ADV: The Black Eyed Peas Interview

The following conversation took place few weeks ago between my agent and I.


*ring ring* *ring ring*

Kenny: Hello?
Agent: Eh, Kenny ah. You free on the 25th September or not ah?
Kenny: 25th September ah? Can lah. What’s going on?
Agent: Something big, Kenny. It’s so freaking huge it’s not even funny. 25th September is Guinness’s 250th Anniversary and they are having a worldwide celebration on that day. Out of five cities in the world, only KL was selected as the sole Asian destination to host the Arthur’s Day. We want you to come to KL.
Kenny: Oh. Ok. What do I have to do?
Agent: Guinness is bringing The Black Eyed Peas to perform at Sunway Lagoon on that day. We want you to interview them. You interested or not?
Kenny: Oh. Can loh.
Agent: Ok sweet then I talk to you later kthxbai.
Kenny: Bye.

And so, I went home from a busy day at work just like any other day, curled up in my bed and prepared for a night’s sleep.

As I was lying on my bed, a small teeny weeny little voice crept into my head and went, “omg omg omg…”



“Do you even understand the magnitude of what you’ve just been told?”

“The Black Eyed Peas!”





Drenched in dripping cold sweat, I sprung out of my bed immediately and screamed, “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

Is this really happening?! Am I really gonna be interviewing the Black Eyed Peas?! Seriously, if this one goes through, it is going to be one golden opportunity of a lifetime!

I couldn’t sleep that night. I was as excited as a teenager discovering porn on the Internet. All I did was staying up the whole entire night thinking how to act when I meet Fergie and the rest of the band. For sure I am gonna be nervous like hell. I think I might even cry. And Big Girls Don’t Cry.

How am I even gonna start the interview? I don’t even know what questions to ask!

“Hello Fergie can I have your number wtf?”

I don’t know. I really really don’t know. Which is why I wanna put this out to all readers.

Help me interview The Black Eyed Peas!

Please, please, please. If you can help me come up with some fun, creative and interesting interview questions to ask The Black Eyed Peas, leave me a comment in the box below. Surely, there must be stuff you’re always curious about the BEP?

When the band arrives here for Arthur’s Day, I will talk to them face-to-face. And I will ask those questions on your behalf. So you win, I win!

As a token of my appreciation, 5 of you who asked the best interview questions will be rewarded with two tickets to attend Arthur’s Day and watch The Black Eyed Peas perform live in concert.

So here’s your chance to ask, Fergie, Taboo and Apl.d everything that you ever wanted to know about them, The Black Eyed Peas or their music in general. Ask them anything you want.

Like, how did they come up with the name Black Eyed Peas?

What is the meaning of the lyrics to the song My Humps? (When they order char kueh teow, they don’t put clams)

So many questions, so little time.

Let’s all do this on Arthur’s Day

AD: Arthur Guinness had been spotted wandering around KL nightspots! What the heck is the 250 year old fella doing there!

Search for me Arthur this Thursday, Friday and Saturday as I he makes his appearance at these selected locations. Here’s the secret: If you see him, shout out “To Arthur!”, and you could win 2 pairs of exclusive Mosh Pit tickets to Arthur’s Day, featuring the Black Eyed Peas.

Lots of clues will be given through Arthur Guinness’s Twitter, so follow him. πŸ™‚

292 Replies to “ADV: The Black Eyed Peas Interview”

  1. Guys, if you wanna participate in this contest, remember to state your e-mail address when filling out the comment box, ok?
    Entries close 19 September!

  2. this question is for you kenny, where the hell did u manage to get that pic??? that’s must be pretty embarrasing though for her, i love fergie…
    and to BEP: who’s the source of creativity for your song?? is it a group thingy or just someone who’s talented within the group?? and how many hours do you practice to rap everyday? (ok, the last question is crap, omit that)

  3. Can you hold this “” sign for a minute and say a few words to my readers so they know I am not faking this up? (while you shooting the video from one of your SLRs)

  4. Hi, will any of you ever snatch the mic over from the award winner @ an award show and say that he/she doesn’t deserves it?

  5. Question to Fergie:
    Your first role was voice over work for the animated cartoon “Peanuts” and now you are in the group of “Beans” which Black Eyed Peas.. what you think about this relation?

  6. This obviously isn’t your first time in Malaysia, apart from being on the job performing worldwide, are there anything else that attracted you to this country of malaysia?

  7. Whenever people talk about the black eye peas these days, they will have these energetic, fun having and mind blowing image on their mind. I understand that the music on the fourth album Monkey Business are more to party type music. Is there by chance, we will see something different in the next coming album ? Something which reflects life or maybe yourself?

  8. There is no doubt on the success of your latest album The E.N.D. Looking forward down the line, do you guys have any plans to venture out and broaden your career prospects in other areas of the entertainment industry such as taking up a main acting role, theatrical performances or even dancing with the stars? (for each of them).
    With your outstanding career achievements currently, have any thoughts cross your mind that, this is enough and shifting your priorities to families and having babies lol? (For Fergie)

  9. How much on average, do you guys earn when doing a concert like this?
    I’m sure that during your shows, there will be rowdy/crazy fans. Share with us some of your most unforgettable experiences during your concerts.
    Your hit song, “Where is the Love” promotes peace and has a really deep, meaningful message in it, like peace.
    In your opinion, what song(s) is/are the most inspiring to you, and what is the message in it?

  10. How is the relationship within the B.E.P.? Over the years, when we see members of a particular group/band start coming out with solo albums, they tend to drift apart. It will be such a heartbreak to all B.E.P. fans if this were to ever happen.
    If result of above question is positive, how are the solo experiences contributing to the group?

  11. Hey Fergie, A lot of dudes have been comparing the hotness between you and Megan Fox. Personally, who do you think is hotter?
    Black eyed peas, why black eyed peas?
    Why and how and what inspired you the name where is the love?

  12. Whenever people talk about the black eye peas these days, they will have these energetic, fun having and mind blowing image on their mind. I understand that the music on the fourth album The E.N.D are more to party type music. Is there by chance, we will see something different in the next time? Maybe some music with slower tempo, music which reflects life or yourself.

  13. Ask them to comment on Kanye West who recently interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech in MTV Video Music Awards 2009? Mind that it was her first time winning the VMA. So, what would the Black Eyed Pea would have done if they were in TS’s position? Will they wallop K.West right there and then? Or be cool about it?
    And to Will.I.Am, what actually happened between him and Perezhilton, who accused him of assault at an afterparty in Toronto months ago? Can I just add that, Perezhilton is not worth the skin on his knuckles, or anyone for that matter.

  14. Would B.E.P compose a theme song for The song could be like “My Hairs” or “Don’t Phunk with Kenny Sia”
    will B.E.P ever going to do a collaboration with the local hip hop artist such as Danny, Point Blanc, joe Flizzow bla bla bla
    Hope I can win this haha XD

  15. Question for BEP:
    Did any one of you knew that one day you are going to be this famous?
    Was this ( fame & fortune )something you guys have worked hard for or opportunity just came knocking on your door one day?
    To Fergie: What is that one thing you wish you could do but can’t due to who you are in the music industry?
    To : If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?

  16. Hey Kenny..firstly congrats! Not everyone can get the opportunity to interview them. You are so lucky.
    I would like to ask the BEP what is their (BEP) dreams? Have they accomplished or achieved their dream? Do they have the same vision for as a group or as successful individuals?
    I know you can do it Kenny. All the best and good luck πŸ™‚

  17. With individual members going out to pursue their solo careers like Will.I.Am and Fergie, was it difficult for everyone to come back together after all the success (both as individuals and as a group) to produce successful albums 1 after another?

  18. Most of their singles has different distinctive sounds (My humps and I gotta feeling, loved tht song btw)and yet all of them still emerge in the billboard top charts. What is the inspiration behind the songs? What is the secret of creating that balance in their futuristic sounds that allows people all over the world to start going crazy when they hear “monday, tuesday, wednesday & thursday..”?
    Congrats Kenny. Have been an avid fan for years

  19. Hey Kenny, I would like a question like this.
    To BEP: Do you guys drink Guinness before, got drunk and wake up somewhere you don’t remember you went to?

  20. Did members of BEP see themselves as what they are today when they form the group in 1995?(apart from Fergie who joined in 2003)
    What was the initial motive/idea/inspiration/dream to form this group in 1995 and have u guys achieve it today? Is the initial dream still the same as today’s?
    BTW, please tell that he is damn freaking cool please.TY =)

  21. Will.I.Am from Jamaican descent, Apl from a Filipino mother, Taboo from a Mexican blood and Fergie with a lil bit of Irish blood…
    You guys are so diverse…
    When Kim Hill left the group, you guys searched for any particular characteristic to ensure the diversity or it’s just pure coincidence?
    (before Fergie joined the bandwagon)

  22. Question to BEP:
    Black Eyed Peas made huge impact on our world today.
    But is Black Eyed Peas just another band out there that broke sales record?
    If not,What is the orientation of Black Eyed Peas now; is it just to increase band’s fame & publicity, or do you all have something else to achieve besides that?

  23. The new album ‘The E.N.D’ Energy never die. What kind of energy is that? and what makes you keep the energy(BEP’s music) flowing and growing strong.

  24. To Fergie: Nicole Scherzinger was previously supposed to replace a former BEP female singer. How do you think your life would’ve turned out to be like today had Nicole taken your place at BEP instead?

  25. I know I’m greedy but I’ve got 2 possible questions.
    1) Every album Black Eyed Peas comes out with becomes a huge success! What would you say are the 3 essential items for this winning formula everytime round?
    2) Are you aware that black eyed peas in hot curry is a staple dish for most indians around the world? It’s called dhal and usually eaten with chapati. Your popularity worldwide can be seen as an ironic similarity. What do you think?
    Either way, all the best Kenny! Do us lay(wo/)man Asians proud! =D

  26. Question for BEP
    I understand that you write your own songs and all of you are very creative people. Do you think you can give us a few liners on 1Malaysia? Maybe hum a tune for us too?

  27. To Fergie: You are the only married member of the B.E.P. How do you balance your marriage and work, especially since all the other three members of your band have no such commitment? Do you plan to balance your work and marriage indefinitely or do you see yourself ending up in a situation where you have to put one over the other?

  28. Hey Kenny,
    Here is a tip I picked up from a friend who is in publishing:
    Don’t ask questions they’ve answered a 1000 times before.
    Meaning, the origins of the band name, their working relationship etc. which can be easily obtained with a quick google. It shows unprofessionalism.
    You feeling nervous after the last footballer interview?
    Don’t worry!

  29. How was it happen that make four of you form BEP? And, why there is only a gal, Fergie in BEP? Why don’t make it balance, two guys and two gals?

  30. Ask them about durians!
    Have you ever eaten durians before? Do you like it? Would you eat it again? Would you eat a whole durian to get a free supply of Guinness for the rest of your life?

  31. one of the most memorable early B.E.P. song for me is Bebop, which I understand went crazy in the Phillipines due to the country name mentioned in the song.Is there any plans to include new elements in B.E.P.’s future songs such as a different language or a type of slang that B.E.P. would be comfortable with?

  32. how do you come up with quirky song names that people will remember..just like *snaps fingers* that?!
    (remember to ask like what i instructed. you gotta snap your finger)

  33. We know you guys are really creative so try to answer this question as creatively as possible …
    Imagine you can have any super powers in this world..what would that power be and what would you do with it?

  34. Hie Kenny. (:
    Dear BEP, who is behind the mixing and creativity of your songs?
    BEP, how have your huge success made an impact in your own personal lives and how do you guys deal with all the fame and popularity?
    BEP, what makes you different from other people who are in the industry at this moment?
    BEP, what do you think of the Malaysia crowd?
    Was it difficult to come back together as a team after both Fergie and made their own solo debut?

  35. Hie Kenny. (:
    Dear BEP, who is behind the mixing and creativity of your songs?
    BEP, how have your huge success made an impact in your own personal lives and how do you guys deal with all the fame and popularity?
    BEP, what makes you different from other people who are in the industry at this moment?
    BEP, what do you think of the Malaysia crowd?
    Was it difficult to come back together as a team after both Fergie and made their own solo debut?

  36. Kenny : Thx
    BEP : Can you(BEP) promise us(fans) that as long as you(BEP) are fit and we(fans) are supportive, please continue to produce lots and lots of great musics for us in group (,, Taboo, and Fergie) or even solo will do. Just dun quit.
    Love to watch you guys dancing too. BEP ROX~!~!~!

  37. sure…
    Black Eyed Peas, you guys are now dominating charts everywhere, including the Billboard Hot 100. How’s the feeling of it? and why?
    Fergie, what is the feeling working along with men?, Taboo,… How it’s like?

  38. Here some question for BEP..
    1) when will you be releasing a new album ?
    2) I heard that their is rumours about Fergie leaving the it true ?
    3) Do you like Malaysia ?
    4) How long you guys been touring together ?
    5) you guys have so many big hits in billboard..does it suprises you all ?
    6) what is boom boom pow ?
    7)’s Josh doing now ?

  39. 1) How you guys managed to your personal life from papparazi? Any tricks for that?
    2) Is all of you are attached or some are attached and some are still available?
    3) Do you guys travel to Malaysia by chartered air?
    4) Do you guys have private time with your family and friends? If yes, when?
    5) Do you know who is Kenny Sia?

  40. Kanye West’s recent actions at the VMA awards had let to dozens of celebrities fuming. How do you feel about the whole situation? And how do you feel about Kanye? πŸ˜€

  41. Ooooh diversity zing!
    News flash: European (or Eurasian, to be historically anal) dictators are OUT, and South American ones are IN.
    A: Stalin, because Hitler is SO overexposed. Also, they could invite Stalin to jam out to ‘Stranger in Moscow’.

  42. the first time i saw you guys…peas were singin bout peace, savin the world and world harmony etc…
    what happened after that…humps,lies,phunks etc.?

  43. To Fergie,
    What do you think about Malaysian guy?
    Someone whom is cute like me!?
    (PS: Kenny Sia is blinking his right eye while asking this question)

  44. tell us about how you guys started BEP??
    fergie has done her own solo album, any of you guys planning to do the same???
    do you think that BEP’s style in music is actually different from other singers???
    if you guys can say one thing to the malaysian fans, what would it be??

  45. What do you guys listen to? (Prompt key music influences or fave chill out tunes)
    Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Any more solo albums in the pipeline?
    For the guys: Boxers or Briefs? Fergie: Do you wear matchy-matchy undies?
    Guys: Your word out on Malaysian gals. Fergie: Would you give me (Kenny) your number in ANY circumstance?

  46. To B.E.P in general: How would you describe your feelings for coming to Malaysia and performing in this very wonderful and meaningful event…?
    What drive you guys in coming up with songs which is a big hit not only to ur native country but rather all over the world…?

  47. When you guys *BEP* performed on the so you think you can dance’s season 5 show how did it feel like? since you all are SO awesome at dancing, did you guys imagined yourself as dancers, eg hip hop or ballroom like the rest of the SYTYCD dancers?

  48. isn’t the type of qns asked dependent on the theme of the interview? or at least the angle at which you want to push it towards?
    but anyway, i would ask Fergie how she got her abs, and what she does to maintain them.
    also, i’ll ask how often he washes his dreadlocks.

  49. To BEP : Hie guys,since it is Arthur Day,do you know anything about Sir Arthur? and who and what actually inspired the song “Where Is The Love” ?
    Thanks Guys!

  50. to
    1.) whats the sudden change of the music direction? from hiphop to electro-pop? in the future is bep still staying on hip hop genre or shifting to electro-pop completely?
    to fergie
    2.) do you have any ongoing solo project after the dutchess?
    3.) which musician would you die to work together with? whyy ?
    4.) how do you feel when you’re working together with great names like nicole kidman, judi dench, penelope cruz, kate hudson etc in Nine? What can viewer expect from this musical film?
    to bep
    5.) kanye’s action in VMA towards taylor! what do you guys think the motive behind his act? πŸ˜›
    6.) & taboo. does acting interests both of you?
    7.) which other musicians do you guys wanna reallyyyyy collaborate with?
    8.) does bep consider of launching any community projects?

  51. Kenny, this will be the first time i m writing in your blog, so for heaven’s sake, please don’t upset me!
    To Black Eye Peas:
    How many pints of guinness you guys can down before you can sing “my humps” in reverse mode?
    (Kenny, you might want to answer this also)

  52. This question is appointed to Fergie:
    The song “Big girls don’t cry” has a meaningful lyrics.Do you think it has given a positive impact to the girls out there who are facing a down situation?
    fyi,as this song keeps me strong in facing the obstacle of my life which the mistake can never be corrected.

  53. BEP, recently we’ve noticed the change in style of music. It used to be those upbeat hip hop, not its more of club hits material. Where do you get the inspiration for that?

  54. Welcome to Malaysia. I am very much of a patriotic person so I’ll have to say that our country is an amazing country. It’s a country where all great things happen, and we all Malaysians hold on to the popular slogan “Malaysia Boleh.” So tell Will.I.Am, what will be your reaction when you see Wolverine climbing up our famous landmark, the Petronas Twin Towers?

  55. Have you guys ever thought of breaking up or disintegrating as a band?.
    Would you ever try speaking the malaysian type english like: lar, lor,ler, lo, ar…e.t.c

  56. to BEP :
    Have you guys tried Malaysian food? what’s your favourite?
    What do you think of Obama calling Kanye West a jackass? (hey that actually rhymes..)

  57. to fergie: How’s your marriage life so far?
    to BEP: what is the thing you like most about malaysia?
    what inspired you to come out with the new album?

  58. OMG OMG OMGGG OMGGGGGGGG BEP INTERVIEWWWWWW !! Once in a lifetime chance, man, don’t fuk it up !!
    Nah here’s a bunch of questions I came up with, will be updating if I come up with better questions. (I don’t need the reward btw) πŸ™‚
    The recent Oprah performance had an impressive 20,000 flash mob dance, full of energy. Did you know about it ahead of time ?
    You guys are joining U2’s tour in the fall as the opening act, are you looking forward to that ?
    You’ve raised money for kids and people with aids, and gave back to Third World countries such as Philipines. With songs that promoted world peace such as “Where is the love”, do you see yourselves as role models, a band with a conscience ?
    The “Yes We Can” Obama video was watched by 22 million people. How do you feel about helping the U.S. elections ?
    There’s constantly interchanging lead vocals in your songs. Do you just pitch in together with ideas,, or it is a democratic process of who gets to sing which part ?
    What’s the craziest thing ever that happened during your concerts ?
    You’re currently on the E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies) World Tour. Is there a 2012 reference ?
    Eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day is said to bring good luck in Southern United States. Do you actually eat black-eye peas ?
    Do you plan to continue your humanitarian work ? What’s the big goal in mind ?
    How do you see yourselves in 10 years time ?

  59. i think asking fergie’s nuumber is very very good already..
    for starters ..
    ask them what are the most dishonest things they have done like stolen a candy or something.. lol
    ask them if any of the members fell in love with other member?
    or the worst fight they’ve had and why were they fighting about .

  60. 1) fergie: what’s the secret of having such a tone/beautiful figure?
    2) fergie: is it true that you don’t cry?
    3) fergie: do you want a translation for the meaning of my hump in hokkien?
    4) fergie: my hump means “bonggol saya” in malay. So, what is actually the hidden message behind thiis song?
    5)what’s your favourite song among all the songs in your albums?
    6) i’m your biggest fan. *screams* (not a question but just cause i like fergie and she’s hot! lol)

  61. dear black eyed peas,
    to BEP: is malaysia such an awesome country thet u keep coming back?
    to BEP: what do u guys do after getting drunk?
    to fergie : how hot is josh duhamel?

  62. Kenny Kenny you have to ask this!
    Do you think you have a bigger fan base in Asia or in the US?
    What do you think the future of R&B in Malaysia, based on your experience so far, is gonna be like?
    Name an Asian Food that is as spicy as your music.
    If the record companies all close down and you only had Youtube and Facebook to spread your music… What would you guys do?

  63. My question to the group:
    If Rock n Roll music is associated with King Elvis (Elvis Presley), Pop music is associated with the King of Pop (Michael Jackson) and the Beatles is associated with the greatest band of all time, what would you guys like Black Eyed Peas to be associated with?
    My question to Fergie:
    Are you attracted to men more than women?

  64. Hi Kenny, Thanks for the chances. πŸ™‚
    MY Qs: Why your new songs concept are different from the beginning of BEP? BEP started with the ever lasting meaningful Where is the love and it become instant hit, used by so many peace loving events,concert and now u come up with the ‘ I Got The Feeling” which literally means ‘not much except ppl get wasted over a good night’ ? what is ur comment?
    P/s: Not offending anyone, it is just my personal opinion and hey, i still like BEP alrighty..:)

  65. 1)Why you are named Black Eyed Peas instead of White Eyed Peas or Grey Eyed Peas???
    2) Does Fergie sexy-ness have help to increase BEP’s popularity ?
    3)Which of your songs will be best to describe Malaysia ?

  66. To BEP: Have you guys ever heard of kennysia? Do you read his blog?
    lol okay that’s just for fun.. anyway..
    To BEP: Have you guys tried Malaysian foods like char kuey teow, har min, satay celup, chendol, nasi lemak, dim sum etc etc etc?
    *so wanna see their facial expression! =D

  67. would you dress you in Lady Gaga-style fashion to perform on stage? (it would, in my opinion, be an interesting visual concept for their new beats xD)
    funniest experience that happened to them as a band?

  68. to kenny: what the name of the 1st girl/brand ambassador from the left in your 1st picture??
    to bep: malaysian govt banned muslims to attend your concert earlier, then withdrew. what do you think about this? what is the color of a music?

  69. Haha, hi Kenny,
    To the B.E.P:
    You guys have been touring to all over the 6 continents in your previous Monkey Business World Tour, Black Blue and You Tour and recently the The E.N.D. World tour in Japan.
    Which country/place has been the craziest that you guys have toured so far?

  70. 1) To BEP: Do you guys drink Guinness before your concert or any performances??
    2) To How would you use your power if you are really a teleporter, like the character you portrayed in X- Men Origins: Wolverine, a.k.a John Wraith??
    Hope these questions help…

  71. To BEP : Welcome to Malaysia, do you guys ever think about publishing a book of your fashion style because it’s also an opportunity for us fans to catch your style..

  72. Question for BEP : What was their ambition when they were growing up and if they were tone deaf, what occupation they likely be doing now?

  73. Ask em, what do they think of post ADV: The Black Eyed Peas Interview at (or previous post u’d talk abt em)
    one stone kill two birds… rite!
    u get to promote yr website and ask question! of cos if they can sing a song for u at better. u will get millions of hitzzzzz
    cool… 8 days to go…wish u all the best

  74. When did you stop caring about the music and start focusing on how much money you could make with shitty lyrics and autotune?

  75. u shouldnt be too pushy when u ask anyway, but i really wanna know,
    1) anybody stand a chance against JOsh duhamel? (fergie)
    2)also if u have the chance to erase a bad experience what would it be?
    3)WHY BLACK EYED PEAS? it could be pink eyed or something.
    4)fergie always kena bully or not by the guys?

  76. Question to
    If all your band members fall into the sea and you only got one float, who will you pass the float to, Taboo,or Fergie? one more thing, all of them naked..Who you want to save???

  77. -which one of you drinks beer the most?
    -do you have any idea who Arthur is?
    -if you are playing ‘truth or dare’,which one do you choose and what is the question or the challenge you want to give?

    sorry, i had to do it πŸ˜›

  79. Ask this:
    How do you feel about performing in a country which is part of a continent that pirates more music than anywhere else in the world? You know your music’s in that pirate list too…

  80. Hi black eyed peas,
    Now that you’re all role models and are such inspirations to many young people around the world, what do you think you can do to influence them in making this world a better place to live in?

  81. 1)how to you guys meet and form the band of Black Eye Peas?
    2) Who is the most laziest person in the band?
    3) Have you guys try Roti Canai?
    4)since there is only 1 gal, do the other guys bully u?

  82. to BEP:
    Most bands die out slowly after achieving fame and fortune. What is your motivation to stick together after all the years, and to
    continue to produce and create no.1 hits again and again?

  83. to BEP:
    Most bands die out slowly after achieving fame and fortune. What is your motivation to stick together after all the years, and to continue to produce and create no.1 hits again and again?

  84. Dear BEP,
    1. What is your most embarrasing moment on stage and what did you learn from it?
    2. If each of you are granted one superpower ability, what would it be?

  85. Question:
    With all the No.1 hits and successes you’ve gained throughout your music does it feel now to you know people actually doubted you guys in the early stage?

  86. Question:
    With all the No.1 hits and successes that you guys have gained from your thus far, how does it feel to know that people actually doubted you guys in the early stage of your career?

  87. Hey Kenny
    My question to them is since they seem so fearless esp when they are on stage, I would like to know:
    What makes them nervous?

  88. Fergie, are you okay? Seriously? Are you hurt anywhere? Do you feel okay? Any broken bones?
    Cause if you fell all the way from Heaven, baby. πŸ˜‰

  89. Dear BEP,
    1. What is your most embarrassing moment on stage and what did you learn from it?
    2. If you are given a superpower ability, what would it be and why?

  90. Questions for BEP:
    1. [serious one]Fergie was a member of a pop group named ‘wild orchid’ before. Why did she decide to change her preference in music?
    2. Do the guys ever have crush on fergie? I mean she’s so hot! even for girls! πŸ˜›

  91. Hey kenny, can i post my questions twice?tehee…
    you can play ‘complete this sentence’game…
    I hate ___________
    I love____________
    Malaysians are ___________
    or play one-word game
    ask them to say whatever words they have in mind when you mention a word.
    kenny: sexy!
    william: girl!
    WIlliam: handsome!
    Like that la… πŸ˜›

  92. Personally, if you were to ask me to interview the Black Eyed Peas, I will definitely ask this question:
    “How much weed do you smoke whilst coming up with the song lyrics?”
    You’ve got to be pretty high to come up with some of the lyrics they have now.

  93. 1) How Arthur’s Day or Guinness symbolizes B.E.P?
    2) If B.E.P weren’t here in Malaysia during Arthur’s Day, where and what will u guys be doing??
    3) What will be you guys doing( profession wise) beside singing and acting, if u weren’t in the band??

  94. What comes to their mind when you got the idea to create such super “hightech” and “fusion” musics? Is that a huge risk to come out such music?

  95. 1) What does Arthur’s Day or Guinness symbolizes BEP?
    2) If u guys were not performing in Malaysia during Arthur’s Day, where and what will u guys be doing on that particular day?
    3) What will be your profession if u guys were not in the entertainment business??

  96. If you guys were to bump into someone who is very familiar to you, someone you know that once were close to you ( could be ex-schoolmates /colleagues) yet you can’t recall his/her name, how will you react when he /she says ‘hey, where have you been? do you remember me?’
    please don’t tell me you’ll just say ‘hi, and you are in a hurry’ and left.
    thank you~~
    dear kenny, just wanna see how they will react since they are superstars now..will they be as lame as us – “oh hi..hahahaha..yea..*glup*, sorry, you are?”

  97. If you guys were to bump into someone who is very familiar to you, someone you know that once were close to you ( could be ex-schoolmates /colleagues) yet you can’t recall his/her name, how will you react when he /she says ‘hey, where have you been? do you remember me?’
    please don’t tell me you’ll just say ‘hi, and you are in a hurry’ and left.
    thank you~~
    dear kenny, just wanna see how they will react since they are superstars now..will they be as lame as us – “oh hi..hahahaha..yea..*glup*, sorry, you are?”

  98. “So how you guys feel about tonight?”
    (then they will start singing and the interview ended, then can sit back and relax.)

  99. “So how you guys feel about tonight?”
    (then they will start singing and the interview ended, then can sit back and relax.)

  100. Oits Kenny.(haha cheh, like so close like that actually I do not know you personally but took a picture with you before. wth)
    Anyway, my question is: I understand you guys tour a whole lot especially when releasing new albums and stuff or even to promote certain big events like this, so, I’m sure you guys are on the mission of watching your bank accounts grow. Therefore, what do you guys indulge in with your hard earned mullah? Probably branded goods, luxurious cars, jeweleries or even real estate property?
    Secondly, what normally irks the other party up when working together as a group? Anything in particular like Fergie has bad mood swings or something during certain periods of the month or Taboo does not tolerate certain stuffs like err, people calling him an elephant? wth! This are just noob examples.
    Aiyo, aku nak menang. *fingers crossed

  101. haha there’s so many comments that i can’t finish reading them.
    but here’s one to fergie
    what would she do if kenny says he wants a kiss from her? =D

  102. there’s so many comments that i can’t finish reading all of them xD
    but here’s one to fergie:
    wat would she do if kenny said he wanted a kiss? =D

  103. where do you see the future of BEP in the next 10yrs, as a few of you have ventured to produce your own solo album? do you think BEP will still be as strong-willed, hype, energetic & creative as when they produced “where is the love?”

  104. What does it take for Black Eyed Peas to stand out in the music industry? For having able to achieve so much record and bring pop-rock to an entirely new level?

  105. Kenny, I have always been an avid reader of your blog since 2006. However, I’m surprised that you removed the picture of Fergie with her wet pants at the pelvic area.
    Is there something wrong with your editorial integrity?

  106. Fergie:
    I respect the attitude you have as a professional performer. How did you feel when you had to perform on the stage with your wet pants?

  107. how do you come up with the ideas of your new songs ? do you drink guiness to get inspiration ?
    nice pair of boots you have there fergie, what do you think of the shopping experience in Malaysia ?
    have you tried eating satay while driving ?

  108. for ferg.
    if you could choose (you have to actually) to turn into one of the boys in BEP, who would it be?
    and what would be the first thing you’d do as him (or to him :P)?

  109. 1.) Have you tried char kuey tiao MY HUMP???
    2.) Fergie, why do you sometimes look like a man with the constant surprise frown on your face?? (I STILL LOVE YOU, IM JUST CURIOUS!)

  110. 3 questions… errr additional questions for APL πŸ˜€
    1. For BEP – being the successful famous band you are now, are there still goals/dreams/wishes as a band you still hopes to do/get/ achieved?
    2. For Fergie – Was there anyone from your band members who tried to hit off with you? as u surely as hell one sexy gorgeous lady that will be hard to resist by the opposite sex? πŸ™‚
    3. For Apl- Recently, we’ve heard that you’re coming out with your solo album and one of the songs in the album is a song entitled “mama filipina” can you tell us more about this album and does this mean that you’re soon leaving the group?
    Another question for Apl, you are a half-filipino, half african-american.. right? and you were adopted by a kind american man who brought u to the US when you were 14 years old, can you tell us your experience of your growing years in America and how you discover your passion and talents in music?
    What do you miss most about Philippines?
    If you’re going to choose where you would want to stay between America/Philippines, what would you chose and why ?

  111. Qns to Fergie:
    1)How did you feel when you peed on stage during your concert? Did the rest of the BEP crew teased you about it ever since?
    Qns to the band
    2)How did you feel about the whole Kanye West/Taylor Swift drama during the 2009 VMAs, and Obama’s comment of him being a jackass.

  112. q1
    : Do you guys want to know how do malaysian cheers?
    cont from q1
    : instead of just “cheers!!”
    or “For Arthur” for this occsasions. we would just…

  113. I love the BEP since young. You are so lucky! You can ask them, are peas their fav food and i like to know whats their most embarrassing moments ever and how do they get over it? πŸ™‚

  114. Question to BEP:
    So you guys have Pump-ed It with Miserlou by Dick Dale and showed us some Pinoy action with Bebot highlighting’s roots. My question is with such a diverse range of influences that have been incorporated into your music, will there ever be a chance of a Malaysian traditional song such as Rasa Sayang be used as a sample for your future masterpieces?
    Peace out!

  115. How did the four of you came together? I mean it’s like the four of you are quite from different backgrounds and stuffs I’m sure.
    How did you guys first started and became well known?
    How did the names Fergie, Taboo, Will.I.Am, & Apl.De.Ap came up? Why not use your real names?
    Who’s usually the mother of the group or let’s say, usually bosses around people do stuffs? & also the one who usually slacks around & stuffs like that.
    What do you guys do during your free time? That’s if you have any.. Haha.
    – Just joining for fun, it’ll be good too if I won hahaha! –

  116. Hi, Fergie I know you’re hot, but do you think I’m(Kenny Sia) hot too?
    Puji her at the same time ask a question, one stone kill two humps… I mean birds.

  117. Question for BEP is this;
    Since Arthur’s day celebrates the 250th anniversary that marked the beginning of the guinness drink that is enjoyed by everyone all over the world for over 2 centuries, similarly, does BEP see themselves leaving a legacy or something outstanding and memorable that their fans will also celebrate in years to come?

  118. ask them to sign a few tshirts and give to ur loyal readers who wont be so lucky meeting or attending their concerts.. maybe u can even make bidding to those tshirts for charity causes..
    of course the question to BEP will they allow u to that or not?

  119. ~~~
    Question: What prompted you to shift your genre from hip-hop with an emphasis on wordy lyrics (like in Where is the Love, Don’t Phunk With my Heart, Don’t Lie, etc.);
    to electro-hop, which takes away most of the focus on words, and more on the sounds and emotion of the song?

  120. To BEP: can all of u picture urself in 10 years to come..
    To Apl: if one day u decide to retire from ur career as a musician..where r u goin to spend d rest of ur life..wil it be in the Philippine or US instead?

  121. so my question is, I know u use Roland 808 drum machine for your boom boom pow as the beats. May I know who is the one incharge of programming it among the group and what other equipments you prefer that you will consider putting the name of the machine on the lyrics in your next coming production like how you did on the 808? πŸ˜›

  122. Start a Question and Answer session, especially ‘controversial’, and the BORED BLANK LOOK will appear. It’s all about “ENTERTAINMENT” baby.
    Just Congratulate on Enduring Success, Welcome them to Malaysia, CHAT and let Opinions Flow.
    It was really ‘down to earth and generous’ of Fergie to publicly thank Lady Sawh (not so well known reggae artist)for giving her some pointers on performing, in her acceptance for a Grammy when they were on the rise.

  123. Can msia have choreographed dance lead by BEP? just like wat was happening in Chicago’s Michigan Avenue that host by Oprah Winfrey’s .

  124. BEP had always been producing phenomenal music/beats that everytime it hits the top chart just like peanuts. What was the best sign/signal that hit you like eureka where you know the WORLD will love it, and which song was that?
    Kenny: Make us proud, dun ‘prey prey’ with our great Musician. Cheers.

  125. You’re very creative group and brings lots of energy and fun in music. What’s your next project line up and how different is it going to be?

  126. 1. Fergie , are u going to continue to more album in the future since u are married now
    2. Wiiliam , will you countinue singing or do more in producing music
    3.What is going to happen to BEP in next 5 year
    4. WE asian , love your music , cause u remix or mash up with asian song , is there any more latest remix with asian song

  127. Obviously there is a lot going in thier latest album, END. A lot of great songs, great music… just great.
    What intrigues me is what inspires them? And how do they keep on being inspired. Creativity is a really limited juice.

  128. BEP, will you continue to make an impact in the music industry, producing music that are just not music but with values and meanings in it like most of your songs are now?

  129. Ask BEP..
    1. What’s your favourite drink?
    2. What do BEP & Guinness have in common?
    3. Fergie.. do you know that you’re really really hot?
    Kenny… hope to see you & BEP on Arthur’s Day!! πŸ™‚

  130. do u guys think before of trying to sing in different language? perhaps like chinese? korean? japanese?
    i guess it would be interesting.. =)

  131. The Black Eyed Peas have been very vocal about very important issues; from voting to make a change, finding love within ourselves and for others and etc. The BEP is on a worldwide platform and rightly uses it to spread awareness, what do they hope that people can take away from their current album and what personally would they like people to start thinking and taking action upon further?

  132. Hey Kenny, this is my very first time comment on your blog… Been reading your blog for long… So, just try my luck here!! LOL
    Questions to TBEP:
    1) How did you guys come together as a group?
    2) What do you like about Malaysia?
    3) When your next album will be releasing?
    4) Ask each of them describe every member in the group with ONE word (eg: Awesome, Pretty etc)
    5) Give them your URL and ask them to read your blog when they’re free!! LOL

    q: Among the 3 ‘Kumbangs’ in the group, which one is the most HANDSOME Kumbang of all, o my dear Rose Fergie~?

  134. To the group:
    kenny says: Do u guys know that i put this competition in my blog that whoever comes up with a good question for the interview will be rewarded a ticket for the Arthur’s day?
    and only 5 people to be chosen but i received like more than 230 (or any number)comments?
    How wicked is that? =P

  135. and finally, Are you going to be performing Where’s the Love on Arthur’s Day?
    Kenny, keep it as the last question. And give me 2 tickets! Please. LOL

  136. If you were to appear in The Martha Stewart Show, which black-eyed pea meal would you wish to cook.
    If you were to sing in one of Ellen’s Bathroom Concert Series (from The Ellen DeGeneres Show), which song will you perform and why.

  137. Questions
    (1) What are your future plans for Black Eyed Peas?
    (2)What sets you apart from other hip hop groups?
    (3) Do you have any pearls of wisdom/advice for young singers and artists?
    (4)What are the main aims/theme of your group’s songs?

  138. What do you think of Malaysia?
    Are you intending to recruit a 5th member?
    What are your future plans for Black Eyed Peas?
    How do you feel about performing?

  139. don ask questions like how they got started, what their name means or how the members met. These questions are usually covered elsewhere.
    you can try mayb asking bep on when is their new album coming up and what its all about.
    to bep:What’s the most bizarre thing to happen while you were onstage?
    to bep: do you use ur own song for ur ringtone? πŸ˜€
    to bep: i’m sure fans have sent you guys gift. so whats the fav item, and the weirdest give you gotten.
    to fergie : since ur the only female member in bep, if you were to date one, who would you choose? why? (i know she is married. then agn, this question might provoke fight later among them == in case they have a crush on her :D)
    hope it helps πŸ˜€

  140. Q1) Is there anyone you’d like to write a song with, or collaborate with in the future?
    & the very Last question:-
    Q2) Any final thoughts to your fans who are going to be rockin’ to BEP beat for these years to come??

  141. Q1:What is the whackiest thing you ever done and got caught for it?
    Q2:How old were you when you first watched porn?
    Q3:What do you look in for a husband/wife?
    Q4:Have you ever receive anything out of the ordinary from your fans?or do you have any out of the ordinary moments with your fans?
    Q5:Ask to give you a peck on the cheek! =D
    Q6:What’s the funniest momment that almost made you pee in your pants or did made you pee in your pants.

  142. Q1: Have you ever heard of Malaysia before?
    Q2: When you heard of the country called Malaysia, what is the first thing that came into your mind/ how is your reaction is?
    Q3: The first time you arrived in Malaysia, was it the same as what you had in mind?
    Q4: Do you guys have other plans Other than performing and singing, such as clothes lines, except Fergie, or adoption, charity occasions, youth education???
    Q5: If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be????

  143. @ BEP : Generally ask some questions about Malaysia, how’s the food, people and culture like over here compared to their country.
    And the punch line..
    drum *rolls* *rolls* *rolls*
    Have you guys heard of

  144. Am a little bit puzzle when i watch the BEP music video of I got a feeling. what was the message behind that video? to me it is a “feel good song” but the music video portray feeling good with boooz and drugs??

  145. Some words sound similar in different languages but may of course have entirely different meanings eg “kanebo” is a japanese cosmetic brand but in Hokkien it means . . . ; the 4WD “pajero” is sold under a different name in south america bcos of an entirely unpleasant connotation of the term in the local dialect.
    Other eg found on your blog as well.
    Ask them to guess what “my hump” can mean colloquailly here in Msia.
    When asking show them one of your “I am pretty” faces from your bimbo blog post πŸ™‚

  146. To Fergie: How does it feels to be the only gal in the band?
    To the guys: How does it feels to have a female member?
    Any conflict of interest?
    cheers… way to go Kenny…

  147. Hey kenny, I got a question. can you ask them, why the song ‘boom boom pow’ must start with ‘GOTTA KE KE’? and no one is calling the song’s name, they will just say ‘GOTTA KE KE’, although it should be ‘GOTTA GET GET’… XD
    I know, it is a stupid question.

  148. Gosh, u know when i watch u guys perform in Chicago, that kind of audience was like unbelievable. U know, i hope Malaysia will do something like that for u guys and i will be the “Oprah” here recording with my iphone. So…. i just blog about it and tell them “Lets do it, lets do it, lets do it… (here you have to sing a bit)”. Guys, tonight will definitely be a good good night! So are you ready for this??
    p/s: thats like my feeling for the great video. hahaha..

  149. What does it feel when you see the crowd singing and dancing along while you guys perform on stage, i.e. the one on Oprah’s 24th season opening?

  150. wow the flash mob video is like…the most amazing thing ive ever seen…i love the peas…i have all their album…seeing this…WOW…amazing

  151. When I interviewed them in Singapore a few years ago, one of the reporters (who clearly didn’t know who they are!) asked: “Hey, apl.d.ap, What do you think of the guys in Malaysia?”
    Heh You could try that.

  152. why do you want to interview the black eyed peas?? They get interviewed all the time. instead of interviewing them,let them interview you and get to know malaysia better. It will be Legend-Ary.
    Oh, but if u really want to interview them, them u should ask them bout their take on Kanye West. And also if they know anyone by the name of Arthur. Cheers!

  153. Hello Kenny, here;s my idea…
    To B.E.P:
    1. If you have to choose to become one of kids’ superheroes such as power rangers, kameraiden, sailormoon, ultraman, goggle V, who will you choose to be? why? Is there any something special things that makes you choose it? Please describe it.
    2. If in this world there;s only one beverages you only can get it from now on until the entire life, what beverages you gonna choose? is it mineral water, soda, beers, juice? and why you choose that?

  154. Ken,
    Should you hv time pls tell them, i was in their concert last year @ Venetian Macau. It was awesome and tell them even my uncle and his gang (Average age 40- 55) were enjoying their song n rock n roll with them in the concert. LoL πŸ™‚
    Tell them to continue the Rock & Roll SPirit and for those who haven’t hv an opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere in their concert pls do so cos it really worth to go….

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