Back To Reality

Finally, my Kiwi holiday is coming to an end.

After spending one week just kicking back, relaxing and enjoying time with my family, I am finally ready to head home to resume my hectic work life.
Before that, there’s another thing to settle.
In a moment, I’ll be boarding my flight from Auckland to Sydney, then to Singapore, then to Kuala Lumpur. As soon as I arrive at the KLIA, I’ll be going straight to the PWTC and be there by 10am to fulfill my judging duties for

The open auditions for our model search is this Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm.
Response to our call for auditions has been tremendous so far and the number of pre-registrations have exceeded all our expectations. I must say things are looking great for us. There are some interesting characters we’re expecting to turn up, but also some that’ll be sure to make people go “WTF?”

Turn up like this and you’ll immediately get my vote to qualify

For those who wanna take part in the show but still haven’t registered, it’s fine to just walk into PWTC and audition on the spot.
Those who registered, just bring along a copy of your confirmation forms. Then on the day, just walk in with confidence and don’t worry about it all. Don’t be nervous. Elaine, Jimmy and I are all nice people really. 😉
Actually, I might be even more nervous. I still haven’t got hold of this whole “model-judging” thing yet. Maybe if I do some more research, I might know what to look for in a model.

Gtg. Do “research”.

AD: Are you in Penang? Do you like the Alleycats? The band lah, not the animal.
If so, you must be damn old!
But you might also be interested to know that from now until the end of this month, you can enjoy music from the legendary Alleycat everynight live at the Dorsett Hotel Penang. Even without Loga, the band is still going on strong. For more info, click here.

77 Replies to “Back To Reality”

  1. -_-” hahahhaa like that also song ah you all.. 1st 2nd 3rd commenters -_- *pengsan*
    HI KENNY! i hope u had fun! and still be having fun!

  2. will every single audition to be aired like whatever-idol practicing? really looking fwd 4 that.. muz b damn funnie n lotz of WTF..

  3. Hey Kenny!!! Good to see things are well.
    Ha ha… the photo of the police girl you showed me at the cafe! It looks even more crazy when it’s uploaded !
    Hope everything is alright… sounds like you are going to be super super busy with MDG.
    Did you get many pictures of Raglan?
    Have a good day

  4. Wow, you need to browse a lot of modelling mags and perhaps watch more of American Next Top Model and see how Tyra Banks or Miss J or Nigel judge the models…heeheee…
    Good luck, Kenny… Happy Having Fun in KL when it is gonna be stuffed with traffic jam all over KL today.

  5. haha…i read this post just a little too late. Thanks for the blatant announcement that ‘you’re NOT hot’ just now for me. haha..
    really, i turned up just to see how you would look like in, got aura or not. haha..
    ..I know..I’m not tall enough. so why bother. right?
    anyways, good luck in judging other Malaysian girls then. (ha, trust you to find the hot one.)
    p/s Since I can’t be any taller, I’ll be hotter the next time you see me. haha.
    Good luck, Kenny!

  6. I wonder if you could judge like Simon Cowell on this. Now that would be hilarious. XD
    Posted by: Kevin at 15 February 2008 8:03 PM |
    Haha…funnily enough, he DID become Simon Cowell. Kenny have one mission, find the HOT one. haha…
    *I know… *

    celeste im going to BLACKMAIL you with this policewoman photo! hahahaha send to all your future employers if you dont gimme more Pinky bars. hehehehe

  8. Wah malaysian dream girl conditions/duration:
    auditions: 16,27 feb
    Closed auditions: 22nd Feb, 12 chosen for dreamgirl comp
    Then these 12 girls have to stay together from March to may, cannot go home unless eliminated!!
    Viewers start viewing in March…
    What is going on with them?
    So long to cut and release online?
    2 months to select 1 girl from 12?
    do they get somekind of training?
    or is it going to be big bro + Next American top model style?
    Ah I know they are waiting for 2 months to get enuf sms voting money to buy the car hahahahaha

  9. Happy judging kenny. I don’t have any doubt u will. lols. reading magazined might help. it would raise your standards maybe. but you don’t need to tell a man how to choose the hot babes. its nature. enjoy drooling and ogle at the chicks, man. i am sceptical if kenny would follow his male instincts or follow his rational mind instead ? you know, at times, its hard to resist a hot gal. a dreamgal should be beautiful inside out, have great personality, a hot body is a bonus, and beautiful . how do you choose if you had to? a beautiful gal physically , thats with less attractive personality or an average gal with a great personality. I might go for the latter if she’s not ugly.
    kenny, please update us with all the juicy details. dying to hear fr you.
    p/s: JC is not a man
    have a nice day y’all

  10. Wanna know WHAT is the QUALIFICATION to be a DREAMGIRL….Guys,would u might to provide me some info??
    smart + sexy body sharp + Pretty Face + RICH
    = Dream Gal?? Is this the formula??

  11. i seriously dun expect a lot from this show
    hope the contestants AT LEAST can speak english
    shame on those who appeeared in Malaysia’s most beautiful girl (since they kept throwing b*tch and f words w/o knowing the meanings)
    but i think with u the show would be much MORE better at least one judge can speak english in msia reality show (except paul in malaysian idol)

  12. ya wat u expect…
    the shop is called d.vice – designer sex shop wat
    all the stripper equipment for commercial n personal use also got nia..

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