ADV: What’s In The Box?

This thing is driving me up the wall!

What gadget starts with the letters RVL?

It sirens when you shake it.

It makes a beaming sound when you squeeze it.

It plays a melody when you press it.

It makes a robotic beep when you poke it.

And it quacks when you throw it.
Sounds like some kinda robotic duck to me. But it’s a gadget with the initials RVL. What is it?
I have no idea but I can only wildly guess.
Is it… a Russian Vodka Lime?

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A Really Vicious Lion?

Ronaldo’s Vain Looks?
Wow. Imagine getting that gift in a box.
Anyway, I have absolutely no idea, I’ve used up all my guesses and I cannot do anything now but shower my friends with Christmas wishes from the site to get three more guesses.
Dammit, I wish I knew!

What do you think is in the box?

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Go ahead and place your bids. It’s good for your karma.

55 Replies to “ADV: What’s In The Box?”

  1. Aww shucks, someone has won it. Wonder if it could have been the RVL-001 Nintendo Wii Game. Hey hey, my first ever post.

  2. Kenny, you got it wrong. A prefix is the thing some stuff have in front of the names. Like as nicole has shown
    RVL-001 Nintendo Wii Game System
    The RVL is the prefix.
    RVL= Really Vicious Lion
    Ronaldo’s Vain Looks
    These are actually acronyms…not prefixes. Maybe thats why you couldnt get it. Btw, someone has got the prize liao. XD wait till next week =)

  3. yup nintendo wii… but i tried so many times also
    cannot get… keeps saying i guess wrong..
    i guess i din guess all the words correctly

  4. a lot of people probably guessed it right. I mean, its easy…
    Go google type ‘RVL’
    The first link is already for a Nintendo Wii. They probably gave it to someone who just got the closest answer to their ‘answer sheet’. =)

  5. kenny, merry x’mas n happy new year.
    Mind to tell ur readers ur new year wishes?
    i think u wish ur boobs can grow bigger and ur body length can grow longer.
    Rox us with more spicy entrance. peace 2008.

  6. Hey Kenny!!
    I just watched your episode of DEAL OR NO DEAL on Catch Up TV, I feel your pain brother!! hahaha….. Just a run of bad luck eh? Well, I guess it was better than not being able to get a buzz in to answer any questions at all, like yours truly!
    You’re very entertaining, as always, hope to be able to catch up with you in person sometime soon! Have a blessed christmas and happy holidays!!

  7. I tried registering but they don’t even seem to be accepting people who are already 21. I was born in 1986 by the way.
    Seems its only for people 22 and above…

  8. RVL = “Revolution” is the code name of the Wii
    RVL-001 Nintendo Wii …. are my guess buy someone beat me to it … Cheh

  9. RVL = Reading Voices of Love.. Its just a gift set with some kind of motor and batteries inside.. It’s a sensor gift. A gift of Love for Chrismas..
    Merry Chrismas to everyone and to you too Kenny.. don’t feel bad about your “Deal Or No Deal” show. I am giving you a RVL now..
    and to all Malaysian, Selamat Hari Raya Haji and Happy Holidays !

  10. I post at 6 in the morning and have no social life whatsoever. I have been naughty since my first comment hee hee

  11. HAHAHA~ As Malaysians we usually dono how to wait till Christmas, open up the box, see what’s inside and close it back…then act very suprised on Christmas day when u open it up again…(^_^)”

  12. This is SCANDALOUS! Why is NTV7 and Guinness advocating this purveyor of tranny porn filth to represent them? ABOSLUTELY SHOCKING!

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