56 Replies to “Weekend Youtube: More Things You Can Vibrate”

  1. ahhh Chicken, you always the first one to comment on kenny’s post, I know u still like Kenny, support him k 🙂 He just want to entertain us… VIBRATE!!

  2. the last part was funny but which phone doesn’t vibrate anyway? haha.
    and i think he sounds a bit like peter chao.

  3. U’re so funny. I think i peed a little while laughing. Btw, what camera u use? The video quality is very nice!

  4. hahahahahahaha!! hilarious!!
    did u get urself eye makeup remover to remove those mascara u applied??
    btw, u dun need to “vibrate” ur head to remove them. Hahahahhaa..

  5. why didn’t i thought that?? i think it’ll work wonders on me. thanks for tips
    **vigorously having a face seizure while cleansing my face {adopted from clarisonic, the vibrating face cleanser}**
    Hey, it works!!! ^_^

  6. Hey Kenny! This is the first time I’m commenting… I don’t know why but after watching this video I feel the great effort you put in to amuse your readers when you don’t have to… Anyway we truly appreciate what you put up here, ignore those who don’t! Cheers!

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