The Most Irritating Music Video Ever

This is a video blog.
Pardon my overenthusiasm. 🙂 There’s not much a man can do when he’s spending CNY home alone.

Click the Play button to watch.

Or download the video clip here [DivX codec required]

And feel free to sing along if you want to.
Here are the lyrics:

“Ha………. Ha……….
Ha………. Ha……….
Ha………. Ha……….
Ha………. Ha……….”

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146 Replies to “The Most Irritating Music Video Ever”

  1. Happy Chinese New Year, Kenny! I’ll watch this MV when I get braodband back, and kacau you again.
    Btw, it was great meeting you at the bloggers meet. Sorry for the freaking out. :p You’re a great person to know.

  2. Happy Chinese New Year!!! Why is your photo background pink??? It should be red for the new year la dude… 🙂 Oh… HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
    HA (12 times for one line)… Very catchy tune…
    Very nice phone u got a few days back there. If you spend that money to buy an airline ticket to Japan to buy a phone, upon returning to Kuching you’d not only have a fancy new phone but plus about RM900 to spare… Hopefully you get a big ang paw to cover up for your new phone… 🙂

    I wonder what do they think of themselves right now, now that they’ve grown up quite a bit?
    How’s their new CNY music videos? I see you’re really an AVID SUPPORTER of them! 😛

  4. Don’t normally have the patience to download big files… but glad I did… so traumatizing… the mini short skirts and the vigorous head action. And yah… I think there just might be a hint of peadophiliac tendencies… LOL

  5. hmm, the introduction sounds like a show i accidentally watched on TV pendidikan, lolz.
    kong hei fatt choi to you too!

  6. OMG Kenny you almost made me wanna blow up my monitor or throw away my speakers!!! OMG…. That’s a freaking irritating and crappy music video.. OMG…
    Anymore Si Qian Jin classic music videos to share??? Maybe I can get a new monitor after watching their other music videos..

  7. happy CNY to u! u know wat..there’s this word for “mouliu”-ness called “fei”(mandarin). confirm u’re the “fei” king! congrats..hehe.

  8. Good effort Kenny but I got to tell you, I didn’t find it that funny. Maybe you could’ve donned a schoolgirl outfit, that might have spiced it up a little. Some makeup and a pigtail wig would’ve helped too.

  9. Gosh, will you believe the haha-ing is still ringing in my ears?! And I only watched the video twice!
    Loved that. 😉

  10. It’s such an insult to the girls! they didn’t know better ma… think looking back they’ll feel pretty embarrassed!!
    you blog’s the best blog ever tho!!!
    i laughed like hell!!!!
    i actually need to take a deep breath after that.
    i was such a si qian jing fan!! i sang along to their songs when i was young~!

  11. hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahhaha..
    WTF ROFL.. Liddis also call song ar?? Nxt time the song lyrics shld be LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.. =_=”
    Happy CNY!!

  12. oi! i laugh too much, and my stomach cramps because of you lah!
    you should have your own talk show or something. you’re a natural born actor. that’s a very good clip, mimicking the girls.

  13. wow! never saw the 4 girls’ video b4, but it kinda like the humanization of teletubbies huh?!
    anyway, happy lunar new year to you too, Kenny!

  14. you should totally like, stand behind the kids and mime like those chinese lipsynch college students. that dude, will so totally BLOW our minds.

  15. kenny, send in a voice demo to your local radio station. or our stations.
    your voice is magnetic. er..i mean hypnotic.
    heck, put on your resume “director/actor/editor” all at once.
    but seriously, i wasn’t expecting you to sound/speak like that!!

  16. that is the biggest pile of shit i’ve ever seen in my life!! lmao. the fengtau-ing… -_- nth to say… u should just chuck the vcd down ur toilet or something.

  17. I honestly cannot believe that you actually did that!! Too much time on your hands? *faints*
    And.. your accent is slowly wearing off!

  18. Wah, that’s so funny XD. I can’t stop laughing at that video.
    Ha….. ha….
    ha….. ha…
    I thought i saw them on tv before o.o

  19. I’m spending Chinese Ney Year alone too. Heck, I didn’t even bother celebrating 🙁
    After reading (or rather watching) this entry, I only have a few things to say:
    -I have no idea how you kept a straight face throughout that. I was pissing myself laughing.
    -My mom used to plaster me with her make up when I was young and it was a rather traumatic experience. Mind you, my mom loved dark coloured lippie. Guess why I shun make up till this day (no, not even on that hot date!)
    -Also, I always had my hair tied up in those ridiculous ‘bamboo shoot’ pony tails. I was also expected to make those stupid palm-on-cheek pose whenever I got my picture taken. Shudder.
    Happy Chinese New Year!

  20. Hey Happy Chinese New Year !!! Have been a silent reader for sometime but I just had to post a comment after watching ur video. It is absolutely hilarious. Never a dull moment huh. Well hope u have a great year ahead.

  21. Kenny…
    Happy Chinese New Year!!!!
    Have you watched the wayward cloud by local turned taiwan filmmaker Tsai Ming Liang? he mocked it too…in high budget fashion…
    but your’s is patheticly hillarious!!!!!!! cheers to you

  22. hey kenny, since u home alone for the CNY~ can i bring a troop to ur place for tore down??

  23. hahahahahahahaha
    *shakes with the music*
    u rock!

  24. just watching tht video clip of those girls shaking their heads makes my neck hurt. 0_o too bad i cant understand wht they r saying, but other than tht, it’s funny! lol!

  25. OMG, the way the girls hold their hands near their mouths => toothache!
    hahahahaha…….. Kenny you’re so funny!

  26. Great…now my sister can’t stop singing
    “Ha………. Ha……….
    Ha………. Ha……….
    Ha………. Ha……….
    Ha………. Ha……….”

  27. lol! My frens intro-ed me to check out ur blog. I’ve been catching up with it once in a while when i’ve got time to kill during work or home.
    This is my first time commenting on ur blog; but anyway just wanted to say that after watching that video… you’ve got that freaky song and image stuck in my head…. argh!!!!!
    Happy Chinese New Year to you too!
    P.S. Btw, i like most of your pictures u took. I’ve only got a Nikon F55… no one wants to use manual these days…

  28. Thanks Kenny, that thoroughly dislodged the crazy frog from my mind. Now I can really get into the CNY mood with Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha.
    You’re the BEST.

  29. me sit on the emperor chair wearing blood red cheung sam….whoever give me the biggest ang pau get to unbutton my red blood cheung sam cloth button from the neck…no bra inside…Yeah!

  30. kenny, oh so sorry to see u like that lah!1 I recalled that i was bored too sometimes during the CNY but never as bored as u I think.
    Over the years, i recalled that i had to spend CNY by myself too,,once was in KL when i dont have enough money to fly back home to join my parents for CNY,,tough times. So i thought I would stay behind and maybe do some studying to play firecracker by myself. Yes I did tried to play the firecrackers but ,,it was so dead quiet that u could hear the echo echo echo of the bang-bang-bang-bang-bannnnggg. After that, i just stop doing that. Also that ended my obsession with firecrackers.
    Oh so much to say,,,maybe i should start my own blog too..
    JOO-kuchingite in vancouver,canada

    I tried not to laughed since my elder brother is sick rite now… but i just cant help myself! LOL..
    heyy Kenny,u really looked as if u r on high after watching the crappy video clip =P
    careful…dont let people caught u being paedophile =P
    anyway,Happy New Year to You!

  32. My gawd, you actually put us under this kind of touture kenny? i HATE you. but then again its very funny indeed. 4 kids and one kenny acting retarded and bobbing and shaking their head to the song that has only one word. The director of this video must have been on drugs, and the lyricist…… I cant really find a word to describe them, but does imbecile sound good?

  33. OMFG…..that’s frickin funny dude!!! the last time i’m ROTFLMAO is when i watch russel peters’ video… u’re on par, if not better than him seriously… that’s a good one….

  34. FUah…. Happening sial!!
    MAn, The director feed them with how much Ecstacy pills ah… Feng Tau like gila.. TOO MUCH MAN.. feed kids with EcSTACY!!! TOO MUCH…….

  35. Hahahhahahahahhaa
    This is the funniest shait I have seen this side of the equator *grin*
    Read a lot of your site prior to this – but never commented but I just could not resist…
    Damn – I think its stuck in my head now

  36. Aiyo…home alone during Chinese New year? Oh well..just as well… =P
    Ha………. Ha……….
    Ha………. Ha……….
    Ha………. Ha……….
    Ha………. Ha……….
    Happy Chinese New Year to you~! =)

  37. Kenny you bloody foool! U made me choke on my coca cola till it flowed out thru my nose!!! Arghhhhh…… hahahahaha

  38. dat c2pid debbie attaack me on xiaxue’s blog…god manners…im having new yr havnt pass u know…suddently i feel weak….wanna cried…dis remind me of xiaxue’s post abt if any man will protect u or not? if not is called wimps or cream puffs…any man kind enuff to protect me pls from dat stupid debbie attacking me on cny!!!!!

  39. oh me goodness…. are u really THAT bored??? sigh.. you know what the worst thing is??? that song is as addictive as that crazy frog thing… irritating yet it somehow gets stuck in your head… RAARRR!!! =( **ha ha ha ha ha ha**

  40. omg they’re horrible.
    but you’re worse.
    you looked like you were having a stroke.
    and were you just bored?
    or do you always watch music videos of little girls?

  41. I was going to comment about it but Lainie got there first.
    Indeed, the girls reminded me of those North Korean “hyper” talented kids I used to watch on Japanese TV ( when I was in Japan )
    he he

  42. OMG … Think they did it in the mini disneyland in front of my primary skl in ayer tawar … lol
    Kenny, u rock


  44. You sir , have once again scarred me for life xD
    Is there something wrong with their necks? A stroke perhaps?

  45. i know its goddamn late but hell this is funneyhhhh!!! YOU crack me up dude!! HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH
    i cant get that song off my headdddd. ahahahah
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  46. DOOM! I have to visit my grandma’s house during CNY! And they all watch crap shit videos like this. I usually just leave the room. Too much. But if you were in the videos. Hehe. I’d crap my pants. Oh yeah, and I’m 12. I swear a lot. So sue me. Love the blog. Keep it coming!

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