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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Short Talk:

This Saturday, I am speaking at the PJ Challenge '09 Bloggers Karnival at Jaya33 Shopping Centre. My talk will cover a wide range of topics and everyone is welcome to join. Lots of prizes will be given out and there will be something for non-bloggers, new bloggers and experienced bloggers alike.

The event is organised by Kaspersky Labs, makers of the popular anti-virus software, so don't worry. They will kill the swine flu virus going around.

More info here.

ADV: JoyceTheFairy

This entry is about someone I have admired and respected for a very long time.


I have been blogging for over four years now. Throughout this time, I have met many inspiring and talented people who have subconsciously influenced, shaped and changed the way I approach life.

I live in Kuching. My family and work are located here, but my blogging has brought me frequently to Kuala Lumpur.


The capital city can be a frighteningly competitive place.

It's not unusual to encounter people who'd try to take shortcuts through life, or undercut you in their quest to get to the top. In such a fiercely aggressive environment, ethics and integrity have become secondary. Good guys often lose out. Yet, once in a while, it is encouraging to still come across people who are capable of making a name for themselves through sheer talent, hardwork and PASSION.

One such person I know of, is Joyce Wong.


Some people may wonder what is it about Joyce that made me respect her so much. The thing is, most people online only knew her through her blog at kinkybluefairy.net. I have the privilege of meeting her in real life and knowing what she's like behind the computer screens.

Actually, Joyce and I are two vastly different people.

For example, I drink orange for breakfast. She drinks... Guinness.


Her hair style changes once every three months. My hair style remains the same since The Jurassic Era.

Joyce can go out wearing garbage bag and people think it's fashion.

I go out wearing fashion and people would think I picked it from a garbage bag.

The one thing that we shared in common is that both of us blog, and it is through that that we come to know of each other.

For people who don't know Joyce, it is very easy to make the mistake writing her off as nothing more than a party princess on first impression.


I was shamefully guilty of that too when I first met her at a bloggers' gathering four years ago. The big tattoos, wild hair colour and crazy clubbing photos on her blog all seem to give people the false impression that Joyce is all party and no work.

Initially, I too thought the same.


Like most naive people assume, I thought hot chicks would just aspire to live off their rich boyfriends and not think about work. And since Joyce undeniably falls into the category of 'hot', I stupidly thought that she might be just like that.

But going out to parties is only a very small part of Joyce. Most of the time, she's working during those parties but we don't notice.

As I got to know her better over time, I realised that her fame and success is no fluke.


Joyce is 26 and works in the publishing circles.

She's been very active in it since I first knew of her four years ago, when she did writing and photography freelance. Even way back then, her services were already heavily sought after by magazines throughout the nation.

I remembered flipping through the magazine sectio in a bookstore once, and almost every publication I picked up has her name or face on it.

The money from freelancing was good and she earned enough to even buy her own car. However, the income stream can be quite unstable. Soon afterwards, she left writing temporarily to take up a marketing job with British American Tobacco.

It's an entirely different type of job and environment from what she's used to. It is also something that sapped a lot of energy out of her, and often I see her worked till even later nights.

But one day, a giant light bulb popped over her head. It was the day Joyce decided to fuse together two of her greatest passion: writing and fashion.


Joyce left her former company and spoke to Adrian Yap, founder of KLue and Junk magazines. Being no stranger to blogs, she told Adrian that there is a void in the market with regards to fashion news.

With his publishing know-how and her passion in fashion, Joyce suggested they should combine their superpowers and harness the might of the Internet in order to bring fashion news from all over the South-East Asian region into one spot.

Adrian liked the idea, made her Managing Editor and Joyce went on to work tirelessly to create what is now known as Tongue in Chic.


That was a year ago. Today, TiC is now the undisputed fashion blog in South-East Asia, attracting readers and contributors from not just Malaysia, but Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and even Australia.

Although Tongue in Chic is geared towards girls, personally I can't help but to check it out time to time. I find it such a great source to look out for sales and improve my hopeless sense of fashion.


The biggest influence Joyce has on me was when she asked if I wanted to shave my head bald for charity late last year.

At that time, I turned her down because the event was in a week's time and I didn't have time to think it through properly. Losing my hair is a very big deal!

But then Joyce told me she was gonna go through with it and sure enough, she did.

She raised RM20,000 for the Malaysian Paediatric Foundation.

Joyce's action had left such an effect on me that I actually felt embarrassed I was so protective over my hair. Here's a girl, who manages a fashion blog, yet is able to shave her head bald when asked.

What more a guy like me, right?


That is the reason why, when Honda Motorsports asked me to nominate somebody who can live up to their challenging spirit of Passion and Dedication, I have no doubt Joyce would fit the bill.

Here's an individual that works hard, plays hard and ultimately, instrumental in changing and improving KL's art, fashion and entertainment scene.

For that, she has my full support.


If you also know of somebody who has inspired you through their spirit of passion and dedication, perhaps you too can nominate them.

Because it is time we recognize them for the impact they have made.




Good choice, Kenny! We at Antithesis2.net love Joyce too! :)


Me second pulak
i love joyce


Nice post. It's great to have friend whom appreciates oneself and vice-versa.

Both of you are great and both deserves an applaud for your respective achievements in life.

*Thumbs up* - for both Kenny & Joyce :)


joyce rulz...


Go nominate Kenny for his passion of writing his blog. He even sneak in camera in a public bathroom in Japan.hehe..


Great post Kenny.

Although you'd (probably?) deny it, but you're one SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) fella la!! I don't know Joyce, but kudo's to you, for sharing about her, and kudo's to her, for her passions about work and life. ;-)


Salute that girl worrr....respect, drink Guiness every morning...i only drink MILO or Nescafe only worrr...


Will us able to see kenny and Joyce become one later time? :)


hats off to kinkybluefairy!

btw, u might like this entry of mine.



Yay! i have worked for Joyce and she is awesome! she inspires me lots!


you should take her as your girlfriend. ;)


Joyce rocks!


It's great to see 2 bloggers whom i admire compliment each other so well~ That's the whole point of life right? - learning from each other =)

All the best to the both of you~


Joyce's amazing.
kbf has always been one of my favorite blogs. even staying overseas, reading kbf and tongue in chic keep me updated with the fashion news in South East Asia. not many websites can do that.

I think its amazing that kennysia.com shed some lights on joyce and included ur on testimony. I don really know her in person but i do read her blog word by word, than just flicking through the pictures. So in some way, i already knew she's not just a party animal. there are people who say, blog is just one of your interfaces. Furthermore, if you don go all out to have fun now, are u going to do it when ur 60. Carpe diem!

oh in case u wonder kenny, albeit ur not as coool as joyce, but.. love ur humour (doesnt sound sincere aye). but yes, i do love the fact that ur the largest export of Kuching, after.. kucing. i mean timber =)

keep up the good work kenny
if ur reading ur comments joyce. hehe ur amazing!


sweet entry for joyce..
i enjoy reading the way you describe her.. she certainly has an interesting life going on.. =)

btw, since the title is ADV - she paid you to write this? lol =D



haha! no, she didn't pay me for it. it's for honda motorsports' our challenging spirit contest.


I've been reading her blog for some time and have followed TiC since it started. One thing for sure - Joyce is one very GREAT role model for all aspiring youths out there. :)


bravo... a daring gal to shave d hair :)

Keep it up!


what a flirt kenny, go get a girlfriend -.-!


plain beautiful and inspiring. period. :)


Always admire her :)
Sure do support her~
hope i manage to go to her event tomorrow night~
CGYT again :D


Haha,drinking Guinness for breakfast? Lol


Joyce is a great choice! I love her too,she's all beauty, brains and above all, a very down to earth, nice & friendly human being.. and she has helped me a lot too... I love you Joyce!!!

To Kenny: baguslar kitak nulis hal nya.. nang nya deserves it more than anyone!


i 2nd that nomination too!


You nominate a fashion blogger who parties hard (work hard if you prefer it that way) for Passion and Dedication? Wow...I'm floored. Your standard is pretty low Kenny...

Shouldn't Passion and Dedication be used upon someone like Sabrina Yeap of Fury Farm Friends? She works hard for a cause which she believes in without the need to attract attention to herself. All her efforts are put into the work she does. Now, that's PASSION and DEDICATION.


If you think that Sabrina is deserving of the nomination, then by all means, you go nominate her. Don't have to criticise my choice. I am entitled to my opinion just as much as you are entitled to yours.


Hello Kenny,

I'm Val's friend. She told me that you thought I'm the anonymous chicken above that commented. LOL.. Just because I'm from Edinburgh doesn't mean I am the one since there is also a handful of Malaysians in Edinburgh.

But anyway, good day..I will let u know again when I do talk about you in my blog =P

Kuching people must fren Kuching Kia ma..




Ah.. the fairy
powerhaus chilli padi


totally agree with the post of urs! been a super huge fan of kinkybluefairy. such a free-spirited lady!

nice write up! =)


KL agressive ?....KL sucks ade lah...


Nice one Joyce baby, soo glad you don't wear that "surprised" look which spells enhancement.
I'd like to spank your heiffer friend in the orangy sack just for kinks.


Very hearfelt, touching and to the point Kenny. Great post. =)


Has anyone nominated kenny already? He more than deserves to be up there too!


awww... u both wore orange. u realize that? XD


Joyce is so hot, especially the picture of her with her Guinness, such fiery, passionate and lovely eyes.

Kenny if u're not gonna go after her, gimme her number.


Joyce was at Nuffnang Tiger Standout? I didn't see her, but then again I was still recovering from flu that day.


Oh yea Joyce is awesome! I've heard of her friendliness and how she is very nice. Saw her at the Tiger's Standout event last 2 weeks and she's actually more friendly than I thought!


And she is super nice :)


Thats a very sweet post.Yes Joyce is one of the sweetest darling around :)
Very passionate girl I must say!


I agreed with Kenny on his opinion that "I am entitled to my opinion just as much as you are entitled to yours."


wow.....indeed a nice post. I been following her blog too.


Wow, Joyce is such a great person!


normally i wont say anything in the comment.
But then after putting your guns down.
All i can say is WOW!


Thanks for writing this post Kenny... i'm absolutely touched + flattered + shy!

Read all the nice comments too. Thank you :*)


all the nice comments, maybe its because "the unknown aren't criticized" ...just saying.


Shared the same thoughts as you- the bad ones. Until i read this.
It's really inspiring, and anyone who dares to pursue their dream, and live it up is someone to b respected.
Of course, her looks doesn't hurt one bit to increase her popularity :P

Great sharing at the PJ challenge today. I was one of the attendants, and a very apa pun tak tahu blogger.


i like her, first time i met her earlier this month. she's cute and super-friendly!!!


Oh gosh tongueINchic. Was featured there last month. Looked short and fat. Haha

KinkyBluefairy rox. I like how she wears anything and still looks cool


You can make her as your gal :-)


Her willingness to shave her head bald for charity, speaks volumes about how she is like as a person!


Ooo Joyce.. bumped her once at RWMF :)

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