Wrong Mary

Kenny: *press button for flight attendant*
Cute MAS Flight Attendant: “Hi, how may I help you?”
Kenny: “Yeah, can I have a Virgin Mary please? Thanks.”
Cute MAS Flight Attendant: “You want a… Virgin Mary?”
Kenny: “Yes, please.”
Cute MAS Flight Attendant: “You mean a Bloody Mary?”
Kenny: “OH! YA YA YA! BLOODY MARY! My mistake.”
Stupid difficult-to-remember cocktail names.

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  1. I think a virgin mary is a non-alcoholic Bloody Mary, so you were ok to ask for it, just that you might not have gotten what you asked for.

  2. Damn funny… Virgin Mary… Tats the mother of Jesus or smth isn’t it? I bet the attendant muz be tinking u are trying to be funny and cheeky, trying to talk to her. Haha…

  3. I guess that went Kenny Sia saw the Cute MAS Flight Attendant all system shuts down in his ability to think coherently that resulted saying Virgin Mary instead of Bloody Mary. But that incident is funny that flight attendant now will recognize Kennysia for sure wan! Next time.

    Anyone overheard that “special” request of yours?
    But c’mon Kenny, admit it… you screwed up the name of the drink after seeing the cute attendant isn’t it? (and which guy doesn’t want a virgin eh? ;))
    hehehhe :p

  5. wah lao. next u’ll be asking for a spanna instead of a screwdriver and a purple bull instead of a brown cow. sheesh kenny! in front of cute MAS flt attendant somemore. u ah!

  6. Hey Dude, while everyone say” Kenny write lah, no mo toking”, I’d say ignore them.
    Your audio blog is a great practice ground for your career/future. May it be representing your IT dept to address issues to the board of directers, or representing a large corporation to a group of investers or you decided to take on public office, participate in local politics…the possibility is endless. And of course may be becoming a stand up comedian…
    Suggestion: To date, we have not seen encouraging feedbacks on your audio blog, perhaps due to the clearity of your speech pattern and a lack of entertaining material. I’d suggest working on that area and instead of short report of where’s your about, add some humorous/creative subjects. Once you start to see positive comment, you know you are improving.

  7. lololol, man that was classic, where u in a state of guilt when u ask for a drink? or u’r mind in wonderin to where u are not suppose to…i think the flight attendent got shocked, thinkin that you want a priest or something…confession time. Cheers!

  8. Virgin Mary:
    4 ounces tomato juice
    Little bit lemon juice
    Little bit Worcestershire sauce
    A dash of hot sauce (Tabasco)
    A pinch of celery salt (add to taste)
    A pinch of salt (add to taste)
    A pinch of pepper (add to taste)
    Bloody Mary:
    Virgin Mary with Absolut or Belvedere.

  9. I like how the attendant immediately assumed that you wanted alcohol. Or did she not know as well, that a Virgin Mary is basically a Bloody Mary without the alcohol?

  10. oh! you’re back!! i’ve missed your daily posts!! haha.. ‘virgin mary’ lol.. you are so hilarious!! anyway.. you have a sexeyyy voicee !

  11. yo kenny, is that the new interface for the in-flight entertainment? looks different from the last one i remembered.

  12. I believe deep inside you, you must be thinking whether the MAS flight angel is a virgin or not? Otherwise, having tried many mei meis you must B weary soul. Haa ha ha ha.

  13. Actually what if you had said it this way:
    “Yeah, can I have a virgin – Mary, please?”
    Kena tight slap I think hahaha.
    Not that surprising she doesn’t know that Virgin mary is non-alcoholic version of the drink. I think no-one orders non-alcoholic cocktails on a plane, where drinks are free and free-flow.

  14. Actually, U were not wrong to say Virgin Mary.
    Jackson (October 13,2005, 11.13PM) is right.
    Virgin Mary is the same as Bloody Mary EXCEPT it is without vodka.

  15. Totoro is right There is actually a cocktail (or mocktail) called Virgin Mary. There are various versions but here are 2:
    Version 1.
    10 oz tomato juice
    1 tbsp horseradish
    5 dashes worcestershire sauce
    1 dash celery salt
    2 grinds fresh pepper
    1 fresh celery stick
    version 2.
    2 Large Dashes Angostura Bitters
    6 Drops Tabasco Sauce
    4 Shots Tomato Juice
    1 Pinch Pepper
    0.5 Shot Lemon Juice
    0.5 Shot Worcestershire Sauce
    0.5 Teaspoon Caster Sugar
    0.5 Teaspoon Horse Radish
    0.5 Teaspoon Caster Sugar
    Ground pepper and a celery stick

  16. i had no idea u could order such drinks on MAS flights… dam should have done years ago 😉
    have fun hope things look good in Perth… 🙂

  17. kenny: you could’ve asked for a “blowjob” too… ekekekkee
    Get a Pony or slender Shot glass.
    Pour in 1/3 oz. Kahlua.
    Layer 1/3 oz. of Baileys.
    Layer 1/3 oz. Vodka.
    Top with Whipped Cream and a Maraschino Cherry.
    Serve to imbiber.
    Imbiber must not use hands to drink this shot.
    Place mouth over shot and with lips lift shot up to drink.
    Put glass back on bar and show no hands were used.

  18. u TOOK A DIGI-PIC DURING FLIGHT!!??? whaddaya wanna do??? disrupt the plane systems and crash!!???? lucky the Virgin Mary t’was with yea’ 😉

  19. Aiyo Kenny~~
    Nevermind lah..humans are not perfect..I can understand your pain..pardon me but I have to laugh now..

  20. tonyk: I know I lack the proficiencies in proper usage of the English language.I’d be blad if you are kind enought to point the mistakes, I’d like to improve my language skill.

  21. Minn:
    The usage of D-cam is NOT permitted during CRITICAL PHASES OF FLIGHT (take off & landing).
    During the flight, it’s OK.
    But, mobile phone is STRICTLY PROHIBITED at all time!!!

  22. Kenny….Kenny….lu ar boi lim 2 chui liaw. Ar chua a tan? 😛 Lim chiew chui a lang 2 boh kong ee ka ki chui.Heeheeheehee

  23. U know what Kenny, it would have been hilarious if you have posted an AUDIO blog of your “Virgin Mary” request 😛
    Can’t imagine how it’ll sound like if you had asked her for a “Quick Fuck” instead. LOL!

  24. Btw, all those years of flying in and out of Malaysia, and I didn’t even know that you can order cocktail on MAS flights!
    I thought they only have the normal alcohol stuff 🙁

  25. Haha, Kenny Sia, luckily you’re taking MAS and not some other airlines or you would have really embarassed we, Malaysians. That just shows how much class you have.

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