Living in Kuching City is like watching the Discovery Channel sometimes.

I spotted this HUGE ASS LIZARD on my way to work yesterday. Dunno the exact scientific name of this species, but I think it’s something like HugeAnus Lizardicus.

Scared the living bejesus out of me. What is a huge ass lizard doing in the middle of the CBD anyway? LOOKING FOR A JOB?
Just earlier during the day I spotted a handicapped scorpion in my driveway.

The poor critter was missing one of its claws and was seen pacing around the car porch like he owns the damn place. Not sure what happened to its claw.
Maybe my dog ate it for dinner.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the scorpion had just walked around minding his own business.

The bugger had to take a nap underneath my car wheel! Like that Tiananmen rebel protesting against the tanks liddat!
Oi, move leh! Made me late for work nia.

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  1. Monitor lizard lah… very good to eat ah…
    herbal soup bagus siah!
    I saw one tt was like 2 meters long during my army days…
    Man… must see to believe… never thought I’ll be afraid of a lizard…

  2. Hi Kenny,
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time, but this is my first time leaving a comment.
    I mentioned the same thing on my web last year: that living in Perlis (my hometown) is like watching the Discovery Channel comes to life sometimes. There used to be a swamp at the back of our house. I’ve seen countless King Cobras in my home – in the kitchen mostly, once under the sofa. Our pet rabbits & possibly a pigeon had been swallowed by some. I’ve also seen a mongoose fighting a King Cobra outside my house when I was small. Syiok wooo! Guess who won the battle? The ever swift mongoose, of course! There used to be giant-sized lizards too, almost as big as crocodiles.

  3. Maybe the poor scorpion was attacked by the huge ass lizard and escape to the city and the HAL went looking for it =P

  4. The scientific name should be Varanus salvator, not HugeAnus Lizardicus.
    But still it is close to Var”anus”. 😉

  5. Wah lan eh tt scorpion damn jia lat, ur dog must have been really full/ sadistic. Eat also nvr eat up, juz bite off arm the happy liao.And tt lizard is so damn big. I think its a monitor lizard too, not tt type normal ones you find in hdb flats in sg. lol Skyjuice, if corbras raided ur home then how did you get it out> With a snake charmer? So dangerous after you sleeping one day a cobra bite your ass and you die of a pain in the ass. XD

  6. Jonj, snake charmer? No-lah. My dad and neighbour got them out with long sticks. Neighbour was in the army and dad used to work in the agriculture line all over Peninsular, so, they’re used to reptiles and wild animals. Hmm… maybe they could train as snake charmers hor? Anyways, those incidents happened in the past. I haven’t seen a snake at home in a looooong time & I pray that I don’t see any soon! My Thai great grandfather passed away because of a snake bite.

  7. living in alor setar the same.. like watching discovery channel, sometime have snake, sometime have croc..
    but the picture u took looks like “four legs snake”

  8. Wah. This kind of things people like me wish to see but never get to see…
    As some of the earlier commentors mentioned, it’s a monitor lizard, either a water monitor Varanus salvator or clouded monitor Varanus bengalensis nebulosus. Both grow to pretty big sizes, about 2 metres or so max.
    And the poor scorpion… So how dod you get rid of it? If it’s any consolation, most scorpions we have in Malaysia and Singapore quite harmless one; you kena sting will feel damn pain, but won’t die one, machiam like bee sting like that.

  9. Well, K.K. and Hai~Ren got in before me, but I was going to say it’s a monitor lizard of some sort, and it looks like K.K. and Hai~Ren know the scientific names and everything.
    Yeah, it was in the CBD looking for a job as a pest exterminator. Specialty Scorpion Removal. He was tracking some varmite he had winged in a shoot out. Have you seen a bad ass scorpion in the region?
    Should be wearing black, with a black hat and his been shot in the claw.
    Seen him lah?

  10. Wohoo..you are sure in some exotic species luck lei.. =P
    So what happen to the poor sorpion? Did you keep it as a pet or made it into squashed scorpion for CNY eve dish? *pukez* =P~~~

  11. seems like the scorpion that lost it’s arm doesn’t believe that it’s life is worth living anymore after losing a limb. haha. it’s just asking for it.

  12. I think the scorption sad after lost its arm to ur dog … trying to commit suicide la … so wat happened to it in the end?
    I know the fry those things for snacks in north Thailand.

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