Weight Loss Ads Are Ridiculous

Am I the only one finding this whole thing absurd?

Flip open the papers, walk down the stores. Everywhere we go these days we’re constantly being bombarded by hundreds and thousands of weight loss ads. Marie France, Mayfair Bodyline, Slimming Sanctuary, Unisense.

You seen them once, you seen them all:
1. All of them claim the EASIEST way to weight loss
2. All of them cost TOO BLOODY EXPENSIVE
3. All of them feature endorsements by perfect-looking celebrities WHO PROBABLY HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN FAT BEFORE IN THEIR ENTIRE LIFE!

It’s damn illogical ok. These celebrities are not even human ok, they’re freaking GODDESSES. They don’t NEED those weight loss products to look good. Why are they the one endorsing it? It doesn’t make sense.
The latest culprit in this relentless assault of celebrity-endorsed weight loss ads seems to be massager-manufacturing giant Osim. In Singapore, it’s Mediacorp star Fiona Xie. Here in Malaysia, it’s 8TV hottie Marion Caunter.

It was horrible. It’s like everywhere I go I see cardboard cutouts of Marion Caunter doing THAT pose. It’s like she plugged herself into The Matrix and asked Agent Smith to clone multiple versions of herself. Not that I’m complaning really, though personally I would prefer a real-life Marion Caunter than a cardboard Marion Caunter.

Feeling irritated, I decided to pen a letter to Osim International demanding an explaination.

I mailed out the letter this afternoon. Here’s the content.

Mr Ron Sim
Chief Executive Officer
Osim International Pte Ltd
65 Ubi Ave 1
#07-00 Singapore
Dear Sir,
Re: Spokespersons For Osim uZap
I am writing to you to express my extreme disappointment at Osim International’s decision to use Fiona Xie and Marion Caunter as spokespersons for Osim uZap in Singapore and Malaysia respectively.
My disappointment has nothing to do with Fiona and Marion personally, as I’m fan of them both and I enjoy their work in the media industry tremendously.
My disappointment has more to do with the fact that Osim uZap is a slimming product, and the fact that Fiona and Marion have perfect bodies all their lives. In that sense, they are unfit (pardon the pun) to tell people that Osim uZap has a positive effect on their bodies because it is illogical to make a perfect body… even more perfect.
I think Osim International should not use Fiona and Marion as spokepersons, but instead you should use a less-than-perfect spokesperson for Osim uZap. That way, you would sound more credible and believable when you tell people that uZap works, and people will not just anyhow say that Osim is talking cock.
Where to find a less-than-perfect spokesperson you ask?
Not to worry, as I have already found the perfect candidate to be the less-than-perfect spokesperson for Osim uZap. That person is… me!
Hereby enclosing two photos of myself for your kind consideration.

Please make me your uZap spokesperson.
Yours faithfully,
Kenny Sia
im@kennysia com

I wonder if they’re even gonna reply.

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359 Replies to “Weight Loss Ads Are Ridiculous”

  1. Marion Caunter was in my sec school.Didn’t realise she was such a celebrity in Msia. She has always been skinny man.
    You look hot!

  2. hilarious sial! ya lor..marion memang oredi super skinny,super pwetttttyyyy..no point oso she jadi spokesperson.better the irresistably sexy kenny sia than marion or fiona.
    u reckon?

  3. hahahaha…. You did not sent that!! for a moment i seriously thought u did, cos u typed it so seriously. but ure second half of the letter said that osim is talking cock… den i know ler… this is so freaking funny… and the pose…. omg….. kennysia u rock… or rather, u wobble…
    but i totallly agree with u, wrong spokesperson!

  4. Your jokes always make people end up laughing with you, though they prolly started out laughing at you.

  5. lol man……you mad mad man.
    you know what would be amazing? if they really make YOU their spokesman.
    I can just see it. Headlines on all the major dailies. Kenny, it IS possible.

  6. Later not only Osim will look for you to become the spokesperson, those makeover company, plastic surgery agent will oso come to u!!

  7. Did you really send that letter?
    It seems like a prank more than a formal letter and u include photos.

  8. Far out! xP
    I hope you really did send that! well, maybe not with the photos, but whatever.. those would be added impact to your letter’s content. xP

  9. Holy shit!! OMG, U’re so hilarious! I almost had coke spewing out of my nostrils when I saw that last picture of you!
    You’re so funny! I totally agree with you about the slimming ads. I think they’re ridiculous, unrealistic and stupid. Sure their treatments do work to some extent but at a hefty price.
    Whilst we have beautiful and slim beauties gracing the ads of these companies, I did come across a SG blog (http://tuapuipo.blogspot.com/) which shows just how much of a struggle one has to put up when it comes to dealing with being fat/weight loss.
    Sometimes I feel as if I’m in her shoes too. I can’t help but ‘feel’ for her.

  10. Muahahahahaha! That IS funny! Can’t stop laughing.
    Yes, you are right. How can those company ask models with gorgeous curves at the right place to become their ambassador? Should ask someone like Lydia Sum! Or you’ll fit it okay too. Ha ha.

  11. good going kenny! please let us know if you hear from uzap. hahahaha…. hey i think that out of the bunch, christie chung is the only one that actually used marie france bodyline to slim down after having her baby (i mean, at least this is what they showed).

  12. really funny^^
    but if u really consider a healthy way to lose weight, i can share my history of losing 7kg/3week with u,
    jus by a simple equation i learned in my study…

  13. To be fair, they do get paid $ to make $$$, not to send out an honest message. So, they are out to net some suckas – no apologies for that. But, very good point made.
    On another note – errr.. do you still keep up your gym + jogging?

  14. We really should see these things coming…
    but it’s still hillarious!
    Why do they do it? Money, money, money + they probably get a free massage chair – and those babies are worth their weight in salt (although a ‘bit’ pricey).

  15. oei, how u think that shareholder of Osim Malaysia have the title ‘Longest limousine in Malaysia’?
    plus, he has different ‘wives’ to bring to each and every MRCA dinner… man i want to be rich in M’sia too. then i can have Miss Malaysia as my cock-suckers. literally.
    fucking good post btw!

  16. It is disapointing that ppl in asia choose the wrong methods of weight loss. The easy way out. SOmetimes it isn’t too easy either, specially when it involves some silly diet that is so imbalanced.
    Among the most ridiculous things that I’ve encountered was a promotion for a new gym that was about to open. Thing is, the people promoting were not people who were fit and muscular… these were people who were skinny and well, just not the kind of people you’d think would even need to go to the gym.

  17. OMG….. Siao lar u KennySia,MediaCrap artiste… ROFLOLX….thanks for the great laughs.
    *Hope OSIM will reply to you. Keep us up to date.

  18. 8 points for making a fool out of yourself in this post.
    9 points for making me laugh.
    10 points if you really did send it out!
    nice one!

  19. Isn’t it possible to sue these kind of companies for false representation , A.K.A corporatised bullshit peddlers ?

  20. Oh Kenny, btw, you look HAWT in your boxers. Hehehe. For a chinese guy, you DO seem to have lots of body-hair.
    Keep writing. I love your spirit of letting your opinion known.

  21. haha tht was funny..true but then if the put less than perfect ppl as ambassadors then no1 would wanna buy,right?

  22. NO… YOU… DIDN’T!
    You didn’t send that letter, did you? I love your “yoga pose” a lot. I think you look slimmer than before, any photoshop?
    btw, Kenny got back! ;D

  23. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAHA holy cow Kenny awesome post! Those 2 pics top the ‘xiaxue’ pose you did πŸ˜€
    Quality, you just made my sleepy Sunday morning heh

  24. Nothing like u giving us a good healthy dose and shot of reality (and loads of laughter) to debunk the simulacra and ir-reality of such situations.
    Will yr kind of blogs be the new literary form of the 21th century? I’m betting on it.

  25. theres no way those ads could work without actually exercising and working out as well. just like “slimming products that give out electric pulses to tone the body”. Consumers won a suit over that product in australia.

  26. haha..yeah i agree..these celebrities are pretty and have perfect looks and bodies..why would they need to slim down anyway?why not choose someone who is really transform-ordinary people eh?come on…

  27. OMGosh, Kenny, you crack me up!!!! I nearly showered the laptop with coffee when reading this latest entry. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Ouch, my tummy hurts from laughing too much … eh, no need for Osim or Marie France or whatnot. Just laugh your way to weight loss with Kenny Sia πŸ™‚

  28. ahahahaha!!! is that donald duck boxers you are wearing?
    i’m not going to be able to get that image out of my head. hahahaha!

  29. i think more people going to complaint if they put you there….even if the product works on you…
    kekekeke i rather see those sexy women everywhere on the poster leh….
    kekekekeke…please update us if any reply from them πŸ™‚

  30. the only difference is that, even though the stars have never been fat, they are thin. you… you have been fat but never been thin… just kidding, lah!

  31. kenny,,
    thanks for the good laugh.Came at the right time,,when i am bored and tired. I needed that.Please keep us posted when Mr Sim replies.
    JOO (cat in canada)-vancouver, BC, Canada

  32. heh i know the marketing person at Osim s’pore. am gonna email her your site’s link & see her reaction. πŸ˜›
    erm..what abt you on the igallop πŸ˜›

  33. Hmm…i wonder there will any customer if u be the spokeman..i rather suggest u put before and after photo, that’s wat u do best right?

  34. That is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while! ROFLMAO! I love your expression. Can you do one on one of those truly moronic iGallop chairs please? Pleasey please!

  35. Bwahah! Tat’s hilarious.. Wut about christie chong’s pose? Since you’ve done the other two, might as well just finish the set…
    but hmn, with a better pair of boxers??haha!!
    You go kenny! Keep them posting..!!

  36. I was at one of the OSIM outlets today…deciding whether or not to give the product a try. I had the belt on my tummy for about 5 minutes, and was told that will be going to the toilet as it helps to detox and blood circulation. I ended up farting arount (wopps!) while shopping after that (haha!).
    Anyways, I think you’ll make a good spokesperson. Serious. If it is succesful on any of us who are BIG in size, they’ll struck gold pot-lah rite?
    I’m supporting you Kenny! Let me know if Mr Sim replies.

  37. if you really slim down using it, i’ll definitely get that. let’s just wait and see if osim would give you a complimentary uzap!
    that spoof was awfully grotesque btw!!!!

  38. wahhhhhhh… nice post and also your nice body post too. Good.
    Btw really funny..was a shock that i thought osim really sent that guy in the last photo. wooo.. pia pia ah..

  39. you’re in trouble kenny. coz marion didn’t have a perfect body all her life. if you googled her pictures online, you’d find that she used to be fat. that’s right kenny. marion caunter used to be FAT! but still, you got a case…marion caunter didn’t use any of uzap or whatever to slim down.

  40. OMG
    Kenny, you SERIOUSLY sent that mail to OSIM???
    HAHAHA. I hope they’ll reply. Would love to read what they’ll say hehe…

  41. OMG Kenny! One of the funniest posts I have read from you recently. I miss posts like this. lol that really hit the spot. with your humour, how can a girl not snag you already?!

  42. When was Marion ever fat? We were classmates in primary and secondary school for years, and she was NEVER fat.
    Kenny, your gorgeous drool-worthy body’s giving me the chills πŸ˜‰

  43. Dear Mr Sia,
    We at OSIM have found your proposal to be extremely interesting and wholeheartedly agree that the use of models who probably have perfect bodies in their whole lifetime are unfit to endorse our product.
    Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to you as our new spokesperson for our newest OSIM product, the iGallop. Rest assured that we would also be replacing Fiona and Marion with Ruhua and Furong shortly.
    Should you be interested in taking up the offer, we would be glad to provide more details of it over at our HQ. Alternatively, you may also feel free to email me your queries.
    We look forward to your response and future cooperation.
    With Regards,
    Mr Lon Simi
    Heh. Just kidding. Good luck trying to replace Fiona and Marion though. LOL.

  44. On a serious note, for those who REALLY want to slim down, make use of the Ò€œinner soundÒ€. The inner sound (sound of thoughts within your head, not body noises) has far reaching effects on your body as they affect the atoms and molecules that compose your cells. You Ò€œspeak your bodyÒ€ but the speaking is interior.
    An example: When you say Ò€œI am tiredÒ€. You are giving silent messages to your self and many portions of the body must be affected before YOU feel tired Γ’β‚¬β€œ but besides this the inner sound value of the messages automatically affects the body in just that way
    So what is the remedy when you find yourself feeling tired? To change it DO NOT reinforces it by saying you are tired.
    Instead, you say mentally that the Ò€œbody can now begin to rest and refresh itselfÒ€. And you WILL benefit as the inners sound value of the countering suggestion automatically begins to refresh the body. And if conditions warrant, physically rest by lying down and do whatever adjustments seem necessary.
    You have at your disposal the means to insure your health. The inner self always attempts to maintain the body equilibrium and health, but many times your beliefs prevent it from coming to your aid.
    So similarly, use the inner sound to be slim when you are overweight. You can certainly alter your physical image through the use of your ideas and beliefs. Your body is an artistic creation, formed and constantly maintained at UNconcouscious levels, but quite in line with your beliefs about what and who you are.
    You can send a barrage of beliefs and instruction to the inner self that affect your physical image. Thoughts in general possess an electromagnetic reality and have INNER SOUND value. The exterior sound is use for communication and is a by product of many events that affect the physical atmosphere.

  45. Oh my…I am telling you, the iGallop from OSIM (it’s latest exercise “fun” machine) is even worse to bear witness to…with UZap, we have OSIM promoters strapped with a belt vibrating the hell outta them while they explained to you its functions…(My god, & their “robotic” voice when they try to speak with the vibrations going on, switch off 1st lah)
    And now we’ll have OSIM promoters and would-be-buyers straddling on the machine and bull-ride their way to weight loss.
    WHAT A SIGHT! Bet Kenny (and tons of other drooling men) will loved to stand by and watch some idiots bump up and down, creating a less than digestible sight (if the promoter/tester is a fat man!!!) to the on-lookers. OR the more preferable scenerio for fanstasing at home, a buxomy lady on the chair…The commercial for this in Singapore, watch for it! The girls featured are pretty (& already slim) and probably men will be hogging or hugging the TV.

  46. Mmmmm…Christy Chung…
    Did you REALLY post those pics along with the letter? O__O
    I bet they will hire you straight away. XD

  47. Ha, ha, ha…! πŸ˜€ Mr Sia, you’re the man! This irony has been with us for the longest time and will be with us forever ;p the irony of companies selling slimming products always using slim goddesses to advertise and promote their stuff ;p

  48. dude, u’re fucking hillarious man! im sick with all those unlogic adverts that promised us with such results. “…buy our 7 minutes abs and u’ll be surprise with the result in just 20 days!..” what a stupid product.

  49. I hope you don’t mind if I publish the “ads” of your tummy at ainuddin.kajang.com.
    Actually I wanted to something about those weight loss ads since those models are already slim before and after. Just like those Hair Shampoo. Rambut tak cantik jangan harap dapat jadi model dalam iklan-iklan tersebut.

  50. Hey, you made my day. I was down and really nothing can make me laugh. A friend of mine told me about your blog and after reading it, it made me laugh! Haha. Thanks for making me laugh. πŸ™‚

  51. well if you have actually seen marion in person you would have reliazed that she is slim but she DOES not have a flat tummy, trust me… look carefully enough. when i saw this osim pic i was like “that is so fake… marion does not have an all that flat tummy and her skin isn’t that smooth and fair..” remember that advertiser do a lot to amend a pic… sad sad i wonder how these people even can look at themselves as such.. a lie slapped on their face

  52. Way to go Kenny! I seriously agree with you that these products should be more realistic in using their spokesperson rather than these goddesses. But one thing that I want to point out is that take a close look at the ads, I believe they have been altered. No human being can look like that.

  53. holy cow!! (pun not intended) wouldnt believe it if i didnt see it. you actually posted that letter??? *speechless* i should have done this earlier. *sigh* anyway, all the best! cant wait to see if they really did reply u. keep us posted. πŸ˜‰

  54. I have old friend whom I met recently.
    I said, “eh xxx(management level in osim), putting on weight ya? y don’t u use your own products.”
    He gave me that sheepish reply using one hand to cover his mouth,” Doesn’t work”
    Whenever I see those SkII ads, and it goes like “Thats y I use SKII shen qi shui.” First thought that comes to my mind, ” of course la, if I got one ton of makeup on my face will look prettier than you”
    These companies aren’t helping you, they are just cashing on your insecurities.

  55. The slimming stores are indeed expensive.
    They normally will plan a diet plan for you and tell you that it wouldn’t be so effective if you dont’ control your diet. Probably, eating less is the key to slim down instead of those slimming equiments. Those pills that they have provided make you go toilet more often because it contains a certain percentage of laxative.
    People…Don’t assume that you will loose weight by doing nothing. Stop investing your $$$ on these stores!!
    Exercise more and eat less.
    Let’s slim together.

  56. u r funny really… but disgusting too! hahaha cant take my dinner man! I’m totally full! you really r a potential spokeperson…. making people full and skip dinner….. he he he

  57. Hey there. I found my way here life Azlynne 1972.
    I gotta say, I don’t think I’ve seen anything so funny in all my life.
    That is just HILARIOUS!!!

  58. Kenny sia probably suffers from ADD disease. Attention deficit disorders, he gets his attention by posting weird pictures of himself. I don’t understand .. why does everyone condemn Sarong party girl, when kenny sia now is almosot at her level?

  59. Hi. I was just passing by and i saw your post on this page regarding the osim product and i must say, it was totally hilarious!! Hahaz i almost fell off laughing! Keep rocking.

  60. I was online to look for a bargain on uZap, tht’s when I came across to tis site. After seeing ur posts, I ditched the idea. Thz for saving me a bundle!!!!!!!!!!

  61. u r d man ! wat u’ve said it’s true but honestly, i don’t think they will take any action on it, coz i’ve a friend who’s working in their HQ pj.

  62. kenny sia
    someone is intending to sleep on your tummy
    perhaps in the most mischievous way
    better be careful cuz
    the name is eric lai
    yes, it’s eric
    not erica

  63. i consider buying uzap last time. but luckily, i didnt. i would like to know if there is any replies from uzap. thanks!!

  64. Every women have thier secret,how u know they have perfect body??? u know them very well??? u only fan of them. no perfect human in the world. u cannot judge ppl without reason n research. pls respect.

  65. I totally agree with you…. but not in the pose that u did…..
    Hope they did receive this url…..

  66. Hi, ur simply hilarious! U sld do d same for OSIM i-gallop manz! cos its seems to me its obscene gossip more than anytink else! hahaha…

  67. i dont need those products to make me slim, by looking at you, i guess i needless to buy those products liao… whahahha… u are good, kenny!

  68. Hello Kenny a.k.a couch potato,
    It is with greatest dissapointment and amusement to myself that the OSIM board had decided to endorse you to our latest and soon to be released product – UzapSiapa slimming tea.
    I hereby will resign from my post due to my resentment of not being the one representing them.
    Ron Sim

  69. Totally agree with you Kenny on the SG endorser. But christine chung was a very good example. she was really bloated and ugly after she gave birth years ago and after Marie France she’s really fit again. Dont the companies get it that its real life example that convince and not the popularity of the celeb.

  70. You totally ROCK kenny!! Takes guts to do what u did. HOpe the CEO notices ur effort. Marion was my junior in school……skinny like stick. I totally agree with the unrealistic choices of ambassadors.

  71. Heheh… nowadays slimming advertisments are terrorising our TV viewing pleasure.
    Wao, you actually teach these guys out there a huge lesson, Kenny. Keep it up. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  72. Kenny ! Well Done, couldnt have done it better myself. There are a few more products, like X-Treme using Fann Wong, comon lah, this woman where got FATS !!! And then, there’s Michelle …somthing, also some slimming pills, and the last time, Beijing 101 uses Gurmit Singh and Adrian Pang, and what happened ?
    Saw the recent Lost & Found Makan place ? Gurmit is STILL BALD ON THE TOP ….. YOU CALL THAT EFFECTIVE ??? HA HA HA HA

  73. That’s histerical!! Did you really send that letter in? I was only surfing the net…when I came across THIS….hmmmm…kennysia.com. Why I’ll put this in my favorites and check the site now and then. You’re funny!!

  74. That’s histerical!! Did you really send that letter in? I was only surfing the net…when I came across THIS….hmmmm…kennysia.com. Why I’ll put this in my favorites and check the site now and then. You’re funny!!

  75. That’s histerical!! Did you really send that letter in? I was only surfing the net…when I came across THIS….hmmmm…kennysia.com. Why I’ll put this in my favorites and check the site now and then. You’re funny!!

  76. That’s histerical!! Did you really send that letter in? I was only surfing the net…when I came across THIS….hmmmm…kennysia.com. Why I’ll put this in my favorites and check the site now and then. You’re funny!!

  77. wahlau.. u really beri funny leh…
    make me funny after work on a wed night … haha…. esp seeing u as the uZap spokeman…
    ugly… but ya.. they should put photos of plp who needs it.. n not plp who NEVER EVER WILL Needs it.

  78. hey! haha.. jus surfing some i-gallop webbies and saw ur site.. haha.. quite true actually of what u say about the i-gallop thingy.. cool blog.. and cool feedback.. funny! go kenny go! haha

  79. dun try to be funny…u are just being corny…u tot u own the bloody company, it’s up to the boss of OSIM to use whoever deems fit…please use your brain, if u have any, who wants a less than attractive person to endorse their product, let alone a mediocre like u? u said u dun blame the 2 idolizing stars, so u blame yourself for being dumb for idolizing them…get a grip on yourself and face reality, u ain’t no nobody, just an underachiever who wants to get into the spotlight…you are a grownup man, think before you act…and by the way, makes me wanna puke at your sycophant’s comments.

  80. to the previous anonymous. excuse me but whats with you? can’t u just relax? its his blog and he can write whatever he wants. kids like you who take their life so seriously shouldn’t even be surfing the internet. WHAT A DICK.

  81. To anonymous : I honestly think the only prick is yourself.
    If you cant stand whats written in someone else’s blog, then dont surf. Get a damn life if you dont have any !
    Keep it up Kenny ! I am truly supportive of your statement written about OSIM !

  82. this is definitely one of the funniest blog i have ever searched, not many making me cracking a smile, this one made me laugh until i fell of my chair…

  83. Advice to all – If there’s anyone who can’t take the joke, please do not access to this site.
    P/S: Way to go man…..

  84. this is spreading in the internet and i keep receiving this forward email from friends. hey, you are famous, hope you success to become a spokeperson haha. If you success to lost your weight, i think it must more effective than those current spokeperson who already have a slim body. hehe…^^

  85. to ashley and kennethn,
    well said indeed. the same applies to you, if you can’t stomach my comments, dun read any comment at all.
    so a piece of advice, next time before you comment, please use your peabrain so you won’t make yourselves sound like some puny pricks.

  86. Wa, looks like it worked! At least in S’pore, Osim is getting consumers to sign up to be their uZap spokesperson! Wa Kenny, way to go man! Who says bloggers can’t change the world.. Hey Kenny, go sign up!!

  87. Its called endorsement you stupid idiot. And to use them is kinda like art. Using pretty faces and perfect body cause the world is focused on “sex sells” … jeez

  88. About “sex sells”: Which goes to show how shallow the world can be then… =_=””
    Personally, I’d rather see an ad where one can actually tell whether the product really works or not. Otherwise, I’d rather not waste my money (or at least my parents’, I’m still underage =D) on something which I’m not convinced on it’s effectiveness.
    Btw, great photo manipulation. It’s seriously killing me XDD

  89. I just can’t stop laughing………..go all out! It’s true…all these slimming ad are ridiculous and don’t make sense.

  90. i like this post!!! i’m just about doing my assignment on about persuasive ads. ahahah! kennysia u rock! i like the photoshop skills!…
    can i add u on my blog too? for reading pleasure. ahahah! thanks for making my day!

  91. hope I am not too late to join in this page.. I wonder did Osim reply so far? I juz can’t hold my curiousity..

  92. Kenny ah …. your visit kenny.com year 2007 with the 2 coconuts and hibiscus thingy reminds me distinctly of something…..hint! hint! I think you know what i mean…..!

  93. OSim sliming belt doesnÒ€ℒt woek. I doesnÒ€ℒt help to loose weight. It also gave a me sore lower back after using it. I want a refund


  95. Hello! I reside in Nigeria. Please, I saw and used your uZap belt for the first time yesterday. But unfortunately my friend who was leaned this belt and has been enjoying the positive side of it, dosen’t even know how or where to get it. I googled the name ‘uZap’ written on the belt to get this far.
    Please, I am interested in buying the belt as well as my friends.
    My question is:
    *Do you have a distributor in Nigeria?
    *Where and how can I get the belt?
    *How much will it cost?
    Your immediate response to my email box will be appreciated.
    Thank you
    Grace Aniekan
    Arik Air Limited
    Margaret Ekpo International Airport
    0803 338 1508

  96. Kenny is making a good point. Advertising is full of shit! You have to be a moron to think you will look like the model/actress by using OSIM uzap. OSIM is also full of shit. Anyone who disagree or think -ve of Kenny on this idea is also a moron.
    OSIM stands for
    S hit;
    I made a ;
    M istake

  97. That is very funny kenny. If they use you to convince people about weight loss, that probably will let people think twice before buying anything or using their service.

  98. This UZAP doesn’t work at all, just a waste of money.
    It’s a complete waste of money. It doesn’t help you to loose weight, nor tone your muscle.
    No it does not work. It’s all lies.
    The best way to loose weight is to exercise & healthy diet(low fat). Cardio is good for burning fat – lots of running /walking/climbing stairs(don’t use the lift)!! Sweat is food. If you want a nice tone abs, you will need to do a lot of stomach crunch! Most of all you need to commit in exercising, not wasting your time & money on OSIM rubbish.
    Waste of money to buy.
    Waste of effort to take it home.
    Waste of space to store it at home.
    Waste of time trying to use it.
    Waste of electricity while using it.
    There is no way a vibrating belt on your tummy can help to burn fat on your tummy. OSIM doesn’t dare to advertise as a slimming belt outside singapore-just a massage belt. OSIM is just cheating Singaporean.
    If you don’t believe me just google OSIM UZAP and find more answers

  99. i think this is crazy, i have no offence about your comments on the osm uzap, may it help people to tone up and lose weight, but why dont u buy one and try, i have few friends who lose inches off the waist with it, and people here who used it and whine saying no weight is loss, pls dont think that by 1 time use you will see results, sores? oh please if you over worked your muscles wont it feel sore? iGallop its real, why will you say it wont tone up.. try twisting and flexing your abs at the same time for 30mins.. same concept but made more fun, if the osim uzap is not true it will not be patented in japan.

  100. nobody. You are stupid.
    I have one (I didn’t buy it) and I can honestly feel that it DOESN’T work! I do lots of sit-ups/ stomach crunch and weight training. The UZAP does not do anything but shake your body part. I have used it a few times and it doesn’t feel like any form of exercise. If it’s too loose, I can’t feel anything. If I have it on too tight, it actually gave me a sore back – The soreness is not like the pain from a work-out session but from pulling/damaging your back. The pain is different and I know the difference.
    As for the iGallop, research has been done in HK and it claims that prolonged usage on the iGallop can cause damage to your back.
    Just because it has been patented in Japan, it doesn’t mean that it will work. Being patented is like a copyright only. It can’t guarantee the result. Besides, can you honestly say you have never seen a useless from Japan.

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