Red Ferrari Spotted in Kuching

I was walking past some shoplots this morning when I spotted this seeming innocent-looking car parked by the side.

On closer inspection, I realised this isn’t your average lau-ah-pek car you can find in Kuching.

Check out that famous black and yellow emblem on the front of the car.

Yes. The unmistakable signature of a true Scuderia Ferrari Italian sports car. I saw it right here, in Kuching, parked next to a kopitiam selling RM2 kolo mee.
I’m curious to know who the owner of the Ferrari is. After all, authentic sports cars are a rare sight in Kuching, let alone a true Ferrari sports car.
Lucky for me, I didn’t have to wait too long for the owner to return to his vehicle.

Look, its Michael Schumacher!

Apparently, Michael Schumacher is in Kuching on an official business. I had a short conversation with him and he said he was here to attend an exclusive car show. Funny I didn’t know about it, else I’d be there to blog about the event.
Michael then pulled a photo album out of his Ferrari to show me. They’re photos from the car show. I spotted a familiar face in there.

That’s my friend Apple Lim on the right, posing next to Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari.

Whoa! Such a coincidence, isn’t it?
Anyway, I don’t know how long Michael Schumacher is gonna be in Kuching, but I have a newfound respect for him after talking to him today. One thing for sure – next time I see that red Ferrari on the grand prix race course, I know who I’ll be cheering.

Go Schumacher, go!

If I get a dollar everytime I help a friend out of suicidal thoughts, I’d be a freakin’ millionaire right now. Well not really, but I’d be $2 richer.

58 Replies to “Red Ferrari Spotted in Kuching”

  1. On first glance, people would think you are speaking the truth.
    but it’s all photoshoped, except for the fake Ferrari scrapyard car.

  2. Yay! Ferrari!! now if only they did better this season. Sure looks like they’re racing that car in the grandprix-s
    [note: ferrari fan i am]

    *clap clap clap clap cl* (4 1/2 claps outta 5)

  4. at first i thought you were telling the truth which made me read on.. until i saw the photoshopped girls. then i was like WTF?
    kansai kenny, you wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this post

  5. I too thought you were blogging the truth till I saw that obviously Michael Schumacher photo, haha. That last picture was particularly hilarious. Go go Schumacher! Go go Ferrari!

  6. —————————————
    Posted by: Reta at July 27, 2005 01:12 AM
    u like talking rubbish lah
    He is rubbish.

  7. I think you tried too hard on this one. But I’ve long learn to stop drinking any kind of beverage while reading your blog. You suprise me in many ways sometimes.

  8. Hahaha, great one! Your PS skills are great, I really like the Schumi & autoshow pics, great stuff man 😀 Just out of curiousity, do you get to see exotic cars there? The biggest bunch of nice cars (not at an auto even of course) I got to see was when I was at Penang, about 2 Ferraris (F355/360 Modena)and 3 Lamborghinis (2 Gallardos/1 Murcielago). *drools*

  9. wahliaoz. some people do take things so seriously. i found it quite funny leh. still, driving an old ferari is still driving a ferari, lolz.

  10. OMG, some people are so blur when it comes to cars. From pic 1 already u can tell it’s not a Ferrari!!! Ferrari sticker can buy at Petaling street for RM1 can stick on a Kancil also!!!
    Kenny, some of your readers are so gullible; the others have no sense of humour at all!!! Now THAT is hilarious!! HAHAHAHAHA
    BTW, you photoshop superbly. Schumi looks to be really HERE, man!

  11. Hi Kenny:
    You hunted down a Matsallehshoemaker, a FieryredCar, and an SweetApple — do you still have Headhunters there-Ah? I’m so afrAid to visit you state now, even the former PM said so in today’s NST frontpage.

  12. Xiaxue, drawing on your friend’s face with make up very oo liao is it!
    Shant, its not very often. I think the last car show in Kuching was about the Bentleys. We’re very deprived here.
    ylchong, next time Mahathir comes down to Sarawak, I’ll be there to hunt his head that’s for sure. 😉

  13. Empty vessels make the most noises and how true some of the so called humourist and oh so smart people make themselves out to be in their ramblings. haha

  14. Shit, I thought he was really in Kuching until I finished reading your post (and seeing all the pics).
    And if I may add, your PHOTOSHOP skills ROCKS!

  15. Wah Micheal Schumacher was there ah? He wear shorts is it? Me alwiz wondering how hairy his legs are. Got take pic? ^_^

  16. **salutes**
    wtf i laughed my guts out!! XDXD
    when i saw michael schumacher there i juz burst out into lughter,,my gosh..dis made my day XDXD

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