Art in Singapore.

Art in Kuala Lumpur.

Art in Hong Kong.

Art in Perth.

Art in Kuching.

If you can’t afford this art piece, at least you know where to loan money.

Went to watch “Click” in the cinema over the weekend.
I wanted to say that I didn’t weep but damn… 😛 Such an unmanly thing to cry watching a movie.

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  1. I don’t know why that “rock” is inconveniently located at the entrance of the architecture building.
    I’ve seen other weirder “art” around campus, not sure if you noticed too. Like near the health sciences buildings.
    Oh yeah, I’m studying in Curtin..

  2. But then again, who is to say and define art? There are people who creates items which are totally out of this world and call it art. Jackson Pollock spattered paint on his canvas and insisted that it was art. People believed him. I think it was Picasso that made a mold out of fish bones, people bought his artwork for thousand of dollars.
    There are so many outrageous art out there like the woman who paints using menstrual blood and the man who puts his excretion in a bottle – would you call that art too?
    Truely, what *is* art?

  3. ooh that rock from Curtin brings back fond memories of many late nights and much vending machine dinners. stupid rock.

  4. Hey Kenny,
    In reference to your kuching art, you censored it! Art shouldnt be censored! It’s against the practice of free speech which art stands for…. 😛 LOL! Just having a crack at ya mate!

  5. aduh. even the gate behind my school also got lah…damn asking students to loan money from them..

  6. I’m sure there are art pieces like statues of cats in Kuching too. You’re probably just avoiding them or purposely haven’t found them yet. Ha, ha, ha…! 😀

  7. You know, if someone could somehow lift those metal doors with ah long stickers, and put it in an art museum with dramatic lighting, it could become a REAL piece of art, as in really expensive and famous. After all, recent international masterpieces have included an unmade bed, a dome tent with the names of the people the artist had slept with, a painting made with dung and a cut up carcass of a cow.
    Which may have been your point, of course.

  8. went to venice recently and there was this banner hanging on a bridge. On the banner, was a quote from someone ( i forgot), which reads:
    “Art is everywhere, but not in everything”
    i guess that sums it all up…

  9. Hi Kenny,
    this is just my 2nd time on your blog. i am just confused about 1 thing
    who’s dat in the photo at Macau (supposedly you) and the one in the OSIM sliming blog entry.. ?
    which one is you?

  10. yes.. we can find art everywhere. Just like beauty, art is in the eye of the beholder. Art varies from country to country. Just like the asians love DURIAN and the Americans hate them.

  11. it was a shame that they could not make it into a mosaic art, it be rawking cool!! 2-in-1 art, loan and art fusion!!

  12. The ‘art in malaysia’ pic was taken in sentul park right? i’ve only been there once and it was amazing. i like its concept, like a heaven left in ruins. i think the foochow ah-longs are in desperate need for busniness =p

  13. I dont think Msian art is that bad. Ive seen awe inspiring pieces around. I believe there are quite a number of good artist around, i guess they just need to be better marketed

  14. oh that curtin senseless statue thing =.= i see it almost every tym when i go uni since i study in that building

  15. oh the KL performance arts center at sentol. the concrete seats were still spotless when i visited it. i prefer the wire made ones though. (even when it kills ur butt sitting on them)

  16. sh*t! I tot it was rather abnormal for me to cry, especially watchinbg adam sandler’s movies. but even the man will the biggest coconut cried….guess i am not so bad after all 🙂

  17. A bit late but what the hell… isn’t this considered vandalism? Can’t the authorities do something about it… donno who to call? The number’s right there, for goodness’ sake!

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