Bad Name For A Business

Spotted at a shoplot along Jalan Padungan in Kuching.

Whatever it is they’re selling, I damn sure hope it isn’t sanitary pads.
Wanna see some PMS Graphics? Just look at your girlfriend’s face during that time of the month.

Music of the Week: DJ Ashley Bong is our very own Kuching-born R&B/hip-hop deejay popular in the Melbourne clubbing scene. He does groovy mash-up remixes. Check out his mixtapes on his blog. I particularly like Session #6: Bangers & Mash.
DJ Ash is now accepting jobs for year-end parties in Singapore and Malaysia, so e-mail him!

58 Replies to “Bad Name For A Business”

  1. Why does Kenny always see such signs everywhere he goes?
    Remember there was a training course in my company called PMG-Project Management Game. we called it Pre-Menstruation Game !!

  2. Yeah. As what Boss Stewie mentioned, there is a PMS in Penang. Additionally they have branches in certain major cities of Malaysia too – KL, Alor Setar, Ipoh…etc
    If i’m not mistaken, they’re one of the distributors for Crocs 🙂

  3. pms… hmmm… I wonder what their business really mean. maybe their undercover gays? who want pms? or steal women’s pms to make them feel like a real woman? so many questions…..

  4. maybe it stands for pre-marital syndrome where all the guys enjoy their last day before getting committed, big time. LOL.
    oh and nice seeing you at the cbox the other day. haha

  5. I’m sure some of you have come across Ciba Color. I try to think of pronouncing it as Cyba (as in Cyber) Color, but it’s difficult!

  6. Kenny dear, PMS? nolar, not all gals with PMS look so bad wor. Only some PMS on purpose to get their men’s attention you all men ‘kena’ bluff lar…’I am having my PMS, so treat me nice’… hahaha….I crave cheeses during PMS. Geeeee…. 😛

  7. There are a few names with vulgar acronyms in Singapore too. The computer center building of SIA (not Kenny Sia, Singapore Airline) is CCB. Kaki Bukit is KKB.

  8. These are the explainations:
    For those who never worked in a high class company, maybe u dono PMS is ectually stand for employee Performance Management System inside lots of company.

  9. Hi Kenny,
    As a Graphic Designer I have to tell you that PMS is a shortened form for PANTONE, its know in the industry when talking about a PANTONE colour as PMS 201 and so on…… so there was some logic to it!

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