ADV: Jay Chou Is Coming To Town

If you wanna talk about who’s the King of Chinese Pop, you can bring up names like David Tao or Lee Hom.

But, love him or hate him, the ONE name that you cannot go past is Jay Chou.
Like many others, Jay Chou’s lyrical mumbling goodness has got me hooked since many years ago with his breakout single Ke Ai Nu Ren. Since then, I’ve been listening to his music frequently and following his album releases with anticipation every year.

In a climate of commercialised C-Pop where good looks take precedence over musical talent, and where every Chinese artiste is contented just singing translated versions of Western songs, Jay Chou’s originality is refreshing. In fact, he’s the only Chinese artiste I truly idolize. I like that in every new album of his, he is always ready to explore new themes while staying true to his roots.
His knack of fusing East and West, hip hop and pop, and the sounds of everyday elements like ping-pongs into music is always creative and is gonna stay interesting for many years to come.
It’s hard to find fault in this musical genius. Perhaps the only thing I hate about Jay Chou is that the lyrics to his songs are too cheem.
There is absolutely no chance in hell anyone can sing his songs during karaoke sessions.

Heck, I need to look up dictionary ten times just to sing his one line.
It wasn’t just singing he’s good at. The Taiwanese superstar recently ventured into acting and directing, releasing his first self-directed movie Secret to surprisingly critical acclaim. Even after Initially Disappointed with Jay Chou’s acting abilities, I have to take my words back after watching Secret. By that time, many guys are already throwing their arms up in air wondering “Is there ANYTHING Jay Chou can’t do?!”
But that’s not what this blog entry is about today.
My blog entry today is to tell you that Jay Chou is coming to town.

In conjunction with Jay’s new CNY movie Kung Fu Dunk, the good guys over at Mamee Funkees are bringing the Chinese King of R&B over for the Kung Fu Dunk Uth FEST.
The event is happening this 2nd February from 10am onwards at the 1Utama Central Park Avenue.
Jay Chou himself will be making a special appearance, and highlights of the Fest will include fashion shows, hair shows, kung fu shows, singing contests, t-shirt design contests, basketball challenges.
What’s more? There’ll be stage appearances by many well-known local personalities like Karen Kong, Liang and… KENNY SIA.

Me, Liang and David

Yes, I’ll be down Saturday next week for the Kung Fu Dunk Uth Fest.
Come 2nd February, 1Utama is gonna be more crowded than a Hindraf rally because everyone will be lining up to catch a glimpse of me and my coconuts.
Or more likely, they don’t really wanna see me and just wanna meet Jay Chou, like me.

But tell you what.
HOW GOOD WOULD IT BE if you join us backstage chilling out with Jay Chou up close and personal, and avoid the people mountain people sea situation outside 1Utama?
All you gotta do is get those specially-marked packs of the delicious Mamee Funkees and open up to see if you have the winning card. Who knows? You might get lucky, you know? (With the card, not with Jay Chou)
Even if you didn’t get to meet the star himself, there’s still lots of prizes like LG TVs, Apple iPods and movie passes to drool over.

All these is in celebration of the 7th February release of his new movie Kung Fu Dunk.
In this cross between Shaolin Soccer and Slam Dunk, Jay Chou plays a kung fu fighter trying to locate his real family. Instead he was duped by Eric Tsang into joining a basketball team, where he met and fell in love with Half-A-Twin Charlene Choi.
It’s an action comedy, which is gonna be interesting because I never saw Jay Chou as a comedian. His role in all his previous movies is this calm, quiet, introverted guy with only ONE facial expression.

The -_- expression.
We know Jay Chou has got that cool solemn factor nailed down, so let’s see if he could do himself proud as a comedian.

For more info about the Kung Fu Dunk Uth FEST, log on to You could also join this Be Funky With Funkee contest, and it’s wacky fun.

The instruction on the website says to grab a basketball and a pack of yummy Mamee Funkees, then “take a photo and show us how FUNKY you are!”
“The one with the funkiest shot and slogan will win!”
I tried.

I failed. Miserably.
I think the most difficult part is figuring out what “funky” stuff I could do with a basketball and a packet of Funkees.
What exactly does “funky” mean anyway?

Does this look funky to you?

Does this look funky to you?
Wait, I have an idea.

blog counter

Does THIS look funky to you?

Blog Plug Of The Day: John Mayer (yes, the singer) actually has a pretty interesting blog. You’d think he’s just gonna write about music and crap, but he does other funny stuff as well.
This is a parody he did called 2Guys1Cup, obviously influenced by the original video involving 2 girls and 1 cup (which I seriously think you should not watch).

126 Replies to “ADV: Jay Chou Is Coming To Town”

  1. i not sure you all.
    but i damn hate jay chou.
    coz to me he is just act cool
    and believe me or not.
    most ppl love him not becoz his song. but it is being “cool” to love his song.
    its like when you play jay chou, you are cool-er then other.
    when u don listen jay chou, you are freak..
    i just don like the feel …

  2. try to differentiate whether u like jay chou song, or you just want to be cool to love jay chou song.
    “wah.. that guy is cool, he love jay chou song..” knn wtf
    damn childish..

  3. did u ask your mum to help u take those funny pictures, with basketball and funkees? no one threw odd eyes at u near the public place?
    however, is exactly a good advertising “media” nowadays ๐Ÿ™‚
    BTW, have you got someone offering u the 15/1 nanyang siang pau, since your fans are loaded everywhere ^^

  4. honestly, sometimes really envy u.. i wanted to be a media person but dream is never realized (due to low pay). but u got it even though u don’t actually pursue it. do u enjoy that? I think yes lar.. pardon me for the stupid question.

  5. jay chou is loved and hated in Cali. lovers say jay chou’s singing is an art; very original. haters think the singing itself + his ok to ugly looks is enough to vomit.

  6. I’m not a big fan of himself, with the -.- expression and all the mumbling.
    But different people has different taste, no problem with me.

  7. jay chao ( watever his name is) doesnt sing. he mumbles… some of his songs may be nice, but his voice is just terrible. he doesn’t even look good. -_-.

  8. omg you’re gonna meet jay chou face to face?!?!?!
    i hate you :(:(:(:(:(:(
    i went to three of his world tour concerts and OMG it was all awesomeeeeeeee!!

  9. Whahahaha~! I almost burst out laughin in the college computer lab!
    Btw… sumone is happy to mention his name, so that means taking the ‘bus’ again la? XD

  10. fuck, u all just don get it.
    jay chou’s song so damn bad taste. .
    u all still so like it.
    u all so no taste

  11. fuck, u all just don get it.
    jay chou’s song so damn bad taste. .
    u all still so like it.
    u all so no taste
    –waaa, kenny u see his london so great. u all so no taste la, kenny, so no taste. u all still so like it. why is you all so no taste? why, kenny, why?
    LOL. very FUNKY la kenny!

  12. … But fact is JAY CHOU is worth praising. Dude HE IS JAYYY. The one person who can do practically everything from breakdancing to singing to directing to acting. Got a row 2 for his sg concert, he’s an awesome person too. (& not to mention how nice he looks)
    Anyway. I’m so going to the premier of KF Dunk in SG, already got those tickets. Now if only I could get those backstage passes…
    Anyhoo good luck in getting those tics. Jay is an uberly lame person, too.

  13. I laughed out loud at the last picture while browsing this in the library. Pai seh…
    Thanks for making my day Kenny!

  14. “HOW GOOD WOULD IT BE if you join us backstage chilling out with Jay Chou up close and personal, and avoid the people mountain people sea situation outside 1Utama? ”

  15. Sing it as it is princessladyjane! This blog has lost all cred for me. This blog was once cool when Kennysia looked at things from a zany perspective. Now its corrupted… Selling tickets to his readers… and literally acting like a “monkey” for the master as well…

  16. hahaha you are more funny than funky. nice post there.
    and the thought of you slipping coffee with Jay Chou back stage is gonna make thousands of girls scream with envy!

  17. Oh my goodness….LOL
    Your last picture tells me that you looked like one sick fella trying to be pregnant by all means funky??? Hmmmm I am confused!!!!!!
    Pls Kenny, do not try to put a basketball into your shirt again! U really looked like a stuffed pregnant transvetite!!!

  18. how i wish i was you!!! damn, you get to meet jie lun!! i’m a jay fan and i’m not afraid to admit it !!
    tell jay he has fans who will always support him in whatever he does!

  19. Been ages since I commented here, but the last pic made me 2 things.
    1. Laugh out loud
    2. Think Fu Rong Jie Jie
    Good Job! ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. OMG!!!!! I LOVE JAY CHOU!!!! why isn’t he coming over to brunei? oh wait.. i know why.. becos it’s brunei =.=”””””” take LOTS and LOTS and LOTSSSSSS of his pics n post up k? thankiewww =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  21. WHY do i have to miss Jay Chou’s concert / appearance on stage in malaysia ALL THE FREAKING TIME?!!!!
    even if he filmed some of his MV in london oso never get a chance to meet him. sigh……………..

  22. oh kenny,you’re the luckiest guy on earth. you will be going for his concert and also for his promo movie in Malaysia. And you even have a chance to meet him personally. How I wish I am you? too bad…

  23. You know what? I thought there used to be rumours that Jay’ll be cast in a Slam Dunk live movie adaptation. Is this said movie? Or were my sources wrong?
    And about Jay himself. Used to hate him cos he looks damn ‘yeong sui’. Then my roommate blasted his music everyday in the hostel, till I eventually converted. Sigh, the power of peer promotion these days ^^;;

  24. Hahaha… I dono wat funky means either. Did u try lookin it up in the dictionary? But u do look funny lah. haha.. I admire the way u dare to pose in front of the camera. Good 1 kenny. Good one. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Jay Chou again.. haiya.. i dono y but his name sound so annoying. i don like him BUT.. i do like his songs. >.

  25. i love love love jay chou…so sad that i wont be able to make it for the kung fu dunk session…kenny can u please take loads of photos at the event and post it up in ur blog? thanks…

  26. Catch “JAY CHOU” Live in Concert Showcase at RUUMS, KL on 2nd February 2008, Saturday, 7pm onwards. Catch him Live doing the KUNG FU DUNK and his Live Concert. Come Early…

  27. John Mayer’s blog: knew about it, read it a long time ago. and yeah, his songs are great and his blog is an interesting read. If you think 2 girls n 1 cup is bad enough, you have not seen 4 girls fingerpaint yet. To watch that would need you to have a stomach of steel.

  28. why why why why why?????
    your short talk video is absolutely the most horrid video ever!!!

  29. The latest album of Jay C not bad lo…especially slow…pregnant Kenny…seems like 7 months liao….lol….

  30. NEVER a Jay Chow fan.
    Can’t stand him and his nonsensical mumblings.
    But I have to admit that A FEW of his songs are nice and that he’s one talented guy.
    But I still don’t like him.
    Anyways. Kenny I love your pregnant pic.XD

  31. looking @ the recent blogs ah…
    seems like kennysia is short of lolly
    prolly trying to get wat he didnt get in diu or no diu….or mayb juz to cover his 2Nflo ‘treating-x-like bus’ fares ?
    bit unfair to say dis b4 i watch the movie lar…
    but kungfu dunk? straight lead my dump head to COPYcat of shaolin soccer….or slam dunk….i dun mind he makes more of his golden best character –>
    but not “get bit from here grasp bit from there…fry it all in the pan” …dis kinda killing-chinese-movie uncreative works lar….one WONG JING is really enuf ler

  32. GUESS WHAT GUYS!!!!! Bought a pack of Funkees this morning and I got myself a ticket to CHILL OUT Backstage with Kenny and JAY!!!!
    KENNY, you wont be alone…!!! hahahaha
    so freaking happy!

  33. “If you people think 2G1C is disgusting, y’all are a bunch of pussies.
    Again, welcome to Internets.”
    You’re kidding, right?
    Anyway, I love John Mayer’s spoof.

  34. Wonder if he is coming to indonesia as well?
    I came to like his songs because my commuting partner brainwashed me by playing his albums everyday. Never, until I’ve really listened, I was interested to his song.
    Though like you, I to need to open dictionary to understand his lyrics, it would be great to see him performing live.

  35. kenny, kenny, why didn’t you take the opportunity to use the tulan vietnamese kid’s picture? you know jay chou’s face exactly like that. -_-

  36. I don’t like Jay Chou but I still think you’re a pretty like guy to be chilling out backstage with him. ๐Ÿ˜€ And that was a great advert post! ^^

  37. OMG!!!! last shoT!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH
    I LOVE JAY….but…but
    his movie and stepehn chow at the same day!!!!!!!!!! dunno which to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. kungfu dunk some kinda contest appeared at my school today!! including that smart car with kungfu dunk poster printed on it, it was so cool!! i think they’re pormoting abt some contest dat u can win 1000 bucks…
    p/s kip it cool, kenny!

  39. heyyy! I’ve been dying to meet him face-to-face again. By any chance you can help? teheee. =D Met him once when he came to kl in year 2005 to promote his album. The event was awesome. You should fly to KL and attend his concertttt! =D
    PS:love reading your entries. =)

  40. kenny!!! I WANT TO SEE JAY CHOU! SO BADLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Can you wear a huge big shirt and pants something so you can smuggle me and my friend to see jay??????????????
    We’re both small. I think we can fit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. HAHHAA hilarious last picture. so crazy. XD
    Hmm.. i do want to meet him but really dont think i’ll enjoy the crowd. =( AH WELL!!

  42. AWW JAY CHOU! I’ll be meeting him too! (in Singapore)
    GOSH, all the comments about hating Jay. GET A LIFEEEE! If you think you can do better than him, go ahead and produce an album (:
    Jay’s music is the best. He’s the best chinese artiste, and the truly talented one that doesn’t use his face.
    Btw.. Jay’s very cute and handsome! But it’s his magical music that made us fall in love with him.
    Glad to know you like him too Kenny!

  43. shit!i didnt expect my favourite blogger to be there too!im so going!!!im staying near 1u so im i ll be there as early as i can…hope i get a glimpse of famous kenny sia too~weeheewhoooo~

  44. dudes.. come to think about it.. to all people who hate jay chou.. my one and only message.. HE IS GENERATING $$$ WHILE YOU ARE NOT! so wats the fuss about.. yes.. he act cool.. he singing sux.. but he is generating $$$

  45. many ppl hv stereotype on JAY…
    his music really special and “exotic”! can be soft or sentimental, as well as be hardcore##
    whoelse can produce such music that compromise many sorts of elements?
    plus his cool style combind with his songs, became most popular trend!
    why they hate JAY? bcos they JAYleous of his success and the power to leading the music trend!

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