My New Boom-Boom Car Sound System

A couple of people have requested that I write something the latest car audio that I purchased.

I was actually kinda reluctant to blog about my car audio. The reason for that is that I know when compared to others, mine is really nothing to brag about.
I don’t understand why people are so interested in my car audio really.
Somehow, guys always like to get together and compare the size of their equipment. Somemore they always like to ask each other about how big their woofer is.

So people keep on comparing and upgrading.
Hust when you thought you’re walking around with the biggest woofer in town, someone else comes along with a woofer twice your size.

That’s one reason why I didn’t really wanna blog about it. Another reason is, I don’t really like cars.
I know.
Shock. Surprise. Guys by nature SHOULD love cars. Heck, there are even guys out there who love their cars more than they love their women.
I don’t know if anyone noticed, but usually the more a man loves his car, the bigger his car’s back hole is.

That’s definitely a source of concern.
I don’t like cars and I don’t know know a lot about cars. In fact, I’m really quite noob when it comes to cars and car audio systems. If I blog about how much I spent on my car audio, someone like Paul Tan is probably gonna come along and say “OMGWTFBBQ! YOU GOT PWNED. N00B! LOL!”

At the same time, I’m very happy about my purchase.
Guys blowing a big sum of hard-earned cash on boys toys is the same as girls spending money buying new underwear for themselves. Whenever we get a new toy, we get a rush of happiness and self-satisfaction going through us that closely approximates orgasm.
Not only that, part of us feel like sharing the orgasm with everyone else.
So here is my orgasm.

My brand new Alpine CDA 9887 head unit.
I’ve never used Alpine before this because they are usually ridiculously expensive. But I do know they’re good because they supply to the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin.
The Pioneer unit I used before this was good too, but compared to this one it’s crap.

Having a detachable faceplate is one security feature I demand for any head unit that I buy.
I learnt it the hard way after having my car window smashed, dashboard ripped open and head unit stolen.

The Alpine unit I bought comes packaged with an external bluetooth device. The bluetooth factor was what attracted me the most because I listen to a lot of music and podcasts from my mobile phone.
The bluetooth thingy also doubles up as a handsfree kit so I can answer my phonecalls while I’m driving. There’s a cute little microphone that I mounted behind my steering wheel.

All up I paid around US$525 (or RM1,680) for those two online. When I picked up my package from the post office, I was also asked to donate RM90 to Malaysian Customs.
Paying RM1,770 for a head unit is probably a little excessive, but yeah I’m crazy like that.

This is the VSL monoblock amp which I bought locally for RM900.
An idiot like me have no idea anything about amps. All I know is that the bigger it is, the better. And this is the biggest amp they had that falls within my budget.

This 12″ woofer from Pioneer was the final piece of upgrade I bought for my car. This baby is capable of handling up to 1200W, but costs me RM400 for the privilege of having my whole car shake when I play some big bass music.
The guy at the garage also charged me another RM150 for wiring, enclosure and installation. Fair enough, since he did quite a good job at it.
At least now, I got one tricked-up car audio system and a subwoofer strong enough to blow panties off.

I especially love it when I put on some hip-hop music and turn the volume right up. It’s like I got the whole Zouk happening in my car, and everyone is invited. The audio quality is the simply best I have experienced, and I haven’t even finished tuning it yet.
The delivery was so crisp and clear, it sounded as if Mariah Carey was in my car singing next to me.
It makes me really happy. But it also makes me so sad because everytime she sings Touch My Body, I turn around and she’s not there for me to answer her invitation. ๐Ÿ™

All together I paid RM3,200 for my new toy.
Die lah confirm I’ll be eating grass for the next three months.

Apparently, my Singaporean friends were very convinced that terrorist mastermind Mas Selamat has escaped into Malaysia.
When I asked them how they could be so sure, they said that everytime they go to Malaysia, the sign there reads “Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia”

137 Replies to “My New Boom-Boom Car Sound System”

  1. Sweet ! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Can you play some funny songs and make a video please ? I recommend ‘barbie girl’.

  2. darn, missed what i wanted to write.
    @Kenny, this sure calls for a car concert…at a BBQ. Think that would be perfect man.

  3. wow. rm3200 is real crazy. but satisfaction.
    lol. i don’t really like cars too. wat’s the fuss?
    but guys need cars. will never know when we need it to get laid.

  4. Wonder y i can’t view all the pic from ur blog??
    well i think all woman know that,
    cars = expensive tyos to most of the man out there… rite?? modifying car also need some talent…

  5. Wow, memang u have to graze on the grassland with the cows for the next 3 months, Kenny.
    This is crazy to spend a massive amount of RM3200 on a BOOM BOOM sound system….
    If i were to do that, my mum would have strangle me to death. i would also rather use that money to travel or put in a FD… hahahaha

  6. i know DSLR cams cost about the same, so.. spending on BOOM BOOM seems money well spent la…
    i don’t really like BOOM BOOM, so i only upgraded to a RM250 pioneer CD player and a RM90 pair of speakers lolz for my 12yr old kancil recently ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I think you sound system worth more than my car. (I don’t live in Singapore or Malay)
    What car do you drive?
    Does it help you to pick up more girls

  8. Welcome to the ah beng newbie group la kenny. Eh? Wat car are u driving? Definitely not protong la

  9. so u r not interested in dis stuff but u do dis stuff n spend a precious RM3k+ on dis stuff
    so tat u can create some sound pollution
    n waste tat precious amt which cost like a zillion 2 those needy in myanmar n sichuan n making ppl wanna trout slap u 4 tat

  10. dont understand a bit why guys want to install such a big boom boom audito system in to a car. Only Malaysian will do this?

  11. Well it’s a hobby. I spend that much on Transformers anyway.
    Guys will always need their toys, just as girls need their bags, clothes, shoes, lingerie, panties, cosmetics, perfumes…the list goes on!

  12. Word of advice. Get additional insurance for your new sound system. Your car insurance only covers for factory fitted ones. If you upgrade like this and don’t tell your insurer (and of course pay some $$ lah), touch wood, if anything happens, cannot claim. Then you say insurance company cheat you. I would know. I work in an insurance company…

  13. Hey dude, you really think you can get 2800 W out of the amp huh ?
    During my days, Kuching Beng tune their stereo to high pitch ( รฅยฐโ€“รจยยฒ)instead of the bass punch. The Hakka Bengs even have a word for it “Very Chiak!” eg, Tenth Mile Beng: ” Wah, nya kai lehlio arn chiak err….ngai tee!”.

  14. Don’t worry Kenny. I am the same as you, not really that into car.
    Just upgrade the already built in sound system with a better one is already sufficient. There is no need to add in all the state-of-the-art woofer and such…

  15. 3200RM for a sound system is considered cheap/standard already if you`re looking for a solid and crisp sound. Most people nowadays spend well over rm10k or even rm60k.

  16. WA SALLA LU MAI KONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What car does kenny drive? From the dashboard, trunk and steering wheel looks like a proton iswara. I could be wrong

  17. charge more money for ur advertorial posts then no need to fann eat grass three months lor.
    seriously, u need to revise ur prices.

  18. Few years back, when my dad was still a young man, he likes this kind of stuff. He put a big speakers in his car. Man is man.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Rite, I agreed on why people used to play car audio system like that. They used to compare with each other with their dunno how many inch woofer and dunno how many watt amplifier. My fren used to have a twin 10 inch woofer with 1000 watt rms amplifier all together 2k+ some of it is second though. And he like pokai adi bcoz of buying this audio system for his Proton Saga. lol.

  20. Somehow, guys always like to get together and compare the size of their equipment. Somemore they always like to ask each other about how big their woofer is.
    Hust when you thought you’re walking around with the biggest woofer in town, someone else comes along with a woofer twice your size.
    Substitute “woofer” with “dick”.

  21. Looks like a lot of readers are interested with what car you’re driving. I think you can organise “What Car I’m Driving” contest. The winner will get to sit with you and your new BOOM BOOM.
    Anyway, with 3.2k, I rather invest on a lens few times longer than my relative down there. Hehe…
    My guess…kenny drives a Hyundai (accent or elantra)

  22. rm3200 can still be considered as cheap. im not into cars as well, but i can tell cuz i have a friend whose dad spent rm10k++ on car audio system for his Volkswagen beetle.
    regardless of that,i think you got yourself a good bargain.rm3200 for all of those,is pretty darn nice! ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Sorry about the previos post, had an error with it.
    Anyway.. I’m just kinda curious about why you purchased your unit online. If i’m not mistaken, these Alpine CDA-9887 can be had for as little as RM1100 in East Malaysia, complete import sets like yours. Far cheaper compared to what we pay here in the Peninsular which is around the region of RM1700 but it’s a local distributor set with 2 years warranty.
    I noticed you posted on forums(formerly IASCA until it went defunct) regarding the IMPRINT kit, shouldn’t be a problem getting it done but provided u don’t change anything in your setup or you’ll need to go about doing it again. But if u had seeked advice via local audio forums first, I guessed u would have got a better deal off your RM3200 ; )
    Will post further comments on the IMPRINT in forums as that’ll be more appropriate. : )
    ~GRexer on WiFi via Nokia E61

  24. I’m actually quite disappointed with how they did the bluetooth handsfree thing, something abit more “hidden” would have been nicer.
    I have no idea where to put that in my car as there’s a nice piece of wood trim where you put it in your car, as for the other side, the dashboard cowl extends all the way to the side of the car, with the air cond vent being on the door.
    Can’t it be hidden in the glove compartment?

  25. WTFish!!?…RM3200 for boomboom…RM3200 u can boomboom in clubbing for many many times until KO.

  26. Hey kenny.. ur audio system is nice.. erm did u think of write a blog for the china earthquake? with popularity.. u should be able to raise sum fund for china ppls. haha juz my small sugestion..

  27. Hey, kenny, I m form the star. i need your help to get the winner of the Malaysia Dream girl, for a photo shoot for our The Star motoring pull out,
    pls mail me at the gmail adds or hope to get ASAP.

  28. RM3.2K ah @.@
    But oklar. At least your new boom-boom car sound system can last for few years. When you apportion it, quite cheap right?
    tsk tsk.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I LOVE cars, but don’t really care much about audio, my money just goes to make the car operate well, nothing crazy. I’m a bit appalled by the installation of the bluetooth module though. Surely there must be a better place to mount it?

  30. oh boy kenny, you’re only inviting trouble, asking the would-be car-jackers and thieves to break into your car; be careful where you park it. not in a dark alley hopefully.


  32. Is it worth it RM3.2k for it ?? I think with the same amount of money you could play bi-amps d and produce better sound.
    However, the Alpine head unit is a good set. Hold on to it .. its worth the moolah … ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. lol I just listen to my mp3 player when I drive, so i guess you’re quite a car fan from my perspective…
    ken: looks like a Waja.

  34. dude i installed mine complete mohawk soundsystem onli 9xx. 3200 is too much i guess.unless if u wanna enhance ur ah bengness then its cool

  35. btw ur wallpaper sucks. get a decent 1 dude. its an insult to me considerin tat im an iban. gayu guru gerai nyamai

  36. RM3,200 is chicken feed to you lah considering you make so much just from blogging and not to mention your full time job as an IT Director. And it can give you the colourful and powerful orgasm that you always wanted.

  37. Dont worry Kenny- Gawai’s around the corner – so do drop by my open house and fill up on your food supplies ok – oh and also drinks too . 1st day of gawai anytime after 10am! Seriously, Email me for the address!

  38. Holy Shite. My IQ dropped 10 points reading some of the comments. Now it’s negative.
    “Kenny ur sound system sucks LOLroxxor”
    “Kenny u must be damn rich”
    “Kenny this post boring”
    “Kenny you should write about earthquake. Because I’m your defacto Editor & you are my bitch.”
    And the classic:
    “I’m first!”
    Yeah whatever they’re paying you, it’s not enough for what you have to go through for this blog.

  39. lols kenny i thought where u hilang so many days never blog.
    but.this is one of those blog entries where i totally membimbo and @@ cos.i dunno what is what also.haha
    car is and to get to one place to another.and to take me go shopping.
    whee.boom boom all.tak tau.listen to flyfm can dee hahaha

  40. At first I was wondering what’s up with your background — and then I saw your header! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Selamat Ari Gawai to you too, Kenny! ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. aiya, Kenny just tell Alpine you are writing about their product and you don’t have to eat grass. I’m sure they will sponsor you kolo mee every day!

  42. No need to guesslah.
    Looking at the rear lamp & the cheapo fake
    wood trim on the dashboard…….. is the
    First generation Honda City!!

  43. Dude, it’s tacky lah. Your car resell value just dropped another 10%. How much time you spend in the car? Add another 1K+, you can get a pretty decent Bose home system where you can enjoy more. Anway, welcome to Jingjang Joe Club:P

  44. Kenny
    Your Blog really Sux. Same as ur tits. U should get yourself a nice old-woman bra.
    I agree with jo-blog, you just look as humble as u can pretend to be. NOOB

  45. ===========================================
    N O O B

  46. Seriously, no one does this in the UK. Only Ah Bengs zhng their cars to be like this.
    It doesn’t make you any different, even if you’re a celebrity blogger.

  47. LOL, why is logic so obsessed by people in UK, people in UK are the greatest in the world?
    kenny should be immune to hater’s comments

  48. damn~ dude, u bought your sound system in so damn good price lar, i bought the same VSL amplifier 1 year ago in RM1900! even your alpine player +bluetooth is damn good price too! my fren bought a similiar unit in K.L. at RM2500~ great deal! whats the garage name in kuching?

  49. heh, I dont know much about cars but an improved sound system is always nice to have, not for bass/ego/whatever’s sake but just for good music. People say they love music but listen from youtube, use ipod’s headphones, etc, seriously that’s an insult to the musicians who make the music. The way you have it, it seems you can enjoy music it is meant to be. Dont let the haters pull ya down =)

  50. Ya the Bluetooth thing is a bit awkwardly mounted, but I really like the idea of being able to listen to podcasts on the stereo!

  51. “LOL, why is logic so obsessed by people in UK, people in UK are the greatest in the world?
    kenny should be immune to hater’s comments”
    I think you should just kiss his feet.
    I’m not obsessed. I’m just very confused as to why people pimp their cars like this. You can do tons of other stuff with that sort of money, better still if given to charity.

  52. nice stuff dude.
    but becareful though. lots of people trick others to tell what thier have, then steal them.
    thats why when you read car magazines, you seldom read about interior of featured car, cause the owner dont want to reveal too much and get thier window smash.

  53. People …
    Ever imagined Kenny Sia as your member of parliament?
    How about getting another blogger into parliament?

  54. I suppose whenever Logic has around RM3k lying around, he/she would donate it to charity huh?
    Not everyone sings to your tune dude.
    Live with it.

  55. I wish I can do the same. Bought a evo, upgrade it and in the end, no money left for the “boom boom” upgrade ๐Ÿ™

  56. everyone has a good time guessing what ur car is. haha.
    if u showed ur car plate and i saw it around kuching i’d probably leave a note saying “i love you” in ur windscreen. hahahaha.
    btw, isnt there any nicer gawai wallpaper? this one sucks big time.

  57. Judging from the dashboard display panel, looks like my car. So I think he’s driving a Toyota Camry. 2.0G, am I right ?

  58. Hi! I nearly bought that too but due to all the required ‘extras’ and wiring, I decided to get a SONY Mex-BT5000 with built-in bluetooth and mic which only cost RM1180.
    FYI, your Alpine was RM1160 (not discounted yet!). Next time, buy in Sibu! Sibu is the cheapest place to get stuff!

  59. dear Kenneth,
    There are people using imprint sound system in sarawak already. I guess it is few months back, you just got to knew about it?

  60. yea well i’ll admit ur sub is big but i have two 6 1/2” sub enclosures and a new head unit the sub enclosures cum wit two tweeters so the to enclosures togather are 13 1/2” big

  61. Hey, Kenny, remember to contact me when u r thinking to let go of the sounds system…Illbe happy to have it as a second hand system in my car….

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