Welcome to Sarawak Elections

This may be the most important election in Sarawak history.

I can’t be in Kuching to vote due to earlier plans, but I want to play my part in this. I guess the best thing I can do is to keep everyone up to speed on what’s been happening.

And the best way to do it?

Like Rosalinda would – through music video.

57 Replies to “Welcome to Sarawak Elections”

  1. I used to read your blog from time to time. But now days your production getting less and less.
    Now you come out such stupid video with no nutritious at all.
    actually what are you trying to tell your royal reader like me in this video ?
    and those who love this video. can you explain to me what is it funny of ? cause i really really dun see any funny at all wor.

  2. Anyway. i dun mean anything bad. everyone can make this kinda stupid and unfunny video. but if we have to spend time on this due to your past reputations. well. you failed your reader.
    Beside. I think election is a serious issues to all of us especially this time. its related to our livings and our next generation’s future. but what you do its like making the youngster to ridicule this from their life.
    Hope you come out something better to inspire all of us especially youngster.

  3. Dude, go read a minister’s blog or something if you want inspiration. Or write your own if you’re so great.

  4. Double posting to criticise? You’re hopeless. Stop stalking and reading if you seriously do not like. Blog is a place to share. He just shared what he felt like. Stop being an ass.

  5. To all SARAWAKIANS who cast their votes:
    Did BN fulfill their end of bargain since they won?
    1. Vote BN: Recieve MYR500
    2. Take photo of your ballot: Recieve MYR1000
    3. BN Wins: Recieve MYR500
    Grand TOTAL: MYR2000
    If you are Chinese, did you do the right thing?

  6. Isn’t there advance voting since you can’t cast your vote on election day?
    Are you Sarawakians happy with the gov’t? Do you feel you’re being served well or shafted all these years?
    Vote conscientiously …

  7. wow. big banana fans getting so upset. but yes. i can stop to read this blog. leave to u this big banana fan to enjoy it. dude ~~

  8. hahhaha.. LOL..hahha..politic should be like this..funny and relax..don’t be too serious lo hahaha..next election i suggest kenny make advertisement for political parties involved hahahha

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