A Case Of Mistaken Identity

A couple of days ago, I accidentally dropped my 10-month-old Apple iPhone.

It resulted in a White Screen of Death and a trip to Maxis service centre where my iPhone was diagnosed with Permanent Head Damage, and I was charged with first degree murder.

The iPhone is now in the ICU. I’m not sure how fast Maxis works, but I probably won’t get it back until a few months later.

The iPhone to me was the king of phones. It is capable of doing so many things that other phones are not able to. I find myself so dependent on it that I don’t even know how I’m gonna function without an iPhone.


I was half-tempted to find an excuse to get myself the latest Apple iPhone 3GS. But I know I’m gonna get my original phone back eventually and it wouldn’t make sense to hang around with two Apples.

As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Too many apples suck your wallet dry.


I figured it may be healthier to have some variety in my fruits.

There’s a lot of hype over the Blackberry and a lot of my friends have been egging me to go towards The Black Side. Even until now, I never understood what’s so god damn fantastic about the Blackberry – the iPhone can pretty much do everything a Blackberry can do. I don’t think I’ll ever switch to using the Blackberry.

But ladies and gentlemen, this is called “peer pressure”.


It’s too difficult to explain why I did it, but I got myself the Blackberry Bold 2. The biggest advantage Blackberry phones have over others is something called the “Blackberry Messenger”, or BBM. To put it simply, it’s like Windows Live Messenger on mobile.

If you have a Blackberry and you have another friend on Blackberry ANYWHERE in the world, you can give him your “Blackberry PIN” and send messages to each other free of charge.


I’ve got about 20 of my friends on Blackberry Messenger. Then one day, a total stranger by the nickname of “Rock Star” suddenly added me on BBM.

I had no idea who she was, but I accepted her request anyhow and we started having a conversation.

Kenny: Yo, who’s this?
Rock Star: Hi, is this Reuben?
Kenny: No, it’s Kenny here.
Rock Star: Really? What is your last name?
Kenny: Sia.
Rock Star: You mean I’ve got the wrong person?
Kenny: Yes I think so. I’m in Malaysia.
Rock Star: Oh sorry. I’ll delete you straight away.
Kenny: It’s okay. πŸ™‚

And that was that.

If this were a fairy tale, “Rock Star” and I would continue chatting, we would fall in love, she would fly all the way to Kuching to meet up. Then we would kiss, marry and have three beautiful little kids together.

Unfortunately, reality is not as kind.



This is how she looks like.



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  1. GG..
    I think the photo fake wan la… maybe is a guy and he’s fooling you by sending fake photo..

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  2. ok what. who know’s she’s sexy lady just trying to test u. y don u promote more on blackberry? i certainly want to know more aobut it

  3. This is a really mean entry. What did she do to you that warrants you posting up her photo and mocking her on your blog?

  4. timothy, is voila.no wuolah! speaking chinese or french eh? kenny wont understand ur multilingual mixed up word

  5. so kenny sia thinks he’s all superior to a fat black woman? well kenny, you’re a fat chink. you’re about one level lower.

  6. Local Malaysian Minister: We should buy more local fruits. Blackberries and apples need to import one. Introducing the new buatan Malaysia DURIAN MOBIL FON! Can even call people one don playplay.

  7. WAKE UP KEnny… stop dreaming… fairy tales happen one in a million …. so dun count on the internet to find true love……. hang on to this thing call FAITH πŸ™‚
    any hus HAPPY CNY!!!

  8. U bought bbb2 while ur beloved iPhone is still in ICU? then u r going to have two phones later.
    I am using blackberry bold and iPhone 3gs. I found that I can type a lot faster with lower error rate on bb but I still can’t the similar software that I use in iPhone for bb. That’s I still prefer iPhone. πŸ™‚
    Kevin C

  9. iphone sucks lar..any fault with the iphone.. just say good bye to it..
    bb is ok.. but prefer window mobile.. many applications can be downloaded for free!!!!

  10. typical kenny sia post. enjoyed reading it. but u’re really good at tempting. wanna get my self a blackberry as well. >.

  11. hahahahaha well she is plump, i have agree with that but its kinda evil insulting her anyway it was a really good post…… LMAO

  12. Wtf is wrong wth that woman?? So she’s heavy, and black, but do you have to make her seem like she’s a goon/alien or smthing? So you’re trying to be funny, but I think its just wrong of you, above all, to use a stranger’s pic in that manner

  13. Yeah… Was contemplating between the apple and the berry these few days — phone almost in ICU as well. The berry looks more tempting.

  14. Why is everyone making a fuss? This shows all your mentality. Kenny never said she was heavy or black of whatever. He just said this is how she looks. Then YOU commenters are the one who is labeling her.

  15. my good ol’ nokia can drop on the floor many many times and still function
    dont drop your blackberry next, kenny. you dont want “ribena” all over the floor πŸ˜›

  16. Tried both BB and iphone .. If u need emails and maybe pin(BBM) Obama then get a BB, if you are more into multi-media and gaming get Le IPhone, personally i prefer the iphone.
    P.S Window Mobile sucks no matter wat the version is(Get one at your own risk) Hahahaa …

  17. 1. It could be a fake photo. A lot of people send fake photos around.
    2. Regardless of her looks, she could be a very nice person.
    3. Imagine if you sent them your real photo and they have a blog making fun of how you look.

  18. I figured it may be healthier to have some variety in my fruits. – Kenny.
    You must be damn rich.

  19. Jim, Kenny is not rich, he is HYPER RICH. Just look at places he visited, just look at his gym, you will know the definition of “RICH”.

  20. Kenny, I am in fact quite disappointed your endless advertisement blogs. Where are all your heart-touching-self-realization blogs? Please share something that got the “Feel” instead of the endless advertisements. You are so “Materialistics” nowadays. Where is the old-day-sincere Kenny Sia? COME BACK, KENNY, COME BACK.

  21. Hey hey,if a girl is fat,she cant be a chick.
    So i hears some ppl at the top saying things like “You got a problem with fat chicks?”
    Fat girls are not called “FAT CHICKS”
    They are called “FAT PIGS”
    Thank you.

  22. Agreed.
    Blackberry – email works the best especially with the QWERTY
    iPhone – jailbreak it and you are in heaven plus itune store are having more and more free applications
    Windows Mobile – free applications for downloads but with limitations and the screen freeze more frequently than any phone
    All three platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses. Depends on what are you priorities.

  23. Everyone do grow up. What Kenny Sia is writting or have been writting are all or part of his life experiences.
    What he is writing now is what he is doing and experiencing. How can you ask someone to write something that he no long possess or experience?
    His life now may be busy with the Gym, product reviews, advertisement committments and that’s what he is going to write.
    When something pops up in his life that induce his to write something funny, I am sure he will. But as ppl get older things get more complicated and serious.

  24. Haha kenny I feel like you are copying me! I got an iPhone 6 months before you (Malaysia got it so late) and now u get the bb bold 2 2 weeks after me! I dunno about you but I was so disappointed with the blackberry. It can’t touch the iPhone. Other than BBM and the LED light, the iPhone is far superior in every department, especially browsing the Internet πŸ™ I hope you aren’t tied into a contract like I am

  25. MHK, you are wrong. Everyone has self-reflection, at least everyone SHOULD have self-reflection every now and then. If life is only like what you said — full with work + products reviews + advertisement commitments (which are ALSO “WORK”), then this person basically got NO LIFE. I was saying a lot of ppl are missing those sincere self reflection blogs, hey I wasn’t requesting for any “funny” blogs BTW. When I first joined the big family of KennySia.com, I was touched by his sharings about self-reflection, very sincere, which are lacking (very much lacking) nowadays.
    I am hoping that he can settle down his mind, at least start to spare some of his time to do some sincere self-reflection, and share with us what he feels. His self-reflection sharings are very inspiring.

  26. Everyone has self-reflection, at least everyone SHOULD have self-reflection every now and then. If life is only full with work + products reviews + advertisement commitments (which are ALSO “WORK”), then this person basically got NO LIFE.
    Kenny, I believe a lot of ppl are missing your sincere self-reflection blogs (Hey I wasn’t requesting for any “funny” blogs BTW).
    When I first joined the big family of KennySia.com, I was touched by your sharings about self-reflection, very sincere, which are lacking (very much lacking) nowadays.
    I am hoping that you can settle down your mind, at least start to spare some of your precious time to do some sincere self-reflection, and share with us what you feel. Your self-reflection sharings are very inspiring.

  27. Gem, you are SHALLOW person. All of us know that this is a fake photo just for entertainment and you treat it so real, SHALLOW.

  28. Dennis, excuse me, this is not a phone shop, if you want to ask about pricing, GO TO THE PHONE SHOP BY YOURSELF, understand?

  29. I agree that everyone SHOULD have self-reflection every now and then. If I am not wrong the self-observation and reporting of conscious inner thoughts, desires and sensations are very much affected by what you have been through or experience in your daily life. What he wrote above, does share with us his inner thoughts, desires and sensations about his life having another new phone. There are only 24 hours in a day and Kenny’s WORK life could have occupied 80% and the remaining could be his sleeping and other stuff. If the readers do like to read about his self-reflection of his sleep, dream, toilet time, and then Kenny please act fast. Write us something about what are your inner thoughts, desires and sensations when you sleep.

  30. Nikki, LOL, agree with you, if Kenny continues to let his body out of shape, this lady will be his best partner.
    Kenny, please keep fit.

  31. MHK, If 80% of the time is WORK, then it is even more important to utilize the remaining 20%. Dig back all his previous entries and you will know what am I trying to say here. It is important that a person (I mean a concious human) needs to always do self-reflection for self-improvement.
    Do you know why the movie “2012” did not manage to get good review? (Well, maybe for you, it was a good movie, I don’t know, your taste could be very “different” from the higher tastes people). It is because although “2012” was entertaining and booming us with all those shocking scenes, however, it was NOT SINCERE enough. There was hardly ANY, yes I mean ANY plot that really touched ppl’s hearts. All the ppl I asked (well, they are clearly consious normal human beings, might not applicable for you) shared with me that they felt fed up with those hyper-not-real-US-hero type of story line. Some of them even felt like leaving the cineplex after half-way watching although it was showing the shocking scenes.
    That’s my point. Kenny’s blogs might be funny and entertaining, but we do hope that he can once in a while share with us his inner thoughts and some inspiring entries, just like how he shared with us how much he missed his dad, and how he managed to go through the difficult time when he broke up with his ex. Those, are what we called as “Sincere” and “Human”. I believe part of the reasons why he got the award of “Malaysian Successful Blogger” was due to his previous sincere entries as well. Look at those comments during that time, the entries really touched ppl’s hearts (well, again, it might not applicable for you).
    Of course, he can choose NOT to share something TOO personal, and NOT to share these type of entries TOO frequent. However, as a concious reader (might not applicable for you), we do hope that he can share with us his inspiring thoughts once in a while.
    MHK,you might not fully agree with what I have mentioned, and I AM NOT requesting your agreement as well (I totally don’t feel any need to have you to agree with me). Just like I am 100% not agree with what you have said. But, so what? It doesn’t hurt me at all.

  32. hahahahhahaha……….. what a great start for ur TIGER year le.. i think u will get a BBM next time~ fall in love aend live happily ever after… muahahahhahahahahahaa

  33. gymer you come across as a 16 year old wimpy pompous bitch..pls stfu you are so freaking tad annoying! now go back to your dingy bedroom and talk to yourself,tqvm.

  34. Kenny, this isn’t very nice of you. Being someone who was educated in Australia, you would know and probably might have faced some discrimination or even racism. This post is completely uncool. It’s not what you are capable of. You are capable of more intellectual jokes. This is a cheap shot. Don’t let your fame and money change the good person that you were.

  35. I just wanna tell u after a long time this post made me LOLed – literally.
    Btw, if your iPhone got the white screen of death all u gotta do is just put it into DFU mode and restore it. Youtube has PLENTY of tutorials for this.

  36. im scared. i typed in my friends pin in about 20 minutes ago only to find it was the wrong person. some woman called krystal light has accepted me, and i dont know what to do. help.

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