Malaysian Dreamgirl Final Eight

It’s that time again.

Time that I put on my judge’s cape and lay the smackdown on the contestants of Malaysian Dreamgirl.
A quick explanation for the benefit of those who don’t know what’s going on: Malaysian Dreamgirl is an online reality show broadcasting at, where we put 12 ordinary girls in a house over 3 months and mould them into professional models.

This season, I am the online judge together with JoyceTheFairy. Each week we’ll alternate between ourselves giving judgment on which contestant we think should stay and go.
We get a lot of shit for doing this. My rationale is that these girls joined a competition where we are the judges, so we should be allowed to be forthright with our opinions.
Joyce and I would like to state in real life, we are very nice people who do not pass judgment on those not contesting on Malaysian Dreamgirl.
Without further a do, here’s my judgment on this season’s final eight and their “Futuristic” themed photoshoot.


This 17-year-old is my favourite Malay contestant since the start of the show.
I think she photographs exceptionally well. Like Joyce said, Farah’s best feature is her stunningly sharp and flawless face that could melt the audience like butter on pancakes.

5 weeks into the competition, suddenly this girl gets emo and depressed and lonely and wanted to home. What lah! Don’t waste the opportunity, Farah.
The modelling industry is not all beds of roses. Toughen up or go home.

4 out of 10 for this photo.


I don’t get it. Why is Denezia still in the competition?
For a girl who’s known for starting the warfare in the house, calling people “psycho” and breaking furniture in a fight, I think Denezia should be more suited joining World Wrestling Entertainment instead.
Then she can break all the furniture she wants.

3 out of 10 this week.


Pinky is a pretty. Tall and slim too. Put her in a crowd somewhere in 1Utama, I guarantee you she’ll stand out.

Put her in a house with 7 other girls all vying for the title of Malaysian Dreamgirl? Suddenly she becomes very ordinary.
Don’t get me wrong, I still think she’s one of the better ones in the game. But there are other girls with bigger heart, stronger drive and better discipline than she is.

At this level of competition, her work this week just wouldn’t cut it. She gets 6 out of 10 from me.


Shasya who? I’m sorry but she was just way too forgettable since the beginning of the show.
Regardless, I thought her photoshoot this week is quite spectacular.

Reminds me of some superhero character from Batman or something.
7 out of 10.


Ming did not impress me initially. I thought she looks flat (her face, I mean, not her… y’know) so I had reservations about how well she’s gonna perform.
But the 21-year-old graphic designer from Malacca has made me eat my own words when THIS particular photo came out.

Don’t you this is such a kickass photo?
She was definitely the best out of all the girls in that Wacoal photoshoot. Ming has the look of a classic Oriental lady that is just so intriguing in an industry cluttered with those cookie-cutter cutesy types.

I like that she is such a dedicated student to the fashion and modelling industry as well, proving that she’s more than just a pretty face, but a determined soul too.
I guess Ming would probably look out of place in a car show or a men’s magazine. Put her in a fashion spread and I bet she’d steal lots eyeballs.
She faltered in this week’s photoshoot unfortunately.

I hate to give her a 5.5 out of 10 for this photo only.
Still, I got high hopes. This girl definitely got potential.


Hot DAMN, did you see her fight with Ming in that episode?!
My goodness, the fierceness in the tongue that girl. The way she fought is like all my ex-girlfriends rolled into one scolding me at the same time. You can’t even get a word out to defend yourself!

Joyce likes her though. (I think Joyce’s exact words to me during the auditions were “check out those boobs.”)
I beg to differ. Apart from the impressive makeover and her huge set of eyes, the 18-year-old Eurasian has yet to really blow my mind.
Drama aside, I thought Natasha was kinda bland in her latest photoshoot.

I seriously dunno what kinda pose is that. Too many similar poses. Like the same pose photocopied five times. Totally not dynamic at all.
5 out of 10 for this photo.


This ordinary-looking girl went to Shawn Cutler for a makeover and walked out looking like THIS!

Who’s that girl? RIHANNA? No, it’s JUANITA.
Out of the final eight, it is this Johor girl carries herself in front of the camera best. Watch the way she speaks. Not only is she classy and articulate, she’s capable in producing the most professional-looking photos like these.

Looks like Destiny’s Child latest album WITH TWO EXTRA MEMBERS.
8 out of 10. If there is one girl that can come up from behind to claim the first place in this competition, it’s Juanita.
Keep your eyes on her.


Clearly she’s the leading favourite at this point.
Judging by the comments on the official MDG blog and the participation of her Facebook fan club, there is no doubt this 21-year-old will be safe from elimination for a long time. Dawn has distanced herself from the drama happening inside the house, and the support from her fans has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Does Dawn deserve all the fanfare? Of course. She has a great potential.
Her photos are consistently fabulous, her body well-toned and she has dimples on her cheeks so deep you could bake muffins in it. I’d even go as far as to say her photo this week is arguably the best we’ve ever done.

I wonder though, is Dawn over-rated?
Maybe. She has to watch out though. One slip-up and either Ming or Juanita could easy usurp her as the leading girl of the pack.
But for this week, Dawn gets a 9 out of 10 from me.

That’s it from me. Now it’s your turn.
Who is your favourite Malaysian Dreamgirl?

No, Elaine Daly doesn’t count.

Dam it! Has anyone seen those dam-ing Al Jazeera report on the Sarawak government’s plan to build 20 over dams in the next few years? We are the biggest dam state in the whole king-dam of Malaysia.
Some peeps are gonna SCORE by getting dam rich from these projects. And there is not a single dam thing you can do about it. Dam right.

101 Replies to “Malaysian Dreamgirl Final Eight”

  1. U sure Ming is pretty? She looks like those tran-sexual boys you saw in Thailand. Cm’on Kenny, u can do better!
    All the girls are so ugly lookin!! WTF

  2. some people are just so DUMB!!! Don’t bother to comment if you never read what’s written properly. Danko, HE’S AN ONLINE JUDGE!!!!!
    Stop being so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. farah and ming, definitely, especially farah, whew!
    and dawn looks liek zhang ziyi, maybe that’s why she’s popular.
    aaron: we know you’re not gonna be able to get any of them, but no need to be sour grapes about it

  4. Dawn is popular because she has the overall package – looks, body, talent… and non-bitchy attitude.
    Malaysian Dreamgirl, is, in the end, a popularity contest.
    But in the international scene, probably only Juanita would be able to make it.

  5. denezia is still in because the crew expect her to create more drama to attract more viewers.
    natasha should be eliminated. she looks like a freaking ghost.
    pinky looks like a typical chinese girl who is very very immature. her bubbly character doesn’t hep at all.
    dawn is very very normal.
    ming should win.

  6. sorry! Cant get myself to vote for anyone. Hv watched too many American next top model & learnt that what is also important is the expression in yr eyes/face….. all these girls look totally lifeless..soul-less

  7. OMG,since when has the standard dropped so much?!
    I couldnt find one that I would label as awesome.ALl of them were just plain and boring.
    I could walk along the streets of KL and get you another 12 hotter chicks than these….

  8. Lolzz,at first I thought it was Dawn Yang.Then see the face,OMG! How can she be labelled the favourite???!!
    The girls in Monash are a hundred times hotter!

  9. ming has the most “model” look and i think out of all of the girls, she is the only one that stands out!!! her face resembles asian country and stands a high chance to be a top model..great potential.

  10. Farah looks manly on the first pict.Not her best angel.
    Pinky looks very ordinary -cute lor
    Ming has a very pretty face to start with..Looks bit like zhng zi lin in the first pict.But then, on the 3rd picture Her facial expression is not flattering.
    Dawn is photogenic but her pose are similar.Not very creative.
    Juanita should relax her shoulder and neck in the picture.
    Nevertheless,all of them r pretty ^^
    not bashing them,just my pov okay.And i’m bored.

  11. DAWN. although i don’t waste my money sms-ing. At least she could speak proper english compared to some of them.
    Kenny, malaysia needs models who not only photograph well, but could talk well. if not malulah. how to go international.
    if they are not embarrassed by their spoken english, we(as malaysians are).
    just as the peribahasa goes, “nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga”.

  12. I think that Farah has the greatest potential to emerge as one of the leading girls in this competition. The rest are pretty much cookie-cutter styles of cute, cuter and sexy.
    Have fun there, Kenny!

  13. sorry, I dun like any of the pictures!
    some may have vogue poses!
    But face???? Dead! Especially the eyes!

  14. gotta agree with aaron, not only ming, farah too looks like those tran-sexual boy, dont believe, look again…

  15. Kenny, your comments are spot on! I personally think that Dawn is kinda geeky even after the makeover. The Wacoal shoot just seemed so cutesy cutesy although the lingerie were fierce sexy colours.

  16. Actually… my favourite until now is Natasha.. Ming comes in close at second. All the bitching going on in the house, it’s just how girls are when they are intimidated, they form group and they quarrel, but hey, makes the programme worth watching cos if we really wanted to see everyone get along, we will watch the disney channel.

  17. I Love Elaine! She makes my day! OMG! Sorry for not being man enough but she’s just gorgeous!
    On the other note, I really think that Dawn and Ming stands out. They totally shows the character needed in those photos. Amazing!

  18. Yes, Dawn’s from Monash and she’s 23, not 21. And no she’s not overrated! =)
    Gotta agree that Juanita’s hair cut did her wonders, and Farah is so so pretty, reminds me of Hanis but with totally different personalities. Ming’s Wacoal shoot is undeniably the best of the Wacoal shoots. Disagree with u on Shasya though, she’s memorable to me.

  19. Reply to short talk:
    Too bad there’s nothing we can do about it.We can’t fight “Bai Mao”.He has the power!

  20. ming, juanita, dawn 🙂
    i think ming got that kinda oriental modelesque look, juanita carries herself pretty well and she looks absolutely stunning too, and dawn.. she’s pretty 😉 haha

  21. After watching a few eppys, I have to say some of the girls do possess natural beauty but somewhat shallow (to me beauty comes with content, but thats just me). I personally found them undesirable nor dreamy. A piece of advice tho, change your stylist and makeup artist. It maybe lacking creative direction but please dont over do it.. which has been happening since the first season.
    The girls are very raw due to their lack of experience, in order to help them (and not just make money from the show) professional and creative direction must be executed well in every sense of fashion (that also means showing them how to carry themselves) cos at the moment.. its turning out as one hell of a la la program to me (but thats just me).

  22. Hasn’t anyone noticed that Juanita’s post is the same in every photos- left shoulder turned up, right shoulder turned down and both hands on/by hips.

  23. A lot of them fair enough has got some gorgeous look as a supermodel. But my gosh.. the english. Would anyone mind me suggesting a 1 year english speaking course for the top 3 girls please? Itss pretty unimaginable if someone looking sophisticated comes along as a model and speaks like them. I can understand perhaps all a model really needs is the looks since they endorse with thier appearance.

  24. Er, Elsie..the pose (not post) that Juanita does is called a signature pose..The judges seem to like it a lot since they are the ones picking the final picture after each photo shoot..And if memory serves me right, judge Jimmy Lim was the one who directed her to position herself that way and at times personally positioned her face and body in the HP Pavilion shoot..He said that she was blessed with good body proportions and the final photo shows that off…
    Juanita gives a lot of variety in her poses, but she can’t help what final picture the judges pick, can she? 🙂

  25. how is it a good pic for a modeling contest when everyone standing all lumped together one?
    anyways, i love how the reporter’s looks in disbelief how masing can blatantly lie and deny abt open tenders, no cronyism lar, bla bla bla.. priceless!!!

  26. yes, that’s what i meant.
    could photograph well, but when being interviewed? especially those interviewed by foreign journalists.
    eirk! 😐 what more if the answers ran out of topic.(p/s: no offense amber chia.)
    well, limpeh, i guess you are a big fan of hers. but can i ask you this, would you prefer her to speak better english(without all the ‘you-know-urself’)?

  27. Ming has a classic look. Why is Juanita still in the competition?? She looks weird is that wacoal photoshoot. Look like akua….le
    the rest of the gals, so so onlylah.

  28. Ya gal, i totally agree with you about Elaine in this picture. I dunno why they choose this picture, she is the host and should stand out more. It remind me one f the cycle in ANTM, one of the gal did the same thing during the bollywood photoshot and she was eliminated. haha thank god Elaine is not the contestant.

  29. hehe i don’t agree with Kenny giving 8 out of 10 to Juanita. Yea her poses not bad, look like she is dancing on a Latin dance but there is still something amiss in this picture. I think maybe is her hips part. :p

  30. is this an april fool’s joke for all msian? mdg is like Barisan Najis. They make u puke from a distance!

  31. I on the other hand, thinks they are beautiful. I don’t know why you wanna puke by just looking at them, but I admired every single of them. Their strength and their weakness portrayed the differences of Malaysian girls. Ming with the unique face, Juanita with the international look(hey Elaine Daly loves her all the time), Denize is very bubbly and funny instead of the bitchiness they’ve shown, And yes Dawn the all time favorite angel.
    It’s very brave to bring yourself up to take part in a reality show. To be ready to accept rejection from time to time. These girls are brave to pursuit what they believe in while you bitching anonymously on them. Compared to them, shame on you.

  32. farah is not pretty, juanita IS going to win. if its not juanita then its ming or pinky. denezia just doesn’t deserve to stay inside there, she always have the ugliest picture

  33. And lifeless, emo (teen-rant style), whiner, and wants to go home even with this opp.
    On that note, Pinky should be kicked out too.
    I won’t say Malaysian Dreamgirls is like.. walausogreateverygirlsdreamtobeinthere. But still. Count ur blessings! If u don wan to win, why join??
    Even when Cheesie and Cindy were being hated against and their life was miserable in der, they at least stuck on.

  34. Sorry, i have to say this. The show is a total bore and waste of time. And WAY TOO MANY SPONSORS and ADVERTISEMENT.
    Conclusion is : OVERRATED show.
    There is only 2 section which i watch in each episode (others i have fast forward)
    1. photoshoot and the end result
    2. who got kicked out of the show.
    Dont mean to be mean, juz an honest opinion.
    But among all, i’ll vote for MING.

  35. Pinky is just urrgghh…I just feel like giving her a tight slap on her. She is such a bitch with very utterly bad and embarassing English. She may look pretty if only she keeps her mouth shuts!

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