This will be the last of my Hong Kong travel adventure series, as I’m sure everyone is pretty sick of it by now.

Day 4 of my trip, I found myself a few hours to kill before I had to head to Macau Airport to catch my flight back to Malaysia. In case you’re wondering, the only reason why I went to Hong Kong via Macau is because it’s a lot cheaper to travel that way.
Last time I was in Macau, all I did was donate unnecessary funds to the Sands Casino. This time round, I decided to do something more productive and pay their town centre a visit.

My journey starts at Largo do Senado, the focal point of Macau’s historic centre.
If you’re a fan of colonial architecture like I am, you’ll immediately fall in love with this place at first sight.

Macau is a poor man’s version of Europe, but it’s buildings are just as every bit as stunning. If I can’t afford a European holiday for honeymoon, this will be where I bring my wife next time.
Confirm divorce the next day.

Hey look, it’s the Golden Arches™ in Macau!
Wonder what they sell in there.
The Big Mac-au? Hur hur.

The McDonald’s here are promoting something I’ve never seen before called “Fan-tastic”. These are rice burgers, where they have glutinous rice patties in place of buns.
The rice burgers come in either chicken or beef version. The beef variety looks more tempting so that’s the option I went with.

It really does taste fantastic!
Kinda like bak zhang with teriyaki beef fillings instead. Another way to describe is like eating beef rice without spoon. Definitely a must try if you’re in Hong Kong or Macau.
Maccas in Malaysia gotta stop selling whatever bullshit Foldovers and start selling some RICE BURGERS dammit.

Macau is lucky to have some of the most beautiful and well-preserved churches in the region. There’s something inexplicably romantic and serene with these old-school churches.
I’m born and raised in a Buddhist household, but I often find myself a lot more fascinated with Christian history instead.

I admit, my fascination in large part is due to conspiracy theories like the Da Vinci Code.
Yes, I know the story is fictional. No, I don’t like to be preached to thankyouverymuch.

This is the national monument of Macau, the eerie ruins of St Paul’s Cathedral.
Apparently some typhoon blew the whole church away. All that’s left of it is its intricately-carved stone facade.

Eh, how come Macau can have a 400-year-old building as their national monument, and all we Kuching people have is a giant cat?

It’s not easy being a statue. Your head becomes a landing pad for errant pigeons.
Anyway, I spotted quite a few odd things around the area. Like this other strange statue.

What the heck is thing? I tried looking for signs explaining what this is and how it got here but there was no clue!
My guess is that it’s Macau version of a chao ah lian talking loudly on her handphone.
The tourist attraction is not the only thing interesting here. Some of the tourists here fascinates me as well, especially with the way they pose.

This one looks like she’s saying “WTF?”

I don’t know what this girl’s problem is but she took like 20 different photos of various poses with that statue.
I wanted to take a photo of the statue as well but I was tired of waiting her to budge after 10 minutes, so I took a photo of the statue with her in it.
There, I hope you’re happy now.

No trip to Macau is complete without sampling their famous portugese egg tarts. They are simply. the. best. It’s totally unlike any kinds of portugese egg tarts you could find in Malaysia.

It’s so good that I bought one whole big box of portugese egg tarts for my mom. Then I fell down and all those egg tarts accidentally ended up inside my stomatch. 😛

Well, 4 days and 3 nights later, I was ready to come home. Hong Kong has been great fun, but I do miss home and I do miss speaking Hokkien instead of Cantonese.
Man, I must have spoken more Cantonese here than I ever did in my entire lifetime. And I’m not even good at it.

When I was taking a taxi to the Macau Ferry Terminal, the taxi driver asked me in Cantonese, what I was going to Macau for.
I meant to say to him, “I’m going to Macau to thak fei gei (ride a plane).”
But being the noob that I was I replied, “I’m going to Macau to da fei gei (masturbate)”

You should see the look on his face. PRICELESS.

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  1. lol second to post here…. KNN…. everytime u make me hungry when u post those pic of foods… i wan those egg tarts so bad… urgh… midnite liao….i think i jz go mamak for roti canai ler =.=”
    neway u are not the hairiest man ler… try compare to those punjabi fellas… my god my friends is longer than urs… 5 years younger than u.. ahha win you with both hands tight up together man…

  2. i´m interested, how much did you spend actually in total in HK?
    minus out the disneyland though 😛
    budgetting to c if i hv enuf cash to take a visit there myself =)

  3. the rice burger started in taiwan, was in singapore for the dec period…
    not that nice lah the sg version. 😀 it got so bad they were literally giving them free during deliveries to get rid of stock….

  4. oh so the egg tarts “accidentally” landed in your stomach during your fall huh…
    lol don’t blame you, the same thing would probably have happened to me 😉
    p.s: in the last pic rooney looks like a bloodthirsty vampire about to bite off the lil’ kid’s head :0

  5. Macau’s terminal looks like KLIA… hahahh… or was it… some other= airport… kekekek…
    And the kid in the last pic is cute… maybe kenny you should try taking a pic like that… nyahahhha…

  6. I miss the portugese egg tart! Where did u get it from? The last time, the guide got it for us, and he said they only baked a certain amount a day. It was really nice though. hehe

  7. have i told you i used to date a macauian boy who was younger than me?
    remind me to tell u next time.
    he’s yummier than the tarts.

  8. u shud go n try out some portuguese restaurant next time u come to macau… haa i dun mind showing u around macau 🙂 and there is a place that sells better portugese egg tarts than that “koi kei” place!!

  9. My friends and I visited HK and Macau 3 months back. Reading your entries brought back wonderful memories on our trip. Thanx!

  10. ..and after Kenny says that he wants to whack the plane, the cabbie ought to have replied ‘not in my car, please’

  11. Thought you’ll take picture with the strange statue and make fun of it like what you did to those wax figures.
    Ya lor.. You should tell us agak-agak how much you spent in total so all of us can check our bank book and see whether we can go HK makan angin or not mah.

  12. ^_^ i’m not getting sick of ur HK entries. thanks 2 u, i get 2 c HK since i havent had de chance 2 go there. thanks. 😀

  13. hmm… if my above comment didn’t make sense, it’s because I accidentally omitted some words… Doh!
    Should’ve been “I can’t believe you told the taxi driver you were going to TFK” 😛

  14. The Fan-tastic rice burgers were sold in Singapore as well. I found the chicken Fan-tastic tasted better than the beef Fan-tastic. Hope it will come to Msia soon.

  15. knn, u really bullshit king la, last time say ‘hui lau san’ serve mango pudding only. now st. paul’s church blown by typhoon. u think ppl never go 2 h.k n macau before, ah? full of craps. next time, pls,pls check ur facts first. there is a musuem next 2 the ruin. u can know the history of the building in the musuem. when have bcome more like bodohwi, “there is no Malaysian company that is controlled by a foreign company”. hahaha

  16. CTL, this is just a blog…y take it so serious? facts or no facts…i still enjoy reading. entertainment ma…silly!!

  17. When I read that part about those rice burgers I knew there will be many people commenting that Singapore Mc Donald’s have them too. -_-”
    we’re so predicable.

  18. Had those rice burgers when i was in Singapore last mth. Them burgers are hard to eat lah…..messy la, but still…..its nice. Wonder why we don’t have them.

  19. u can actually get tat fan-tastic in Singapore. there is a better rice burger though…the place is called Mos burger which u can find in Singapore as well(sumtimes i wonder y Malaysian’s are so slow =.=||) first time eating the rice burger at Mos burger was in Taiwan…it was soooooo nice…cant compare to the one in Singapore either McD or Mos burger

  20. hey dude.
    my first time posting a comment but yeah i love your blog to the core!
    your da fei gei got me rolling on the floor laughing man! hahaha
    they actually do have those fan-tastic burgers in spore but i’ve never gone for them. i usually go for MOS burger’s coz i think Mac’s ciplak-ing MOS. Haha.
    cheers dude. go do your da fei gei 😉

  21. rice burger origined from japan Mos burger
    you should try it if next time you have chance to come japan
    i love macao ,,,,did you try their egg tart?

  22. eh wth how come i kenna banned from tagging on your tagboard =/
    okay whatever.
    fan-tastic so long ago already in singapore. i think HK disneyland is a ripoff. only space mountain is nice. the others were crap. hahahas and i have the donald duck ticket too XD

  23. kenny you n00b. LOL. that fan-tastic burger has been around for AGES. The ones sold in S’pore ain’t all that good (i got quite sick of the beef burger by the time i was halfway through with it).
    DA FEI GEI. Thank God I don’t have to speak any half-arsed version of dialects. Poor taxi driver.

  24. Yes, we get it, Singapore has rice burgers. Enough comments about that already! (Btw, I am Singaporean, so I wish there was Hartz chicken buffet)
    Anyway nice series of HK entries Kenny, now I feel like going there myself.

  25. hhmm.. u forgot bout those almond biscuits la.. its the best almond biscuits in the world. but its expensive la.. u shud try that nxt time hehe

  26. Mr & Mrs Kong + Nonnie, alright here’s approximately how much I spent altogether. This is off the top of my head so if it’s not correct don’t sue me hor.
    Return air tix: RM280 (AirAsia special)
    Return ferry tix: RM160
    MTR and bus tix: RM200
    Taxis: RM100
    Accomodation: RM330 (3 nights)
    Food & drinks: RM350
    Disneyland: RM175
    Shopping etc: RM800
    TOTAL: RM2,395

  27. da fei gei! Damn funny. But it sounds so alike leh…how do you pronounce it anyway? Anyway, I didn’t know Macau looked like Europe…man my history. About the rice burgers and the egg tarts, they actually have rice burgers in Singapore lah, but THEY SUCK!!! You guys haven’t tried the MOS BURGERS in Singapore and the strawberry + coffee milkshake!!! Heavenly. I want the egg tarts too! Pls send me some, haha. Can they beat the portugese egg tarts sold at JB city square at the portugese chicken and egg tart stall? Those are damn bloody nice leh…

  28. RM 2000+ for such a trip is reasonable isn’t it? Anyway, i’m not bored of your travel series, in fact i love your travel series. Go travelling more often k? Hahaha. And din know you speak Hokkien, Chinese in Kuching speaks Hokkien too?

  29. I lost count of how many times people posted to say “Singapore got rice burgers too”… or “rice burger SO old!” bla bla bla hehe! kinda funny though. Personally i don’t like rice burgers all that much, they were more of a novelty food, try once or twice enough liaw.
    McDonalds is called Maccas/Maccers in A LOT of places… actually pretty much anywhere that speaks english actually…
    Eh…. How come Kenny has no top lip?

  30. haha, u know what? i always laugh at your sudden comments like the one bout the pigeon on the, that got me laughing like a looney..haha..

  31. ci tai lone give Kenny Sia a break….
    I’ve visited many countries including Macao and I can confirm that the typhoon really blew away the St.Paul’s cathedral leaving only the facade remaining.
    A positive anything is better than a negative nothing.
    Btw, Maccas is the term the Westener’s use for Mcd’s.
    Keep up the gwork Kenny. Loved the priceless picture of Rooney.

  32. Kenny, your musings about Hong Kong & Macau is the bomb! Your blog is the best for witty humor and a great laugh. Hope you will go back to blogging about Kuching as I really miss news about home.

  33. waaa kenny… haf a safe trip home (tho’ i guess uve already touched down)
    hmmm… i wanna go kuching one day too…

  34. nice blogs entries… gave me an interesting insight and look at HK without having to go there. your travel blogs are all really really good and amusing. hope to see more in the future! =)

  35. How come you don’t know what is “Fan-tastic”? Malaysia don’t have “Fan-tastic”??? “Fan-tastic” is avaliable in Singapore.

  36. definitely Macau is a beautiful lil place. i adore the european architecture too! lookin at ur pics bring me back there.. i took almost the same pics u did. ahhaha

  37. seems like we went to the same place during e same period but i din see u thou…lolz
    btw, e Fantastic can be found in Singapore as well
    and did u buy their famous almond biscuits? shld go try, quite nice…

  38. Heard that the CHU PA BAO in Macau is nice. You should have tried it.
    Kenny, I love reading your blog! So, what’s your next post? Kuching Food Festival?

  39. Macau looks like a nice place. would love to go there someday.
    And no kenny, you’re the perfect tour guide. nobody’s bored of your hk posts;) everybody loves a good old tour guide with a twist of humour hahahahahhaha.
    eh can give me canto lessons ahXD

  40. In 1835, during a typhoon, the church caught fire and burned to the ground, leaving only its now-famous facade. not blown away. wikipedia anyone? n kenneth, i’m staying in macau, its jst 20 minutes walk from my place to the ruin. visited many countries? me 2

  41. errr… Kenny….. great use of Photoshop in the woman with the ‘WTF’ pose. And probably quite a few of the photographs with you in it as well.
    Very clean selections.
    Or maybe it’s just my eyes.

  42. i know i shouldnt be laughing so loud at 1.30 in the morning but you are really funny 😉
    everyone i know who came back from HK told me that there isn’t much to do there except shop and eat BUT reading your posts, i think i will put HK in my list of places to travel.

  43. kenny, u never fail to crack me up…your posts are very well-written and I really don’t know how you keep coming up with new things to write! Only thing…surely you jest about the Fan-tastic burgers being yummy…they sure suck in Spore…

  44. macau – beautiful place and nice piece of writeup there kenny. was there last year.
    where did u stay in HK? so cheap wan?
    RM110/ night/ room? or RM110/night/person

  45. Gee, we have those Fan burgers in Singapore since months ago. In fact, we are the first to try it in the world.
    Very very surprised, you have not even heard of it in spite of the publicity around it.
    Anyway, for those who think MOS burgers are good in Singapore, wait til you try the REAL one in Japan. It’s 1000 times better than the Singapore one.

  46. hey kenny, glad you loved my rice burger. seems a lot of my singaporean fans love it to, to the point that they forgot how to read previous posts and repeatedly harp on how singapore got the rice burger first. I would appreciate it if you could tell this “poon tans” to stop wasting their time and go fly kites. then maybe they’ll tell you singapore got to fly kite first, before macau and they are surprised you never heard of it before. how annoying. do they really expect you to go to singapore and haunt the mcdonalds there? maybe because they all love to do so, which explains why a tiny island can support 100+ stores.

  47. if you go portugal, you can never find egg tart, and the real portuguese tart does not taste like macau or HK or any asia egg tart…disappointing…portuguese have no idea what egg tart is…funny??

  48. hi i’m from singapore. just for your info, the fan-tastic burgers are selling in singapore too? there’s none in kuching?

  49. seeing ur pics in macau really brings back memories for me…went to macau a while back for a bi-annual dance festival that they have…I MISS THOSE PORTUGUESE EGG TARTS!! theres no where that makes them better!! stayed a week in macau and had them everyday!! and had a parade for that festival which started at the St. Pauls Cathedral too…

  50. The rice burger is invented by Mos burger in Japan. Don’t quote me on this, but i believe they even have patent on it. But not too sure why Mac in Macau also carries it.

  51. This post got me laughing like crazy at the end. haha. Btw, I heard the church was destroyed after a fire and only the front of it survived. I don’t think it was a typhoon…. i think… 😀 but then again my memory might be blurry because the last time i went to Macau was 6 years ago.

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