What happened when I tendered my resignation

With my heavy heart pounding, I handed in my letter of resignation today to my two bosses. I never knew it could be so difficult. Handing over a letter to resign from a job you love so much is much more difficult than handing over a love letter to your high school crush.

I can see it from their reaction. Gary’s first word out of his mouth was "What?", followed by a long "Noooooooo!". I have only worked with him for almost a year, but he has rewarded me with so much. It is clear that he has long term plans for me to stay with the company. I felt bad for leaving them just when the company is gaining momentum and rapidly expanding.

Julie’s reaction is totally unexpected. Bear in mind that Julie used to be a teacher, so even at work she would behave like one. Remember that teacher you had back at school who would throw sarcastic insults at you when you didn’t do your work well? Well, Julie is that kind of a boss. What happened today was one of the very few times I saw her softer side.

Julie lost her father to cancer some years ago. As she read my letter of resignation, she started to brush droplets of tears off her eyes. Its a difficult thing to watch, because I have absolutely no intentions of upsetting her. I apologised to her for leaving. She comforted me, saying that the door is always open if I do decide to return to Perth. After a while, she left the room. I found her in front of the tissue box heavily sobbing. My heart melted. Obviously I had unintentionally reminded her of her father. With trembling voice, Julie said to me that she totally understand why I had to leave – she’s been through the same thing. When her father was sick, she used to stay at her father’s place every single night until he passed away. She told me that everyone at Spectra will miss me and I promised that I will keep her updated after I return to Kuching.

Back on kennysia.com , I am simply amazed by the outpour of well wishers after I posted my previous two entries. Its nice to know that I am not out of my mind making such a major decision. I hope I don’t dampen the mood of this blog too much. If you have read my previous entries you would have realised that I am trying to keep things positive here. Staying positive might just make going through this ordeal a little bit easier for me.

Which is exactly the reason why for my next entry, I will stop writing about all these things and start writing about that one elusive thing so wonderful and so special it makes everyone, male and female, happy. Have a nice guess what it is, and stay tuned. 🙂

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  1. sorry irene distracted me i forgot to comment regarding ur post.
    You’re a good person/boy/friend/boyfriend, how can we not care le? It’s perfectly alright to want to talk abt these things, if we don’t want to read we’ll just ignore u *grin*.
    note: notice i didn’t put ‘man’

  2. I watched my boyfriend’s father slipped away to cancer. And I knew he was there every day for him for a few years since his dad had cancer. The last few months, he hiked up his everything – time, patience, money, energy to take care of his dad. Then, when his dad left us, I knew, a part of my boyfriend, left with him too. He is no longer the same. And, being there to witness all this, is itself a HUGE, HUGE lesson. I got a lump in my throat everytime I think about the last days his dad was with us. Now that my boyfriend is no longer the same, perhaps it will take time, things right now is just extremely rough. But then, I know, no one will be able to comprehend what he is going through right now… and me being there, does not make any difference. Unfortunately, he just happen to be one of those rare breed of people who simply close up from everyone in times of crisis. Bleak as it seems, this is life. And we are all here to learn.

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