Banging The Kok

Welcome to my super late travel log entry on my recent Bangkok trip.

After the Black Eyed Peas concert (of which I went backstage and met them OMG), I had a little bit of spare time to explore the historical Siam city.
Truth to be told, I didn’t quite enjoy the trip as much I hoped for. At the time, I had a lot of work at the back of my mind and I couldn’t put myself at ease eventhough I’m in an exciting new foreign city. The smog and bustling traffic of the thriving metropolis did nothing to soothe my headache.

This is my single private room at the guesthouse that costs me only 300 baht (RM30) a night. I did mention before that I don’t have the habit of paying for more expensive hotel rooms if I’m travelling solo, so this one suits my budget well.
The place is spotless clean, but the pillows are so damn hard I swear they’re made of bricks. You get what you paid for I guess.

I stayed at the Cozy Bangkok Place which is located reasonably near to the subway station and close to the city centre. Outside the guesthouse are rows of cheap residential houses.

When I walked past them in the morning or at night, the locals would greet me cheerfully though they don’t speak a word of English. I always appreciate that kind of heartfelt hospitality when I travel. 🙂

Nothing beats the value, the atmopshere and the taste of streetside hawker food. I tell ya, the Thais serve up some of the best-tasting fried rice in the world.
Wash it down with some Fanta straight from the bottle, and the bill comes up to less than 50 baht (RM5). Bliss!

The fattest, juiciest oysters are found in Thailand. These ones are 60 baht a pop (RM6), but I’m sure you could find it cheaper if you search around.

Some street art I spotted outside my guesthouse. It’s meaningless, but it’s cool. Hey, at least it’s a lot better than the ones we have back home.
In Malaysia, our “street art” are either swear words like “F**K YOU C*BAI” or “For gay sex, call John 012-xxxxxxx”.

Satay vendor outside Hua Lamphong station.

Anyway, it’s a good idea to stay at a place close to the subways because the road traffic in Bangkok is a friggin’ nightmare. The traffic in Bangkok is so bad it made KL look like Disneyland.

Here, taxis are perpectually stuck in a jam and tuk tuks rip you off big time. You can’t win.

The subway and sky trains of Bangkok on the other hand are surprisingly clean, fast and comfy. For some weird reason, very few locals use them so the trains are empty 99% of the time.
The only hassle is that there’s a security guard checking your bags everytime you enter the subway. In case you carry a bomb, y’know?

Dear Sue, someone in Thailand wants to bang you.

One thing I noticed about Bangkok is that there are so many places advertising for massages and other kinds of “health” crap. Some more their posters are always this picture of a half-naked lady lying down, eyes closed, receiving a massage.

Look, I love watching half-naked ladies as much as the next guy.
But when you’re SURROUNDED by these posters all around, it can be kinda annoying. I walked two blocks also sien already and started yawning.

Shopping in central Bangkok wasn’t as happening as I thought it was either. Sure, the international brands like Zara and Guess are all there in the glitzy malls, but the prices are more expensive than KL or even Singapore.
I had a really hard time stretching my baht.

Somethings are worth buying though.
I had this suit tailor made at one of those ubiquitous Indian-run shops near my hotel. One full business suit, including jacket, a shirt, two silk shirts, two matching pants and two silk ties for just 6,500 baht (RM650)! Throw in a briefcase, and I’ll look ready to close my next multi-million dollar deal. 😉
All these cut to fit and made in the exact way as an Armani suit. Try to get the same deal back home and it’d cost at least RM1,500.
Dressed to kill, I set out to explore Bangkok’s famous nightlife.

The trend now in many big cities is to have a bar on top a high-rise building. The idea is so that people can get a bird’s eye view overlooking the beautiful city night lights.

I’ve been to many similar bars in other countries before and none of them ever fail to impress me. The views here at Sirocco Sky Bar are just as equally stunning.

Download wallpaper

It made Bangkok look like some futuristic city straight out of Star Wars.
Go ahead and click on the pics to download the wallpaper-sized version of them.

Download wallpaper

The clubs in Bangkok are no less impressive. When the Black Eyed Peas were here, they said they enjoyed hanging out at the clubs everytime they’re in Bangkok.
And I can see why.

I thought nightlife in Singapore are great. I thought the bars in Jakarta are amazing. But the clubs in Bangkok completely blew me away.

The main clubbing district in Sukhumvit boasts the type of crowd that would put Zouk on a Saturday night to shame. We’re talking about a 5km-stretch Ekamai Road all filled with some of the trendiest clubs and hippest DJs along the road.
No cover charge, and you get to mingle in debauchery with some of the best-dressed crowd and hottest chicks in South-East Asia.

Check out this “bat mobile” parked outside Santika.

Look! There’s even a club called Blog 9! Ha ha.
Anyway, there’s a lot more Bangkok stories to tell, but I’m running out of time.

Up next, Kenny Sia explores the seedy underside of Bangkok’s sleazy go-go bars.

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89 Replies to “Banging The Kok”

  1. damn! i missed out the Sukhumivit area last time! n the sky bar view! awesome…u took some serious good photos! …yay! another two good reasons for me to go back again :)…bangkok is really a fascinating city i must say.

  2. Hey lebua has always been the only choice of hotel I will stay in BKK and I must say the place rock big time with the Skybar! Bit expensive though but its worth the pamper sometimes….
    My usual trip to bangkok is to make clothes too…

  3. I recently stayed at Cozy bangkok Place too! Haha. It ain’t the pillows that are as hard as rock tho, its the mattress. Lol.

  4. Oit oit oit..
    I can’t wait to see the sleazy things…
    cipet…cepat post lar…
    the go go girls..
    the street whores…
    review the girls you sleep with also lar…

  5. The way you deliver messages through your blog are natural and I like it a lot. Photos are greatly shot with your Nikon type camera. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to read your next post.

  6. There’s Bang Sue, there’s On Nut..haha.
    Yuppers, every tourist must at least visit patpong st and the State Tower. Boy, I miss Bangkok.

  7. Dear kenny, i just wanna let you know that…
    when you post your next entry..
    ALL EYES Will be On YOu… Muahahahahahahahahaha
    Readers would be anxiously anticipating XD

  8. “To Bang Sue” is one of the signboards that I’ve noticed when I visited Bangkok last year. I’ve also included into my first blog too.
    There is one more… “To On Nut” and many funnier names in Bangkok u can see.
    I am sure you will enjoy Bangkok because of the lower currency rate.
    Try Philippines next time, to be specific, try Baguio City!

  9. Sirroco is a greatest bar I have been so far. But Kenny, the picture u posted I think is Vertigo at Banyan Tree rather than Sirroco at State Tower!!

  10. Interesting entry, Kenny! And you really got a good deal with the business suit, seriously can’t imagine getting half of the apparels for the same price here. Looking forward to your next entry hehe :p

  11. ever noticed that those suit makers in BKK are all of Indian/pakistani origin?
    oh…the choice of the fabric make all the difference in the suit and the price you’re paying for it…..then again…..price haggling really helps…and remember to get as many fittings as possible….
    if you do your homework…there’s pretty good quality stuff you can get for RM600…which includes 2 full suits ((1 jacket+2 pants) x 2 sets) and 2 shirts.

  12. i stayed in cozy bangkok b4 too! luv the city/suburb mix. and yes, the matress was rock hard, almost no difference with sleeping on the floor, haha.

  13. Hey! I would like to invite you Laos to write about this lovely country. Almost everyone have been to Bangkok and now the Thais are more materialistic than friendly.
    For Patpong, the sleazy area of Bangkok, Thai people are beginning to shun it because it brings bad image to Thailand. Pingpong banana shows?
    Suits? 1 suit(jacket+pants) is US$100 in Laos using Italian fabrics.

  14. Oh My Kenny,
    going to the darkside of Bangkok….. not good. What would your readers think?
    Ahh, what the heck, have some good fun Kenny. Will wait anxiously for your upcoming report.
    Wear protection ok? Where’s me coke…..where is the f*%$K*#g coke….f%^%&^%#&*^k^$&^$#@^*g…

  15. If you take the train north to Ayuthaya, you’ll pass a station named Bang Sai.
    And yes, skytrains in BKK are really expensive compared to taxis.
    And yes I’d love to be in that Lotus Exige!

  16. Heyyyy Kenny!
    You are really good at photography!
    As much as I love oysters, I don’t trust streetside hawker food.
    Don’t wish to become a toliet regular, you know?
    Always better safe than sorry. 😉

  17. no Kenny. We have nice street paintings here in KL. I once took Kelana Jaya line LRT from Wangsa Maju to Kelana Jaya I saw colourful and creative ones on the bridge of a big drain or small river.

  18. Luv bangkok – food,chics,clubs/bars,chics, massage,chics,chics,chics…..
    Got my suits made there too. 2 sets high-grade italian cashmere wool full suits with extras of 1 shirt + 2 silk ties + 2 cashmere wool pants – all for RM1.3k. Checked the same stuff bac home in KL would costs me at least RM4++k.

  19. Hey, you went alone this time? No Nicole or any SYTs? That’s quite unlike you……been following your travels……..

  20. Hey hi Kenny:)
    Great shots of the nightline taken over here. The view is absolutely fantastic. Thanks man.
    Btw, the suit looks good on you, must say really quite a good deal. Will keep the place in mind if I ever visit Bangkok. Eagerly anticipating the next post hehehe *glint in eye*

  21. “The subway and sky trains of Bangkok … For some weird reason, very few locals use them so the trains are empty 99% of the time.”
    Surprisingly, when i was there a couple of months ago, it was crowded. They come in every few minutes and are efficient compared to those in KL. Maybe it depends on the time – the ride was then about 12 noon.

  22. Jz watched U on TV… hope the money won was enough to buy u new underwear *winx* … Hopefully ull get better luck next time.. *cheers Kenny*

  23. ..regarding the show again..”Deal or No Deal”…. I suggest you go for Mandi Bunga.. to wash alway all the bad luck ! and no gambling for you anymore..

  24. dude, you did so bad on deal or no deal that it made for Good TV, cos normally, my whole family will switch to another channel when most of the big money is gone. we had to watch it to the end just to know how bad you did. kudos for this cos you did good for us viewers.

  25. enjoy reading yr blog. just wish u update yr “happenings, events, trips” faster e.g. any comments on the terry fox run?

  26. Kenny, your journey on DOND was really unfortunate.
    I mean, come on, push aside the low amount of money you won, you are incredibly lucky(or unlucky?) to get all 6 big amount in the first choice.

  27. Just seen the episode of “Deal Or No Deal” starring the honourable Kenny Sia. 😀 Ehh…how come you look so shy one…?! BTW, when I was in Bangkok last time, my mom refused to let me join my sis and her hubby go and watch a tiger show citing the reason that I am not married yet and shouldn’t be exposed to those sorts of indecency. And I was 34 years old at that time!!And what 34 years old has not been subjected to some sort of indecency at some point of her life? And surely I have seen quite a bit of indecency at my age then.

  28. Kenny, I’ve been making annual trips to Bangkok for the past 5 yrs, and I’m shocked to read on how you found the shopping there to be nothing of interest – many find Bangkok a shopping haven! Siam Paragon, though highly advertised is not advisable as it contains many high-end brands, what you should look for are the interesting offers held at Suan Lum Night Bazaar where you can find many items of all sorts of good quality and incredibly low prices which you can bargain for lower, infact. Another place to look at is the night market along the five-foot-ways opposite Erawan shrine (Phloen Chit station), and not forgetting the essential weekend visits to Chattuchak flea market – expanding over 16football fields and covering everything from A-Z!! Prices are incredibly low…
    Don’t forget to visit the other malls connected to Siam Paragon via the sky train walkways – there’s a little alley along the way that sells cheap, good quality clothes for the young and trendy.
    Also, I find it bizzare that you mentioned how the trains are 99% empty most of the time – perhaps you took the trains from stations not well known e.g. certain LRT stations in the Klang Valley – Siam station is crowded 99% of the time!
    I have yet to read your recent entry on the go-go bars (for I make a religious pilgrimage part of my annual family visits), but I am shocked to see how you did not (apart from gogo bars) maximise your money’s worth while in Bangkok.
    Especially the shopping! Pratunam and Platinum offer good wholesale offers, while malls such as Central World have a colourful nightlife – performances by bands held almost every night at the Heineken and Chang beer thingymajicks.
    You should definitely return to Bangkok to enjoy the most interesting side, Kenny!

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