Battle Of The Chief Ministers

The only thing missing in the lead up to the live debate between the current and the former Penang Chief Ministers next week, is this.

The Official Guan Eng vs Tsu Koon Betting Sheet

Lim Guan Eng

Koh Tsu Koon
Odds Bet Amount Odds Bet Amount
First To Speak 1.9 RM 1.9 RM
First To Stutter And Stammer 4.6 RM 1.7 RM
First To Shout At Opponent And Lose His Cool 5.2 RM 1.3 RM
First To Make Personal Attack Against Opponent 1.8 RM 2.5 RM
Loudest Applause From Audience 1.8 RM 2.5 RM
Stutters The Most 4.6 RM 1.7 RM
Speaks Beyond Allocated Time Limit 1.01 RM 1.0001 RM
Purposely Avoid Answering Difficult Questions 2.5 RM 1.8 RM
Wears A Suit Three Sizes Too Big 1.02 RM 54.6 RM
Secretly Looks At Written Notes The Most 1.51 RM 4.2 RM
Most Attempts At Lame Jokes 4.6 RM 1.7 RM
Most Insincere Smile 3.2 RM 1.5 RM
Sweats The Most 1.4 RM 4.3 RM
Most Animated Hand Gestures During Speech 6.4 RM 1.2 RM
Overall Debate Winner
(No Handicap)
1.01 RM 258 RM
Overall Debate Winner
(Guan Eng Give Half Ball, Tsu Koon Eat)
1.3 RM 2.4 RM

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87 Replies to “Battle Of The Chief Ministers”

  1. so creative…haha
    btw wear a suit three size have relations with the debate????? and ur odds make koh seem like wearing these cloth all the time

  2. HAHAHAHA!! this is really good.
    Especially this one – Wears A Suit Three Sizes Too Big
    But there is only one thing.
    I have waited for more than 15 minutes and I do not see any police coming.
    I am sure you are not sending them all the way to Japan, are you?

  3. To ah beng,
    [Good job Kenny, u just proof that Chinese are the superior race in Malaysia]
    and ppl like u can fuck off to china and see whether ur ‘supposedly’ mother country will accept ur sorry ass.

  4. eh tsu khoon sure speak beyond allocated time limit 1….he speak so slow and always stop a few seconds in between…

  5. Hi, Kenny. I am a regular visitor of ur blog and finally saw u in real life last nite. U jogged past my house and I called out ur name when i recognized who u were, guess u were listening to mp3 and didnt hear me. U look exactly the same in real life as u do in the pictures. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. =)

  6. haha…. the police will never arrive in 15mins. they’re 12,000km away. and besides it’s legal to bet here

  7. something to help DSAI for CHI votes in PP!
    dsai boleh!
    We read about the snoop squad, indicating that the Minister of Health Liow Tiong Lai is allegedly involved in it. Although the Presidential Council committee clear him of any connection with the squad, but the investigation committee is unable to clear him on his close association with the ex-convict Tee An Chuan and why Tee who is a non-MCA member going around town and meeting easily MCA leaders. Now, it is a well known fact in town that the new minister in his hurry to build up his wall chest in view on the impending party election has his own list of cronies which he will impose on any other people who have projects with the Ministry of Health. The strange part is that the Minister keeps saying he’s not close with Tee but evidence showed otherwise. Just few weeks after he was sworn in as Minister, contractors and suppliers were informed that if they want to discuss or get any projects, they have to go through Tee first. Tee will then filter the projects before they can meet up with the Minister himself to further discuss on the projects. If the Minister is not close with Tee, why did these contractors have to go thru Tee? Please bear in mind that this happened way before the snoop squad issue occurred.
    Recently, a company called System Conglomerate has been awarded by Ministry of Finance an IT project in several hospitals but this poor company has been facing a lot of resistance. They were notified that unless the project is outsourced to BB Chew, a director from Data Sonic Sdn Bhd, they will not be able to proceed. This is a man who knows nothing about IT in hospitals. He has openly threatened and bragged hospital staffs and staffs of System Conglomerate that the job should be given to him since he gets blessing from the Minister, or else the project will stuck. I really wish System Conglomerate the best of luck.
    In another incident, one contractor was awarded a contract by the government to purchase 100 ambulances.. The Minister then directed the Director of Engineering department that the ambulances must be bought from a Datuk Goh from Bentong, otherwise create as many trouble as possible. Although this company AVP has been awarded LOA three months ago, they are still unable to purchase the ambulance from the main agent rather than from Datuk Goh, meanwhile the hospital is suffering from a chronic shortage of ambulance. The Minister only makes statement to show that he cares if the ambulance is from Datuk Goh from Bentong, which is the Minister’s constituency.
    The Minister also directed that the Ministry should abolish their award of linear accelerator to be installed in GHKL so that the contract can then be awarded to another company, which is the well known Lim Brothers of Glotel Bhd. The technical committee was not in favour of linear accelerator from Glotel but the Minister said that he doesn’t care as long as it is from Glotel. One of the Lim brothers of Glotel is appointed as the General Manager of Port Klang and is a crony of Chan Kong Choy. We must not forget that Liow Tiong Lai is also a crony of Chan Kong Choy. You rub my back, I rub your back! What a disgrace!

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  9. kenny u must think that u r damn sly now with ur tongue-in-cheek joke.kudos to u for voicing out ur political views in such a way, i m sure u r one who enjoys speaking out and poking jibes at such issues,keeps u healthy and bouncy doesnt it?oh well if it aint our friendly celebrity blogger kenny.keep it up

  10. in fact i saw around 10 police cars fled to sumwhr at seremban highway yday…i wonder is tryin to catch the unlucky 1 who placed bet on ur site??ahahha

  11. i never put down a single cent to bet.. but was caught! now in prison lah~ they say this prison used to belong to Anwar…

  12. To lalala,
    [[Good job Kenny, u just proof that Chinese are the superior race in Malaysia]
    and ppl like u can fuck off to china and see whether ur ‘supposedly’ mother country will accept ur sorry ass.]
    If u r chinese, u r even worse. Just like a headless pig. No balls. Dare not voice out!

  13. OMG! the police, swat , army, royal police force ,ISA and duno wat other shit are on my tail! i hope najib wont blow me up or having a stabbed by a keris!


  15. 20 policemen coming, don’t worry, i am a certified GUN KATA black belt and will kill them all in 30 seconds and do a cool pose for the press. Sure hope i win my bet, because i placed Rm100 – 200.

  16. shit!!
    now i’m screwed, by both kenny and the EVER-IMPRESSIVELY-MONEY-EATING-ORGANIZATION-OF-ELITE police. wtf??

  17. “10 police cars carrying 20 armed officers wearing balaclavas will now be despatched to your current location and arrest you in 15 minutes!

  18. do you know u sound really stupid for making these things? People are out there doing big things and you are here making fun of people. You should be sorry. I am serious.

  19. they both are good guy, just that M’sia gvnmt sucks….. they were just exposing and wipping somebody’s shit…….

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