Apple iPhone 3G Review

Lookie what I got!


I am a proud owner of a brand new 16GB Apple iPhone 3G.

It’s mine. ALL MINE!


It may have been eight months late, but the hype still lives.

It’s a joke how ridiculously crazy Apple fanbois are over the release of the iPhone. It beggars belief how people overseas would queue up and camp overnight outside stores, just to be among the firsts to own this phone. But there is good reason for people’s madness over this phone.

If the chaotic scene at the KL Convention Centre over the last weekend was any indication, then this must be the most desired gadget in Malaysia since like… forever. Case in point, when’s the last time you see a telco company hiring out an entire convention centre just to sell one phone?


Hype aside, this is no doubt the most revolutionary phone ever released in the past one year.

As soon as Maxis they announced the official release of the King of Phones in Malaysia, I was onto it. Picked up my phone from the Maxis outlet earlier this week, and after using it for a couple of days, all I can say is: I am not disappointed.

This is quite honestly the best phone I have ever used, bar none.


Make no mistake about it. Everything about the iPhone exudes sheer sex appeal.

The iPhone is so sexy that bringing my brand new phone home is like inviting a sexy lady into my bedroom.

And opening the box is like undressing her.


As I slowly peeled off each layer of her (plastic) cover with trembling fingers, I can’t help but to notice what a fine-looking beauty she is.

Her skin is white, smooth and glossy. Her curves are in all the right places and perky buttons all hidden away waiting to for me to push. Oh, and did I mention what a real pleasure she is to hold?

I carefully picked her up and laid her gently across on table. Then, like a sexy lady in my bedroom that she is, I proceed to insert my hard object into her hole.


In this case, it’s my USB cable.

The iPhone I got from Maxis was already up-to-date with the latest 2.2 software, so there is no need to perform any software update.


Activation was quick and painless, and iTunes was also quick to import all my Contacts and Calendar from Microsoft Outlook over to my iPhone.

Within minutes, my iPhone is ready to be used. A few more clicks and my music, podcasts and photos all loaded up steady.


I am not one easy consumer to please. On the contrary, I am one extremely demanding phone user.

Never is it enough that my phone can just call or text. I use my device to surf the internet on the go, check my emails, watch movies on the plane, organize my appointments, give directions to hopeless KL taxi drivers using GPS. On top of it all, I want my phone to sync to my PC so all my calendars and contact list stay as one, united.


For a hungry power user like me, the unfortunate fact is that there are very few phones on the market that are able to match up to my expectation and lifestyle. The Nokia N95 and HTC Touch Diamond came close, but still they left a lot of room for improvement.

And then I got the Apple iPhone, which does all of the above and then some.


Like telling me how crap the weather is gonna be over the next few days.

There’s no need to go into detail how dead simple and intuitive the software is because that is already well-documented. The basic functionalities are all there, but then you can add more features using “iPhone Apps”.

On the iTunes Store tons of Apps, both free and paid, that lets you do everything from reading blogs offline.


To chatting on MSN.


To identifying the song on the radio.


To stalking people on Facebook.


To keeping track of stocks and foreign currencies.


To picking up chicks in Japanese.


That’s something I’m gonna *ahem* find especially useful when I head to Tokyo next week. πŸ˜‰

I must say I’m impressed with the touch screen interface on the iPhone. It is easily by far the best I have ever used. With Windows Mobile devices, their touch screens are crap because they’re so expensive and yet so difficult to use.

After using the iPhone for a week now, I ain’t missing not having  physical keypads at all. Most people won’t have a problem with it.

Unless of course if you’re one of those chicks with fake nails so long it’s classified as a weapon.


It’s hard not to like this gadget at all.

Every month, rival companies churn out “iPhone killers” one unit after another. But it has been two years since Apple’s first foray into the phone industry and none of its competitors has managed to come even close to what the iPhone can do.


Sure, the first generation iPhone was crap and overrated. But not the iPhone

Sure, some features like MMS and copy-and-paste should’ve been on there from the get-go. But year after year, Apple has been adding improvements and releasing new versions of its software. How many other phone manufacturers do the same?


Apple did not just create a phone. They created a revolution.

It truly lives up to it’s status as the most versatile, feature-rich and user-friendly phones ever made. With version 3.0 of the software coming out later this year (again, free for iPhone 3G users), no doubt the Apple iPhone is gonna continue cementing its position as the King of Phones.

There is absolutely no reason for me not to love this phone.


There is however, just one last thing I need to do.

I am sorry Soni, it is over.

It’s not you it’s me.

For some strange reasons, Youtube suspended my account and deleted all my videos in it. All four years worth. There’s no way to get it back. They didn’t even warn me or anything.

My crime? For uploading the video of the Manchester United vs Liverpool match I attended, which they claimed was copyrighted.

Apparently Man United lost was so bad, Youtube decides nobody should be allowed to see that match.

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  1. Hahaha it’s about time Malaysia got the iPhone! Although it’s pretty much just an iPod Touch that can make phone calls :S (oh and with a camera -.-)
    But come on man, PS3 is sooo much more ‘faithful’, wouldn’t you agree?

  2. Normally I don’t read articles about gadgets but you make it sound interesting even when you’re just talking about a phone! Ok lah, it’s not just any phone. But it’s still a phone.
    I read till the end and I feel like owning this phone, although I don’t need one. Such is your power of blogging!

  3. Kenny, give me ur PS3, i for sure will take good care of it while you are indulging urself with Iphone.
    E-mail me for arrangement πŸ˜€

  4. iphone3g is a good phone, was my initial choice but finally settled on the blackberry bold..IMHO the BB Bold is better suited for business…

  5. kenny sia.. can u honestly tell me how much this telco company had paid u to advertise this iPhone in ur blog? do u know advetising this kind of stuff right now especially during this recession period will make all of us end up broke???.. neway i like ur reviews a lot and i am going to get myself one too…!!! (now who cares about recession…:P)

  6. Own one 16GB too.. sometimes I wonder how will I ever move on to other phones..
    I literally do EVERYTHING on the iphone 3G now.. it’s like a mini computer. Who needs a netbook when your phone can surf better! πŸ™‚

  7. Hahahahahahahaha, you broke up with Soni??? (^^)
    I must say, i should at least try this babe when i seen one. Still, Nokia 2100 is still good…

  8. I owned the first gen iPhone and you are right bout it. It is crap. But now I’m happy with my Blackberry Bold. Not going to change anymore. ^_^ Enjoy your iPhone.

  9. Remember to update to iPhone OS 3.0 when it’s released in mid-year, it’s free for iPhone users, heard it packs with tons of new features.
    oh yeah….. maybe next time you can create a dummy account on another video host so that your videos wouldn’t be mercilessly deleted like YouTube did, they’re particularly sensitive with the EPL videos….

  10. haha ~~ finally you get the phone πŸ˜›
    hhaha ~~
    so funny they way you describe iphone as a sexy lady πŸ˜›
    and i felt sorry about soni πŸ˜›

  11. Daymm!!! i phone rocks.. i just hope maybe they can come out with a plan for teenagers.. i hav no prob buying the phone but will have problem paying the monthly bill.. hohoho…

  12. This is seriously the best ad I’ve ever read (although yes, it’s not an ad, I know – it’s a review, which isn’t the same thing ;-)). The iphone sounds like the perfect phone… πŸ™‚

  13. Im confused how you say the 1st iPhone is crap and overrated but the 3G iPhone is perfect? Even though it still doesnt’ have MMS.
    Also, updating the software for phones is not exclusive to the iPhone.

  14. “Sure, the first generation iPhone was crap and overrated. But not the iPhone 3G.”
    wow, 1st gen of iphone was crap and overrated? because u just own an iphone 3g? lol! 1st u said “I’ve used a borrowed first generation iPhone before and was amazed by how much Apple engineers managed to stuff into that little thing”, now u’re saying the 1st gen is crap and overrated, so u’re amazed with a piece of overrated crap?

  15. I didn’t mince my words. Try out the first generation iPhone with 1.0 OS from 2007. It’s a gorgeous phone, but the software was still crap and over-rated. Like dating a model and then finding out she can’t perform in bed.
    Now try the second generation iPhone 3G with the 2.21 OS from 2009 and tell me you did not see a marked improvement.

  16. I think MMS is coming in the next OS.
    To be honest though, I don’t use MMS all that much previously anyway so I think I can survive without forwarding nude pictures of Elizabeth Wong.

  17. Hah!!
    IPhone =>
    NO video recording (even an old nokia from 3yrs back have that function!)
    2MP camera with NO flash
    NO AD2P support (no bluetooth wireless stereo)
    NO copy-paste function (no surprise here from the pple who invented the one-button mouse…)
    NO MMS (hello? MMS was available since 2002…)
    NO proper GPS navigation software (Google Maps doesn’t compare with TomTom, Garmin)
    NO swappable battery (as with all crApple hardware, all your base belongs to US)
    now tell me which part of it is revolutionary??

  18. woah .. Iphone !!
    My dream handphone lah but just just dream handphone loh ..
    Too expensive to own it lah =.=

  19. I don’t need good phones. As long as it’s Nokia I’m very happy. Bluetooth/Wi-Fi is awesome though.

  20. “But year after year, Apple has been adding improvements and releasing new versions of its software. How many other phone manufacturers do the same?”
    Most, if not all, phone manufacturers and software providers release firmware updates from time to time (HTC, RIM, Microsoft, Symbian) for a particular handset or platform without asking for a single cent.
    It sounds as if you’re just approaching the handset from the software point of view, where the user experience on the iPhone 3G is definitely richer than average, but when you pit hardware specifications, then the iPhone 3G trips badly on its two twisted legs.
    A well written review should balance between the two. Hopefully your football supporting jinx doesn’t affect Steve Job’s company in the long run.

  21. I agree with you kenny that IPhone 3G had a great functionality and you can download heaps of application in App Store. You can play Midi, guitar, basic piano and another weird musical instrument called Ocarina. Try Ocarina! It’s pretty fun! Hehe Lucky for New Zealand, the first country got their hand on IPhone 3G and is unlock. I got my IPhone 3G last year August Hehehe… The Drawbacks of Iphone 3G is you cant change the interface or the icon unless you crack it with Cydia and Winterboard. The touch keyboard is kinda of hard to use for beginner and you cant type fast if you want to SMS fast. The Google map sometime unreliable. Beside than this, Iphone is really great in terms of the design, great aps and very user friendly. Enjoy your IPhone! Oh yah lastly, try download the Star War The Force Unleashed beam saber from the Apps Store.

  22. its about time the iphone came to msia.
    what took it so long?
    but, kenny, why would u want to buy it?
    its already so common nowadays; every tom, dick or harry has got it.
    i’d personally prefer something else more ‘chio’ like the HTC rather than the common old iphone which even the old uncles and aunties have.

  23. well, iphone 1st generation can run the same OS as iphone 3g. just that the differences will be 3g and a-gps, which due to hardware differences. other than that, i don see any different. and in ur comment now u’re saying “the software” is crap and overrated. from this im confused u’re saying the iphone 1st generation (the iphone itself)? or iphone OS 1.0? if it’s the later, i think u’re giving false impression.

  24. Hmm.. definitely impressive, but still a 2.0 megapixels camera.. I’m hoping it’s higher than that though πŸ˜‰ cost about RM3k huh..:(

  25. Can u video call?
    Can u send MMS?
    Can u send files over bluetooth?
    Can u record video?
    CopynPaste? Welcome to Windows 95

  26. Can u video call? – NO but i din use
    Can u send MMS? – yes but i still din use
    Can u send files over bluetooth? – yes but i still din use
    Can u record video? – yes and i do use it πŸ™‚
    CopynPaste? yes and i do use it πŸ™‚

  27. Hi Kenny, I am one of your silent reader and are currently blogging from Germany. I am not sure if you face this prob, that Iphone is good with everything else except for making and receiving phone calls. Its apparently quite common here amongst the Iphone user here in Germany! Hope its just the network πŸ™‚

  28. YouTube’s a bitch like that. You do know you can appeal to have your profile back, right? Some people have appealed for their videos and profiles to be unblocked and have been successful.
    Nyeh, IMHO the iPhone is overrated. The Apple fanboys glorify it like no other.

  29. lol kenny, can’t wait for the next iPhone ‘2,1’ to come out this July? iPhone 2g is ‘1,1’ iPhone 3g is ‘1,2’
    This july a new iPhone with significant hardware changes is going to be released, hence the model id, ‘2,1’

  30. Haha, without the 1st Generation U dun hav 2nd or 3rd..correct o not? So respect la the 1st Gen or the 1st lady U bed (yellow minded).. Nothing is crap la unless U like to sell some crabs to the fisherman.. Overrated? No wonder the Ang-Moh makes so much money out of it.. Lolx.

  31. Dude, you’ll regret dumping your PS3…
    I had my O2 iPhone 3G since early July 2008 and within 3 months sudah boring… and then in 2009 I jailbreak the iphone happy again for another 3 month. Just like having your GF’s br**st push cup C to D… but now bored again maa… tak kan la mau push cup G? too big ma.. So back to story…. PS3 can buy lots of new game….. never gets boring…

  32. Great review!!! I didn’t fancy the iPhone so much from the bad reviews I heard when it first came out. Now after reading this, my mind’s changed =D

  33. c/p from other website:-
    Key features:
    * 3.5″ 16M-color TFT display with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels
    * Quad-band GSM support
    * Tri-band UMTS support with HSDPA
    * Built-in GPS receiver
    * Wi-Fi
    * 8 to 16GB of onboard storage
    * Accelerometer, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor
    * 2 megapixel camera
    * Silky smooth user interface with multi-touch user support
    * Unsurpassed web surfing experience
    * Push email with MS Exchange support
    * AppStore access for direct application download and installation
    * Redone rear
    * TV-out port
    Main disadvantages:
    * No video calls over the 3G network
    * The handset wobbles on hard even surfaces
    * There are a number of messaging downers
    * Camera has no auto focus, nor video recordingÒ€¦ nor any settings at all
    * Safari browser doesn’t support Flash and Java, doesn’t have a download manager
    * Bluetooth support limited to headset use only (no A2DP or file transfers)
    * No office document editor
    * No copy/paste functionality
    * You cannot sync Notes and TO-DOs
    * No memory card slot (but knowing Apple there will never be one)
    hm… then again… personal pov πŸ™‚

  34. wow. u r so out of date. half the students in my sch have an iphone in the uk. and everyone gets white coz its “rare” but apparently the only colour im seeing everywhere is white.

  35. mp3 player!
    PDA functions!
    in 2009! how do you call that ‘revolutionary’ exactly?
    sure, the iPhone might be more tactile and user-friendly when it comes to most features. but you don’t call that a revolution do you? that’s called ‘raising the bars’ or something, not exactly changing the whole industry is it?

  36. Are you serious?
    I don’t know which HTC device you like so much. In any case, most of HTC’s devices use Windows Mobile, which is possibly the most cumbersome piece of software to use. I used Windows Mobile on HTC and O2 before, and even I gotta say Symbian is better than Windows Mobile.

  37. Kenny your blog is getting really boring. 70% adverts, 30% left of what’s really original. I’m disappointed. You’re so much less entertaining these days.

  38. I think you got it wrong.
    Waddya mean 70% adverts 30% original? Ads here are clearly tagged as “ADV” in the title and you don’t have to read those if you don’t want to. There has been a lot of interest in the iPhone since it launched in Malaysia and I think a lot of people want to know what I think of it. That is why I wrote this review. Is that wrong?

  39. good review of the iphone 3g…too bad, got my samsung omnia.
    anyway, i was at the registration there during the maxis iphone 3g launch.
    hope u did not wait long to register ur phone…

  40. lol..sure iphone 3G is good to use…but the bills that came after surfing the net is a real “beauty” too..

  41. i find it ridiculous that critics always like to target apply fan boys aka macolytes.
    no, we did not ask for acknowledgment from them. but it is the hype thats causing you to feel frustrated?
    what you guys did, is to find errors even the most oblivious ones to people. we admit we did glorify apple products a little but is that wrong?
    of course, you’d sing the praises of your ‘girlfriend’.

  42. you serious? apple fan boys are the ones who always give other’s the flak for not using the fruit factory.
    We point out the shortcomings of the phone because apple fans are OBVIOUSLY blinded by their fandom.
    People need to know there is plenty to be more excited about than having a white casing and a glowing apple on your laptop…and let’s not mention the one button mouse -____-;;;;

  43. It won’t be fun anymore if everyone had an iPhone πŸ™
    (not that I own one)
    Heh, and I think it’s time to clean your camera’s sensor.

  44. Its a good Phone.. but I still prefer Nokia N series.. waiting for N97 to come out.. Ahahaha~ btw nice review Kenny~
    n sad to hear about what happen to ure youtube account n all da videos.. gonna miss all da funny parody you have done~
    Sad~ πŸ™

  45. all in all iphone pretty much sucksssss….got one here in UK and we still hav to pay extra for it where else we can get other phones for free…u can say u don nit bluetooth, or u don use mms as much as we do and u dont even take video of urself having s.. but den can u do something tat other windows phone can do like omnia, tacco, pixon. Can u press a key with ur fingernail? can u press a key with a glove on? de iphone is nice in it’s display n everything tats y i got one at de 1st place but returned it cause de touch screen is ssssttttuuuuuppppiiidddd…

  46. Can an iphone be unlocked in Malaysia yet? I have a 3G iphone, I am planning to spend the Summer in Malaysia but I am with At & T. So anyone, help?

  47. oooo i love my iphone too! Unlike malaysia, i think you guys are more prepared, optus sold out of iphones for the first 3 months continuously (aka, in and out). so i really obtain my phone 4 months after the relase of the iphone in Australia.
    it’s such.. a sexy phone

  48. iPhone 3.0 software,
    Now includes:
    Video Recording
    Copy-paste function
    New GPS
    Please go and eat your socks HATER!

  49. WM cumbersome? Sure if you try to use it right out of the box the instant it’s launched. Anyone with half a brain cell and an hour or so would be able to apply various tweaks suggested online and they’ll work fine. There’s also more free software which arguably, works just as well or better than iphone’s.
    Funny watching girls (perhaps guys) with longer nails struggling to use it. Get with the times dude, iphone’s old and has nothing going for it except the looks which is also getting antiquated compared to others.

  50. with the price of the phone, its still an overrated phone laaa, 3k phone but features like 1k phone LOL
    sorry apple fanboy, iphone has 1 thing good, which is the cool factor, any other than i just cant think of

  51. So many Malaysians will be getting the Iphone 3G I am sure you will see it very common in the streets soon.
    Check out HTC TOUCH HD. (High Definition). YouTube has plenty of comparisons between Touch HD and Iphone 3G.
    Simple reason why Iphone is NOT the best:-
    (1) HTC Touch HD has 5mp camera and Iphone only a low 2mp. Even Nokia can do better than that.
    (2) HTC Touch HD has built in GPS that allows the sattelites to track your present location and guides you to your destination real time. Iphone only has Maps that you have to guide youeself to your destination. hence it is not interactive.
    (3) HTC Touch HD has bigger screen at 3.8inch. Iphone only has 3.5 inch.
    (4) HTC Touch HD can record videos and Iphone cannot record video. A real turn off!
    (5) HTC Touch HD uses external microSD card. Iphone restricts to only built in 8GB or 16GB.
    So I think HTC HD has everything in high specs and not Iphone.
    Of course both targets different audience:-
    (1) HTC Touch HD is more for heavyweight PDA user. Iphone is more for gals. In summary HTC Touch HD = Golden Retriver and Iphone = Shih Tzu Puppy
    (2) HTC Touch HD is a Pocket PC/PDA and phone is just one of the many applications in the PDA. Wherease Iphone is just a phone that is trying to keep at par as a PDA but not a PDA.
    (1) HTC Touch HD is priced at MYR3,399. Iphone around +/-MYR2000 with Maxis plan.
    If you think HTC is an Iphone Killer…Mind you HTC Touch HD has released an even deadlier version called the HTC Max. (It’s in You tube)
    Iphone better come up with a better vesion.

  52. Not much of a review, but then again we’ll visit those gadgety sites if we wanna read any :p
    LOL, you’re so heartless, dumping Soni just like that!

  53. And yeah HTC Touch HD has a bigger screen than Iphone. 3.8 inch vs 3.5inch. This is very important when it comes to internet browsing. And if you have fat fingers, a bigger screen will be more convinient! I am amazed that many of my Kuching friends have not heard of HTC before. Is HTC Touch HD available in Kuching? If not then can’t blame la. Or maybe its not that. Maybe HTC is made in Taiwan and Malaysians don’t really worship of feel proud of it (like Taiwan Mari)and prefers to worship the west like the Iphone which is designed in California but still made in China….

  54. Kenny, having said that I think you and many Malaysians are very lucky to have the Iphone 3G offered by Maxis as it comes with solid warranty. Before this, some of us only have to take risks buying at 3K + the need for some stupid crack and does not even come with proper warranty. Some even takes risks buying from ebay for used Iphone. I do agree Iphone is nicely designed and I agree with many of your reviews. However I disagree in your review that it is the best phone at present as it is certainly not and this may mislead other readers. That’s all… Happy playing your new toy πŸ™‚

  55. Hey Kenny, could you test out the iPhone 3G with the HTC Touch Diamond for signal strength?
    My iPhone 16GB used to drop to a bar compared to my HTC Touch Pro last time.
    I love WM alot, but Apple is trying to cram everything that it can find and that is possible into one device.
    With the limitations, you will get used to it, and with software updates, features will be added or improved.
    With the iPhone being centralized, you get updates when it’s out, apps on the app store, etc etc…
    No need to worry. πŸ™‚
    Windows Mobile is still 50 meters behind a touch-based, smooth scrolling UI. The current UI additions like TouchFlo 3D on HTC devices are smooth, but do not utilize the internal hardware enough to make it as flawless as the iPhone’s.
    The multitasking abilities of WM powered devices also make it a very complex OS to use at times, and that is coming from a WM freak who has had an iPhone and now, an iPod Touch 2G 32GB.
    iPhones will still rule for those who want simplicity, style, and still.. some functionality. You can’t really tweak it or install cooked ROM’s (illegal I know…), but it’s still a gem to use.
    In fact, I bought my mum a Nokia to use, and so far, she rarely uses some features. You have to go through menus to use certain things.
    Let her use my iPod, all the apps are there for her to choose in the Home screen. Isn’t that much easier? Planning to get her an iPhone, she isn’t good in computers, but she can use the iPod Touch really well… so yeah…. That’s my point.
    HTC Touch HD (what I have now) still can’t beat the iPhone in regards to it’s UI (TouchFlo doesn’t go deep enough, unless you are using a cooked ROM?), and the camera (although its 5 versus 3 megapixels) sucks at times. It’s ludicrous to use a camera that has a very slow shutter speed, compared to one that takes the picture (even if the colours may be a bit off, out of focus etc). We want good pictures for leisure too, a picture with a ‘ghost’ in a bowling alley isnt going to stop you from hitting delete.

  56. I was at maxis, klcc last thursday. was contemplating to buy or not to buy?
    Finally did not buy. Just worried it will hang since it can accomodate so many programs

  57. I’m not sure if you know this but the apple 3g is the crappiest phone. when the 3g came out apple slashed their prices in states from 599 to 299. having done so they made the plastic back to cut down cost. they’ve been so many complains about the apple 3g, people are suing apple for false advertising. the first generation is still way superior to the 3g one except it doesn’t have 3g. so know your facts first bro, the 3g one is crap.

  58. In Holland there are bad reviews about the I-phone. There are cracks showing at the corners after a few months of usage. Google this info!

  59. Huh, what for Apple adds 3G to iPhone if there is no front camera for video calls? Kinda USELESS. You can’t even download songs from iTunes because it is not available in Malaysia. At least, bring it to go to Japan & try to download any songs from iTunes Japan.

  60. We are moving into 4G already. This year you will see more release from phone manufacturers introducing the 4G that supports WIMAX.

  61. Kenny: Welcome to Iphone User Society. It is a “premium” phone above all brand which make Apple stand proud. For those has not try the phone, please get one and “shiok” yourself, you will know what you are missing.
    Adult loves it, Children loves it and you look cool with it!

  62. Guys,
    Stop arguing. If iphone is not the best, then why are u not comparing to other phones, nokia, samsung? the hatred caused was from the best phone itself, because is on our face!!

  63. My aunt has an iphone and I think it rocks. But I heard palm is going to come out with an “iphone killer”. Not so sure about that… We’ll just have to wait and see…

  64. i will second that. the difference between 1st & 2nd gen iphone is agps & 3g. imho 1st gen iphone feels more solid.

  65. Nice review, my lady is as sexy as urs, just that her skin is more tanned. Well… I hope you do some apps review too, as you can see, you do influence most people.

  66. in respond to some comments about the iPhone from crApple and those who dissed the device. the next update (3.0) for iPhone will have copy/paste capabilities and MMS included plus bluetooth and it’s free for the iPhone 3G users to update whereas us iPod Touch 1g/2g users have to pay a stupid ridiculous fee. As for recording video, that only will work if you jailbreak the damn thing and install the 3rd party apps. I still think that the iPhone 3g is overrated, i still think that once the overexitement begins to fade, practicality will set in and the iPhone will be another one of those
    “hmm, i should have gotten a proper phone rather than this laggy piece of…”
    if you really must have the iPhone i suggest you do not buy it now, don’t shell out your hard earn cash for something that looks cool but doesn’t have the right features of say a proper phone (mms,video cam,etc) and just wait till they update it and then buy it…hopefully it will be lighter on your wallets but with that said, it’s Apple we are talking about here.
    To be honest, i use my iPod touch wherever i go, almost in a anti-social manner with blood shot eyes looking at passers-by with prejudice and paranoia chanting “aapppllleeeee…aaaappllleee”.
    in other words, the iPod works but if you’re looking for a phone and this is from an honest consumer, buy something else. the phone may not have a multi touch screen(apple trademark) but at least, you can use it better.
    Owh, and if you already have one, dont bother making a malaysian account, useless store with nothing special…it’s like Apple forgot that this is earth instead of a redneck-infested,light beer drinking, Soccer hating, i’m not talking about local politics..haha..owh crap..
    but in the end, it’s your cash and if Apple leave you with a salty mouth and a sore ass, don’t blame anyone but ourselves…(i don’t why i said that)

  67. owh for kenny, the youtube account suspension is because EPL is attempting to remove any foootball matches in hopes to reduce free media and increase their profit margins..hope this helps and hope you become a liverpool fan…they need more bad

  68. agreed..death to fanboys…i suggest placing them all in a cage with sharp weapons so sharp it stings even by just looking at it and tell them they will win a macbook air or iPhone if they fight each other to the death and the last one we place in another cage with microsoft fanboys..this would be interesting.perhaps i should call WWE to give them some ideas.

  69. you’re easy to persuade huh…hey, want to buy my old iPhone box?
    the iPhone once grace it’s hollow walls with it’s prestige magnificence. πŸ˜‰

  70. you should check out HTC HD Touch. It even has GPS and A-GPS ready which makes it more useful while travelling.

  71. iPhone 1st gen suck? I don’t think so, iPhone 3G screen color is worst than 1st gen, compare yourself and you will notice which one better. Also, if you want to jailbreak, iPhone3G is more troublesome.
    iPhone3G just the experience. If really talk about hardware spec, iPod touch 2nd gen is much more powerful than iPhone3G.

  72. iphone fanboi talks… i own a iphone, and its nice. nuff said. why blog about a phone? ._.

  73. You can actually ‘screen shot’ on your iphone by pressing the home key and on/off button at the same time!

  74. Great review~~! Will wait for the coming June see if there is any Hardware update on the iPhone after the iPhone OS 3.0 release recently. May be then consider changing to Maxis… or iPhone. Darn, why we don’t get “open” iPhone like Hong Kong does.

  75. Hey kenny, i got an old school iphone with me which i had used for couple of month before the release of 3G Iphone.. But still my 2G Iphone rocks dude.. i am addicted to its feature, it apps, and everthing.. you would’nt laid ur eyes to another similar touchscreen anymore.. far too better than O2, HTC, Nokia9200, Xperia and Omnia.. hope i got enough money to get another Iphone 3G and hope malaysian government can fork out money to do wifi all over the town, that will be perfect to all apple users..

  76. Wow. I dunno that so many people actually hate iphone and like HTC Touch HD. Is Iphone 1st gen is overrated? Depends on what type of consumer are u. Customer who buy iphone 1st gen actually wants the form of the phone rather functionality. If u are the person who wants hip and fashion, iphone definietly worth every sen of it. But if u go for high spec, it is overrated. Similar things happen to RAZR where it focused on the form factor rather the function. Bout the OS, it lacks alot of functions such as cut and paste compared to WM and others smartphone OS but bear in mind this is the first time apple launch this OS. And Apple will launch OS 3.0 this summer and almost all functions will be included. On the contrary, WM has been developed for quite a few years and still the OS is not that smooth. Not to forget the sluggishness due to high demand on the resources such as speed and RAM. Even Symbian is beeter than WM. Shame on Windows. If u not on budget I will definitely recommend iphone, if can, wait until this summer to decide. For those who perceive iphone is overrated and freaking expensive, just give it a try before jump to any conclusion. If after u try it out and still thinks it sucks, it simply means u like high spec gadget and used to Symbian or WM OS.

  77. In all out honesty, Kenny. This phone may have a smooth interface but that about it. It’s like the new RAZR. I look forward to see you ranting about the same problems as other iPhone users rant about, dodgy plastic back, crappy camera, dead signals, shady battery life and etc. Blackberry is still the better option. Excluding the BB Storm of course. Note. I’m not talking about OS. Lol.

  78. The Apple iPhone is a rip off when you start browsing sites that are Flash active. It doesn’t run Flash and it’s browser sucks.
    Another thing, when it comes to updating softwares and stuff, it has too much restrictions and always remember to bring along ur credit card. Everything need to pay here and there.
    SOrry, iPhone is a waste of money

  79. if a person can afford to get an iPhone, i think they won’t mind to spend extra money to updating their iPhone. iPhone got a lot of fun at there.

  80. I think you are wrong on the part where you said that there was no phone that came close to the Iphone 3g. In fact, there is one phone that is very much like the iphone, not totally but at least its touchscreen is capacitative just like the iphone’s.
    Welcoming the… Google Android G1!!!
    Please give it a round of applause!

  81. HTC Dream aka Google Android has it’s own disadvantages as well but.. will be better in future when new software update.
    At the moment, I think iPhone is the best in term of able to download heaps of free applications, just download on your iTunes and transfer them to ur iphone. When the iPhone 3.0 software is out in a couple of months time… it will be doing most of what other phones are doing. The biggest drawback of iphone is the crap camera πŸ™‚
    There is a rumour that new iPhone is coming out in this coming June.. almost the same other than bigger storage and slimmer than iPhone 3G.. Camera still crap.. 3.2mp πŸ™
    Cant deny iphone has heaps of problems, i sent my iPhone to replace for twice, but still happy with my iphone

  82. Enjoy reading your review. Fun and yet informative as brief possible.
    Only now me can afford one and will get it immediately πŸ™‚
    PS: iPhone is an innovative product’s unlike the others. Where usual hp -ones wear-off, you have to look for new ones. But this-will make you keep and venture more till iPhone or anywho come out with more brilliant ideas πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  83. Dear Kenny, recently I just bought the new Iphone 3G. But everytime I make a call, the “call forwarding will sudden drop. What shud I do?

  84. Dear Kenny, recently I just bought the new Iphone 3G. But everytime I make a call, the “call forwarding will sudden drop. What shud I do?

  85. Well Kenny,
    I want to say your blog is really one of the best by far. Oh YES that is the most advance n up-to-date phone in the world. Even in Iraq War the US Army use Iphone.
    I got my iphone from Maxis n it has change my life everyday after that…I’m loving it!
    With regards,

  86. i think e71 better than iphone, sore application is available and easier to find than iphone, i’ll look forward, who knows there will be more iphone app on internet

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    β€’ Background Music Play
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    β€’ Light Sensor / Motion Sensor with automatic screen rotation and
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    β€’ Digital Photo Frame
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    β€’ Video Editor / TV Out function
    β€’ Bluetooth v2.0 EDR / USB 2.0 / WiFi 802.11 b/g
    β€’ Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
    β€’ E-mail ( POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, MS PUSH Mail)
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    β€’ Offline Mode / Hands-free Speaker
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    β€’ Full Touch Screen
    β€’ Optical Joystick
    β€’ RSS Reader / Podcast Manager
    β€’ Office Mobile / Internet Sharing
    β€’ Java MIDP 2.0
    β€’ Marvell PXA312, 624 MHz CPU
    β€’ RAM 128MB, ROM 256MB
    β€’ Support up to 1000 USIM contacts
    β€’ Storage Memory 16GB or 8GB built-in Flash memory; MicroSD expansion slot
    tested up to 8GB
    β€’ Size: 112 x 56.9 x 12.5mm / 122g
    β€’ Phone battery capacity: 1440mAh
    β€’ Talk Time: 5.8 hours (2G), 4 hours (3G)
    β€’ Standby Time: 500 hours (2G), 400 hours (3G)

  88. What a good introduction of iPhone 3G… You teased a lot of people that are still queuing or waiting on the line up.
    Thumb Up

  89. kenny, i’m using the same iphone 3G white model. i got it in april 09. just few days ago, i noticed there’s cracks in hairline pattern on teh back cover near the volume and silent button and also docking port.
    do you have similar problem?

  90. Hi Sir;
    Iam from Sudan and I buy a china apple iphone 3g 32gb; But when I WANT TO USE Internet or to open safari and is not open why?
    And it give a message that written the GPRS not subscribed?
    Can you help me here please?
    thank you

  91. This is a serious situation. You received three days’ out of college suspension for reporting something you believe to become truthful? Had been you using college computers whenever you typed your blog? Were there actually harassing statements in the blog, or threats, or just a recitation of your understanding of the details.

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