An Impossible Defeat

I am feeling so very the tulan right now.

Timothy, Lance and I are in this Cornetto contest. We’re supposed to form an all-male team to participate in the contest, so that’s what we did.
We called ourselves the Lurve Squad.

Check out our kickass group logo.
The way this contest works is that we collect points by eating ice-creams, and then use the points collected to compete with other groups to win prize packages.
Sounds simple right?
Eat ice-creams. Collect points. Bid prizes.
Even kids can do that.

With an ice-cream junkie like Tim and a fat ass like me in the group, you’d think that we’d have absolutely no problems racking up the points and send all the other contestants back home to their momma crying.

There’s a grand prize on offer every three weeks. That is the prize that everybody wants.
In the first round of the contest, the grand prize was to go diving with the sharks at Aquaria KLCC.
We didn’t bid. The winner was this other group called ‘WSC’ who accumulated 7300 points to bid the top prize. If 1 Cornetto = 100 points, that’s 73 Cornettos they consumed in two weeks!

That’s alright, because the Lurve Squad decided to let them win. (Ok lah. In actual fact, we were too slack to get our group organised until the last minute)
Second round comes along.
This time the grand prize is one night to live up the glamourous high life and go on an evening date with Hannah Tan at Maison and Tarbush Starhill.

We didn’t win.
I was frustrated. How the heck could ANYONE eat so many Cornettos in such a short time?!
So I clicked on this WSC‘s group profile, half expecting the three of them to look like this.

Instead of having three overweight pimply teenage kids staring back at me, I was confronted with three Nicole Richie lookalikes.

Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous.
How the hell can our group of one guy, one ice-cream glutton (Tim) and one fat ass (me) with a kickass group logo, lose to three stick-thin skinny dudes!?
What has the world turned into!?
This isn’t fair!

So for the next round, we decided to get our act together.
The grand prize is an Airplane + Go-karting + iPod Shuffle package.
In the beginning, WSC got the early lead, but Lurve Squad was ruthless. Over the next two weeks, we went on so many trips to 7-11 and ate so many Cornettos until our jaws got frozen. But the results paid off.
Finally, we knocked them off the top spot!

WSC is no more. Come, let’s all laugh at them.
Lick on that, suckers! Too late to shop for ice-cream now.
As the clock ticks down to zero, it seems almost definite that we’re taking home the big prize. We refreshed the page many times, making sure we’re not outbidded.

Then right at the lasttttttt second…

WTF. These people go swimming in Cornettos or what?

counter stats

I fell off a bike when I was in Vietnam and injured my right hand. It’s still hurting and I can’t lift heavy stuff for close to a week now.
Anyone know a good registered reflexologist in Kuching?

106 Replies to “An Impossible Defeat”

  1. probably they stocked up the points for something they reallllyyyy wanted.. or maybe they went and dig tru the bins for the points?
    *stick-men on a mission*

  2. That is call contest… every1 use all the tactics to win… that “silverarrow” maybe is collecting all the point and bid for the last round. or maybe thay guys is own a ice cream stall ler… haha.

  3. Thats funny now that you mentioned this cornetto thing. I was at Maison on Sasi the Don’s invitation. Believe me you didn’t miss much at the party.
    But anyway, may I suggest to consume the ice cream melted. Stuff it all in a bottle suck it all up with a straw, or stuff em into those water container backpacks. As for the cones take it for lunch, munch on it for tea break and eat it with rice like keropok for lunch and dinner.
    Hopefully you shall win the next bid~!

  4. oh too bad.. you’ll win the next one.. but go on a diet immediately after that.. haha!! stock up on ice cream la!! put in freezer and eat.. every 5 minutes one ice cream!!

  5. well kenny, you could have just buy a carton or two and treat some primary school kids. they’ll be glad to help you with ice-creams and you earn points =)

  6. aiyooo. only hannah tan lar. not monica belluci. nvm lah. be glad that there’re actual guys who are more desperate than u guys to want to see her in person. go walk ard in any event can see her la.see until my eyes bleed ald.

  7. Maybe they just bought in bulk, and sell it cheaper?
    Are the points being refreshed every 2 weeks after the new bid? Else, you can always accumulate by running a “wholesale” nature of business.
    Well, the last man standing is always the organiser, Cornetto. Or maybe they themselves created a virtual team to win the big bid.

  8. wow hannah tan is HOT.
    her body looks damn fake tho like her waist is unproportional.
    see kenny? if u wanna be hot u shouldn’t eat so much ice cream fatty.

  9. the contest is fake one lah, how can be last minute kena outbid? that group must be fake, planted by cornetto so that no one can win

  10. duh kenny dont you see? it’s one big fat coporate lie. there isnt prizes to begin with. all they need to do is announce some “winner” at the end of the auction to make suckers like yourself (sorry no offense) want to win the next round. more ice cream sales for them yay.

  11. Kenny
    U must be new to contest. FIrstly, there are only a few explanations.
    1st = They hacked (which can be done as my friend did that once to anohter online game to prove a point to the organiser. Eventually another hacker won)
    2nd = those winners didnt really eat those ice cream. U count the cost vs the worth of the prize offered. How muhc is a konek-tu now? RM2? SO even if it is rm2 x 100 konektu u only forked out rm200. That’s a good investment rite to win? But of cos that’s what Walls is trying to get u guys to do. To “gamble” in such a way to outbid the other. The on-going Marigold contest also plays along the same line. U think u can consume that many drinks and win? Unless u own a coffee shop that use upto 50cans of milk per day. Otherwise forget it!
    3rd = there is no 3rd in my list. SO if I were u just pay rm1000 to hannah-t and book her for 1 hour of makan chit-chat.

  12. If you do your math right, you should have bought 200 cornettos and distribute to orphanage, get the points and out bid WSC. 😛 200 cornettos is abt RM400. I think you can get tax deduction for donation too.

  13. Hey dude, its very obvious that they ‘hacked’ the system. Quite common for online contests. Maybe you can send a letter to the organizers to disqualify them (and get your top spot in the process?) haha =)

  14. only licenced reflexologist ah? i nvr ask them to show licence oh! :p …have u tried the one opposite the pending scuba diving shop behind the Big fresh supermarket? quite famous though he didn’t heal me.

  15. I seriously did buy all the ice-creams and eat (but not all)…
    *hint: you can still key in 100 cornetto in just 10 mins or even 5mins if you are fast, Without eating them. Just buy and clock in.Simple as that! Remember this game is not about EAting the ice-cream. Thus it is not impossible to gather 10000 in a short time.
    Hacking? even tho it can be done, at the end of the day, you still need the lids for prove.
    Regards: chocoluv

  16. If it were me , i wouldve see what benefit i could get out of buying..say.. a truck load of cornettoes. Give it out for free and record down all the PIN. CONFIRM WIN! Its just a matter if u really want to win or not in this kind of competition. =P

  17. Assuming each cone is 100 points, 10,000 points = 100 cones. Assuming each cone is RM3, means they spent RM3,000 to get a crummy Ipod Shuffle, a gokart ride and a ride on the plane? Damn em-tai rite?

  18. Nice one, liaw! Are you left-handed or right-handed? Can’t enjoy yourself using an untrained hand 😛 . That’s very tulan for sure.
    Lots of foot reflexologist in Kuching, hor? Won’t matter if you’re a gorilla, lei?
    Get well soon!

  19. haha..sincerely i cant imagine those 3 guys wif those looks will enjoy eating ice-creams but they do hav those computer geek look

  20. is there any conspiracy between wsc and cornetto?? is this a family contest or fear factor challenge? 100 ice cream.. siao..

  21. Haha…
    They might have frozen jaws.
    So, i check out the lastest results again.
    So the WSC is in the lead AGAIN!
    Gam bateh!!!
    Eat more cornetto! Eat more…and become fat more…haha. Just kidding.

  22. Kenny…Kenny… U said u tulan. But more like gonglan to me…hehehe…(no offence). I guess you would like to show the siao-ness in you again, right? Anyway, a part of me would like to salute you (and team members) for the ‘ai peah’ (fighting) spirit. Eh… Why your blog suddenly got too much junk food promo lah? I remember reading a Twisties contest some time ago too. Ini macam, nanti rokok also come in liao.

  23. Oop, who should be blamed? Blame urseft lah, big body size but with small size stomarch…? hehe
    Even defeated, but at least has had a good try.

  24. relax, kenny..
    just let those ‘pathetic’ guys win.. u have much more interesting things to do than licking ice creams 24/7 rite..

  25. u kno wat, kenny. i think these 3 guys are part of the promo too. the prizes are jus a hoax.. they’re not real. so if they run into the risk of someone actually winning it, they increase the points of these 3 stick-thin guys so that other ppl wun win. in actualy fact, there is nothing to win anywae!

  26. Think out of the box man.
    Got so many legitimate ways to win this competition but your team chose the weakest way to try win it.
    No cool man.
    Make a video to show you all actually ATE the ice-cream, maybe cornetto management might consider giving you all a consolation prize! lol

  27. Kenny,…
    You’re pissed over loosing with 2750 points?? We lost and came second place for the dive in KL aquaria to DAMN WSC by 1 cone. Our 10K point are acumulated over a month plus and all team members ate their good share of Cornetto. Not all 10K points came from the cones,.. there are bonus point for forming a group at a certain time. Anyway i know how u felt, we felt the same with the first package. As for hannah tan,… nothing great. It was so boring even the gals were entertaining themselves.

  28. dudes, much as you are trying to pacify the sore spot of kenny and his fellow tellytubbies on not winning any of the packages, the contest is as true as it states. No hacking, no hoax, no walls-inside team. We are all just like everyone here, a “once-tulan-team” that didn’t win the first bid.
    Yes, eating a whole load of ice cream was no joke but bear in mind, this contest has been running for over a month. and with sheer determination to win after losing the first package by 1 freakin cone, we were more than determined to ‘tapau’ the SkyTour package, and that was what we did.
    We didn’t buy 100 ice creams overnight just to win it but points were collected over time. Friends assisted by buying for their own consumption but passing their lids to us. So, if you wanna win, gotong-royong a bit lah.. Things just dont happen to fall from the sky.
    Kenny, from all the previous group/individual ipod bids, you should know there are many lurkers out there who are just waiting to pounce and tapau at the very last minute. Good luck for the final bid 🙂 We know how it feels to be knocked out at the very last second after hitting F5 and seeing your name as the winner. We shared the same sentiments as well, saying it’s hacked, hoax, internal job, BS, etc…
    Cheers to all!

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