Aunty Susan

Thanks to the people who mailed me asking how to donate. Here’s how:
1. REGISTER as a sponsor.
2. PLEDGE your donation (in US dollars please).
3. Send your money DIRECT to the Hospice-At-Home Program via money order, cheque or teletransfer.
Anything else, let me know. 🙂

Bear with my short texty entry as I wasn’t planning to update today at all.
In case you haven’t noticed that big maroon ‘Blogathon’ button on the right, here’s the deal.
Myself, minishorts, Paul Tan, Peter Tan, Shaolin Tiger and Suanie are lazy arse morons.
See, we couldn’t be fooked peeling our butts off our chair to run in some bullshit marathon races and raise fund for charity. Besides, if we were to run, we’d probably fall so far behind the group, the organizers would’ve packed up and left by the time we crossed the finishing line.
That’s why we settled for something that does not require us executing our butt muscles – sitting on the computer chair, blogging. Our collaborative blog is located at and we are participants of the 2005 Blogathon for charity.
You can help us out by registering to be our sponsor first, then click here to pledge your donation. All funds raised from our effort will go to the Hospice-At-Home program by the National Cancer Society, Penang. Then on 9pm, 6th August to 9pm, 7th August, log on to and watch us talk cock for 24 hours straight. We’ll make sure both you and I have a good time baby.
Now you can truly say, bloggers have no life.

From my entry in

“You probably think that she’s doing all these because its her job.
Aunty Susan was doing all these OUTSIDE her scope of work. Knowing my father’s condition, she would leave work at 6pm, come to my place at 8pm, leave at 9:30pm, then drive 1-hour out of Kuching to this town called Serian to care for another patient before returning home by 12 midnight and get herself a proper rest.”

Read the rest of my entry here.

I was reading FHM yesterday when I noticed an interview with a Singaporean actress called Jaime Teo. I’m not familiar with all these Mediacorp people and I have no idea what she’s famous for, but she’s quite the looker and apparently she keeps a blog.
Does anyone know her blog address? I promise I’ll be quiet. 🙂

13 Replies to “Aunty Susan”

  1. why do it for so long? why not donate 1 entry each? Surely if you spend all your time in front of a computer, you’ll have nothing to talk about as life is passing you by?

  2. Ppl like Aunty Susan are truly inspiring. Also, I’ve visited some aged-cared centres in Penang and KL and they are not the most joyful places to work in. So big ups to the ppl who do this kind of work.

  3. I still don’t really get this Blogathon thing. Is it something like we send in a cheque to donate, and then you volunteers in return will talk to one another while we watch? Huh?
    I’m sorry I’m so thick. :/

  4. desperate addict, more like… you’re putting money in as a bet that we will last 24 hours non-stop writing blogs. 🙂 A bit silly I know.
    Uncover Japan, I think we’ll make it slightly more interactive. Its gonna be like one of those long-running charity shows like Telethon, but done online instead.
    Beer Brat, nahh.. I was talking about Jaime TEO. She mentioned her blog in the latest issue of FHM Singapore.
    Mooiness, big ups to you too. 🙂
    Ron_andante, I WISH.

  5. Way to go man!!
    Run for charity!! Woohoo!!
    Good way to keep fit and help the less fortunate yeah.
    btw, u like got a lot of time hor, go and find pics and cut and paste the “ferrari” all over. But cute!

  6. Can I be the CEO of this charity event ???
    Pleaseeeeee… I promise to help u clean ur coconuts n help minishorts clean her shorts everyday..
    AND most importantly, I only need you to pay me peanuts !!!!
    Thank you n I look forward to your favorable reply.
    yours sincerely,

  7. Dude, no way did you just use the phrase “quite the looker”! I just posted a blog entry about Holly Hannula (with picture) and I used the EXACT SAME PHRASE! That’s pretty amazing, innit? 😀

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