A Bad Influence To Kids

I had wanted to update last night. I bought myself a wireless router, tried to be a smart ass and set it up with my existing ADSL modem, and ended up with no internet connection at home for the whole night. Heh. Anyone wanna hire me to set up their company’s internet connection?
Update: The reason to all my woes? An outstanding StreamyX bill of RM470. Sometimes, all the technical knowledge in the world is no use when you can’t even remember to pay your bills.
Team America
Team America: World Police DVDs in the Children’s DVD section.
At least we know what went wrong when the kids start singing “Malaysia… FUCK YEAH!”

7 Replies to “A Bad Influence To Kids”

  1. dude what went wrong with ur router? isit u forgot to connect ur lan cable into the internet port? or u r a dumbass to customer service support that u probably will told them u forgot to plugin the plug into the socket and switch the power on

  2. ashie – I tried reading your last sentence, like, 3 times but I still can’t make out what you’re trying to say to me. 🙂 Anyway, what I did was equally stupid lah… I forgot to pay the bills for the past 4 months. Heh.
    MunKit – Actually… they have South Park next to Beauty and the Beast.

  3. talking about bad influence to kids… anyone watched the happy tree friends flash? that’s equally bad.

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