss, your company, your family.

You are a BULL.

Stage 3:
You age, and you retire from work. Your kids are all grown up now. They have their girlfriends, boyfriends to go out with. They have go to work, or maybe go overseas to further their education, using your money of course. And what about you? You stay at home everyday, looking at the front door, waiting for your kids to come back home.

You are a DOG.

Stage 4:
Your kids are married now. They have their own family. They have kids. But when they go to work, who takes care of the kids? YOU LAH! Abuden? And so you’re left with entertaining your grandchildren. You lift them up, swing them around, put them on your back, and run around making stupid noises. “Kuchi kuchi kooo~ A booo~ A booo boo boo~”

You become a MONKEY.

These are the four essential stages of life. But for most people, there’s also one last inevitable stage.

You become a PICTURE!

I just finished playing Indigo Prophecy – no doubt one of the best horror adventure game I’ve played since Gabriel Knight 3.

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  1. I still think 4 stages. The last one, become a picture should not be considered as a stage. It is a full-stop, is an end. Well, that’s life. Take it easy, boy 🙂

  2. Mate, thats not too good to do that sort of thing. The last picture. Call it pan-tang or whatever, but its not a good idea, for your own sake, change it at once.
    And I mean well.

  3. I’m not pantang about things like that lah. Hey if we can’t accept death as an eventuality, we haven’t lived yet. Besides, it’s just a picture. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? 😉

  4. haha if you’ve been good throughout all the stages…maybe your karma will reward you with a 6th stage.
    King>Bull>Dog>Monkey>Picture> Kennysia.

  5. Indigo Prophecy…brilliant game. Couldn’t finish the game though. the pc version has this bug at the escape from police using helicopter scene…sigh

  6. Wheee! We love kennysia. You are so funny kenny.
    “plays song from si qian jin” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha X 4 times. LOL!!!!

  7. Choi!
    But then, HK actors oso do like that all the time, so I guess there’s nothing exceptionally bad about it anymore. Still, it IS a pantang..

  8. omg, I like the picture at the end hahahaha! sad but true. On a slightly disturbing note, what if your kids dump you in a nursing home, don’t visit you, or mistreat you, or shuffle you from family to family – who ever that has the time to care for you in old age? Does that make you a useless antique or a deck of cards? (pardon the pun)

  9. Salutes you Kenny!! Making jokes like this can make ppl felt positive and optimistic towards their life in order to become “those” stuffs….

  10. You people did not hear what kenny said? He said he’s not PANTANG with all this superstitious shit. You are all talking like idiots. It’s not like he’s condemning your life to hell. Leave him alone already, you superstitious bigots.

  11. this entry is relatively disturbing… and why isnt the first and last stage not animals of some sort, but objects or figures? OH I GET IT… i dluohs know, for i am a english lit major.

  12. I think this is reflective of life. And that we chinese should try not to be so superstituous. Kenny, i admire your courage. Thanks for the interesting post.

  13. hey man, i finished playing Indigo Prophecy at the end of last year…great game, terrific storyline……it’s the most cinematic game since metal gear solid……
    but the last few acts are kinda over the top…

  14. ermm…there is a prologue for this story… it from my teacher..
    last time…god wanna create a world…so he said:
    “bull,u hv to work for human for 35 yrs,”
    then bull said:”…ten yrs is enuff!!!”
    then god agreed it..
    later on,he said to dog:”dog,u hv to looking for human’s front door and wait for your owner…for 10 years…”This sounds better than bull..
    but the dog said:”no..this ‘ll make me lose my freedom..5 yrs is enuff!!”
    then,god said to monkey:”monkey,ur job is easier than bull and dog..u no need to work…the only things u hv to do is …entertain the human..for 6 yrs” and the monkey said:”OMG…u wan me to become like a stupid fella swinging aroung to entertain them!!!no way..3 yrs for me is enuff”
    lastly..god said to human:”human…u got the easiest job..the only thing u do is enjoy ur life..bull ‘ll provide u ur food.. dog ‘ll take care of u…and monkey ‘ll entertain u..for 20 yrs”
    then the human said:”wow…such a nice life..but 20 yrs is not enuff…can i take the excess years that bull,dog and monkey dun wan?”
    the god said :”are u sure u wan it?”
    human said:”yes!!”
    ok…then the whole things go liddat…
    human enjoy for 20 yrs,work like a bull for 25 yrs,then when he retired…he look at the front door waiting for their children for 5 yrs…then when his children back,he hv to entertain them like the monkey..
    THE END..haha

  15. erm.. i guess that wasn’t very nice to say. i just realised i said I died laughing, which actually kinda puns. bah. anyway, it was really funny.

  16. If you find it lame then why bother reading?
    Superstition and conservativeness are one of the few factors that contributes to the decline and downfall of the Ming Dynasty.

  17. mana boleh? press like crazy fast liau…when the helicopter move up tat time, the game hang a bit and then press wat also no response…ma de

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