At The Stroke of Midnight

All men are created equal, but not all lukams are built the same.

First, there’s your average garden-variety nothing-too-special lukams.
And then there’s Super Lukams.

SUPER LUKAMS leh! Don’t pway pway. Zhng my lukams!

Chinese New Year this time round for me was celebrated unlike previous years. This is the first CNY I ‘celebrated’ without my father.

My other family members had all gone on holidays overseas. I myself didn’t save up enough for an overseas trip, so I’m kinda left in Kuching alone. Not that I’m complaining though. I have real fantastic friends and relatives to ensure there’s never a dull and lonely moment for me. 🙂

Chu Xi (CNY eve) was spent having a reunion dinner and doing the lao sheng at my eldest aunt’s place. Thank God for cousins. In the absence of mom and sis, they’re the closest thing I can have to a family.
Later that evening, I joined Alwyn and Tim watching spectacular civilian-sponsored fireworks at a ‘white house’ on a hilltop near Kuching City Centre.

Malaysia, like many other countries, outlawed fireworks years ago. But somehow these fireworks were able to swim from China over the ocean and into Kuching. These aren’t your average RM5 fireworks that goes “Peeeewwww- poot!” and then disappear just like that.

These are the serious bad-ass kinds that go
And the whole sky exploded into tiny little fragments.

They usually only reserve these for special occasions like the New Year’s Eves. Except this was BETTER than New Year’s Eve. Those ones lasted for a measly 5-minutes and was concentrated in one location only.
It was special last night in Kuching. Near midnight, THOUSANDS of these ‘civilian-sponsored’ fireworks were released from backyards of ordinary Kuching people into the skies. From where we were standing, we got a good 360 degree aerial view of the entire city spectacularly lit up in fireworks.

It was truly a sight to behold. The fireworks went on, and on, and on, for a good one hour. It was SO GOOD it’s like having an hour-long orgasm.
Happy Chinese New Year, boys and girls. It’s the year of the dawg, yo!

Dear sis, aunties and uncles living overseas: Just because you’re not here doesn’t mean you’re spared. 🙂 Quick, send me an e-angpow!

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  1. ehh..number 4,that’s what i call a record!
    be happy,be merry.CNY comes only once a year 😉

  2. Wah, beautiful firework pictures 😎 I have such bad timing I take a picture… and the firework is gone! Although.. could be camera speed too at fault ^_~ Yeah that’s right.. camera speed!

  3. Plenty of big flowering fireworks in Tropicana, but hardly any firecrackers to be heard. Still, not as long as your one hour Kuchingite orgy 😉
    Have you seen those really tiny kam – the lime-sized ones in plastic baskets? Those are really sweet.

  4. trust me, kch ppl r rich, they hav plenty of boxes of those fireworks. its like whole kuching is bombard by fireworks, not juz a specific location.

  5. Wish you
    Horse come job done!
    Year Year Got Fish!
    Gold Jade Full Hall!
    Smile mouth always open
    Step Step tall up!
    Out In Safety!
    Money Roll Roll Come!!!
    Gong Xi Fah Chai !!

  6. Gong Xi Fa cai from ah Joo of Vancouver, Canada. I miss that CNY mood in Kuching, where i was born and raised. I had live and work in kuching for about a good 9 years.Over here, u got to go to chinatown, to get that same mood.
    Kenny,Thanks for bringing the Kuching CNY spirit to the rest of the world. Keep it up.

  7. Happy Chinese New Year hottie!
    I stood outside for like an hour until i couldn’t take the mosquitos anymore – wasn’t it simply amazing?
    Nearly shed tears of joy. Come visit eh?

  8. HaPpY cHinEsE nEw yEaR tO yOu, kEnNy aNd aLL kEnNySiA.cOm rEaDeRs. tHoSe fIrEwOrKs pIcS aRe nIcE. hApPY cNy tO aLL oNcE aGaiNn 🙂

  9. Kuching ppl is damn rich one. The whole fireworks thing even started weeks before CNY hahaha…
    Thong thing qiang! Happy Lunar New Year!

  10. haha yeah thats why i love celebrating cny in kuching…sumhow those fireworks can reach kuching!=) anywayz last nite’s fireworks was amazinG!kuching went wild with their fireworks…=) happy chinese new year ya the cny spirit!~

  11. I didn’t purchase any firworks this year, but funny enough, my English neighbours (without knowing it’s Chinese New Year eve) decided to set off some fireworks…
    Was a treat for me, a Sillyporean in Ang-Moh land.

  12. I don’t have yu sheng this year. 🙁
    I’m starting to feel bored of seeing so many fireworks.. Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year…
    New year, somewhere near my house had it going on for 2 straight hours. 11.30pm start & end at 1.30am.

  13. Happy Chinese New Year to you.
    Too bad we can’t do that in Singapore. Even if you managed to get your hands on the fireworks, you must plan your escape route after setting it off.

  14. OMG the firework really awesomeeeeeeee. I was watching it at friendship park and i have to turn myself like a clock, thy r frm all direction!!!! the whole jln song till 3rd mile full of smoke -_-‘. the 1 hour+ firework atleast burned 1 million T_T . those i saw in KL during new year really “stand a side” ahh!!!

  15. happy chinese new year y’all… an hour long orgasm? what?! u shot fireworks up ur ass?! u can do that!? i’m gono try it on my lil cousin… *looking around*

  16. Why do you have 年年有愚 not 年年有余 on your banner?
    You know æ„š = stupid right?
    I’m sure it was just a typo for you.
    Happy Chinese New Year!

  17. Happy Lunar New Year!!! BTW, is it possible for someone to make the fireworks to swim over the ocean to Singapore from Kuching? I love fireworks and I have seen 3 fireworks in Sdyney since the new year. One on the New Year Day, one on Australia Day, and one on the CNY eve. Wonderful 🙂 We should have another one on the 15th of CNY.

  18. Happy New Year Kenny. I wish you a great Year of the Dog! I hope this new year will bring you much better things than the previous. May your desires for your family and your relationship come true in this new year.

  19. erm how is the hour long orgams feels?
    song bo song bo? how song? song bo song?btw,
    新春快乐 恭喜发财

  20. I stay on the top storey of a HDB flat in northern Singapore and I can virtually see the entire Johor stretching away on my balcony. When the clock struck 12 on Saturday night, the entire horizon to the north (i.e. Malaysia) a literally ‘ablaze’ with all manner of fireworks big and small, colorful flashes of light and what have you. For one moment I thought there was going to be a military invasion!
    Standing on my balcony, I cannot help but notice the very silent, ‘dead’, dark and unhappening foreground that is my HDB estate in Singapore 🙁

  21. Well nothing much to say except really amazing this year those fireworks actually started from 10pm onwards till 1.30am and well 11.30pm that’s the climax and to think i tot 12am is new year haha anyway love those cny celebration in Kuching though i still dun like CNY songs much

  22. Hmm… Well traditionally, when there’s a death in the family, you can’t celebrate CNY the following year.
    Guess that’s why you are left alone and your family left for vacation overseas.

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