MMU Melaka Mystique Prom Night

Kids these days.

When I was in Uni, going to a prom means going to some boring overrated dinner at some boring 5-star hotel hosted by some boring emcees.
The old tired formula NEVER EVER changes.
Recently, when the organizers of the MMU Melaka Mystique prom night called me up inviting me to be a guest at their event, I was pretty much anticipating the same thing.

My expectations weren’t high. To start with, the prom was organized collectively by three student societies, namely the Business & Law, Engineering and IT societies of Multimedia University.
I have been to many events organized by students before. I know what it’s like.

I wasn’t expecting anything extraordinary like some stylo mylo VIP corporate event. Because let’s face it lah – this event is organised by Uni students.
Students don’t have much money to spare.

I know that because when I was in Curtin, I used to organize a lot of events myself.
One of the biggest problems we as students always run into is: NOT ENOUGH $$$$$. It’s damn near impossible to extort… extract money out of our sponsors because they never see much benefit in doing so.
On top of that, it’s difficult to get anyone to come to our events because we were so crap in our job.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that not only was the prom fully sold out in two days, these kids have enough money to rent out the entire Grand Ballroom at the Equatorial Hotel Melaka, hire Soo Kui Jien, Stephanie Chai, Estraged, Pop Shuvit and myself to provide entertainment, and STILL have enough money left over to donate to World Vision for charity!
Kids these days are sooooo lucky ok.

This is the vivacious Stephanie Chai.
She’s one of the few Kuching girls who’s doing exceptionally well in the KL entertainment circles.
Most people would recognize her from the countless magazine covers that she has graced, but lately I get to see her a lot because of that ad she did with Starhill Gallery which is always playing at the KLIA Express train.

Azwin Andy where are you staring?

Steph and I shared a car from KL down to Melaka. Not only is she the most down-to-earth celeb I’ve met, she’s a fantastic companion to travel with as well.
Throughout the trip, we swapped stories about Kuching, people we know, our jobs and our relationships. It made the two hour long journey seems a lot a shorter than it is.
Unfortunately, I was the one driving and we arrived late. It’s all my fault because of my super l33t na\/iGati0n skillz that even saw us ending up in a police station compound after making a wrong turn.

This is Jien, host of Malaysian Idol and most recently ESPN Star Sports.
I don’t like him.
Many times during the prom, there would be some hot chicks standing in a corner, giggling and pointing towards my direction squealing “omg he’s so cute!”
Then I would shyly wave back at them and smile, but they would not respond. Then I realised it was because Jien standing behind me.
That is why I hate that bugger.

This is Renee. She is my prom date for the evening.
Coincidentally, Renee was also last year’s prom queen. That’s cool because it’s not everyday you can get to date a prom queen, even if it’s just for one evening. 😉

On the other hand, I was lousy as her prom date.
Not only did I arrive late, I forgot to give her the traditional corsage. And most of the time the prom date was left alone at the table while I was busy taking photos to use in this blog entry.

The organizers were right in inviting Steph and Jien to emcee the prom. They were both fantastic and entertaining throughout the evening.
Considering how little preparation time they had, they did such an amazing job. Stephanie especially was lamenting to me how unprepared she was. She was only told what to do when she arrived at the venue.

Those two joked, danced, made everyone laugh and injected life into the party. I wish I could do what they do. They were so natural on stage and not once did they stutter or skip a beat.
Except maybe for this one time when they asked the VIPs to go on stage for the gong-sounding, only to stop halfway because they don’t know where the bloody gong was.

Ok lah, to be fair, that “thing” didn’t actually look like a gong. It’s not one of those heavy brass ones they use at Iban longhouses.
Still, it is a gong.
But it isn’t just any gong.

Dun pray pray ok. That thing is so CANGGIH it can project POWDERFUL laser out of its surface when they hit it with a stick.
Those crazy Malaccans. Always like to do things differently down there.

Soon, it was time to announce the nominees for Prom King and Prom Queen.
Now, here’s the cracker. For Prom King and Queen, the nominees weren’t judged by how they look or how well they’re dressed. Instead, each nominee are required to go on stage and perform their “special talent”.

I gotta say, I was absolutely head over heels over how much effort each nominee put into their performances.
First up was Prom King nominee Q-bert.
Q-bert is a stereotypical engineering geek with a funny name and two botak lines on the side of his head (Jien described it as “No Parking” zone). For his act, he sung his lungs out like a reject on Malaysian Idol.

Next came Prom Queen nominee Joanne.
She came out and did what I thought was an extremely boring slow dance with Q-bert.

They broke off and abruptly changed into this energetic number to the catchy tune of “I like big butts and I cannot lie”.
It was complete with dance moves so hilariously over-the-top I could not stop laughing the whole entire time. It was more “cheerleading” than “prom dance” and the crowd absolutely loved it.
Needless to say, those two won the titles of Prom King and Prom Queen respectively.

Q-bert and Joanne weren’t the only notable dancers of the night.
For the award of the prom night’s Best Couple, the crowd narrowed down the selections to two guys and one girl. Steph and Jien stipulated that there must be an impromptu “dance off” to determine which two should be crowned Best Couple.
Naturally, you’d think that the two guys would compete for female attention right?


What happened instead was the poor girl being kicked to the side.
And the two guys danced with each other so passionately until their dance included THIS MOVE.

What the hell was THAT!
Everyone was so speechless they had no choice but to make those two winners for Best Couple.

Good thing the night was saved by Pop Shuvit and Estraged.
If you don’t know already, those two are among the best of the best live bands in Malaysia and they completely rocked those psychologically-traumatised students.

The prom started at 8pm and before long, it was already past midnight and time to wrap up the event. Time flies when you’re having fun.
Now, this is when another corker of the night happened.

After the prom night ended, the organizers arranged to have Steph, Jien, Pop Shuvit, Estraged and myself escorted out to the foyer for a photoshoot session with the students.
That’s fine, right? They hired us, the students paid for their tickets, so it’s perfectly reasonable that we stay and mingle around with them.
But get this.
We were escorted out by RELA and HOTEL SECURITY.

Outside the Grand Ballroom was the maddest reception I have ever personally witnessed.
Cameras were flashing non-stop as if we’re surrounded by paparazzis and everyone was trying to get their pictures taken. It was a rare moment of photo frenzy.
But surely, we don’t need RELA to give us protection. These are MMU students, not Hindraf protestors ok!

When we’re done and wanted to go back to our hotel rooms, a staff approached us and asked if we wanted to escape using the back door.
I was stunned. Suddenly I have no idea whether to cry or laugh at that suggestion.

On one hand, I could feel my coconuts instantly grow one size bigger. On the other hand, they’re talking to this guy who flies AirAsia, takes public transport and eats RM2.20 kolo mee by the roadside wearing just shorts and slippers.
Please lor. I am just Kenny Sia. Not Madonna.
So I reckon I could make my way to the hotel lobby without much problems thankyouverymuch.

Kudos to the organizers for doing such an amazing job putting together this prom night.
The food was great, the show was entertaining and the people were fun. I know I had fun.
It’s such a big difference comparing it to my University prom night. My Uni prom night was so bad, to make the comparison with theirs would be like comparing Princess Diana with Amy Winehouse.

The tagline for the Mystique 2008 is “A Fairytale Ending“.
I guess for everyone who attend the prom, their evening did have a fairytale ending.
Everyone. Well, except for me.
Because eventhough Renee my prom date was fantasticly patient, my night was completely ruined with the image of THIS forever burned into my head.

The horror.
Next time you see this creature, it’ll be in a Spiderman movie. As the bad guy.
Spidey is gonna have his hands full with this one.

Blog Plug of the Day: This is honestly the most ridiculously hilarious review of Malaysian Dreamgirl I have ever read. Ho Swee Kim now has some serious competition for the bitchiest blog in Malaysia.
Whoever wrote that blog, you ROCK!

160 Replies to “MMU Melaka Mystique Prom Night”

  1. Looks like a lot of fun there! Always knew Malacca as a rather boring town where some of my cousins were stuck in. Guess its evolved quite a bit 😛

  2. If that was how they celebrated their prom, I wonder how students at universities like Yale would have their prom. Will it be too strict, or too extravagant, with a load of sponsors?

  3. Nice blog plug in your short talk.
    I enjoyed it tremendously – a good change of air from the worshippers blog, and also those blog winners… who only serve to introduce the show, althought it is now what…. 5th week into the show???
    by the way, the i love big butt dance… is probably inspired by this…

  4. Hey i was from MMU Cyberjaya, class of 2000!
    Kodus guys!
    All the best in your final examinations (it usually starts in end april)

  5. Kenny, thanks for coming to our prom- Mystique 2008 yea. Am part of the high-comm for the prom, glad that you had a great evening with us. Am surprising tat my photo appear in ur blog entry too, hee… =P Cheers ^^

  6. The guys dancing was absolutely hilarious! So funny until i couldn’t stop laughing!
    What a memorable night!
    Fellow committees, you guys are da best!

  7. Oh might god!What are they (3 of them) doing? They are not in Circus, dude! Hahahaa! What a funny group..
    Its quite dissapointing, knowing ur behaving normal during the night…Stunned looking at Stephanie?? 😛

  8. LOL… funny post on my uni’s prom.. haha
    Kennyy… thx for coming.. 😀 its nice seeing u there…
    dun worry… ur as cute as jien is.. 😀
    mariposa… yeap.. tats reen from pg.. 😀

  9. lol! said in the words of a critic. thank you for coming for the event kenny. im glad u enjoyed the night. i know there was alot of work put into it, esp backstage, kudos to the backstage people. kudos to u for kowtow-ing to Qubert on stage, i laughed my arse off for that, is it because u cant dance??? 😛

  10. I can say the RM 95 ticket is worth.
    Yesterday dreams will definitely become today memorries..
    Gocha..Very surprise to see both my Mechanical coursemates Qbert the prom king and Kok Ken the best couple on stage.Absolutely entertaining and fun~!

  11. wau, mmu melaka prom looks awesome… MMU cyberjaya prom is coming up this coming Sunday too. Wish you were here, Kenny…it’ll be fun then =D cz our events rarely have celebrities invited…nobody wanna come over to the ulu city here @_@”

  12. how many uni students did u manage to rake back to ur room that night??? did u wake up the next morning with ur coconut shrinked to the size of a longan? LOL…cheers 🙂

  13. i stil cant get over dat picture of those 2 boys
    the pic should go to a gay website n they can win first prize
    but overall i think dats d coolest prom i hav ever seen in my whole life by juz lookin at the pics
    great job to all those hostin the prom!

  14. hi kenny… thanks for the update… i’m glad u enjoyed the night… but i regretted that i did not manage to take any photo with u… hope that we can see u again next time, for other mmu event, maybe? haha… once again, thank u for coming…
    -committee of Mystique 2008: The Fairytale Ending-

  15. kenny, notice something when the event director was giving his speech??… “Welcome to MISTAKE prom 2008…” hahahahaha…..

  16. My college’s prom was everything that you’d expected: BORING.. nice to see MMU graduants-to-be getting it right..
    btw, i do take public transport and eat RM2.xx kolo mee, but never take AirAsia before. Probably that’s why i’m not getting RELA and escape-thru-back-door experience 😀

  17. kenny you are not a lousy promdate lah.
    you were very sweet and never felt a moment of neglect from you!.haha
    but yalah u forgot the corsage.hahaha 😛

  18. The prom queen and king copied their ‘big butts’ routine from an actual true life video of a wedding couple on the Oprah Winfrey show. How and ever, tops to them for re-enacting it, if it helped them win

  19. hi kenny. thanks for coming to our prom. mmu melaka rocks ey.
    am the programmed director and it was a brilliant choice to have jien and steph as the emcees as they really rocked the crowd. not forgetting the bands pop shuvit and estranged too. prom king and queen did a fantastic talent show and they deserved it.
    thanks again for covering our event !

  20. Oh… really thank for came to MMU prom night.. MMU melaka is rocks! Haha… I has to say that the prom night is wonderful and memorable to everyone too.

  21. Kenny, thanks for coming, i’m the asst. director and one of the person that handling u that night, still remember ? btw nice to meet u, hope can work with u again.

  22. fatkitten, you are so insulting.
    i love my home town lor.
    and yes, despite hating that place MMU MELAKA RAWKS AND EVERYONE FROM IT RAWKS TOO!
    i voted for you for cleo’s 50 most eligible bachelor and every single one of the subsidiary titles. haha..

  23. i was the PA system boy!!!!!
    (anyone remembered me??!?!?! i am cute too, not only Jien lol)
    man, gotta love Kenny Sia.
    u were a celebrity nevertheless.
    acted like one too.
    thank you so much for giving overrated credits to this prom.
    thank you for making a post on the prom itself!!!
    well done dude!

  24. I agree with GraceOng.
    I seriously wonder how much have the whole thing costed, including the pay for the emcees. or it was just an invitation? I bet no.
    Anyway, this post did make me laugh a little more than the previous one. haha. kudos to u too Mr Kenny.

  25. GOsh! I didn’t know Stephanie Chai was from Kuching as well.. Kuching rawks!
    Blardy Rich la.. I’m studying Melaka as well but not MMU but UTeM.. Prom nights are out of the question for my university let alone finding sponsors for the event.. Glad u visited Melaka!!

  26. Jien is ok ok lor.. he doin well in ESPN wud..
    yea.. totally ruined(last pic)
    hey the gal on the left(4th last pic) looks like Fan Bing Bing(a Chinese artist/actress)

  27. Thz for coming to our prom night.. Honestly, I just knew ur existing, after i saw the poster in my campus.. n knew u from same place with me.. n might be meet b4, since i m part time worker in a supermarket b4..(i guess u know which supermarket..)
    Anyway, looking forward for our next meet…
    Committee of Prom Night, Mystique 2008….

  28. haha the prom king n queen ripped the idea of a video from youtube. some angmoh couple did it during their wedding ceremony. still took guts to do it i suppose 🙂

  29. hey kenny.:)
    juz wanna tell ya that ya did a great job.
    ya blog is wicked!
    btw,its ESTRANGED.
    ya kinda spelled it wrongly.
    love ya!

  30. Haha… you know why they managed to get Steph Chai and Jien as emcees? because those kids are from MMU, Money Making University…!

  31. Haha, good entry.
    But hei, i agree on how ridiculous proms are today.
    Kids these days are sooooo lucky. I used to be a prom-crasher in my younger days. Could never pay my way in. And yes, that was last year. Hah.
    And i think the funniest bit in this prom is the gong thing. Gosh, whoever guessed it turned out like THAT. xD

  32. I used to study in Malacca, our uni nearby MMU. And when it comes to MMU’s student organizing an event, that won’t surprise me at all kenny… They ROCKS!!!!

  33. kenny, u’re also very cute la!
    i liked the prom monster a lot! they were soooo funny and crazy that nite 😀
    i saw the white shirt guy running to class this morning -_-”

  34. Hey Kenny, great post. Man, kids are so lucky these days.. my sec sch prom was at a Swimming Club and College, a freakin boring one. The sec sch one was fun just because I went to a kick ass school 🙂
    Anyway Q-Bert and Joanne did a copy performance of a vid of a newly wed couple. They were supposed to do the first dance and started slow then they did a wacky fast one to the same song. Even the still shot u captured was one of their moves. Heh. Its at youtube.

  35. Oops I guess several thousand ppl have already commented on the copycat dance pai sey hor..
    Might not be original but took guts and hella lot fun in them to try 🙂

  36. Hey i went to buy CLEO just because of YOU, Kennysia~ And i think you’re the most attractive among those “boys” la ok?

  37. hmm…. that “Baby Got Back” item seems SOOO familiar (at least from that picture posted)…
    saw the video in youtube, and was performed by a newly wed couple at their reception…

  38. This is Amanda the designer :p
    Glad to know you enjoyed Mystique 2008 ^^
    Too bad I couldn’t make it back to Malacca on that night itself, anyway well done and thanks a mill to all the committees, really proud of you guys.

  39. That’s better than any prom we had over here in Melbourne as well. MMU really did itself proud. 😀
    And I love the two little loli chick’s dresses. Sweet.

  40. Hi Kenny. But you never tell us why you are there. So tell us. What did you do to ‘entertain’ those kids?

  41. da prom nite was fun…but a little disapointment when there is no ball dance..and da prom queen and prom king nominee was selected b4 da prom itself.. lol.. it was like__________. suppose da prom king and queen judge during da prom itself… well.. btw q-bert and joanne both of you did a great job entertaining us with your holla dance.. both of you did a great job.. and about da best dress… for gal they made a right decision by selecting da winner.. but da other 2 nominees was like LALA’s or anime costume attire… come on… lola… this is prom not GACC ..while da winner for guys best dress was a guy with which look a little bit different with a bow.. i was like wtf… da other 2 guys was like so obvious dressed way more better than da winner… btw… overall this prom was like kinda fun with jien and steph.. they handle it really well… kenny also made this prom more colourfull… hehe… estranged and pop shuvit also.. you rox guyz… chioz! peace hehe

  42. “That is why I hate that bugger.”
    I’m completely with you on this one. Can’t blame you for being chubby.

  43. Hey Kenny,
    Episode 13, Part 3
    were you nervous?
    you sounded nervous..
    Oh yea, if it’s ok with you, may I know the name of the production company that’s shooting the MDG?
    I wanna know because I’m doing Screen and Sound studies.. want contacts for production companies..
    if can send them to
    Thanks Kenny.

  44. Suprisingly saw my photo in kenny’s blog.Luckily I wasn’t too ugly in that photo.Well,I really gained lots of fun that night.I also managed to snap a photo with Kenny.Btw,it was posted in my blog:)Kenny,you’re cute and friendly actually.

  45. Ex big boss here. hahaa. Glad you enjoyed it.
    To all committees, Lau, SK, Nik, MP and the rest. Congratulations. Really proud of you guys. 🙂

  46. it’s Estranged; E-S-T-R-A-N-G-E-D, not Estraged!
    get your spelling right la!
    (**one pissed off ESTRANGED fanatic**)

  47. Very good that you maintain humble while being popular at that too…that’s what your readers love about you. They choose Kenny Sia for his POV of a regular dude.
    Looks like a really nice prom. I don’t remember enjoying that much during Raffles Ball in Perth.

  48. hmmm… ur post was good up to the part where u compared u lots to hindraf protesters. oh wait, u can’t even spell protesters.

  49. If I were driving Stephanie Chai, I wont apologize for making wrong turns. Seriously, why would you even bother attending the prom.

  50. Wow, nice entry, I cant read through the comments!
    I was the working committee in that prom night, last year, haha. Now continue my study in Cyberjaya campus, so no chance to join that. Seems like it success, very.

  51. this one is like an eye opener to me, there were so much fun in a prom. by the way, how much should i pay if i would like to invite you?

  52. Kenny, if you dont smile to show your vampire teeth, I am sure you look more adorable than Jien. So please keep your mouth shut!!

  53. lol. i already saw a video a long time ago of an american couple busting out those baby got back moves at their wedding.
    the prom seemed like fun, lucky dog.

  54. MMU Trinite proms tends to look like this, quite grand, the 2nd trilogy we had Jaclyn Victor and Daniel Lee as our guest performers, last year we had Amber Chia and Reshmonu.
    MMU students not very rich la, but the Trinite proms are quite THE event of the year (SPARCs used to host the best proms but dont know what happened to them this year), so it is more like the splurge of the year.

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