ADV: I Wanna I Wanna I Wanna Touch You

My music playlist is running dry.

I have been listening to my chill out Cafe Del Mar music for such a long time that I don’t even know what’s the latest bands and music that’s been coming out. In fact, when a whole bunch of international artists came down to Malaysia last month, I didn’t even recognize most of them.

Maybe I’m getting old. At least last time I checked, bands have names that still sounded cool and awesome, like Westlife, Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block.

Nowadays, they just sounded like poor things that nobody wants at all.

HoobaSTANK? The All-American REJECTS?

You must understand that before last week, the only song I knew from All-American Rejects was the overplayed one on the radio that goes, “When you see my face, hope it gives you Hell, hope it gives you Hell.” 

I thought it means their face is very ugly. And they don’t sound very friendly at all.

So I wasn’t planning to attend the concert initially. Unless I’m Satan, the idea of being squashed by thousands of sweaty teenagers screaming to a band that promises to “gives me Hell” doesn’t sound like something I’d like to do on a Saturday night.


But of course I changed my mind the last minute. Since the whole of KL is going (and I got free passes), I thought why not give it a shot and see what this All-American Rejects is all about.

Well, I went to the concert, and I’d like to humbly take my words back.

I had no regrets being squashed by the thousands of sweaty teenagers, because The All-American Rejects absolutely kicked ass!

They were really really good.

Apart from Gives You Hell, other tracks I really liked are The Wind Blows and the one that goes “I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you, you wanna touch me too!”

Before they finish their set, lead singer Tyson Ritter thanked the audience and announced, “We’ll be back in Malaysia very soon!

The crowd literally went bonkers.

Sure enough, the official announcement came out, and The All-American Rejects is set to come back to deliver their encore performance on the 10th October at 1Utama.

There’s only one catch though. Tickets to the upcoming All-American Rejects concert are NOT FOR SALE! 

None of the ticketing outlets carry them so even if you got the moolah, too bad.

In fact, it would be impossible to get anywhere close to the All-American Rejects unless you: (a) Sign up to DiGi Music for free to easily get one ticket automatically;

OR. (b) Install the ‘What I’ll Do For Music’ App for your Facebook or Friendster. Then threaten all your friends with secret embarrassing photos of them if they do not subscribe to DiGi Music.

Yes, in some countries they call this “blackmail”. Here, we prefer to call it “pressure”.

Of course, instead of threatening, you can always offer to do something nice for them. Clean their car, wash their dogs or give them a backrub. The important thing is, you will get a concert ticket as long as someone you invited on Facebook subscribes to DiGi Music)

Now, in case you’re wondering what the heck is this DiGi Music thing all about. Hear me out. In short, it’s the telco company’s online music portal that tries to make it easier for you to discover new music, create your own playlists and share them with your friends.

Yalah. To a certain extent, it can do that.

However, to be PERFECTLY HONEST with you, they still got a looooong way to go before they make that website fast, user-friendly and capable of streaming music effortlessly.

So forget it. The only reason you’d sign up with DiGi Music is because it’s the only way you’re gonna get your hands on those exclusive not-for-sale concert tickets.

Understandably, some people may balk at the idea of a not-for-sale concert. But think about it. Considering a typical concert tickets cost RM100. Signing up to DiGi Music is just RM5 a month.

Which one more worth it? You tell me. Only condition is that you must have a DiGi number, which isn’t too much to ask when the price of a prepaid SIM card is the same as a pirated CD.

Despite the clunky interface, there is one nice thing about signing up to DiGi Music.

Not only will you get to watch live concerts and attend exclusive meet-and-greets, you can also download any songs you like from the entire DiGi Music catalogue to your phone or PC completely and utterly free of charge.

Too good to be true?

Of course it’s too good to be true lah!

You think everything in life all FREE FREE FREE one meh? The caveat here is that you can play most tracks for up to a month only, after which it will self-destruct (unless you pay for it).

But hey, at least all the latest music from the big names are there.

Not a single cent will be charged for browsing or downloading to your phone. Best of all, it’s available online all the time, anytime of the day.

That’s even better than buying it from your local pirated CD shop. Except this one is 100% guaranteed legal. So donch worry.


Police won’t come and catch you one.

Blog Plug of the Day: Rachel Kum, the reigning Miss Singapore (the ‘Universe’ one, not the ‘World’ one who likes Lepered Prince and Zipbra Prince) blogs about her experience with the Miss Universe pageant in The Bahamas.

Lots of pictures of hot chicks in bikinis, if you’re into that kinda stuff. And let’s face it, who doesn’t?

31 Replies to “ADV: I Wanna I Wanna I Wanna Touch You”

  1. Just download then use software to crack it .. anyone interested ?
    I charge 10 sen only so you no need to spend the Rm5 for the pirated CD ..
    hahaha !!

  2. fck lah,why keep advertisement wan,not like i am jealous or wht cause i dont own a blog but where goes the old kenny sia with his controversial posts and funny dimwit shits,bring the good ol times back man not this mundane same ol same ol ADV,ffs!

  3. yeah ..I bought 2 numbers I got 2 tickets . The last I redeemed ..there were still like 5000+ tickets . And I really love them . You can go to 1Utama GSC (there’s a digi booth there) ..or Sunway (elevator to TGV) to redeem . XD. and you can unsubscribe later on . and the picture of Tyson must have been from years ago . Cause now he lookes kinda gaunt .

  4. WOW, u ads for my company…great…yeah, they dun let digi staff to win any AAR tickets….darn… give me one if u got extra.
    check out my blogsite too at …did ads digimusic!

  5. Cool. Tho I can’t really believe that you, Kenny actually likes Love Story. Kinda cheesy, not to mention girly for you, isn’t it?

  6. kenny or anyone who knows,
    wanna ask as i couldnt find in DigiMusic website T&C.
    1st 30days upon subcription is free, then RM5 per month.
    However is there a fixed contract period that i am committed to upon subscription? If yes, what d penalty (if any) for breaking the contract period?

  7. should thank u for my new passion for blogging. Was envious of a normal everyday guy, fellow Kuchingite no less, being able to make a living from writing nonsense.. interesting nonsense albeit.. so tried it myself. have since given up on the idea of earning money cos have only to date earned USD1.45! haha But I have found blogging to be a priceless journal of precious memories which we would have otherwise lost had we not written it down. anyways have a question n dunno who to ask. Would u know how long our blog exist on the internet? am not particularly tech savvy so pardon the ‘duh’ness

  8. There is another company already doing this, called Spotify that has been the talk of the town (or at least the music industry) here in the EU. Beta version is invitation only (though you can get invites online) and free, and the streaming service is unlimited and quick.
    No you can’t download the music, but yes it is totally legal and all major record labels as well as some indies are collaborating. So their catalogue is HUMONGOUS.
    If you really want to download music unlimited for a price you could try Nokia’s comes with music. Same concept, only you have to buy the mobile. Not a great fan of it though, because the files are non-transferrable and encrypted with DRM. Some enterprising people have found a way to get rid of the encryption though.
    This is not an advert 😀 Just being patriotic and doubting the Digimusic thing.

  9. hey I’ll be going for the concert.. can’t wait for AAR to perform…nyways any suggestion to DiGi for who they should be bringing in for concert next time? Will try to suggest to them…

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