Weapons of Mass Destruction in Kuching

A flock of birds in the sky

I see birds in the sky,
flying past my eyes.
They stop and rest on a tree,
like a loving family.

My car

Lesson learnt in Kuching #48 :
Never EVER park your car underneath a tree full of birds, especially after they’ve had their dinner.

11 Replies to “Weapons of Mass Destruction in Kuching”

  1. I never park under trees now for two reasons. 1, the same reason as you. 2nd you may find ur car dented by a broken branch and its not covered by insurance.

    Sorry I didn’t give you proper warning about this ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’. They can be seen in KL from time to time and I believe in other parts of Msia as well.

  3. Hsin, some of the birds must be having their periods. 🙂
    Jayelle, I was lucky a car wash here only costs RM5.
    kampung-gal, aiyaaaa… a little too late!
    Adam, great advice. If that really happened, I’m gonna sue the tree’s ass off. heh.

  4. Aww man, I hope it wasn’t pidgeon poo — they’re the hardest to wash off haha Ah well, apparently in some cultures, it’s good luck to be pooped on by birds… Maybe you will gain some profit from all of this haha

  5. Bek, are u sure about that? 2 days ago, a bird pooped on my pants, just couple of inches away from bull’s-eye…. will i get good luck???

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