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Friday, 18 March 2011

ADV: JJ And Ean Are Like Santa

The hitz.fm morning crew has gone through quite a bit of changes lately.

First, they replaced Rudy with Tengku Ean.

Then they replaced Hollywood Hookup Richard Reid with this chick.

As much as Richard Reid is entertaining, I'm kinda glad to see his over-the-top high-pitched voice gone. Although with a body like that, I reckon Fay Hokulani deserves to be on magazines more than she does on radio.

Two things haven't changed about the hitz.fm Morning Crew though.

First, the two radio announcers are still botak.

Second, although they don't have much hair on their head, those two clowns have tons of freebies to give away.

Like tickets to Bruno Mars concert live in KL!

Like exclusive tickets to Justin Bieber's movie premiere!

Like RM60,000 cash for playing "Who Are JJ and Ean talking to"?

Best thing is, this is a ridiculously easy game to play. Basically, you just gotta listen to the hitz.fm Morning Crew from 6am to 10am every weekday morning. When they cue to call, you call up, choose how much money you wanna win, then guess which celebrity's voice they played.

If you got it right, you win a slice of the RM60,000 moolah.

This is JJ himself "eloquently" explaining how the contest works.

Hint: there's a list of celebrities JJ and Ean has interviewed on the hitz.fm website.

If you win money, share with me!

But if you (very unfortunately) win tickets to Justin Bieber's movie premiere instead please don't share with me!

I don't wanna sit on some cinema seats filled with some teenage girl's soaking wet stains.

Tear stains lah. What you thinking?





Ean and JJ are not funny anymore!


and how much they're paying you?


Third ........


JJ is one fucking irritating guy. He thinks his cunning laughter is cute or unique. He is chasing away its listeners. I have switched to RedFM since Rudy came onboard. Hitz's gotcha call is getting lame and over stretched. AMP needs to think out of the box before advertisers switch with their listeners.


slightly agree with Media Planner. only about the gotcha call thingy. but for the cunning laughter. it's your own personal perception. don't generalise dumbass! talk like small kid! but still i think hitz.fm rocks!=D

btw, kenny! funny post! =D write more of these pls. dying of entertainment from u. =D


looks like some one got paid to blog about this?


i don't understand - kenny has already stated it's an advertorial so why are people still speculating and sniping that this is a paid advertorial? so what if it is?


Hehe these dudes are hilarious!!!!


Bring back Richard Reid!!!!


The 'gotcha call' concept is interesting and I always look forward to them. However, they can be really lousy because the boyz don't seem to have passion in them to bother rehearsing their script or they just haven't woken up at all. Somethings the English sucks...kind of a shame.

I still love them and I hope they do not lose their passion for their shows.

Take ownership & put more effort into making them good and unique in your own way! Please, please don't make us grow to hate you guys!


Fay Hokulani is a silly addition to the team. She is just so pathetic who thinks she's all great and insults Ean terribly. As a professional, she could have just shrugged him off on air in an experienced entertaining gesture. Instead, she just stabbed him with a dagger. Though irritating as he is, he seemed to be merely playing his role within limits but she was mere dumb and just silly. With such lousy character, she's just plain ugly to many of us guys. Oh brother, just bring Richard Reid back. This ain't TV to need a bimbo on air ... it's radio, guys!


Cody is so adorable! Bieber.. Hmmm..

Who are these two fellas in the advs? Hmmm..


win free concert ticket


Somebody invited me in fb to join a contest to win justin "beaver's" concert ticket,i wonder why such a contest exist!


thanks for this writeup

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