A Shot At Scolari

The fever has barely died down weeks after Spain became Euro 2008 champion, and already football fans have something to look forward to.

One of the biggest clubs in the English Premier League, Chelsea Football Club is coming to Malaysia.
All the stars: Michael Ballack, Ashley Cole, Joe Cole, John Terry, newly-signed Deco are all likely to coming to Shah Alam Stadium as part of their pre-season Asian tour.
And here’s the kicker (no pun intended).
ProEvents, the company responsible for bringing Chelsea to Malaysia is asking me to speak to all-time legendary football manager and Chelsea’s new coach, Luiz Felipe Scolari.

My phone interview with Big Phil is scheduled to be on the 21st July, when he brings The Blues to Guangzhou, China to play against the Chinese national team.
This to me, is an opportunity of a lifetime. It is not gonna be easy interviewing the legend who has been in football for so long, and done so much, including bringing Brazil the World Cup. How am I gonna start the interview?
Which is why I am putting the call out there to all kennysia.com readers.

Please help me interview the Chelsea coach Felipe Scolari.
Leave me a comment with your questions. On the 21st July, when I get my chance to talk to Felipe Scolari. I’ll ask the question on your behalf.
As a token of my appreciation, 12 of you who asked the best questions will be rewarded with two match tickets to watch Chelsea vs Malaysia at the Shah Alam Stadium on the 29th July.

So here’s your chance to ask Scolari everything that you ever wanted to know about him, football, or the EPL in general. You can ask him anything you want.
Which player does Scolari wanna recruit the most?
Why do football coaches do that funny dance everytime their player made a mistake?
And why do football players always run away so fast after they scored a goal?
Is it because when they SCORE, they must LARI? Is that why his name is also SCOLARI?

Please help me interview Scolari. You ask the questions, I’ll pass it on and I’ll give you some free match tickets.
Go on, the floor is yours!

I’ve been given 10 pairs of match tickets and 30 pairs of training passes to giveaway when Chelsea F.C. comes to town.
To win the tix, just write a blog entry about Chelsea’s tour to Malaysia, e-mail me at contest@kennysia.com and I’ll give them to ya for free!

477 Replies to “A Shot At Scolari”

  1. my question to Big Phil: Everyone knows that the EPL is one of the toughest league in the world with managers constantly under pressure. what, besides the lucrative money that chelsea offers, made you take the jump to england?

  2. 2nd question:
    will the chelsea you lead emphasize on stalwarts like John Terry, or are you going to the go with a all-out-attack brazillian flavor?

  3. kenny, my 3rd question:
    Portugal’s FA blames you and Chelsea for their disappointing Euro 2008 outing. what do you have to say about it?

  4. Michael Ballack’s German team knocked out your ex-team in Euro 2008.Are you ready to send him to the sideline for that?

  5. Michael Ballack’s German team knocked out your ex-team in Euro 2008.Are you ready to send him to the sideline for that?

  6. Question:
    What’s the reward for your player when they win a match?
    Any advice for Malaysia footballer?
    btw kenny, why u put the last photo of him holding 2 balls? 😛

  7. oopps.. forgot the question
    Why Chelsea football club is coming to Malaysia?
    Why Malaysia?
    Is that choice made at the margin?

  8. Q1: how are you gonna bring out the best from Chelsea?
    Q2: are you gonna use the rotation method like Liverpool does? since there have lots of talented midfielder now.

  9. My questions to Scolari:
    Can you turn the Chelsea team into treble winners in your first season?
    Do you consider Chelsea as potential Champions League or EPL winners?
    Can you turn Chelsea into a team that will beat the other ‘Big Four’ in EPL?
    Which of the other EPL ‘Big Four’ do you think is going to be hard to beat?
    Which team do you think is the team to beat in EPL?
    Will you make a new captain or just stay with John Terry?
    that would be all..
    btw..UNITED ROCKS!!

  10. Er … do you think Asians have the potential to play football as well as their Western counterparts?
    Ah shit even the question sounds wrong let me go ask my boyfriend first then I come back tomorrow and ask again. I WANNA JOIN THE CONTEST!!!

  11. My question to Scolari,
    Based on last season performance, Chelsea was 2nd in the EPL, 2nd in the UCL. Even with that kind of performance, the manager was sacked as Chelsea finish without a silverware, what is your target this year and how far can you take Chelsea to?

  12. My question to Scolari,
    Based on last season performance, Chelsea was 2nd in the EPL, 2nd in the UCL. Even with that kind of performance, the manager was sacked as Chelsea finish without a silverware, what is your target this year and how far can you take Chelsea to?
    (sorry, dun mean to spam, but i forgot to login) 🙂

  13. Wokay wokay I managed to get one!!
    Who is the most talented player you have ever coached? No, not you, Kenny, I mean Scolari. Did I spell his name right.

  14. My questions to Scolari:
    What are your expectations from Chelsea in EPL season 08/09?
    Do you think Chelsea is able to send Red Devils to hell and end their 2 years consecutive win?

  15. my ques:
    1) what was your message/words when you first meet your team?
    2)now chealsea is a team that consist with lots of star players, with an additional of deco and…rumours said that, ronaldinho will be in chelsea also, so whats your strategy to make a realizable trophy winning team?

  16. What is considered more important for the club
    a > the league title
    b > the EU cup
    c > The Champion’s League
    d > Others

  17. what was the most embarrassing question asked by the press as you became the Chelsea manager ? how did you deal with it ? * ask the question again most embarrassing question again *

  18. Consider what happen to J.Mourinho and A.Grant, What is the main reason to make you take the Job?

  19. question:
    What is the biggest different between coaching a football club and an international team? Which one is easier to manage and which one do you prefer.

  20. (1) Knowing that this trip to the Far East is something that is not really within your control, what are your objectives from these 3 matches in the Far East, especially since these are the first few matches that you will be along the touchlines as manager of Chelsea?

  21. (2) On a personal level, how have you been preparing yourself, physically, mentally and/or otherwise, for the day-in, day-out activities of club football, especially since you have been away from club football management for quite some time?

  22. (3) I know that the rumour mills since the end of the 07/08 season has been “which top player(s) will Chelsea spend and sign the coming (08/09) season?”, but I wonder if Mr. Scolari, having caught a glimpse of the Chelsea Reserves and the Youth team (I hope!), has been impressed with any young Chelsea player(s) enough to earmark him/them for the first team in the games to come?

  23. would you ever consider managing malaysia? we have an up and coming world beater name titus james which might sweeten the deal for u.
    have you heard of him? he was the world juggling champion some years back. the boy’s got talent!

  24. 1. Who is in your dream team (excluding retired players)?
    2. Who is the best player ever? Can Cristiano Ronaldo be better than Pele?
    3. Is soccer really better than making love?

  25. Question:
    1. What do you think about Malaysia?
    2. How do u 1st like to play football?
    3. What is da criteria of a good football player?

  26. Dear Mr. Scolari,
    Do you read any blogs? kennysia dot com maybe?
    *Don’t mean to spam but I got my URL wrongly in the other post. Could you delete it? Thanks.

  27. aiyo, just ask him, why they call you big phil. you not that big lei. or does the phil actually refer to something else??

  28. Well, there’s many things you can ask, like..
    1) So, do you think you can do better than Mourinho?
    2) Rate your chance of winning if you coach Malaysia.
    No pun intended. 😛

  29. Dear Mr.Scolari,
    My home team, Sarawak FC was previously one of the greater teams in Malaysian football. Currently this team is in a very sorry state due to lack of funding, corruption and other management issues. From your experience, what is the most fundamenta to create a succesful team? And if you don’t mind, can we borrow your Michael Ballack for a few matches?

  30. My Question;
    Having manage and won a title with a south american club to managing a national side of Portugal….Would managing an EPl team be different considering the pace of the english game and player from different nationalities? How would you cope with the pace of the game?

  31. Wow , Great Job Kenny.
    My Question for Scolari :
    If he gets C.Ronaldo , Quaresma and Arshavin , will he sell Deco , Lampard and Shevcenko ?

  32. My Question to Scolari:
    (1) You are known as ‘Big Phil’ or ‘Felipao’ in your native term. How and why did you got that name?
    (2) As the new manager for the Chelsea FC squad, what are your goals and expectations of the upcoming English Premier Leage 2008/2009 season?

  33. How will you cope with the pressure of having high demand for success from the boardroom, high profile player’s ego in the dressing room, and the press at the interview room?

  34. My question would be >
    Will you learn ENGLISH and communicate with players ?
    Just ended EURO 2008 we all know that you played a 4-4-2 formation against all the top team in europe ,
    will you field a 3-4-3 formation against malaysia ,
    and why ….. ?

  35. Why not you answer and resolve this commenter question which i saw in the other posting
    You better resolve this issue or else i think you tak boleh lah go to shah alam to interview soclari…ha ha ha.
    [comment moved to previous entry]

  36. Question,
    What are the chances that we will see Brazilian stars playing for Chelsea, now that you’re in charge?

  37. I would like to ask Scolari that would he think of the 5+6 rule that the FIFA is considering or will he be the man and challenges it?

  38. Why Chelsea and not England?
    Everyone knows that Roman is filthy rich, thus is it is billions rather than the passion for football?

  39. Hi.I got a Q’s here for Big Phil aka WOODEN LEG.
    1) Chelsea has a lof of STAR player in their squad.How are you going to fully utilize this instead of hunting for a new player?
    2) Deco is a great midfield player.Do you think by signing him will change the game plan of chelsea in next season?

  40. My questions,
    1. how many cups you think u can win this season?
    2. Do you think u have the chance to stay on if u’re not winning any thing in the first season?
    3. Wat is the difference between Real Madrid(few years back when they only focus on superstar signing) and Chelsea?
    4. Do you think Chelsea will become another Real Madrid where managers are changed almost every season when the team doesn’t deliver results?

  41. 1. From 1st runner up to quarter finalist, how do you comment about your recent performance that would benefit chelsea?
    2. What is your initial target for chelsea this year?
    3. Seeing it is normal to see manager come and go, How long do you foresee your career would last in stanford bridge? and Why?
    Lastly, if you screw up in chelsea and looking for a job overseas next season, try Malaysia Fastest Growing Jobsite @ JobsBroadway.com . We would more than happy to have you here in Malaysia.

  42. timmy
    what i saw u also insulting people right now.
    Wrote a long comment seems u just another ‘kay poh’ person on the earth.
    We need some place to voice out.This is blog with high readership, not a press. Y this looks so offensive to u?

  43. my question
    would you train malaysia to qualify to final round in worldcup?
    do the habit eating rice everyday effect malaysian player since other nation eat bread,or spaggeti and manage to conquerthe world cup?

  44. Why of all the teams in the world you would wanna let your players suffer and play against a team ranked 170+ in the world and end of the day you cant even beat us by more than 5 goals?
    We wanna see you trash msia like 7-0 or more.
    Can ah uncle Phil?

  45. Question for Scolari:
    Among the teams who are currently in the mid-table range in the BPL rankings, such as Tottenham Hotspurs and Manchester City, which team do you feel would be a challenge to the top four of the BPL in the coming season?

  46. my question to scolari:
    Why does Kenny keep on putting up postings where he is getting paid to post?
    Why Phil, Why????

  47. Hi Kenny,
    I would like to ask these Qs:
    1)Did you know what really happen to Ronaldo back in World Cup 98 Finals vs France?
    2)What are the weaknesses in the current Chelsea squad (if any)?
    3)Who is your best player, best manager, best club?

  48. Dear Mr Scolari,
    Many people label you as a mercenary, coaching just for money rather than for the love of the game. And you yourself money was the motivating factor for your move to Chelsea. What do you have to say about that?
    Also, do you agree with the general opinion that it was wrong for you to announce your transfer to Chelsea in the midst of Portugal’s Euro 2008 Campaign? That it was a distraction and ultimately a factor in Portugal’s lacklastre performance in the game in which they were knocked out?

  49. Mr. Scolari, I would like to ask you a very serious question, no joking, ok? What do you think if we put 2 balls in the match? Would it be more challenging?

  50. Why and how come Brazilian player always use nickname as official name?
    Ronaldinho – Little Ronaldo
    Robinho – Little Robson

  51. Question to scolari,when do you think ours malaysia football team will be a world champion in this century or…..?????

  52. Add to my question….
    Kaka – Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite
    Zico – Arthur Antunes Coimbra
    Juninho Pernambucano РAnt̫nio Augusto Ribeiro Reis Junior.
    Seriously I want to know why they not use their real name? and how come they make it official?

  53. question to scolari: do you observe any rituals before/during/after a game? you know.. superstitions?

  54. Q : Owner Roman Abramovich is known for interfering with the manager’s decision and choices, will you play by his game or you will too try to be a special one too?
    and will you go on a spending spree to get new players to suit your style and strategies, or you’ll go on and create the super team with what was pass down by the 2 managers?

  55. Ask:
    Malaysian is as crazy as Brazilian to football, Why Malaysian is light years behind them and what is the winning tip? (You may become the savior to Malaysian football thence.)

  56. My Question :-
    a) Has anyone mistaken you for Gene Hackman? Well, if you fail in footballing, maybe a double for Gene ?

  57. Do you have any rift with michael Ballack after what he has done to score the 1st goal in Euro 2008 between germany and portugal which subsequently result in defeat to portugal

  58. my serious questions:
    1) Do you consider yourself as the ‘special one’?
    2) What do you think of other managers in BPL such as Ferguson, Wenger and Benitez?
    3) What’s your view on English players? and why you rejected the england job?

  59. help me to ask him,
    Spain have become the euro champions for 2008,do you have any plan on buying any Spain players into your club like fernando torres or david villa?

  60. HAVE U TRIED MALAYSIAN FOOD? U GOTTA TRY OUR KOLO MEE, OR NASI LEMAK. Our delicacies are simply world class. our football team is simple.

  61. well i have 2questions..
    1. What would you like to achieve as the Manager of Chelsea after they have been so close in winning the Champions League and the Premier League? Certainly Jose Mourinho is a tough act to follow but do you think you can top what he has achieved at Chelsea.
    2. As a former coach of Brazil..and the recent signing of Deco(Brazilian). Are you trying to add a little samba flavor into the Chelsea style of playing?

  62. Question for Scolari :
    1) There are talks of Lampard jumping ship, are you willing to keep him?
    2) If you do, will he still lead the line with the arrival of Deco and others like Ballack and Makalele
    3) If he leaves, are you going to bring Ronaldinho in or survive with your current team?
    4) What deal have you made with the Roman? Is he allowed to decide his team or do you have the last say?
    5) What preferred formation will you be using here in Malaysia?
    6) What do you think the scoreline will be between Chelsea and Malaysia?
    7) If the Malaysian win, will you be sacked?
    8) Have you been sacked before?
    9) Welcome to the Roman World, you scoundrel! You made Ronaldo think of leaving MU. You dirty a**hole!
    Thank you.

  63. Firstly Kenny, please congrats Mr. Scolari for being appointed as the new manager of Chelsea.
    My Q:
    1. Being fielded with loads of high quality midfielders like (Frank)Lampard, (Micheal)Ballack, (Micheal)Essien, Joe Cole, Deco, Makelele and with the rumours of the signing of Ronaldinho, how do you think you can get the maximum out from them in your squad?
    2. How do you think about the future of the striker (Didier)Drogba? Are you considering him to stay for another season? And who you think the best to replace him if he happen to leave?
    3. After leaving the club management for nearly about decade long, how far do you think you can bring Chelsea in the first season?
    4. Do you consider language barrier is a problem for you among the players? Do you think you need a translator for your job?
    5. What are the targets that you’ve set for your first season in Chelsea?
    6. How far do you think that your players can get benefits from this tour?
    Kenny, thanks for offering this..

  64. Will you take one of the Malaysian players to play for your first eleven in Chelsea? Name one guy who can make the cut… even as a reserve player?

  65. timmylow,
    i don’t see any problem with what kenny joked about. there does not seem to be anything racist about it. kenny’s just sharing a joke with his readers. there is nothing wrong about that.
    the only racist person i see here is you. you are reading too much and maybe all the things you are accusing kenny of comes from your own mind.

    1. Who do you think are the best player in Euro 2008? Would you consider bringing him into your new squad in London?
    2. What do you think about blogging world? Do you blog, Big Phil?

  67. Does Big Phil SPEAK English? I doubt….
    Question to Big Phil:
    Silverware or attractive attacking football??

  68. Question: Mr.Scolari, are you in any way related to Dr.Phil (from the U.S. show)? Your moustache is sexier than his by the way. 🙂

  69. Kenny,
    My question to Scolari is :
    1. What is your best experience with Chelsea
    2. What is ur worst
    3. If given a chance which team do you wish to lead in the future?

  70. Hi Kenny,
    A question for Scolari,
    1.Having no experience at all in English Football, how will your non-english experience take the premiership crown from Sir Alex’s Man United?
    2. Chelsea did well last season even though they did not win any trophies. It was clear that Avram Grant did not do much as the Chelsea team is already build on a foundation laid by Jose Mourinho. Are you looking to destroy Mourinho’s foundation and re-build it or are you looking to go along with the current squad and adding/removing some players along the way?
    3. Do you think the current Chelsea squad plays boring football?

  71. Do you think Spain deserve to win the euro cup this year and how do you think of their passing games which lead them to victory?

  72. My question for scolari is
    What made you sign for Chelsea ? –
    The power in the transfer market? The current Team ? or is it just because the Portuguese FA
    Couldn’t match Chelsea’s offer ?

  73. My question is:
    Based on Chelsea FC, you have unlimited funds to bring in players. Who is your top target players you intend to bring over to Stamford Bridge?

  74. Mr. Scolari, who is your major influence in this ever popular sport of football and what are your hopes in influencing all those aspiring young footballers out there?

  75. Questions to Scolari :
    1) How confident are you in bringing the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, and European Champions League back to Stamford Bridge all in one season ?
    2) Do you expect yourself to look for a new club come next Summer ?
    3) Do you welcome a 2008/09 Champions League final between Chelsea and Inter Milan which is currently managed by Jose Mourinho ?

  76. Q:
    Big Phil, you obviously dont consider other peoples opinion on squad selection. You proved it when you snubbed Romario from the ’02 Brazilian world cup squad. There are obviously some ‘old-dogs’ within the Chelsea squad now who probably wouldnt be there if not for Abramovich. Are you prepared to snub them again, and i’m assuming your answer to be Yes, since you dont care what other people think but Abramovich isnt exactly ‘other people’, is he?

  77. 1. Are you going to continue using Chelsea’s tried and trusted formation of 4-3-3?
    2. Is it true that Makelele has past his best and is leaving the club?
    3. How do you accomodate both Deco, Ballack and Lampard in the same team? And for that matter, Mikel , Essien and Makelele(provided he’s not leaving)?
    And the last question, do you think this is Liverpool’s year? LOL!!

  78. And yeah, fcuk Chelsea. All the kit wearing Malaysian Chelsea fans are glory hunters who don’t know no shit about the club before Roman and Jose came on board.

  79. Q:
    Your nick name is “BIG” Phil. What exactly is the BIG referring to? And since we’re on the subject, what’s worse, Losing on the Pitch or a bad session in bed?

  80. Ask him or maybe tell him : Just forget about bringing Chelsea to Asia to make good money. Asians love Manchester United. There is no place in Asia for a dictator football club where the owner Roman Abramovich spent hundreds of millions and made millions of losses. Chelsea is a club that made football worthless when only money comes into play not passion. Back to your ass home Chelsea!!! Even their new club logo looks like Man. Utd. ! Shame on you!!!

  81. To Big Phil :
    Q1 : who else would you sign as a Chelsea manager besides the talented Deco of Portugal?
    Q2 : Ever thought of signing C.Ronaldo since he plays for your Portugal team and you know his playing style so well?
    Q3 : What are your expectations with Chelsea for the new season?Are you confident that you can beat Manchester United and clinch the EPL and ECL title after losing both to Man U last season?
    Q4 : How far would you go to keep the big players of Chelsea such as Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba?

  82. Phil : You’re a dirty idiotic fella. You know you’re coming to Chelsea when you’re coaching Portugal. So, during the Euro ’08, you persuaded Ronaldo to leave Manchester United for Real Madrid at a press conference. You did that so that Man. Utd. will be a weaker team without Ronaldo? And then you can win the title with Chelsea? Bullshyt Big Phil. Dirty old tactic. Asians are full of Man. Utd. fans, you won’t be welcome here in Malaysia. And trust me, the stadium won’t be fully occupied. Unlike when Man. Utd comes to Malaysia last time, it was full house. And wait, Malaysians love Man. Utd. but not Chelsea. Our government Tourism department even used Man. Utd. to help advertise our country tourism industry. And wait, AirAsia too. Chelsea really holds no place in Malaysia. In a nutshell, no point coming over here. Sayonara and piss off!!

  83. Tell him that he will make no difference. Man Utd gonna kick his ass back to hell. He could not even speak English. Chelsea SUCKS!

  84. My question to phil:
    Compare to other big club, the strikers in the chelsea club is inconsistent and unreliable. Which striker do u wish to sign in these summer and how u gonna improve the strikers in the chelsea club?

  85. Questions for Felipao:
    1. You have been out of club management for so long. How do you cope with the multitude of nationalities in one team to bring out the best in them?
    2. The national associations of the football nations you have managed so far have backed you 100% throughout your tenure as head coach. Do you foresee the same amount of support from Tzar Roman? It is well-known that he has a varying degree of influence over the signings and overall direction of where Chelsea is heading. Would it cramp your style of management if that is the case?
    3. Can you put aside your intimate knowledge of Portuguese players at the club and pick the Chelsea 1st team based on merit alone?
    4. Arsene Wenger has lashed out at the culture of “mercenary” players recently. Do you consider this a unhealthy trend amongst players, and to a further extent, backroom staff and coaches, considering you admitted you took the Chelsea job partially motivated by the lucrative paycheck?
    5. Who is the all-time manager and player that you respect most and why?
    6. Do you really believe Chelsea has what it takes to break the dominance of Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United in the EPL, and the other European clubs in the UEFA Champions’ League or are they perennial underachievers?
    7. What should your ideal football player be like? (e.g. attitude, work ethic, etc.?
    8. Would you consider managing Malaysia one day? And, what would you do to improve the horrible standard of Malaysian football if you were to take the job?

  86. Questions to Scolari
    Q1. Is it true that player should not have sexual intercourse before a game?
    Q2 What will you do to your players if they lost to a weak team ? e.g. (malaysia)
    Q3 What are the criteria of becoming the top football manager in the world.
    Thats all =)

  87. When do you think Malaysia will ever win the world cup or better yet when will they ever qualify?

  88. I think these question are actually very thoughtful:
    1. If you are forced to include ONE Malaysian footballer in your 1st 11, who would it be?
    2. If you have to sell one of your 1st 11, who would that be?
    3. If you are to coach a group of rookies in a world class football competition, and you can include ONE professional footballer of your choice, who would it be? (Any footballer from any nation)

  89. 1st question:
    If you have the freedom to choose any football club to lead, putting the annual salary and goodies aside, which club would you be interested in and why ?
    2nd question (quite similar to the 1st question):
    If you have the freedom to pick any National football team, besides Portugal and Brazil, which team would you choose to lead and why ?
    3rd question:
    I personally think C. Ronaldo is overrated in Euro 2008, do you think there’s anyone better than him ?

  90. Dear Mr. Scolari,
    What can Chelsea fans expect from our team this coming season? Do you intend to rebuild the team in your image over the next 1 or 2 seasons, i.e. one that plays the game the way it was meant to be played? Or do you intend to build on the foundation that your predecessors have left you? Either way, what can the fans expect from the team this season?

  91. My question to Scolari.
    “Do you think Ronaldo should move to Real Madrid or stay at Manchester United?”

  92. Q to Big Phil,
    1) After winning the World Cup back at 2002, now 6 years has passed and u didn’t win anything with Portugal.Without Ronaldo in your side,are you confident that you can win EPL and Champions League next season with Chelsea?
    2) For sure, you will change Chelsea style of play into attacking compare to Maurinho which is more defensive. So who will be your Ronaldo in Chelsea? Arshavin, Deco, or KAKA?

  93. What are your opinions focusing on Futsal (5 aside indoor soccer) as the breeding ground for soccer?

  94. My question for Mr. Lari
    the media has already started the stories about the fires between Sir Alex and Scolari regarding the Ronaldo “transfer saga”. How much is he relishing to have a battle head-on with Sir Alex, the most successful British football manager?

  95. My question:
    Did anybody ever told you that you looked like Dr. Phil, and are you related to him? Well since you got the same name.

  96. The ultimate question I would like to ask for ages is:
    During the World Cup 2002, With Ronaldo’s disastrous injury records and with Romário’s great form while playing for Fluminense, what give you so much courage and confidence to leave out Romário and bet on Ronaldo? I mean if it is left to me, I don’t want to bet on an injury-proned Ronaldo who just came back from two operations and 20 months of rehabilitation. I would play safe with Romário eventhough I know he has discipline issues. Of course we know what happens afterwards but the risk you took was huge.


  98. Dear Big Phil :
    You’re a 60 year old man now.Where do you see yourself in another 10 years time. Still coaching and screaming all around during matches when you’re 70.(you know that its bad for health for an old man)

  99. 1. Ask that fella if he will take any Malaysian footballer into his club? If not criticize them please….
    2. Will you coach any team in Malaysia? Why? The pay is low? =)

  100. Will you sell most of the players who is jose’s loyal followers before? and build your “new” and “own” Chelsea team?

  101. In your time coaching the national sides, has there been players you had high expectations of? If there were, did they live up to it?

  102. what made you joined the most overrated league in the world, the one with the least beauty of football?

  103. I’m sure this has been proposed by someone else but here we go: “What is your favourite color?”

  104. Questions to Scolari:
    1. Good day. How are you settling your life in London so far?
    2. At the moment it looks like only Joe Cole plays well on the wings, are you intend to get another speedy winger like Simao?
    3. Are you considering another striking partner for Drogba, since the other strikers did not perform well last season?
    That would be all Kenny. Cheers.

  105. 1) Avram Grant was sacked last season despite leading Chelsea to both runner up places in europe and home. That was such an accomplishment despite a trophy-less season. What is your opinion on the high standards required by Chelsea FC? Is it healthy for the modern football where winning is everything?
    2) Roman Abramovich, the Chelsea FC’s owner had emphasised a great attacking play, a free flow of football like Arsenal. Jose Mourinho and Avram Grant was sacked due to their defensive play a.k.a boring football. How can you bring changes to Chelsea’s gameplay?
    3) Big Phil, as this is your maiden season in england and europe, do you think you have what it takes to bring glory to stamford bridge as you never manage any clubs in europe. In england, there is more physical approach emphasised unlike in Brazil. How will you cope with that?
    4) In EPL, there will be the usual Big 4 to exert their dominance in the league and europe this coming season. Which team poses the biggest threat to Chelsea’s ambitions?
    5) Chelsea, a club with no financial restrictions which able to buy among the best players in Europe with an inflated price. What’s your stand on this issue?
    6) Consider bringing any Brazilians to add the Samba flair in Stamford Bridge?
    7) Chelsea is a club with many star players. How will you manage all the egos in dressing room and keep their feets on the ground?
    8) Will you be bold enough to drop any underperforming players and give a younger player a chance to prove themself in the first team?
    9) Roman Abramovich is known to have meddle with the team’s affairs such as the match strategy and players selection. If there is any specific players that Roman ask you to choose, will you give in when the player will disrupt with the game formation?
    10) During the Euro 2008, you prohibit any players from announcing nor discussing about their future with the media. However, in constrast you announced that you will be Chelsea’s Manager by 1st july. As a result, Portugal were knocked out by Germany. Do you think this is your fault for disrupting the early momentum of the teamm?

  106. My question is it worth it for bringing ur players playing against Malaysia who are totally flop in internatiol arena….is it the money or just warm up match to gain confidence for next seasons competition by whacking the hell out of a very weak team? Is this good at all

  107. Hi Kenny,
    My Question for Big Phil:-
    Given the right dollar & cents, would you coach the Malaysian Football National Team after you retire from international coaching? We just cannot justify the “success” of the past coaches…do you know what’s our Ranking?

  108. Ques: Do you think annoucing your move to Chelsea made an impact on Portugal? (Portugal vs Germany)
    If the announcement was made after Euro, do you think Portugal would have made it to the final? Do you think the outcome would have been different?
    Germany played incredibly well during the semis, especially Ballack. Did he managed to impressed you? Do you think he’s trying to impress you?
    I personally thinks that, Portugal would have made it to the final, if the announcement is made after Euro and not when Portugal is set to take on Germany. The announcement/move to Chelsea certainly has an impact on the players, expecially Ronaldo.

  109. Questions for Scolari:
    Question 1: Is Shevchenko part of your reformation plan this coming season?
    Question 2: With so many star midfielders in the team now, how are you going to assign/select your starting lineup?
    sorry, forgot to write my name in the previous comment.

  110. 1. What colour of underwear do you wear on match day ? any specific lucky colour ? Red is lucky to the chinese do u wear red on match day or do you wear nothing underneath at all ? Has wearing any other colour cause you any bad luck if so ?
    2. Do you prevent your player having sex the night before the match to prevent their testestorone level dropping so to prevent a lousy play with ineficient energy.
    3. Do you like nasi lemak better or char kuey tiao ?

  111. Chelsea has always been known as the ALL STAR team. Is this your direction for the team or you would prefer to pump in more young blood?

  112. My question to Big Phil is ->
    What are his thoughts on managing Chelsea which has got only about 3(terry,cole,lampard) who are english and the rest are foreigners!That could be only bad for England isnt it? Would you condone that in Brasil? (he is brazilian)

  113. My question:
    It’s clear that what Roman Abramovich wants is to win the Champions League. Why do you think both Jose Mourinho and Avram Grant failed to do so? What changes do you see that are necessary to transform this current Chelsea squad into Champions League winners?

  114. Hi Kenny,
    I was wondering if there is some way to buy training passes? Ticketpro only sells match tickets 🙁

  115. firstly, think he doesnt speak english.. dunno how u gonna ask him these qns.. but.. i guess chelsea is rich enuff to get him a full time translator..
    he doesnt like to be referred to as big phil. he insist his name is felipe n does not like to be known as big phil. dun ask him y ppl call him big phil.. they call everyone big something… big sam(sam alladyce) etc..
    he prolly doesnt like to tok abt transfer rumour stuff… so i reckon give it a miss..
    ask him:
    1.who is the most talented player he has ever coached?
    2. what lessons in life has he learnt from football?
    3. who does he look up to as his inspirational influence?
    4. what made him decide to be a coach?

  116. QUESTION 1.Currently (as on that date the question is asked) who are your starting XI line up preferably?
    QUESTION 2.If you were a football player,which manager do you prefer to work with?
    QUESTION 3.Where do you see yourself leading Chelsea to in the coming 5 years?

  117. my Q to big phil:
    do u think lampard and deco can work together?
    would u mind to bring all the players to sarawak?well u know,jalan2 cari makan at kchg?

  118. Mine would be short, simple, and full of Malaysian goodness! ^^
    Question is:
    Big Phil, If you have to memorise a malay phrase to say it to the fans here, what would it be?
    A) Saya cinta Malaysia (I love Malaysia)
    B) Nasi Lemak sedap (Nasi Lemak is tasty)
    C) Aku cinta padamu (I love you)
    D) Chelsea sangat hebat (Chelsea is awesome)
    Whee! Hopefully he’ll be stunned kao kao

  119. What about this :
    Have you ever thought of being a footballer when you were young? If no, what was your ambition then? Do you regret being a footballer, or a coach?

  120. my question to scolari,
    1. were you confidence that chelsea will win the match against malaysia?
    2. in your opinion, who do u think is one of the best player in chelsea football club?
    3. are you proud, being a coach to the chelsea football club?

  121. What does Scolari think about his future in Chelsea? Did he ever think about how long will the deal between him and the Stamford Bridge team boss going to last?? Will he ended up like Jose Mourinho who achieved a lot for Chelsea team but still being dismissed in the end??

  122. Based on his current squad in Chelsea can he challenge ManU for then Premier League n Champion League title? Can he find someone to match Ronaldo o stop him?

  123. QN1 In your opinion, Which football player left/leaves the most lasting impression?
    QN2 How was your first encounter with Football like?
    QN3 What is your Motto in life?

  124. 1. Will be around for more than a season? I am a fan of Chelsea and looking at the state they were, 2 managers were ousted by pressure. Comments?
    2. The team seems to be runned by the players throughout or some part of the last season. Comments?

  125. when exactly do you forsee yourself getting sacked?
    do you reckon you are better looking than jose mourinho?
    why do you think you are balding?
    will you be able to adapt to the english culture of eating scones and drinking tea?
    do girls in brazil dig malaysian guys?

  126. How many homosexual footballers do you know and have personally coached?
    Do you think that there are any homosexuals in the current Chelsea team? If yes who do you suspect?
    PS: If there are please do not field them infront of Malaysian spectators because it would glorify Anwar Ibrahim..

  127. your looks somehow give me the impression that you can make good pizzas, can you?
    would you consider a role in a super mario brothers movie?

  128. My question to scolari:
    Big Phil, you said upon joining Chelsea that “it was a financial matter, but there were other things….. it was not only financial”. You have won many honours including the 2002 World Cup with Brazil and steering Portugal into the Euro 2008 quarter-finals. Does your other things mean the EPL title, Champions League, FA Cup and maybe even the League Cup, being the manager of the team who might win the historic quad titles motivated you to choose Chelsea over other clubs?

  129. Hello Mr.Phil,
    Will you ban WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) fromk accompanying your players before a big tournament or big match like other managers?

  130. My Question is this
    How is your family coping with the move from SPAIN to EPL when you faces the uncertainty of the axe like the previous managers.
    What makes you so confident that this will not happen to you.

  131. We all know that players in the same team wear the same jerseys, shorts and socks.. does a football club make their players wear the same colour underwear too?

  132. Question to Score Larry,
    Who is your daddy and what does he do ? (Use Arnold the Governator Voice if possible when asking the question)

  133. Don’t you think it would be a good idea for coaches and managers to have a fitness challenge at the end of the season?
    Winner will get 5 points , 3 points followed by 1 point for the new league during the next season

  134. Do the football jerseys get washed and reused after every match? Do the jerseys auctioned off? What happens to the jerseys after a match we want to know!

  135. How many hours do players train everyday? How come some players look more muscular / built than the others? Don’t they have the same workout routine?

  136. Question:
    Jose Mourinho won the league title on his first season in charge. What are the board expectation out of your 1st season? And which are more important, the Champions League success that deserted Chelsea last season or the league title?

  137. Question:
    As we all know that Deco is the latest signing for Chelsea. Is this signing means that Chelsea midfield is not strong enough even with Lampard & Essien & Ballack? And there’s rumours about Ronaldhino going to be a Chelsea player. Are you sure that these five midfield players can complements each other to bring the best out of Chelsea?

  138. We all know that players train physically week in week out? How do they train mentally? Do players have hypnotherapy sessions to condition themselves for peak performance on the field? What are some examples of exercises for the players psychology

  139. If a spectator runs on the field and kicks the ball into a goal will that be considered a legitimate goal?

  140. Q1: if money really meant so much to you, why are you here?you already so old, in this industry for so many years..money that u earn still not enough for you?
    Q2: among all clubs to go to, why did u choose chelsea where the owner(Roman Abramovich)actually makes quite alot of choices for the team?

  141. We all know that players get a yellow card when they celebrate a goal with their shirt off… What if they take their pants and underwear off and celebrate after a goal? Still yellow card ah?

  142. You should ask your players to eat durian and petai before the match against the Malaysian team… it’s a secret malaysian energy booster recipe

  143. Whats the best birthday gift you’ve received from a football player? Which football player gave it to you?

  144. erm how about…
    How can you change the fact that Manchester United are capable of destroying Chelsea most of the time you meet??
    ****Scolari : erm.. ar… hey how about some durian!.. i heard they’re delicious..

  145. My questions to Mr.Scolari:
    -What style of football are u going to bring to the EPL this time around?
    -You have been known to be a title winner.What does it take to bring Chelsea finally to the Champions League crown?
    -What are the elements that you want to integrate into the side to make them an all-rounder champion?

  146. 1. If you could have dinner with one of the other EPL managers, who would it be and what would your topic of conversation be?
    2. What are your hobbies?

  147. Since that C.Ronaldo is going to leave man utd and you’re the new coach of Chelsea FC, have u ever think of asking him to join u in Chelsea FC instead of joining Real Madrid?
    *will think of more question then come back and ask again. -o-

  148. Mr.Scolari,you have known to be a good coach and might be one of the best.As a man will face his/her ups and downs,what is your one and only regret you have experienced as a coach and wished not to repeat it when coaching Chelsea?

  149. what is the most important thing that you seek out for when you are buying multi million dollar player?
    As a coach, who do you look up too? who do you think is the best coach?

  150. Questions:
    1. What is the daily training routine like, on the days leading up to a match?
    2. How will you plan the team’s daily training routine in between closely scheduled matches when for example, you have an EPL match on Saturday followed by a UCL match on Tuesday?

  151. Questions for Big Phil!
    1. What do you see as key messages for your players right before a match? e.g. tactics, motivation etc
    2. When your team is 1-0 up at halftime, how do you usually tell the players to try to get the 2nd goal and at the same time, protect the lead?

  152. Question:
    Everyone has thier shortcomings and advantages. It is rather hard not to compare you with Mourinho, in what way do you think you have outperformed Mourinho and did he outshine you in any area as the football coach of Chelsea? Please elaborate.

  153. My question to scolari is : Why ur team seldom won the Epl cup but always got so much money to buy such fine players ? You got makan rasuah ?

  154. My questions to Scolari:
    1) Will you bid for Ronaldinho to come over to Chelsea?
    2) What do you think are the chances of Chelsea winning with the new team?

  155. My question is….
    1) mr Scholari, seeing how traditionally not so strong teams play and win big matches in the recent EURO, how do you think malaysian soccer can learn from their style.
    2) Mr.Scholari, have you heard of the recent Anwar case, malaysia election and the murder case. What are view?

  156. Ask him whether he knows Afonso de Albuquerque and Malacca used to be under Portuguese rule long long time ago…if you can, ask him in Portuguese

  157. In terms of training and nutritional plans.. where or to whom do you refer to? Where do you get ideas for training? Are these ideas created on your own or are they copied from a training manual?

  158. Q1: You think Chelsea stand a chance against Man Utd this season?
    Q2: You expecting anything from Chelsea’s players like J. Cole and J. Terry?
    Q3: Do you think that the purchase of Deco from Barca would be a waste? like last time’s Sebastian Veron?
    Q4: Will you bring the whole Portugal squad to Chelsea? like C. Ronaldo?
    Q5: Why can’t Chelsea play at Kuching? Why must it be in West M’sia?

  159. 1) do you think your players would be unfit for matches when they come and eat all of malaysia good food, like roti prata with curry, kolo mee, satay etc…would the spicy food make them quesy and play badly?

  160. which was ur highlight of ur career, lifting the world cup, or managing your first brazillan club and becoming champions

  161. Having previously managed the likes of technically-gifted players in the Brazillian & Portuguese national teams, do you think it is possible, in the fast-paced hustle & bustle of the EPL, to play beautiful attacking football and recapture EPL gold and finally rule Europe?
    What would your game plan be against smaller teams who play negatively, hoping to just eek out a draw?
    And lastly, how would you assert yourself as Chelsea boss over a dressing room of superstar egos and diverse nationalities?

  162. Ques: What sort of expectation you have in Chelsea, the star players & Premier League?
    Ques2: What’s your opinion of handling an English Club for the first time

  163. ques 2 : If u are able to sign any of the top-class player around the world , which player will u choose ?

  164. How do you view talents like Deco and Senna, both your countrymen Brazilians who left their country for a better chance to play football in the international stage for Portugal and Spain respectively? Do you think it is Brazil’s waste? How do you view such trends and do you agree with more and more such possible cases in the future (your countrymen representing other countries in football)? We know Figo had a problem with Deco representing Portugal when he was still playing for Portugal.

  165. Kennysia…
    I dun have any idea about “helping u interviewing Scolari”…tapi i ada satu idea…u can use this to start ur interview with Scolari or to end ur interview…Ini cuma satu jenaka…Hope u’ll try it..Juz ask him…
    Here’s the idea….
    Kenapakah perlawanan Bolasepak dimainkan selama 45 minit dalam setiap separuh masa??? Why 45 minutes…???
    Jangkamasa permainan Bolasepak di atas padang adalah bergantung kepada Bilangan BOLA yang ada di atas padang…
    1 pemain = 2 Bola (his balls..hehehe)
    11 pemain(1 team) = 22 Bola
    22 pemain (2 teams) = 44 bola…
    44 Bola + 1 Bola yang disepak = 45 Bola!!!!…
    45 Bola=45 Minutes!!!!…
    Extra time????….Itu adalah BOLA REFREE….!!!!!..hehehhee…hope u’ll like it..
    /* believe it or not, even pro can’t answer it*/
    Happy Blogging..!!!

  166. OPENING QESTION: Whats the ingredient for your success as a coach? is there a special recipe that you can advise others?

  167. oh kenny you are so lucky! chelsea is the best team in the world! just sad they lost out to mu grr. anyway im so excited! too bad its in KL. poo.
    Anyway kenny:
    Question for the amazing Scolari:
    : what do you think about the recruiting and buying of players this season because for the past few yrs even big shot players were left on the bench

  168. ask scolari whether he has played Football Manager 2008 before…ask him why real life formation and tactics doesn’t f*cking work in that game.

  169. Since he coming with Chelsea team, suppose to ask something relevant to the club and their goal.
    My question : What is the recipe to make chelsea a champion which Mourinho and grant failed?

  170. Why did you put C. Ronaldo as a striker in the POR vs. GER match when we all know he can perform optimally as a winger. Portugal could have beaten if not tied with Germany if he was not put in that position in the first place.

  171. Question:
    For the past few seasons chelsea has been performing pretty well, as for the last season they nearly got the championship. In terms of player and everything they have the best if not one of the best compared to other EPL team. What he sees as a coach that the team is lacking to be a chanpion?

  172. 1)How do think the Malaysian are playing football? Do they play like a sissy or a sissy?
    2)Tell me how much do you want to let Malaysia win?
    3)Can you sing Chelsea anthem for me? Plsss…
    4)Your anchestor have conquered Malacca in 1511. Do you think there might be any Ronaldo they left here in Malacca now?
    5)If our player smell like durians, will it makes Chelsea player run away or directly fainted?

  173. Question:
    How do you plan on strengthening Chelsea in the areas where the previous coaches have failed to do so?
    What makes you think that you can be a better coach to Chelsea than the former coaches?

  174. I am a die-hard fan of Chelsea. Looking forward to Scolari’s style of play.
    Anyway here are my questions :
    1)What kind of football will you bring to Chelsea?
    2)Will you use more young players from academy?
    3)What is your message to Man United and Liverpool ?

  175. Will Scolari be able to bring in the “togetherness” attitude which was adapted by ex-manager Jose Mourinho? Is he the new “Special One”?

  176. Mr Scolari,
    You’ve had an illustrious career.Will guiding Chelsea all the way to the following champion cup be the icing on the cake?

  177. Big Phil,
    You have quickly signed Deco into Chelsea after you were appointed manager of the club.What did you see in Deco?

  178. If I may, my questions to Scolari would be :
    1) How long do you foresee yourself coaching Chelsea, given the owner’s propensity for giving “feedback” to his previous coaches?
    2) Do you think that decisions about buying/selling players should come from the top? i.e. the owners/board
    3) We’ve seen Mourinho collect some silverware, Grant come very close to picking up some silverware. How do you rate your chances at guiding Chelsea to lifting trophies this season?
    4) Having successfully coached at the club level in Brazil and then country level with Portugal, why the return to club level football and is this going to be your swan song?
    5) Coaching hall of fame : Who would you name as the top ten best coaches of all time – regardless of whether they were coaching for club or country?
    Thank you. 🙂

  179. Mr Scolari,
    Who is the best footballer that you have ever coached and why do you think he is the best?

  180. My questions to Scolari :
    1) We knew that the ” Special One ” ( Jose Mourinho ) lived up the expectations by wining EPL and trophies during his time. People expect you to do better than him. Perhaps, winning the Champion’s league next season says it all? Is that your main target when you thought of coming to Chelsea?
    2) People used to say Chelsea always win with a boring game style. The fans expect entertaining game styles as well as getting good results. Are we expecting to see that or results come first ?
    Hope is not too long 😛 cheers !

  181. Q for Scolari:
    1. When will he take over Manchester United as Club Manager?
    2. Which Malaysian player would he bring to Chelsea for a trial?

  182. omg some people are so bodoh…
    which malaysian player is good enough for chelsea??
    stupid kenny sia readers

  183. my questions for Mr Scolari:
    1. How are you going to accommodate three of the same type of mid fielders at the same time considering the fact that all three are equally influential and skillful, and also maintain the same quality of football, if not better?
    2. We have all witnessed what Guss Hiddink could do in the recent Euro. Some even argue that he’s one of the best managers around. How do you compare yourself with someone like Hiddink?
    3. What are some essential principles that you hold true to yourself and your players?
    4. What are your coaching techniques? And how do you motivate and inspire your players?
    5. Do you have any moments in your past that may have affected you in someway, that is related to the world of football?
    6. What changes and improvement do you seek to implement in your new team?
    7. What advice or encouragement do you have for the football enthusiasts out there?

  184. Would you suck Abramovich’s balls if he gave you half his fortune??
    If yes – which balls will you suck first? Left or Right?

  185. Scolari,
    1. what made you to take Chelsea’s offer to be their Manager?
    2. which club is your favorite club in the EPL?
    3. do you think it is rationale for Chelsea to remove Jose Mourinho?
    4. do you think avram grant deserved to be terminated after what happened in the EPL recently? or is there any other external factor that you know of?
    5. as a football manager, what is the biggest challenge as this position?
    thanks Kenny for offering such an opportunity.

  186. If you play soccer professionally for ten years without wearing underwear will your balls be saggy up to the knees?

  187. Hi Kenny,
    I want to ask the following questions:
    1) Do you think you have the *cough* balls *cough* to show the Malaysians a dance you can come out with if Chelsea scores against Malaysia? Because you are one of the coaches out there with loads of actions when your team scores, fails to score, disagrees with the referee and etc.
    2) You mentioned money is a factor to bring you to Chelsea. What if you failed to bring Chelsea to win Champions League (biggest mission of Abramovich), did you ever think that you might get sacked and not getting as much as a Portugal coach?
    3) You did say that you know a lot of languages. Do you know how to speak our national language, Bahasa Malaysia?
    4) What is the advice you can give for the Malaysia team?
    Thanks, Kenny.

  188. here is the question:
    1) what future do you see in Chelsea by managing the club?
    2) since you are managing an english team now, the style, the techniques and the pace of football is totally different, does your coaching technique suits the english league or do you change your style?
    3) are you confident that Chelsea will reach more titles next season?

  189. 1.) As far as I am concern, Chelsea players are arrogant and sore losers like Jose Mourinho. Alex Ferguson and Man United are going to kick his arse! IS HE PREPARED? =)

  190. i dunno wat to suggest to you, so im sory..
    im a girl who doesnt rily watch football, so i dun think i cn be anyhelp.
    but there’s something interesting in ur post.
    y not try asking him d q? jk :p
    p/s: i tot jose maurinho’s the coach? or is he the manager? urm.. that proves my insensitivy to football..
    but i suggest u to ask the SCORE then LARI q tho..HAHAHAHAHAHAH (sory i just think its so funny! gudluck kenny!)

  191. My questions would be:
    1) If there is one rule about soccer you would like to change to make the game more interesting for fans and players, what would it be?
    2) Given your vast experience coaching soccer at both club and national level, what is the main difference managing these two varied groups?
    3) Would you rather work the tactics around the team, or work the team around the tactics?
    That’s all, thanks for the opportunity! =)

  192. Uncle Phil
    Why la this kenny. Firstly he mingles with my circle of frens getting habuan like the tony guy that runs the cheapskate airline. Gv a bit he praise their inflight menu.
    Now like gvng away 10 miserable tix he can get the masses to do the thinking.
    Folks, maxis got sms contest la. Easy to win. Overall costs per entry just RM1.00
    Go join la…..
    No need waste time thinking n cracking ur brains. Might as well do what kenny does…take time out n enjoy life.
    DOnt be suckas….

  193. My harsh question to Scolari:
    You disallowed your Portugal players to talk about their future during Euro 2008, however Chelsea announced you as their new manager during Euro 2008. Do you think you are superior to all your players that your rules does not apply to yourself?
    My nicer question to Scolari:
    Mourinho came in to Chelsea saying he was the “Special One”. What sort of reputation would you or do you want to start off with in Chelsea?

  194. Here are my Qs:
    1. Is your persuasion of Ronaldo to Real Madrid intentional so that your biggest league rival Man Utd would have to do without him, and would make your life easier at Chelsea?
    2. Why do you choose to announce your arrival to Chelsea during Portugal quarter final match up with Germany? Can you comment on the idea that this is a way to show to abramovic that you are ready to make sacrifices for the Chelsea job, even meaning that you would derail Portugal chances of winning Euro?
    3. Can you name the usual 1st eleven and sub bench players? If you do not know who they are, how do you decide which players to keep, which to sell?
    4. If Abramovic pays you half of your current contract salary but double the budget for new players, would you have come to Chelsea?
    5. Will you purposely screw up the team so that you got the sack and get the compensation of millions without seeing out your contract?
    6. Where do you place yourself with Mourinho and Avram in terms of coaching abilities?

  195. A message to Timmyhow.
    If you really have something to say about Kenny, why not you make a blog. We will see if you can come anywhere near the publicity the Kenny receives. I agree with azrul that you are thinking things too deeply and that you are looking at this from a wrong perspective. This is a general discussion site. Kenny has the right to say wat he wants to. Even if there is a handful who agree with you that Kenny might have crossed the line on occasions, there are millions more who think otherwise. Please put some thought in your evaluation on Kenny and try to achieve what Kenny has achieved thru his 4 years of blogging before you start bad-mouthing.
    Question for Scolari:
    1) Think you can out-do Sir Alex? Where did you get that idea from? ^^
    Man. U will no doubt carry the silverwares once again! Glory, Glory Man United!!

  196. Kenny,
    My question to BIG PHIL are:

  197. I only have one burning ques to him:
    Scolari, do you know the real meaning behind your name?
    I bet he’s yet to know it. Thanks to Kenny for the interpretation. Darn funny but it does make sense though. Ha.

  198. Question:
    1. Did you bring along your coaching team to Chelsea?
    2. Peoples has been saying that this is the toughest job in football. So,how was your first day as the manager of Chelsea?

  199. Will you let Lampard go to Inter Milan ?
    How do you think about Stamford Bridge ?
    Can you really work with Roman Abrahamovich ?

  200. ‘Everyone started playing football because they loved the game. Eventually, some became the coach.
    You admitted money was one major factor which brought you to Chelsea.
    We all know that football is no longer a sport, it is a business now. Are you still coaching for the money or for the love and passion of winning games?
    Please evaluate.’

  201. England has been trying to lure you away from Portugal ever since Steve Mclaren’s departure.You were their number one target, but you remained mum about it.Tell us more about it.Out of the two, managing a top flight EPL club and being England’s gaffer, which do you think offers more challenges on a daily basis?
    And finally, do you think Cristiano will stay at United?
    (Just joking…old story already)

  202. My question…
    To the boys, football is a sport. To many girls, football is a means to see hot players in action. Would you consider these girlie fans less worthy compared to the rest?

  203. question:
    United have displayed that in the past two seasons, the team that plays the most attractive attacking football have been rewarded with premiership silverware. Chelsea’s approach to the game has been tactical and often defensive, not explosive as many neutrals would like to see especially with the stars on show. This legacy was left behind by Mourinho followed by Grant. You have been known to bring attacking football to the teams you coach. How and what will be your approach and what type of football should we expect from Chelsea in the coming season?

  204. questions:
    1.How does Mr Scolari think Chelsea fares as a club compared to all the other great clubs in the world, not just in the EPL?
    2. In Mr S’ opinion, has football nowadays become too money-centered? i.e. Without Mr Roman “Russian oil sheikh” Abramovich and his financial contributions, would Chelsea have managed to come this far on its own two feet?

  205. It’s been known that you and Fergie have had your share of squabbles during Portuguese international friendlies. How will that affect your relationship with the United boss now that you’re the coach of Chelsea?

  206. which Chelsea player has the strangest habit/superstition? The fans here are dying to know their players better, especially any interesting bits of news of them you can share with us

  207. fergie will make scolari cry next season… chelshit to finish below man utd and arsenal next season…
    epl champion: man utd
    runners up: arsenal
    third place: chelsea
    fourth place: everton
    fifth place: totenham hotspurs
    relegation: liverpoo fc

  208. we all know the players and coaches lead lavish lifestyles due to the wage structure at Chelsea. More importantly, can you share with us how and what are Chelsea and it’s players doing from a corporate citizenship pov?

  209. Chelsea’s home record has been impeccable- no losses since Mourinho’s time in charge. Is there any emphasis from your end to maintain this glorious record?

  210. Was it reasonable for Avram Grant to be sacked in within a year although he had already led Chelsea to 2nd placing in carling cup, champions league and the premier league ?
    Whats the difference between Scolari, Mourinho and Grant in terms of coaching the players ?
    Chelsea were also known to be built around Frank Lampard under Mourinho’s management. Do you think Lampard would stay and extend his contract with Chelsea ?

  211. Que: What if you fail and get the so called one of the “big four” Chelsea relegated ? Well maybe you can be another “special one”.

  212. My question for scolari is
    What made you sign for Chelsea ? –
    The power in the transfer market? The current Team ? or is it just because the Portuguese FA
    Couldn’t match Chelsea’s offer ?

  213. i’d want to ask.. how many times do you think you’ve lost your cool when at a match… *after that, compile every video of him going bonkers, then play the video after he answers… then go.. “what about these?” XD

  214. hey.here are my questions for the interview.really hope to get the tickets,im giving it to my beloved.(:
    1)You’ve achieved international success with Brazil and Portugal respectively.Do you think you can replicate that success and bring Chelsea to greater heights and achievements?
    2)Club football(more than 9 months) and international football(short period of few weeks annually)have vast time differences.Do you think you can cope with these 9 months at Chelsea?

  215. You were famous in coaching GREAT national teams such as Brazil and Portuguese team in World Cup and Euro Cup,while Guis Hiddink were known to train the UNDERDOG teams such as Korea & Russia team to the success. What makes you decide to switch to EPL (Chelsea) instead of coaching a national team this time?

  216. question:
    you’ve done most of your club coaching in brazil, and have coached the brazilian national team. what aspects of the brazilian style of football do you aim to bring to chelsea?

  217. Glory Glory Man. Utd.!!! Go back home Chelsea, poor loser! with a big fat, old and useless Phil!!!

  218. As you are well known to be a tough disciplinarian, what is your opinion on Didier Drogba’s attitude? Should you intend to keep him at Chelsea how do you make him a more respectful player?
    Also, if you have the opportunity to get hold of a player from a BPL team that is not from Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool who would that be? And why such a player?
    Lastly, what do think of the chances of the newly-promoted BPL teams like Hull, Stoke and West Brom surviving in top-flight for the coming season?

  219. Question : The journalists in EPL are well known to publish different stories than what was told during interveiw. (Because they only write what they wanted to hear, rather than what is in the mind of the coaches). So, what is your strategy to deal with all the journalists?
    (Would it be like Mourinho – be-friend the journalist or like Avam Grant – shut them down as both using totally opposite method? – If Scorlari need clarification on the question above)

  220. to big phil:
    wht do u think about young generation footballers nowadays?
    do u have any plan for bringing any younger footballers to chelsea?for example: kerlon (brazil)

  221. my question is y do u want to take charge of chelsea besides the salary?? CHELSEA ARE RUBBISH!!! UNITED ROCK!

  222. Portugal came extremely close to win the EURO2004 crown against Greece. You have the biggest chance to give their Golden Generation lead by Figo to win something prestigious internationally but they failed. What was worse is that Portugal had allowed one of the biggest upsets in football competition. The upset was not the best way for the Golden Generation to retire and be remembered. Figo deserves it for being one of the best players of this generation.
    Do you feel that it is such a waste not to win it to give Figo and the Golden Generation an honour before they retire? Could you have done something more to beat the 1-goal-victories-Otto Rehhagel-team then if you are given the second chance?

  223. Scolari, How many goals you think your chelsea team can score against the Malaysia National Team ( which is obviously , not up to standard football the Malaysian are playing ) on the 29th of July 2008?

  224. Mr Scolari, you are indeed very famous for ur fiery temperament on and off the field. Do you think referee in England will particularly keep an eye on you and your chances of being sent off to the stand is much higher than any other manager in EPL?

  225. Mr Scolari, you have 1 major common with Sir Alex Ferguson. Both of you have big stomach. Do you think you can be as good as Alex’s in term of football management?( Although you have the identical size of stomach as Sir Alex)

  226. Do you think any player in the malaysia national team that can actually train with chelsea player? or even help them picking up balls only?

  227. Skolali, you not paiseh meh manage club like Chelsea? Not jealous Fergie? Manage superclub like Man U? Or Wenger? His Arsenal can keep score goal like shoot you in the head? Or even Benitez? His Liverpool oso better. Hor? Tak malu ah bradder?

  228. 1. Are you having an affair with Abramovich?
    2. If not, why is he paying you so damn much?
    3. What does he see in you that arouses him so?
    4. Will you miss managing C. Ronaldo since leaving Portugal? (Benedict Arnold, you are.)
    5. Would you pay 100m to bring him to Chelsea and start a fresh money scandal?
    6. Are you ‘special’ in football management like Mourinho, or are you ‘special’ as in mentally retarded?
    7. If you could win the world cup, why didn’t you win euro? Was the world cup a fluke then?
    8. Why does Cech wear a brassiere on his head?
    9. Is signing Deco just another ploy for you to date his hot mom?

  229. Man, you lost the World Cup 06 and Euro Cup 08 badly!. You mean you still have in you to produce champions?

  230. 1. What’s the biggest failure u have faced and how do you overcome it?
    2. What do you do when you faced obstacles and great challenges in your life?

  231. Hey Kenny…wanna ask him a question that will make him remember you for the rest of your life?
    Dearest Mr. Scolari, where was Chelsea in the leagues, fa cup, community shield and also the champions league last season?
    Or subsequently, you can ask him. Dearest Mr. Scolari, who beat Chelsea during last season’s champions league?
    Or better still, ask him this. Who is going to beat Chelsea yet again this year?
    Now, if you do ask him any one of that questions… I can guarantee you fame with the new Chelsea gaffer.

  232. Pois isso tu virada Sir Alex por rogar Ronaldo a junte Real Madrid, vontade tu dividir em vinho com ele como Jose Mourinho?
    Now that you had upset Sir Alex Ferguson by asking Ronaldo to join Real Madrid, will you be sharing a wine with him like Jose Mourinho?

  233. My question would be..
    starting off with..
    “Hi.. im kenny. Welcome to Malaysia! How was lunch?”
    … then something..
    since it’s his first time to Msia, we should be proud as Msians – and so that we dont lose so much face when we lose later..
    – So, how you do find Malaysia??
    followed by,
    – Any chance, of Msia winning?
    Then maybe some personal questions like..
    1) What makes you a better coach? Your management skills or the players?
    2) How much did they pay you?
    .. so on..

  234. Q1: Have you ever thought you will manage english premiere league?
    Q2: Is there any chances Ronaldinho can move to chelsea?

  235. My question to Scolari: Will Fat Fat Kenny Sia be able to survive in your team? Haha~! No offence, kenny. It was deliberate. 🙂

  236. My question to Scolari : We all thought that Cristiano Ronaldo could not repeat his feat in the 2006/2007 season where he inspired Man Utd to claim back their premiership crown , but he outdo himself and had a even better season after that and helped them win the double . How true is the claim that all footballers have to go through several phases in their careeer , where they have a dip or a fantastic form in a season ? Can Ronaldo do it again next season ? or even improve . 🙂

  237. Now that u have money to burn and players to buy, what is your ideal Chelsea dream team that you want to have ? He can name any player that are currently still professionally active.

  238. My question to scholari:
    If u could have kenny on your team,what shirt number would you give him and what position would he play?

  239. Do you think that you would be able to manage a middle-of-the-road team – like say, Blackburn Rovers – and have them consistently achieve success, perhaps even surpassing the recent achievements of their last manager, Mark Hughes?

  240. Do Scolari look back at his animated reactions during matches and feel embarrassed about it? Or does he feel proud of it?

  241. My question would sound something like this?
    Hi Mr Scolari,
    You have a great reputation before coming to Chelsea FC, will you be able to cope with the demands of “beautiful football” that is deeply yearned by Mr. Roman Abramovich by just signing Deco and Bosingwa? Which player (that Chelsea can realistically sign) in the world do you think will fit the bill perfectly?

  242. My question to scolari:
    Dear Mr Scolari,
    Now that the current crop of mega players are earning mega bucks playing their favourite sport, their salaries doubling or tripling ( well before their contracts expire mind you )everytime another club is interested or if the player himself plays well in a major tournament.
    Players would always say no one is bigger than the club but they never act accordingly.
    How do you feel about this issue of salaries and the role of agents in this industry?

  243. kenny this questions has been in my mind for god knows how long..why does most managers chew gums during a match? looks cool?

  244. Why do you want to play with Malaysian team? Isn’t time very precious and should be used for more value added activities?

  245. i would like to know if scolari would persuade the likes of lampard and drogba to stay or will he revamp the team but selling these players in view of younger and gifted players such as quaresma and many others
    thank you

  246. My question is:
    Mr Scolari, do you enjoy Malaysia and the food here?
    the question might seem irrelevant..lol

  247. I would like to know who is scolari going to buy for the next season? anymore new stars or will he bring in more portugal players into chelsea?

  248. My question:
    1-What is your secret to be a successful coach, can u give tips for our national coach or if possible, can you whack their heads
    2-who to blame if a certain team lost??? the coach or the players…As fa as i’m concern, our national team appoint some talented and well known coach.
    Bonus question
    3-do you know how to speak english

  249. 1) what strategy are you going to use on chelsea to bring malaysia’s team down?
    2) besides having a friendly tournament between chelsea n malaysia’s team, are you guys going to at least pay a visit to some places in malaysia before leaving? or try out something really nice tradition food in malaysia? how do you find them?!
    *i wanna see joe cole so badly..hmmph..pretty please..(:

  250. My Question
    There are news that you encourage C.ronaldo to move on to real madrid for better future, many people do think that this to protect your job in chelsea where u do not want to face a strong team like manchester united in last season with this c.Ronaldo around or you think ferguson lack of managerial skill in polishing this young star? and the way football is played in England is not suitable for C.ronaldo to be better?
    Can you give some comment on this statement?

  251. 1) What is the weakness that you see in Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool? How to beat them?
    2) Who do you tihnk will win EPL in next season?

  252. 1) What is the weakness that you see in Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool? How to beat them?
    2) Who do you tihnk will win EPL in next season?
    (Sorry, forgot to leave contact)

  253. Question:
    People compare you to Mourinho in terms of charisma. But it seems that ‘charisma’ alone didn’t bring the Champions League to Chelsea. What do you think gives you the edge over him and the other managers such as Fergie to land the coveted prize?

  254. Qs:
    1-Why do all footballers have beautiful and hot wives?
    2-Will you someday want to coach Malaysia Football Team?
    3-If you are a woman, who is the footballer that you will attracted to?

  255. Ok Kenny, here’s my question to the new coach of my favourite team of all time…
    Big Phil,
    You have been ever so successful on the international stage winning the World Cup with Brazil and being highly unfortunate in Euro 2004 to get nicked by an upsetting Greece to the trophy. On the way you have worked with many of the best players in the world which include the likes of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Luis Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo. With a coaching experience and history like that, in what way will your new job at Chelsea give you fresh coaching experiences considering you have already worked to the highest of standards? Also, coming from a big international squad to a big club, is the working and interaction process with players the same?
    That’s all for my question, hope it gets selected, thanks dude!

  256. Q:
    Your coaching career has taken you to many countries and clubs. Which has been the smelliest changing rooms you’ve been to? And since Chelsea has all the money in the world, does the dressing room reflect that?
    Did your position come with a company car?

  257. You and Christiano Ronaldo, who’s balls do you think are bigger?
    And personally to Scolari, I absolutely loved it when you gave that serbia player a sucker punch in his face! Way to go!

  258. my questions to scolari :
    1) do you have confident from being the jose mourinho and the avram grant no.2 (in the sense of being sacked)?
    2) which player do you hope to be in your squad for your first season as manager of chelsea fc? and also the player that you want to drop from your current squad so much?

  259. My question,
    Dear Mr Scolari,
    With you as the new manager, the new backroom saff, new training methods, new tactics, new players, and probbably new diets, how are the Chelsea players coping with these changes so far? Whats the mood like behind the scenes in the changing room? Is there a sense of camaraderie among the new management team and the Chelsea players?

  260. My question to Mr Scolari,
    Dear Mr Scolari,
    Football is a team effort, the best teams in history always had close-knit players who were more than just a collegue on the field, they did non football related actvities together as well.
    I would like to know what kind of team building activities does your management team have in store for the chelsea players? Fishing in the river Thames or go karting sessions maybe?

  261. My question is: Why after all the success he had with other clubs, he ended with Chelsea? What is the major attraction, was it the money or interest?

  262. Jose Mourinho claims to be the “Special One” – do you think he is the “Special One”?
    Do you think YOU are the “Special One”?
    How do you intend to walk out from the shadow of Jose Mourinho’s legacy in Chelsea?
    Do you foresee a team outside the Big Four challenging for a place in the Champions League next season – which team will it be most likely and why?

  263. My questions are:
    1) Will you succumb to the pressure of resignation if you fail to win any title for Chelsea FC next year?
    2) How would you accommodate Lampard, Ballack and Deco in the starting 11?
    Chelsea FC.. the pride of London!!

  264. 1) Will John Terry will continue be the captain under your era or will it be someone else like Ballack?
    2) Roman Abromovich demands the attacking and attractive football. Are you putting the importance on result or entertaining football?
    3) Will the English language be a barrier for you to conveying your ideas entirely to the team?

  265. Ever since Roman Abromovich took over, managers/coaches got pressured to select or purchase players that aren’t in the plan of the preferred squad or at a particular match (e.g Shevchenko or Shaun Wright-Philips) which is like a total waste of talent. Would Scolari be forced to adhere to the selection of players based on orders of Roman? Or would he actually rebel and decide whats best for the team??

  266. Mr . Scolari, looking from your physique we can tell that you know how to enjoy your beers… Can you recommend a good beer to all the chelsea fans fans out there?
    (Kenny if I win I want VIP seats ok… I already sent you 10 good entries. Some i put fake names cause I scared someone get my email from you and scold me)

  267. Are portugal drivers polite? Cause we malaysians are not.. you might get a bit of traffic culture shock when you look out of the bus window on your way to the stadium.

  268. Mr Scolari do you have superstitions? In Malaysia it is widely believed that fiddling a rambutan in your pocket brings good luck

  269. Mr Scolari do you believe in aliens and UFOs? Would it be possible that Ronaldo is an alien-human hybrid?

  270. mr scolari, have u tot of losing some weight??
    whisper *im referring to ur pot belly*…..

  271. My 3 Question…is…
    “Will you all try some Bak Kut Teh when u come to Malaysia?”(or ask them add some tongkat ali to make it more KENCANG )
    “Did you know where is the biggest/highest Goal post in the world?” (Anws:Twin Tower…|-|

  272. Let me see…what question to ask??
    Can you fix me a date with Cristiano Ronaldo? Woohoo….
    BTW, the Malaysian team players looked so retarded in comparison to the Chelsea Players!

  273. Oh Kenny,
    Perhaps you should asked his opinion about the Malaysian political scene which is like a big circus and is so DIRTY at the moment?
    If he is unaware of the happenings, then something is so wrong with him.

  274. tell me, why the hell do you come to places like this where the football quality is like chickens looking for seeds and most of the supporters are United kias. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

  275. help me which formation he’s going to use against M’sia team and which player he decided to field?
    lastly ask him wat’s his opinion about our current national soccer team performance?

  276. Will you take a sample of our Malaysian cow grass as a souvenir? I used to collect beach sand when i go to different beaches

  277. What do you think of the current chelsea team and what do you think at which aspect should Chelsea improve on?

  278. Hi Scolari,
    If you have a chance which I’m you do, do you prefer to hump..
    1. Malay chick
    2. Chinese chick
    3. Indian chick
    4. Iban chick
    5. Ah qua

  279. You have won so many trophies in Brazil like the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, Copa do Brasil Campeonato Gaúch as well as the Sudamericana(a.k.a Champions League) and of course the most pretigious cup in football, the World Cup. You have done so much in Brazil and for Brazil. Do you think you can do the same in England, helping Chelsea win more silverware?

  280. Is it true that, you tried to persuade Christiano Ronaldo to leave Manchester United during your tenure as Portugal coach? So that to weaken Man Utd, and Chelsea will have the chance for silverwear in the upcoming season. We cannot deny that it is Ronaldo that almost single-handed brought in the throphies to Manchester last season. Thanks.

  281. HMM…
    I just saw the movie Hancock the other day,at the very beginning of the story there is a kid waking up Hancock,he looks like Scolari..
    Q: Is that your son acting??
    another dirty one, just wonder…
    Q: Do you limit your player making out?*cough*
    I mean, how often you permit them to make out?
    To save energy maybe?

  282. I would like you to ask him this –
    1. Will Malaysia win the next World Cup?
    2. Who’s the ugliest football player that you’ve coached so far?
    3. Who’s the most unhygienic football player in the EPL?
    4. Is David Beckham gay?

  283. my question is:
    what is the 1st thing in your mind when you have to name the starting XI for your squad?

  284. are you going to advise your chelsea team to shave their balls in order for them to perform better on the field i.e – run faster, shimmy better and slide tackle safer?

  285. Thanks kenny for making me laugh… other comments not funny except for the 45 minutes match time comment

  286. Last words to scolari:
    Scolari if you meet a man named Anwar Ibrahim in the VIP box please be careful.. he might tackle you from behind and say he didn’t do it
    S e k i a n T e r i m a K a s i h
    M R . S C O L A R I

  287. I want to ask him this:
    1.Uncle Scolari,can i call u like this?
    2.What food you would like to try in Malaysia?Nasi Lemak perhaps?or Kuching’s kolo mee?
    Hey Kenny,when u interview Uncle Scolari…ask him to give real good tips to our FAM president face-2-face on how to improve their standards.

  288. Q1: MU have done the double in the past 2 seasons, how do you see yourself (Scolari) leading Chelsea in overcoming MU’s claim on the title?
    Q2: Do you believe that “Money is Everything” in football given the transfer war chest Abromovich has provided Chelsea?

  289. Since your have managed Brazillian national team and we all know Brazil plays beautiful football, how will be your approach towards managing Chelsea be? Are you going to stick to the ‘old grinding out results’ Chelsea or transform them into ‘beautiful football’ Chelsea?

  290. Q1:
    In all your years of football has there ever been an attempt to bribe you of any sort to throw away a match or select a particular player?
    Would you ever coach female team? What do you think of female referees doing th same serious referee-ing as their male counterparts?
    Was Pierluigi Colina the best referee you had for your matches or has there been anyone better? Are referees allowed to make mistakes? If not what are your thoughts on video assisted replay referee-ing?

  291. 1. Having coached the likes of Christiano Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, and even famously refusing to include Brazilian legend Romario in your 2002 world cup squad, how do you manage to keep your superstar players’ egos in check?
    2. It was reported in Goal.com that you are given 240mil euros to spend on transfers. Would you ever consider paying 100mil euros on one single player as in the case of Real Madrid for Ronaldo? If so, who would the player be?
    3. With Drogba and Shevchenko being rumoured to be leaving Stanford Bridge, are you keen on signing any new strikers such as Ashavin? Will Kalou be your first choice striker?
    4. Ever thought of starting your own blog where you can share your thoughts during matches and interact with the public in general and hear the views of the supporters?

  292. This question is for Kenny, not Scolari:
    Do you speak Portugese? Cause Scolari does not speak English!.
    Chicken talking to duck…

  293. Question to Scolari
    1) Can u bring international success like winning the world cup with brazil and guiding a fresh new portugese team to euro 2004 final to the EPL
    2)Next, which player you admire the most in the current squad consist of fantastic players and how are you goona bring trophies to the club with post jose mourihno players
    3)Are u capable of maitaining a coach and owner relationship with Roman Abromovich and not something else like what happen to Jose
    4)Lastly, could u guide chelsea to winning the champions league this year. If so, what’s next for chelsea in the coming years
    5)AND, can u,Mr. Scolari be kind to sign a Chelsea jersey and send to me?

  294. mr scolari, being a brazillian coach in the premier league must be daunting, as south american coaches are not that popular. look what ossie ardilles did with spurs. how are you going to reverse the stereotype notion that south american coaches cant make it in england?

  295. okie my question is :
    Since u ar the previous brazil manager, izzit true that brazil is player is forbiden to have sex the nite b4 a match? If yes will u do this to chelsea players?.
    hahha.. should match ur style kenny.. And ya i dun nid dat ticket.. is no fun watch Eagle killing an ant or even a half dead rat…

  296. I’m not really a fan of Chelsea, but what the heck.
    My question would be:-
    “According to the theory of evolution, basically the human body evolves according to the needs and requirements to survive and pass on offspring of the current generation and the best traits are passed on to the next, and so on and so forth…. hence it should be the same for footballers. In your view, which aspect of a footballers repertoire/skiil set/physical trait has seen most significant and succesful evolution, as you see it now, compared to the first recorded history of proffesional football?”
    If it’s too long, then forget about it…. just trying my luck….

  297. Questions:
    1) Currently Chelsea have 3 right back which are Bosingwa, Paulo Ferreira, Ivanović and also Ben Haim which can also play as right back.So will you trim down that position and who will become the victim?
    2) Which title is more important next season, the English Premier League or the UEFA Champions League?
    2) What do you think of Malaysian fans?

  298. Would you like to hire Shebby Singh as your side-kick, pleaseeeeeee ?
    Q2 – What’s your first english swear word you learn in Chelsea ?

  299. Q1 –
    kenny ask him
    1)Chelsea won the title during Jose Mourinho time.
    Can we expect Chelsea to carry the cup again
    this season?
    2) Which team do you think will give Chelsea a
    hard time?
    3) Will Deco make a big difference in Chelsea
    Football Club?
    Thanks 🙂

  300. My questions would be :
    1)Chelsea is one of the richest clubs in the world. Did you come to chelsea because of the money or the challenge to bring the most prestigious club trophy,the UEFA champions league trophy to chelsea?
    2)What is your biggest ever regret in your coaching career and why?
    3)Having already won the FIFA world cup with Brazil in 2002, what else are you looking forward to achieve in the future?

  301. My questions would be :
    1)Chelsea is one of the richest clubs in the world. Did you come to chelsea for the money or the challenge to bring the most prestigious club trophy,the UEFA champions league trophy to Chelsea?
    2)What is your biggest ever regret in your coaching career and why?

  302. My question is:
    Assuming that Mr Abramovich gives you all the money you will need to get your DREAM STARTING ELEVEN, who would you choose to be in that elite group ?

  303. Questions…So wanna watch my favourite club in action…
    1. Big Phil, how does it feel to tour around Asia for the first time as a Chelsea Coach? Us Malaysians love Chelsea and really appreciate the visit
    2. Big Phil, i’m a big fan of yours(konon lahh) you’ve achieved a lot as a coach, leading Brazil national team to victory in World Cup 2002, being the head coach of the Portuguese national team taking them to the final of Euro 2004 and fourth place at the 2006 World Cup and etc..What’s your goals with Chelsea football team?

  304. I desperately need these training passes!! =D
    Here goes my questions :
    1. Since you look so much alike Gene Hackman, will you consider acting as a career after you retired from your football coaching career?
    2. You are very much an animated figure on the touchline, is it because you have the “HACKMAN” gene??

  305. Hi Kenny.
    Do you mind asking Scolari,
    “how does he discuss with his players and stuff with his limited english? Does anyone or he himself have a hard time communicating with each other? Its like a duck talking to chickens. Hahaha.
    Thanks. =]

  306. Mr Scolari, you refused the England job 2 years ago on Mr Brian Barwick’s insistence that the English FA announce the new England manager before the 2006 World Cup which would in turn adversely affect the preparation of the Portuguese team. Why then did you not extend the same courtesy to them for Euro 2008 – choosing instead to announce midway through the tournament that you would be the new Chelsea manager? This clearly affected Portugal who subsequently lost the next two matches and failed to make it past the quarter finals. This marred an otherwise successful 5 year stint with Portugal. Perhaps if you had followed the example of Luis Aragones who although was heavily linked to the Fenerbache job refused to confirm it until after the tournament, Portugal would be Champions of Europe since they had an equally good if not a better team than the Spaniards?
    How will you endear yourself to the Chelsea fans who clearly idolize Jose Mourinho and still sing his name during matches when you openly admit that money was your main motivation in taking up the Chelsea job?
    Kenny, pls pls give the tickets to real Chelsea fans who would love to be there.

  307. Question 1:
    What do you think of the current transfer trend of buying players with huge amounts of money which might eventually actually sabotage the game of football? In the sense of them playing for the money and not for the glory of the club or the love of the game.
    Question 2:
    In recent years, the portugese players have made a global recognition on the flair and skills they possess, how did you identify and cultivate these players to who they are?
    Question 3:
    With your immense knowledge and experience with building a football team, does just buying/selling players part of football? or does it start with cultivating from the youth team to the senior team? What Mourinho did was buying players just to win titles, but how is the future of Chelsea going to be with just buying/selling and not building.
    thnx kenny. cheers!

  308. My Questions:
    Mourinho lead Chelsea to 2 consecutive EPL success in a row and yet was sacked by Abramovich. Avram Grant lead Chelsea to 2nd in EPL (where they were said top be out of the title race when he took charge) and to Chelsea’s first final in the Champions League and was also sacked. Aren’t you worry that you will be axed as Chelsea’s coach if you don’t bring success to Chelsea?
    We also know Roman do interfere with the decision making of the coach (eg: He wanted Shevchenko and bought him from Milan though Sheva was not in Jose’s plans) or in other words, Roman will tell you who to buy. How will cope with this? Will this affect your decision to bring in new players? Will this ruin you plan?
    Lastly, we all know Roman does not care much about football. All he wants is success for Chelsea (in order for him to gain more money). What were you thinking when you agree to this job when all you will be getting is PRESSURE? And just out of curiosity, how long do you think you will be the coach of Chelsea (if you are successful or unsuccessful in your first season in charge?)

  309. My question to Scolari will be:
    Since you left Portugal for Chelsea, the Portugal FA have snapped up Carlos Queiroz of Man Utd and this may cause Man Utd to lose Christiano Ronaldo as well, as Ronaldo takes Carlos Queiroz like a father. Will this cause Sir Alex Ferguson to be more infuriated with you, as he may see you as the cause of all those distruption he is having at Man Utd now? And would you be even more keen to get over him when your team faces Man Utd in the coming season?

  310. At the Chelsea’s Cobham training ground every new boy is expected to stand on a chair in the diningroom and sing a song in front of his new colleagues.
    It’s a tradition established from Dennis Wise’s days at the club, when he brought some of the Crazy Gang rules with him from Wimbledon. Even the likes of Mourinho and Claudio Ranieri have reportedly accepted the challenge.
    Shevchenko chose Queen’s “We are the Champions” whilst Ballack belted out a rhythmic German number. Salomon Kalou sang the Ivory Coast national anthem and was booed off, whilst Juliano Belletti had no such problems being a keen guitarist, and sang his favourite samba song.
    Henk ten Cate refused to sing the initiation song and angrily stormed out of the room, severely undermining his position in the team.
    Mr Scolari, what song did you sing for your Chelsea initiation? How did Chelsea’s other new boy Deco, do?

  311. my Q to Mr.Scolari is
    if you did not manage to buy the specific players of your choice from the other teams for chelsea, will chelsea’s performance get affected?
    Coming from a very big Chelsea fan who wants so badly to meet the entire team & Mr. Scolari

  312. My question
    Throughout your career as a coach, among the thousands of goals your players have scored, which do you think is the best one that will make you sleep thinking about it for nights?

  313. question: if even jose couldnt handle the pressure in the epl after losing out the title to veteran sir alex, what makes you think scolari will be able to do it?

  314. My question…
    All the other teams that have had friendlies with Malaysia went on to achieve great things in the following season…for eg,Man u won the EPL the season they had the friendly against Malaysia. is that y you have brought Chelsea here? to make chelsea the champions after playing against Malaysia,the so called lucky charm?

  315. Hi kenny,
    My questions will be;
    What makes you bring Chelsea over to Malaysia?Why not China?or Singapore?
    How many goals you plan your team to score against Malaysia?

  316. Question 1:
    With Chelsea on the verge of losing Lampard and Drogba to the former coach, will it be difficult to find someone to replace the backbone of the team and the scoring machine of Chelsea?
    Question 2:
    It is noticeable you are building a team of portugese and brazilian players. To be a top team in the EPL, why are there no signings of english players to help boost the local talents in their own native country?
    Question 3:
    Managing the country’s team may not be as strenous as managing a club footbal, where you have games continously for 7-8 months. Weekly games, monthly championships and so on. How do you think you will adjust yourself to this change?
    thnx kenny! 😀

  317. Chelsea and Man United both had a great chance of winning the Barclays Premier League title, and the Champions League last season. However, Man United won both instead.
    1. What are the differences that you are planning to bring to Chelsea in order for them to challenge Man United or even Liverpool and Arsenal for the two (or more) titles this season?
    2. Which players from any of the other Big Four (Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea) would you want in your Chelsea team that could perhaps boost the team’s chances this season?
    3. Why Chelsea? Especially when you know that if you don’t win a trophy, you’ll be sacked like Jose Mourinho.

  318. Here is the question I want to ask.Do you(Scolari) think that the Chelsea squad full of the veterans in every position and you as a Chelsea new coach should buy more young players to enhance the attacking style rather than creating a old folks home.

  319. Mr Scolari, many have cast doubt over Chelsea appointing a manager who apparently does not speak English and is out of touch with European club football. So far, you have proven the doomsayers wrong.
    Your first kill was shocking the media with your excellent command of English in your first official press conference as Chelsea manager – putting to shame the likes of Fabio Capello and Juande Ramos. You had no problems despite having worked in predominantly Portuguese speaking clubs and countries. How and where did you learn to speak English so well?
    You seem to favor a more casual dresscode on the touchline – regularly seen to be wearing tracksuits and t-shirts during your tenure with Brazil and Portugal. Will you consider wearing a suit and tie like the charming Jose Mourinho whom we all loved rather than the dour Avram Grant who mostly wore tracksuits? Since Giorgio Armani dresses the entire Chelsea first team and staff, wouldn’t it make sense to follow suit (no pun intended)?

  320. Dear Mr. Scolari,
    Can you please borrow us few of your star players so that they will help Sarawak to win the Malaysian Cup? We will need:
    1. Petr Cech – To make sure the team will not conceed more than 4 goals a match.
    2. John Terry – To make sure the defence will not score an own goal.
    3. Michael Ballack – To smack down opponents midfielders.
    4. Didier Drogba – Teaching the local strikers how to put the ball in the goal.
    That should be it…

  321. Lalalalala my team’s playin on my birthday lalalala should be a nice bday celebration for me.
    Mr Scolari,
    Can I have a drink with the team after the game? If cannot you Scold then i Lari. Tengkiu

  322. My questions:
    Don’t u think mikel obi should always start the game then makelele should come in as a substitute??
    Do you think peter cech confidence is shaking due to the euro 2008 blunder??
    Kenny!!! Pls give me the ticket…!!! Its for my BF and I know he love Chelsea sooo muchh…And I want to surprise him with this…
    Please…Pleasse…Give it to me…

  323. Question1 :
    How do you do it?
    Question 2 :
    How many hours do they train a day and what are the daily activities?

  324. 1) Any current Malaysian national football players you heard before?
    2) How about the great Moktar Dahari?

  325. kenny…
    the tickets u have…are they MUCH better than the normal RM103 kind? or are they the same kind?!

  326. At the first place, the first question:
    Ask him whether him whether he can speak english.
    If not,ask for a translator.
    It doesnt make sense whether how good is your question if he doenst understand.

  327. Ask him,
    Why our workers struggle to earn RM1k per month working 8 hours per day while the footballers earn 200k pounds per week kicking a ball for two hours?

  328. What impacts n messages that u can deliver to FAM and Malaysia’s National football players to increase their standard and management of the game?

  329. Do you n your team come to Malaysia for money to fund the new signing or to make fun of the national team?

  330. Kenny, Pls ask him about Kuwait. He coached a Kuwaiti club Al Qadisiya Kuwait and also the Kuwait national team but left soon after Saddam Hussein invaded the country. I’d like to know how it felt to escape a country in war. Did he fear for his family’s safety? When he went back to coach Al Qadisiya again later, did he feel the war had changed the country, the club, the players and the fans?
    Can you also ask Scolari if it’s true that they used to call him “The Argentinian”, which in Brazil is about as big as an insult gets.
    He says that he’s very good friends with Fabio Capello and their friendship goes way back to the time when Scolari made regular trips to Italy to keep tabs on Brazilians Cafu and Emerson (who were with Capello at Roma). They regularly discuss tactics and players. What language does he use to communicate with Capello? Italian? We all know how weak Capello’s English is.

  331. My question…
    All the other teams that have had friendlies with Malaysia went on to achieve great things in the following season…for eg,Man u won the EPL the season they had the friendly against Malaysia.Brazil won the world cup after thrashing Malaysia, is that y you have brought Chelsea here? to make chelsea the champions after playing against Malaysia,the so called lucky charm?

  332. 1. What trophy(ies) you promised to bring to Chelsea the coming season?
    2. What’s your plan for Shevchenko? He was my favourite player when he played for Dinamo Kiev & Milan, would you sell him or you will get the best out of him this season?
    3. What motivates you when you chose Chelsea beside money? Will you be able to utilise the players that you like without the interferance from Roman?

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