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Friday, 16 December 2011

ADV: The Best Name For A Car

It's not Benz. It's not Porsche. It's not Lamborghini.

The best name for a car is Kia - the name of a Korean car manufacturer.

Why leh?

Because in Hokkien, Kia means "GO!"

When you think about it, that's the most basic thing a car should do isn't it?

Stick your key in, start the engine, and just... run. We don't want any engine choking  or power window sticking. When we buy a car, we just want it to take us to A to B whenever we want.

In other words, as my mother so eloquently point out, "chia eh kia to ho liaw lah, mai aneh macam-macam" (car can run good enough already, don't need so fancy).

That must be the philosophy the Koreans practise when they built their first cars back in the 1970s.

So much so that for the longest time, Korean cars almost all look the same.

Every car is just a copy-and-paste version of another. If you don't see the logo, you also cannot tell the difference between a Kia to a Daewoo or a Hyundai.

Sure, the cars can Kia (go), but their designs are so neutral that it made many buyers Kia (scared).

Finally, someone in Kia (the manufacturer) had a long hard look at themselves in the Kia (the mirror), and hired one of the leading car designers - Peter Schreyer - as Chief Design Officer.

With an impressive resume that included a stint at Audi designing the iconic Audi TT, Peter Schreyer completely overhauled Kia car designs to make them immediately stand out and recognizable.

The result is quite remarkable.

For example, he transformed the 2005 version Kia Optima from Kia (scared)...

kenny optima

... to KIAAAAA!!!! Let's go!

That's like a complete 180 degree transformation!

If the hype in those car websites are true, it appears as if the update to the Kia Optima K5 is not just limited to cosmetics. Paul Tan reported that this version of Optima K5 will come with xenon headlamps, leather interior, panoramic sunroof and those slick-looking alloy wheels you're looking at right now as standard.

Not bad for Korean cars, eh? And no reason to be 'kia' (scared) that it'll just look like any other Korean cars on the road.

Sadly, I cannot find any price details yet.

If the pricing of Korean cars in general is anything to go by - it should be sweeter than the Hondas and Toyotas any day.



Looks nice :) anyway, most people are more caring about cars' petrol consumption. If it can save petrol, then the car wouldn't worry about its buyer


Nice review. : )


Hopefully the price won't make us "Kia" (scared) and quickly "Kiaaa" to showroom and make order


I once had a friend in high school who mentioned KIA as the acronym for something really unlucky which I probably shouldn't share here. I made an awkward laugh and this still traumatises me to today.


Kia company should change design earlier. Non Korean people make Kia car design better than old Kia design.


congrats ya for winning blog awards~ XD


Kia Optima now look very elegant!


hyundai avante(elantra) looks good.
as well as sonata


you like the sonata? come to singapore and be a taxi driver. our taxis are all sonatas. hahahahaa


hyundai sonata are used as taxis in singapore lol


Not just Kia, I think that Hyundai is doing great too. Hope that Malaysians will have a better perception on Korean cars instead of just sticking to the Japanese cars. Oh well, maybe it's just anything besides Proton!=D


Hey Kenny, this is really a funny. In return to this, I've written this one for you http://www.malaysiaminilover.com/car-jokes-kia-suzuki-merger


korean cars really came a long way since their crap from the 90s.


nice car but after getting the picanto, i cursed naza to oblivion because of their after sales and services. good car but distribute by naza...i'll pass.....btw, it's been nearly 5 yrs and they never get back to me about my faulty AC switch light..sigh.


I always thought KIA was Killed In Action or something. Choi!


The car looks good actually. Must go test drive :)


nice car...:)




Kia to get one lol...



Bougt KIA for my first car. Regretted . As the car had many faulty problems. After sales service was bad. Lack of QC.


Kia - go
Kia - scared

That's a really, really good play of hokkien word! :D


well... if it's in Hindustan...
kia = apa????
like in, "tomb mere KIA heh?" (Apa ini hah?) answer will be... "bulu ketiak heh" or in hokkien "uh ciak hu bo ciak heh" (got eat fish no eat prawns)


The Optima K5 OTR is RM143K

And FC is better than Honda, but not necessary better than Toyota (after all, Toyota is known for its FC)..

Gadget wise, H & T lose right away. Kia cars now are unlike the Kia our daddies drive..

Makes my H & T owner friends changed to Kia cars now..

PS: I am a proud owner of a KIA FORTE ;p


KIA: "Killed In Action" leh...

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