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Whilst we are still on the subject of tattoo, let us observe another example of 'Engrish' in Kuching. :)
Yeo's Tattoo Artist and GALLARY

I don't know about you, but I don't think I want to get any English words tattooed by this guy. Lest he spelt it kennyASIA.com, then I'm screwed.


Malaysian newspapers are so bad its funny.

I'm not gonna start bitching about having to endure front-page headlines EVERYDAY about some politician like Pak Lah or Taib Mahmud making a speech about what 'we as citizens' should or should not do, because frankly - just because you say it at some oh-so-important function with a photograph of you hitting some gong, doesn't mean we're gonna do exactly what you said we should.

But that's for another time.

So, I was reading last Friday's edition of The Borneo Post (18 March 2005), when I noticed this headline on Page 4.
CD Player stolen

Oh wow. RM600 stolen... La-FRICKIN'-Dee-Da! I had my Playstation 2 AND my XBox stolen only just one day after I bought them. Where's my Page 4 headline, dimwits?

Anyway, just to sum up the story for you - basically this guy Ngiam (what an unfortunate name already) had his 4WD broken into by two burglars. Ngiam spotted them red-handed, but the suspects managed to jump into another car and drove away.

Well, I'll let Borneo Post continue with the rest of the story.
The rest of the story


Let me try to digest this for a while.

'999' is not in use anymore!? Man, I've only been away for a while and they changed the bloody emergency number?

What the fork!?



sheesh. some people lost handphones that cost so much more and yet not a word.



Malaysia prints are downright boring. Tabloids not enough scandal. Broadsheet not serious enough.


"Lest he spelt it kennyASIA.com, then I'm screwed." - this sentence is gramatically wrong..it shld read "lest he spells it.."..JUDGE NOT LEST U WISH TO BE JUDGED URSELF...


The number "999" not in use anymore ?
Then next time what number should i dial ?


riddiikkulus... how can 999 be 'no longer in use'. then what number should i dial.. i think the police was drunk


I actually dialled that 999 number before last year to ask the police which number i should dial to get an ambulance. My gramma fell down in the kitchen and broke her hips bone and wuz in pain, she couldnt get up at all even though we were there and tried to help her but my poor gramma kept on cryin “pain..pain”.

So at that time we seriously needed some professional medics to help her. Then we dialled 991..no one picked up, 994…same situation as well. Then 999…what more can I say?? After ½ hr tried calling all those 3 numbers, finally we gave up. We asked frens if they know the any number that we cud use to call the ambulance. 1 of them actually gave us a diff number and sumone from the emergency dept picked up and then sent an ambulance over to my place which took them bout 45 mins???

Imagine how long my gramma waited . . .


You know.. our handphones has built in emergency numbers (i.e 112, 08, 911, 999)

I called 112 before... they had proper response.. but I think their response team are a bit slow...


Finally, I finished your 3 months post in 4 hours. Phew... Now let me link you. :D


999 not in used anymore?

then what is the number?

112 is for handphone though...


haha! that engrish tattoo parlour has my surname! exact spelling too, unlike to stupid ipoh ones with an 'h' at the back...

i'm still digesting that article. what the fuck man. ridiculous on so many levels.


Is that LEGAL? You know, to change such an important number? I mean... Yeah, I know it's legal, but that's just silly, I mean... this is the LIFE OR DEATH number everyone remembers (just in case)... and... they change it? What Nigels. Oh, and the tattoo parlour haha crap, I'd hate to have the wrong thing printed on me for life hahaha Cheers mate


Jayelle, The headline is entirely inappropriate. If they change the headlines to "Kuching Police are stupid", then maybe they'll gain a few extra readers. :)

Jon, I know. I keep feeling that I'm reading the same news like very single day. Page One - Politician talk at some function, some car accidents, some burglaries, some awards. Next day, same thing repeats... and again... and again...

meme, dammit you grammar nazi! I'm just gonna leave the error in there, just to spite you. Take that! HAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAAA! Oh yea, I did write about my stance on Engrish, right here

Carol & MunKit, exactly! Its sad that they promote these numbers as emergency numbers, yet they don't see it as an emergency to themselves. Now if one of them suddenly requires emergency, I wonder if their service is gonna pick up?

AppleGreen, try calling Pizza Hut and the ambulance at the same time. See which one comes first?

Chewxy, the only emergency they know is when they need to use the toilet and its full.

Jason, I'm honoured. Thanks! :)

kljs, would be a good idea to find out the direct line to your local public hospital's emergency dept. So when we really require emergency, we don't have to put up with their incompetency. :)

vanessa, I said you're stolen from us! What the heck are you still doing in Ipoh you... Girl from Ipoh?! I hope that's not one of your relative's tattoo parlour though. I didn't mean to ridicule him online like that. If it is, then you might have to come over to Kuching and give him a slap!


Yeahwor.....direct line straight to the office of the local hospital or police station.........probably better than calling 99x.


it's not 999 any longer???? WHATEVER ARE WE GONNA DO? well try 103...they're supposed to be the directory.


nessa you lil twat, everyone knows yeoh is spelled with an H


Satu lagi Project Barisan Nasional..


The Star newspapers said something really funny...A sypnosis for a korean movie. Ha-mi (girl) is in love with a boy Young-Jin. Then the summary. Ready? Ha-mi has A blood type, making HIM an introvert while HIS love interest Young-Jin, is B type making him passionate and irresponsible. My friend said it's illegal to be gay in Malaysia, but Star press dun seem to have any problem with gays at all. Just like that girl group you reviewed ;)


LOL I REMEMBER IN FORM1, my headmistress gave a speech about safety...

'kalau mahu telefon emergency, telefon Polis Stesen Subang Jaya UEP 03-5638 _ _ _ _ '


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