Battle Of The Bands

You may have heard this on the radio.

Battle of the Bands is the largest intervarsity charity band competition of the year. The Grand Finals is happening this Friday at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park from 5pm onwards. Tix available at the door or pre-booked on 016 2219007. Admission is free and the event will be broadcasted on MTVAsia. It’s all for a good cause, and the best part is – I’ll be doing my part volunteering as GUEST JUDGE.
Oh yeah, I’m gonna go all Simon Cowell on those poor kids’ asses. They better be ready.

If you asked me two years ago if I expected to see my name billed on an event poster alongside VJ Denise and Hannah Tan, I’d laugh at you so hard until my left tit fall off.

This is your final chance to win exciting prizes, including a Nokia E90 worth RM4,000 and weekly giveaways of the new iPod nano video!

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  1. hmm… dunno how to say… started to like reading your blog thru your very old posts… nowadays i’m still reading. but, sometimes feel like it’s a bit too commercial. yeah, know that this is what u gain from your “blog career”, and seems to be a good progress, advancement..
    somehow, the “too commercial” feeling is kinda odd.. it’s like making something lost.

  2. Malaysian rockstars sucks! Except for a few like Estranged. Kenny, be as tough as possible and make them cry and swore to themselves that they’ll never attempt to be a rockstar anymore. I’m evil.

  3. It can definitely not be underground if MTV’s broadcasting it, along with all the commercialised stuff!
    Would like to hear what you’d say, Mr. Sia.

  4. pangzter, of course its underground. The eight finalists are:
    1. The Colors
    2. 7 Days After
    3. J4N
    4. The Rushers
    5. 21st Jumpstreet
    6. MariaÒ€ℒs Magaritas
    7. Boop Pop
    8. Graha
    Heard of them? Me neither. πŸ™‚ So they’re definitely underground.

  5. cool man
    but you qualified to be a judge meh ?
    i find that hard to believe lor…
    but nonetheless , you should be able to ketuk them with your coconut balls if they are miserably terrible…

  6. You have a left tit? What sort of man are you? Did you hang out at Connections night club too much while you were in Perth πŸ˜‰

  7. lols~ kenny kenny.. ure lucky.. well hope id get to be on a poster one day. as a sponsor also can…. lols~
    man your page wasnt uploading and i was in the middle of my procrastination i almost went crazzzzy. lucky it finally uploaded. now i can go back to my studies πŸ˜€

  8. didn’t actually expect a reply from you..
    maybe that’s not the most appropriate word to use. it actually doesn’t solely refer to this post.. jz having that kind of feeling after reading. ATM, i still can’t get the best word to say.. sorry if the previous comment made u feel it’s a false statement. apologies from me.

  9. What if i ask you 10 years ago…Will you join?? I mean as a participant…haha..I sure love to watch if you are the one on stage!!
    Good luck, judge fairly..or get smack by guitar..(just!)

  10. when i saw the newsletter in my mailbox, i thought it was a typo or so. Cause alongside the name, there were pictures around, the only guy in 1 of the picture box wasn’t you.

  11. Mr Kenny Sia, have fun judging BOTB! sadly, i can’t make it. =( my best friend is SO EAGER to see you LIVE in action (well, sort of)
    oh by the way, my friend’s (guy from college) band is one of the top 8 finalist. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!
    i support u! go all SIMON COWELL!!

  12. Heard this event is going to be great! VJ Denise hoo hoo … Hannah Tan … Kenny u’ll need your tits ! : )
    Kudos to the guy who started this for the Charities. Way to go Jason Ko! Good call on Simon Sia …

  13. kenny.. be careful k. better dun have a coca cola cup in front of you, or else if you comment too hard on the kids, they might take the cup and splash water on your face, just like simon cowell experenced, i think in the last season of american idol or few seasons back, can’t remember. all the best ya!.. i’ll support you till the very end! haha..

  14. Hi Kenny,
    Just a quick note. Thanks for volunteering for Battle of the Bands : Operation Just Cause
    Your readers probably do not know that you took time off work, flew to KL, stayed overnite
    just to raise awareness for (8) different Charities. From Cancer to Abandoned Children to Myanmar Refugee Children who have no hope but for the little that all of us do for them.
    As what I told OAG/ Estranged/ Shelley / Hannah
    Cheers & See u @ the Party on the Beach,
    Jason Ko

  15. I forgot to Add … Kenny’s doing this for Free like VJ Denise, Hannah, Liang, OAG, Ramli Sarip, Point B (Ipoh Mali), VE etc
    If everyone charged, we would not be able to have a Free Rock Concert on the Beach telecast to 130 million people in Asia via MTVasia
    And we started with just a dream on paper with no budget – 6 months ago!
    Thanks again to all!
    Jason Ko from MYC!

  16. luv readin ur blog but dont seem to understand y u would be there as a judge. if u say it’s for charity, then you could just help them talk about it or post it. y a judge when u r really not into music. lots of my jamming kaki also feel it’s weird. if they needed someone to listen from the point of a normal guy, then just get any tom, dick n harry

  17. Kenny has been generous enough to contribute what he could by blogging about it and thus share his point of view.
    Here’s how I would say the arrangement of the judging was to be done in a musician point of view and an audience’s point of view. This is absolutely a very fair arrangement:
    Hannah Tan is from the musical background as she has her album available in stores right now. She’s qualified to judge on the musical performance point of view right?, am I right to say she can comment on the Vocal and Performance part?
    Jason Ko, CEO of MYC! and the Founding Chairperson for BOB Asia… he has some musical background and does have a lot of Public Communications and Relations background too… So, can we say Jason is fit to judge for the presentation and charity cause part? After all, Jason’s the Chief Editor for MYC! Magazine…
    For Kenny. We assumed that he has no musical background of any sort… but he’s still a regular music lover/listener just like you and I and everyone else who we rate as ‘tom, dick & harry’. he’s entitled to his audience comment too… He’s judging as a listener’s point of view. Just like if you’re to be given a cd album to do a music review on someone you don’t know. Isn’t that comment given by you a fair one? Similarly, Kenny would be doing the same thing? He’s giving his two-cent’s worth based on what he heard and he feels. This is what determines the new up-rising bands and also helps decide either that piece of music will be a demand or not. Imagine the album produced and many had disliked it? Waste of time and effort and resources, isn’t it? There’s no right or wrong to a person’s opinion… we only respect the comments. not everyone will like a particular singer/band and not everyone will dislike what they hear in unity. that’s why each singer/band have their unique fans and each genre was formed to suit those who prefer what they hear. be it pop or rock etc.
    We’re looking for a platform whereby ever neutral ground agrees and likes, not a talent search for the next big thing. It’s only a platform that the bands can showcase themselves and get known thus at the same time, do a good cause for the ones in need. Thus the theme: operation just cause.
    I believe those who disagreed with him did not look deeply inside the music performance… find the common ratio and its the reason because they know the band and were protesting based on their friendship.
    From a music industry point of view, the judging panel were placed in a balance. with kenny “standing in the eyes of the world” (well, not world but crowd to be exact). he’s just representing the voice of the audience. I know as I’ve been in countless Guest Judging for such ones.. all the way from college idols to reality tv shows and the coachings…
    I thank Kenny personally for replacing me in this round so that I could have time to open my eyes to other matters around me and to view things from a different perspective with the opportunity and time given.
    Cheers mate.
    p/s: sorry for the lengthy lecture/nag… sounds like it, huh?

  18. Hello there! I’ve been reading your blog for quite some while, I’ve never left a comment here. Then I saw you on TV today (Deal or No Deal), so I decided to drop you a comment, ha!
    I’m impressed with your writings sometimes.. ok not sometimes, most of the time. Your photography skills awe me o_o

  19. “Jason Ko, CEO of MYC! and the Founding Chairperson for BOB Asia… he has some musical background and does have a lot of Public Communications and Relations background too… So, can we say Jason is fit to judge for the presentation and charity cause part? After all, Jason’s the Chief Editor for MYC! Magazine…”
    (=_=)” i think i’m so gonna puke and faint…

  20. Hmm .. I’m a Taylor’s College student doing some background research on MTV and Battle of the Bands. I’m not sure what this “evie’s” beef is, but I met Jason Ko & he has done a lot for College students : ) Hat’s Off & Salute.
    And I was there @ BOB. It’s still one of the best clean events I’ve been to -hence this Research. We hope they’ll do BOB again.

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