ADV: The Apple iBlackBerry

Several weeks ago, I bought myself a BlackBerry because I dropped my almost 1-year-old iPhone in a freak accident.

The sight of a lifeless Apple iPhone with a big blank screen is one of those things that could make a grown man cry. I had to beg the Maxis guys to repair it for me for free eventhough I lost the warranty card.

The point is, I’m gonna be iPhone-less for at least a few weeks and I cannot stand it.

I loved my iPhone and I still think it’s one of the best all-round phones in the world. But I’ve also heard good things about the Blackberry from their evangelists. So while my iPhone was still under ICU (aka the Maxis service centre in Kuching), I took the opportunity to buy the BlackBerry Bold 2 and try it just to see what the fuss is all about.

I know, right? Life used to be so much easier when Apples and Blackberries were just fruits. And cheap too.

So which is the better phone?

The conclusion I came to is this: As much I like the battery life, the snappy speed and the physical keypad of the BlackBerry, I realise I also cannot live without iPhone’s pinpoint accurate GPS, awesome predictive text and its multitude of entertainment features.

So what to do? You combine the best of both worlds and get…

The Apple iBlackBerry!

Now, you can surf the web on one side, and BBM on the other!

In all seriousness though, if you’re one of those deciding between an iPhone or a Blackberry – I say get the iPhone. You absolutely will not regret it.

Maxis used to the be only place where you can buy an iPhone in Malaysia, but recently one of their rivals won the contract to offer the Apple iPhone as well.

Since then, there has been great debate on the forums over which provider has a better iPhone plan. On the surface Maxis’s rival seems to be cheaper, offering the phone and call plans at RM106 per month all-inclusive. Both plans offer free SMS, calls and data.

Realistically, which network is better depends on how you use your phone.

If voice call is important to you, take advantage of the abundance of free minutes and free calls between Maxis family lines and go green. 500MB data isalready more than enough for even a heavy user like me.

If you SMS and surf the web a lot more than you call, and spotty 3G connection is not an issue for you, then run to the other shop.

But before you run out with your credit card in hand, keep in mind that their iPhone plan is offered ONLY on a 24-month contract, and that the RM106 per month deal mentioned previously is over a 36-month instalment!

The iPhone is a great phone, but I think it’s a bad idea for anyone to buy tech items with an instalment plan longer than 12 months.

Since I purchased my iPhone 3G 12 months ago, Apple released the iPhone 3GS, the Blackberry craze took over and I “good-gamed” my iPhone. If I wanna change phones for whatsoever reason, even if I spoil or lost my phone, I’d still have to pay off my existing contract until it lapses after 3 years.

Not a very wise move at all.

Go for a short and flexible contract term with Maxis if you wanna get yourself a new iPhone. But if you aren’t in a hurry to get a new phone, perhaps the smarter thing to do is wait 2 or 3 months to see if Steve Jobs is gonna announce a new version of their popular touch screen phone.

If not, then you can always buy from me… the Apple iBlackberry!


Buy now and get a free handsfree kit!

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66 Replies to “ADV: The Apple iBlackBerry”

  1. From the title I was wondering whether this is an advertorial for iPhone or Blackberry… but actually it is for Maxis. Not a particularly convincing attempt I must say.

  2. LoL i wish i could have both features of the blackberry and iphone as well :/ but not that way! haha

  3. You are one of the awesomest advertorial bloggers ever. It doesn’t even sound like an advert!!
    Love this line – “Life used to be so much easier when Apples and Blackberries were just fruits.”
    And if i’m not wrong, this was done when you are in SG right? You are AWESOME!!

  4. iphone blackberry !!! interesting… but still Digi is cheaper that MAXIS but who know after few months from now ..let the fight begging !!

  5. hahaha cool one dude! ignore those malicious comments, they dont know humour even when its staring them in the face. you are as funny as hell to me 😀 KEEP IT UP!!!

  6. For Digi’s Plan, do note that the total cost over 24 months and 36 months is actually the same, making the 36 more worthwhile. It’s like getting another 12 months of your plan free.
    For the 88 plan:
    106 * 36 = 3816 = 159 * 24

  7. For Digi’s Plan, do note that the total cost over 24 months and 36 months is actually the same, making the 36 more worthwhile. It’s like getting another 12 months of your plan free.
    For the 88 plan:
    106 * 36 = 3816 = 159 * 24

  8. hahahahaha!! nice handsfree.. but no thanks.
    diff telco has diff packages with their own pros & cons. Just know what you need & go for the ones which fits best to ur needs.
    i would still opt for the yellow ones because I text and online more than calling. teehee..

  9. Epic Win Kenny, haven’t seen something nearly as hilarious in a while.
    Hope business keeps on growing 🙂

  10. as tech savvy as you are…i cannot imagine that you think iPhone is one of the best all-round phones in the world. wait until you see nexus one. iphone is such a joke, ipad is even worst…really hate all the blind followers out there, including you

  11. Maxis sucks on IDD calls la. In order to enjoy cheaper rates you have to dial 13200 & it is hard to get calls connected & the voice quality sucks too. Maybe they are using VOIR for this cheaper IDD calls

  12. it is too late for maxis to save their iphone business now. they are hit incredibly by digi with more attractive packages and pricing strategy. i am one of the disappointed maxis users for their customer service and would definitely port to digi soon.

  13. Kenny,
    Is there any trusted Iphone 3GS Service Centre after your 1-year warranty expires? A staff told me that you can’t go back to the Phone Service Centre to repair after that. 🙁 Thanks!

  14. you know that you can get cheap iphones on ebay singapore? when i mean cheap i mean cheaper then what you pay with plans in malaysia.

  15. iPhone rawks! I’ve seen so many people who complain with their touchscreens Sonys, Samsungs and LGs, to name a few, who’ve since then used the iPhone and never looked back.
    I suppose the Apple iBlackberry combines the best of both worlds, but the rubber bands and the black tape.. got warranty anot?
    Entertaining as ever, even if it’s an ADV — never fails to bring out the LOLs.

  16. Hey kenny,i have a iphone 1st gen but i used it for like 2 days and passed it to my wife. I guess the biggest learning curve was smsing or typing on the touch screen.
    On the other hand i have always been a fan of Nokia ‘E’ series cos of the native SIP client where i can make VOIP calls on any unlocked WIFI hotspots.
    I switched to Blackberry Curve 8900 last Dec and i must say i’m really impressed with the screen resolution and also it’s ‘Auto focus’ 3.2mb pixel camera. I don’t have a BIS or BES dataplan but it works on edge ( for emailing ), other heavier stuffs i would use the WIFI feature. I’m also impressed with the WIFI range of a Blackberry compared to iphone and Nokia. The Bold 2 that you have now is really a good combination of Curve 8900 and Bold 9000. Anyway, i still prefer Blackberry for now maybe due to the physical QWERTY keyboard.

  17. lol.. that’s so farnee.. i’m laffing until my eyes are so teary now.. hahahahhaha… dat’s a really good one!
    I buy that AppleiBlackberry from you, I DONT want the handfree kit! So sakit lor… lol.. 😛

  18. best of both worlds? which technology will never do, there are always trade offs with new/ upcoming technologies, they give you this and take off that…

  19. Kenny, I think Maxis does sponsor you something for this blog? I as a neutral phone user, I think Digi offer better deal than Maxis. Do you get the new 3GS Iphone from Maxis?

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