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I haven’t got any funny stories to share today, so I’ll just write something I haven’t wrote about in a long time – myself. Normal blogging resumes tomorrow.
I am privileged to be chosen as one of the finalists in the PPS Blog Awards 2005, organised by the Malaysian blog portal Project Petaling Street (PPS). Most people probably don’t care about this but it is quite a big thing to me. This award is unique because it is one that is organised by Malaysian bloggers, voted by Malaysian bloggers, for Malaysian bloggers.
There three award categories are : Blog of the Year (BOTY), Ping of the Year (POTY) (aka Best Blog Entry) and Neophyte Blog of the Year (NOTY) (aka b3sT n00b b|0GG3rz!)

I hope the winner gets some trophy like this.
I am honoured to be in the running for the Ping of the Year award together with such worthy contendors as Jeff Ooi and Peter Tan. *pauses for applause* I am also up for the prestigious Blog of the Year award alongside well-respected Malaysian bloggers such as Mack Zulkifli and Viewtru *pauses for another round of applause*
There’s one day left till voting closes. If you’re a eligible, I urge that you cast your vote. You don’t have to vote for me, vote for the meaning behind it. In saying that, no matter who emerges as the winner, do remember than in our hearts… we are already winners.
May the best man wins. *wipes tears*
AAAAHHHHHHHH Screw this diplomatic bullshit! Cannot tahan trying to act Mr Nice Guy already. Too boring!
That’s the problem with us finalists. We are all too nice to each other. No one is writing anything passionate about this contest I’m starting to think we finalists probably forgotten all about the awards. What we need here is a little bit of pretend rivalry to spice up the awards. Which is what I’ll do.
I’m unable to contain my excitement. Its true that I respect the other bloggers in the running for this award, and its true that I probably don’t deserve to win. But I cannot hide the fact that I want to win the PPS Blog Awards. There’s free T-shirt and free 1-year webhosting for the winner. And I want them. I want to win. Who doesn’t?

The prized T-shirt, as modelled by PPS Administrator Aizuddin Danian on the catwalks of Milan last summer.

The behind-the-scenes gossip at the PPS Blog Awards is already sensational on its own.
Initially I was leading the nominations for both NOTY and POTY, narrowly losing out the BOTY finalist spot. Jeff Ooi’s BOTY finalist spot was a certainty and looking at the number of nominations, many predicted that I would win NOTY and Jeff Ooi would win BOTY by a landslide.
Yet, when the voting booth opened many people was surprised to see that Jeff Ooi had relinquished his BOTY finalist spot. I was taken off NOTY and given Jeff Ooi’s finalist spot to run for Blog of the Year, eventhough I didn’t qualify in the first place.
This could only mean one thing. I’m not a NOTY boy.

And the nominees are…
Pardon the lame pun.
To Singaporean readers who have no idea who Jeff Ooi is, allow me to introduce. Jeff Ooi is one of the most respected bloggers in Malaysia. He is our very own moral crusader, our freedom fighter, our online ombudsman, Malaysia’s Most Influential Blogger, and the AH KONG of all Malaysian blogs! As an analogy, think Singapore’s mr brown… but a lot more serious content and a lot less humour.
I look at the people I’m contending with and I look at myself. A lot of people might disagree with me, but I’m the underdog here. Let’s see who I’m up against.
Blog of the Year

Or if you like… Triple Mack Vs View Mystrurio Vs Hulk Coconut

Viewtru. An anonymous blog whom some people say have the same brand of humour as mine. He’s been blogging since September 2003, which makes him the veteran blogger in this category. Compared to my blog, Viewtru’s style of writing is not as attention-grabbing. It is very casual and relaxed which probably appeals to the other bloggers who would cast their vote in his favour based on that.
Mack Zulkifli is a highly intellectual individual whose blog focus mostly on politics and current affairs. He’s often compared to Jeff Ooi, and I must say they are indeed quite similar… right down to their brush with the local police respectively. Some would say his blog is dry and reads like a PhD thesis. But unlike Viewtru or myself, Mack’s blog seek to empower not entertain. He’ll appeal to voters who want a serious and mature current-affairs-type blogger to take the Blog of the Year award because let’s face it, I find my coconuts more interesting than politics.
Ping of the Year

Or if you like… Stone Cold Jeff Ooi Vs Kenny Cena Vs Peter The Rock

Jeff Ooi’s blog got him on front-page headlines and won him the Freedom Blog Awards. And all my April Fool’s entry got me was marriage proposals.
Peter Tan risked his life to type this entry when the Earthquake hit Penang. All I risked was my dignity.
I think its pretty obvious which one of our blog entries has more substance lah.
Damn. I wanted to blast my opponents but I ended up giving people reasons to vote for them instead. But yeah… vote for me because you enjoyed reading me or something lah (I hope!)
You need to be a Malaysian blogger previously registered with Project Petaling Street to be eligible to vote. There’s one day left, so be quick!
And if you can’t vote, I guess you can always give me encouragement by telling me how beautiful I am.

In the future, this space will be where I write some random notes and short thoughts that’ll look out of place if I were to put them together with the main entry.

57 Replies to “Why You Should Vote For kennysia.com”

  1. Kenny….U R Beautiful!
    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful
    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful
    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful
    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

  2. Boy….u just secure yourself a vote from the States..don woli..im qualified to vote..been a PPS member since last year… u’ll definitely knock out all yur oppenent..kenny go go go..go give them a choke slam…

  3. wow, kenny. didn’t expect you to be so…diplomatic. you can easily blow your trumpet all the way to BOTY victory, yet you chose to be so civil. *applause* (reverse psychology, issit?) heh.
    Since I can’t vote, I shall assure you that you are GORGEOUS. After all, aren’t you the ‘hottest, sexiest, best-looking blogger in the whole wide world’??? Seriously.

  4. KENNY OH KENNY! TOo bad I am not Malaysian, if not I sure vote for your ultimate sense of humor!!! I know! I go change my citizenship tomorrow! OOoooo!!!

  5. for 5 secs.
    JUST 5 seconds.
    i could actually visualise u having hulk hogan’s body.
    oh and i’m a new fan. =)

  6. Heigh ho! Heigh ho! and OFF to VOTE we go! just keep on voting for KENNY, HEIGH HO, heigh ho heigh ho heigh ho!!!

  7. hehe.. i liked The Rock’s body and yours in Hulk Hogan..hehehe.
    i’d definitely vote for u.. but i’m not registered with the PPS… well too bad.. but i’m sure there are many other malaysian bloggers who would..
    ur still the only blogger that i visit everyday to get a good laugh..:)

  8. don’t you think it’ll be a wee bit harder to hide this blog away from your family if you win this award?

  9. See you at the podium. Since there are only three in each category, I guess there has to be something for everyone, right?
    You have got my vote! Go Kenny GO!!

  10. u got my vote man! as a fellow kuching-nite to another. bsides, your blog is a damn good laugh when one works in a damn stressful office.
    go give the other guys a chokeslam

  11. I’m predicting your win on all 2 Nominations! (I’m obviously Lying) Good luck anyway.
    Hopefully I’ll get nominated next year.. (Who doesn’t want to win?)

  12. KENNY -> hottest, sexiest, best-looking, hairiest blogger in the whole wide world! I’d date u if i cud ;p

  13. I often have a tendency to compare u to XX, cos I was linked to ur site by her marriage proposal. Well, I think you are more REAL, write much better, more humble and most importantly … HAVE bigger balls than her (I really dunno know wat cup size is suitable for ur coconuts n I gotta a feeling they have just grown bigger liao !)
    I am pretty sure you will win !!
    Good luck

  14. hahahaha … fucker .. because of the picture I promise to vote for you. LOL.
    Funny, dry or witty, really it defines us in general, and frankly speaking, if everyone is expected to blog like me, blogosphere would miss the laughter that makes it a merrier place.
    You’re a good sport. Good on you Kenny and keep up the good work.

  15. You will win at least 2 nomination.I didn’t vote until I read this rant, Was thinking; no time to vote; all blogs nominated are damn good then who to vote for; don’t want someone to lose; many more if i have time to rant.
    Anyway this morning I voted,hahaha.

  16. i’ll be cheering for u!

    *raises pompoms*

    hey kenny u’re so fine, u’re so fine u blow my mind!
    hey kenny!
    hey! hey!
    hey kenny! 😛

    i’m sure that u noe that we think that u’re beautiful! 😉


  17. Oi, Kenny, next time you do a picture of me, I want to look taller okay? And I want to have a cowboy hat on top also. Must protect my anony….anomity….anonimiti mah! And why you go and tell people that I have a sense of humour like yours? Use serious words like “intellectual” and “profound” mah. You give all the nice nice description to Mack and not me, how can like dat? But okay lah, I am very impressed with your posting. So I announce this for you;

  18. very funny interesting post (as always eh!).
    kenny, i have to be honest that i did not vote for you. never mind, when there is a ‘macho/cool/good looking male blogger of the year’ i will surely vote for you then. 🙂
    actually aizuddin should have another category – funniest blog of the year – then you will win hands down!!

  19. eh kenny…sorry lah…can’t vote for you lah….
    cos u not handsome enough leh….how ah??
    last time ur entry when u show ur titties….turned me off lah…..
    very disgusting u know…..:P
    JUUUSSTTT JJJOOKIIINNGGG before you sweat….
    Congrats and all the best for it! 🙂

  20. Well if I lose this one at least there are tons of people out there who thinks I’m beautiful. 🙂 Heh heh.
    Jon Choo, heyyyy waddya mean *sell* your unused vote? 🙁 And I thought you liked me.
    davidteoh, welcome back to malaysia!
    ct, nahhh… I got no trumpet to blow. These people *are* good.
    barffie, whoa! You can give me your sg citizenship anytime barffie!
    paul, they already know about my blog (I wrote it in my disclaimer). Whether they’ll be happy about it or not I don’t know.
    mr brown, oh come on!
    mageP23, if mack really turn out like that I’d shit in my pants. hahahahah
    babysalad, gee are you trying to hit on me? 😉
    ShaolinTiger, no leh we’re both nominated twice! WE are speshul! Eh how come you’re starting to talk like kimberleycun?
    zuj, xx and i… we’re so different. How to compare?
    MackZul, the colours of the blogosphere. Don’t we just love it?
    viewtru, you crazy bastard! 🙂 That’s right we don’t have the same sense of humour. You’re crazier than I am!

  21. omfg! i worship you kennysia just like the others. but i’d rather worship su-yin.blogspot.com than to lick your feet. su-yin’s got better legs.

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