Another Reason For Kuching’s Slow Development

Last time, I found out the reason why Kuching was developing so slowly when I encountered this road sign.

A few years have passed since then, but it seems like the construction firms here still haven’t learnt their lesson. As I was driving down the road today, I came across this other road sign.

Note to construction companies: I reckon your building is gonna take a loooong time to complete if only one man is working on it.

Word going around is that the seat of Kuching South mayorship is cursed.
Of the three previous mayors that we had, one went bankrupt, one had a stroke, and the last one passed away while still in office. Goodbye Mr Mayor.

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  1. the people are really working on the reconstruction of the road to matang though. around 1+am. before i got back i was there since my friend who had an accident had to be sent home. he lives there. going to bed now =)

  2. hoho~ just read your tulan entry about the infringement of the first photo u have up there… now another 1 eh? hahaha… can i send to the star and earn ur RM50? >.


  4. dude, i don’t even see any of the “work” being done yet anywhere near the signboard. I believe the work was to chop the weeds there 😛

  5. 应该是”Slow, Men At Work”。
    Haha, anyway… Malaysian signboards are pretty “meaningful” since some of them are being direct translated from another language.

  6. Aw Kenny, give them a break. You make grammatical mistakes yourself :)… even in the very sentence u criticize them with! —> I think your building is gonna take a loooong time to finish if you sent only one man to work on it. —> it should be “send” dude hehe…

  7. Aiyar.. NOT all construction firms in Kch like tat mar.. suay-suay u only see those low-budget companies nia. Think about TPK, not the type of person u’d wanna meet, but he’s bloody fast lor. Anyway, a good one there Kenny..

  8. Man at work, cutting cost lar… can’t afford to pay too many workers so one man working enuf lor and nicole, why do u think women shoud be at work? to replace men at work? so ridiculous!

  9. yeah kuching. development’s so slow and with the passing away of the mayor… is the position really cursed ah?

  10. When there are a group of ‘men’ they are slow at work, when they are not so slow, its only 1 ‘man’!! Hahaha, that is hillarious! Its not only Kuching lah, btw, the whole of M’sia is like that… 😛

  11. Language blunders 🙂
    I told my lecturer today about the PUKI bank here in Brisbane, she laughed out so loudly in lecture.

  12. kenny, want some funy thing? u go to the stationary shop along ban hock road, near EON Bank, there’s a shop that sells COCK for around RM3! ROFL!!!
    i saw at the cupboard bag, written: “COCK, Rm3+”, but i can’t remember how much though.
    i really paiseh to shot the word with my fone coz the old man shopkeeper is there. but still, that’s a WIN! ^^

  13. At least they put up a sign to tell u they are slow.
    Here in KK, they need no sign board and everyone knows they are behide scadule.
    ..such as the stupid fly over which took 4 years to built (and still undone!).

  14. woah. you really look into such things ar. lol.
    anyway the signs are funny. we don’t find such amusing stuffs in singapore though lol.

  15. Ha ha..
    That were they grammar mistake..
    sometimes grammar really bring lots of trouble
    i remember around ten years ago, i had read a magazine, it mentioned there are some famous tourism place. The one that i remember was the the temple at Thailand, the temple management set a notice to inform visitor to take off the shoes before enter the temple. The notice was like this, “PLEASE TAKE OFF BEFORE YOU GO IN”. What does it meant? DOes it meant you have to take off your clothes and walk in nakedly?
    Another new that i had read was Singapore Lianhe Wanbao: Since the Olympic is getting near, most of the Beijing restaurant have change their meal menu to bilanguage. BUt they have did some mistake for the menu. For example: Gong Pao Ji Ding they called it as Goverment Abuse Chicken, Tong Zi Ji they called it Chicken Without Sexual Life, Ma Po Beancurd called as Beancurd Made By A Pock Marked Woman.
    Oh my god, these prove that we have to be careful when using English.
    He He…

  16. Don’t worry about the tourists. A lot of ang mohs have pretty horrible English too. I’ve been in the US for 7 years and some of the handwritten/handpainted signs can make you faint.

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