An Unfortunate Accident

I just witnessed a horrific car accident earlier today. I am still in distraught.

Potentially disturbing images ahead

*~*~*~* Public Service Announcement *~*~*~*
Please note that has received permission from the involved’s direct family to publish the photos of the car accident on this website. wishes to advise anyone reading this entry that not everyone may wish to have these photos published as such. If you encounter a potentially fatal car accident in the future, please always ensure that the victims are safe first and foremost.

*~*~*~* Public Service Announcement *~*~*~*

It was along the Batu Kawa-Matang Road. The driver of a Honda had tried to overtake the vehicle in front of her. She didn’t succeed, and was met with a head-on collision with a cargo truck instead.

When I was driving past the scene, all I noticed was a bystander shouting for help. He couldn’t get a phone signal in the new area so I offered to help by calling the emergency number.

I had received First Aid training before, but when I was put into a situation like this, I honestly do not know how to react.
For a long time I stood there in shock and distress, not knowing what to do except run around asking for help.

More volunteers had arrived. A man was calm enough to open the car door to check on the conditions of the passengers.
I looked inside and took a glimpse of the driver. She was a young lady around my age, still in her seat belt, body slouching to the side, eyes half opened. Lifeless.

The spoiler of the lorry had gone right through the windscreen and smashed into the headrest of her seat. She couldn’t have survived.

Then I saw that there were children inside the car. Young kids, no bigger than my own nephew and nieces. Their bodies, covered in blood, sprawling over the car seats of the car.
My heart sank.

We noticed a young girl still breathing. Immediately, one of the volunteers carried her out of the car and rushed her to the hospital.
I don’t know what happened to her eventually. The newspaper report said that she survived but suffered serious head injuries.

If anyone reading this website knows the family of the unfortunate souls who perished in this incident, please drop me an e-mail.
I may not know you, but I apologise because I was there at the time of the incident and I do not know what else there is to do. If you know the condition of the little girl in hospital, please tell me. And if there is anything at all that I can do to help, financial or otherwise, please let me know.

I am sorry.

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  1. I am really sorry to read this article. May God bless the souls of those who couldnt survive and bless the lil gal too. 🙁
    One example that its better slow than never..

  2. erm, just a question.. what were you doing snapping photos of the scene?! I know you tried to help and kudos to that but to be taking pictures at that moment is a bit tasteless I feel..

  3. poor girl…i would have dumbstruck myself if i were there…
    i guess we should all srcutinize our driving,whteher we are reckless or careful.other’s life are at stake too!
    drive safely…and buckle up…you can make a difference

  4. condolences to the family memebers of the accident victim.. sighh… mum’s pleassee drive safely when u have kids around la!!

  5. the photos could be used as police evidence. kenny is being sensitive enough not to take photos of the victims. he has done what he could do.
    god bless.

  6. why the fck would the airbags go off? its not gona do anythn.
    hope the girls gona be allrite. may the other RIP.
    ps-you should never overtake a truck. the drivers get really pissed cos they take ages to regain their speed.

  7. @hij: are you sure about that? i dont think thats true, because trucks have high torque ratings.
    @fruitopia: look at the car, its a 5th gen Civic. That model only has a driver airbag.
    Did anyone understand the newspaper article? It starts off saying a woman and her 3kids died. Later it informs us that a woman driver, her mother, the driver’s 2kids and her niece were in the car.

  8. I guess that being an almost pro-blogger like Kenny is like a pro journalist. No matter what, his instinct was to take the photos, coz that is what he do. It’s like during an accident & a photographer keeps snapping pictures, tho it’s irritating, it’s their job. Blogging I believe is essentially part of Kenny’s part time job (ofc, he’s not paid but then… he got advertorial now doesn’t he?)?
    In whichever case, let this be a lesson to us all lar! Dun be overconfident behind the wheels, especially when ur not alone.

  9. Wah Kenny, ur not so nice ler? Anonymous just put anonymous lar!! why put I’m a Chicken with No Name… /sigh… what a put down.

  10. Another lesson to all those drivers out there. Its nothing worth to get into an accident.
    If you are wondering if what you can do to help the casualties, learn First Aid and CPR. You might save a life someday.

  11. hey, Kenny! You did the right thing of calling the emergency number! Well done! Hope the driver and the kids are alright =)

  12. believe me i know exactly how it feels. I dont think the driver could have survived the crash. Condolences…
    p.s stop commenting about kennysia taking picture there. He is considered enough by not taking picture of the victims(there is no car plate number as well). He know what he is doing and he knows the consequences of this entry as well.
    And next time please take note that dont move the victim on ur own unless u know what u are doing. u might kill the victim if u move them recklessly. Trust me, i know coz i am a doctor

  13. well a message to all of you..please dont save a minute or two by endangering not only your life..but everyone elses condolences..i m still surprised how you can snap so damn clear fotos also..

  14. it is extremely insensitive of kenny sia to act like a papparazo and take photographs. Its almost as rude as going to a funeral and take pictures of the casket. you should be able to draw a line between journalism and being sensitive. its already bad that you didnt offer any help but standing there and taking photographs clearly show you lack moral fibre.

  15. I don think its insensitive, he’s just sharing his experience and he has offered so much help at the end too.. Did he take it so that he cud sell the pictures or make front page in a newspaper? Its hardly paparazzi or journalism! He just wanted to share wad happened. He also clearly wanted to help and now he has even offered financial help too.. gosh.. I feel bad for the family though and i wish that they rest in peace..

  16. am so sad to see this.. condolences to the family members.
    and i totally agree with radical85.
    thanks kenny for sharing this news. you’ve offered what you can.
    let’s pray that the girl is ok *cross fingers*

  17. Shouldnt have taken the photos.
    He might be a blogger, first instinct was to take pictures when anything happens, and I can understand that.
    I can understand that, but that doesnt makes him right.
    He snaps picture, in abundance of them. I dont think those were anything meant for the so-called “police evidence”. C’mon, the police have their men on that task.
    And besides, those photographs were taken after the accident happened. If those photographs were showing the epics before the accident happened, or say captured the number plate of the car they were trying to overtake, that might helps.
    In another words, shouldnt we say Kenny took those pictures and put them up mostly, if not solely for the benefit for himself to generate positive viewership? To enhance his presence in the blogosphere? To create a buzz around his name? So that to translate those intangible fames he already has on web, to real life so that so make them more keenly felt? Say… on national television maybe?
    Viewership does go stagnant if you do not have something to stir it up once in a while, no?

  18. I’ve always been told in an accident, do not go and carry the victims if you do not the right way. This is because the victims might suffer from a broken neck or bones and by carrying them might further cause them injury. My question is, how do we stop ignorant but good samaritan to try to move them to the hospital without waiting for ambulance? Some might argue, waiting for ambulance would take too much time or are you going to stand around and watch them die? So, where is cut-off line? To help or not to help, that is the question.

  19. May God bless the person who survived that crash to have the strength to survive in life…
    Calling the emergency number was the only thing Kenny could have done so he shouldn´t blame himself.
    As for snapping photos… one or two for the purpose of “journalism blogging” (or whatever you guys coined it as) would have been sufficient to act as a reminder for the public on the importance of driving safely… So he might be taking a few more to get the “best shots” but posting so much photos… Yes, he´s being sensitive while taking these photos… but what was he thinking while snapping so much photos? the rationality still eludes me.

  20. This is truly sad. You couldn’t have done more Kenny. Bless the family of the victims. May they be strong.

  21. Please bear in mind that if not for KENNY sharing this piece of information with us, most of us wouldnt have known bout it. perhaps kenny is just trying to spread the word of caution or that drivers should be much more sensible and careful whilst driving.
    not everything is about money, especially when it comes to issues bout life and death. so stop being so insensitive to the poor dude la.

  22. My condolences. May those who is gone rest in peace.
    By the way Kenny, did any of the bystanders say anything or look funny at you when you were taking photographs on the scene? Do you take your camera every single place you go?

  23. serves them right!!!…they deserved it!!!… this is what you get for driving recklessly. stupid!!!

  24. Oh my gawsh
    wut a sad accident
    i would have cried if i were there.
    now i’m feeling all sad and sorry.
    by the way, correction?
    “For a long time I stood there in shock and distress, not knowing what to do except run around asking for help. for taking pictures.

  25. Oh my gawsh
    wut a sad accident
    i would have cried if i were there.
    now i’m feeling all sad and sorry.
    by the way, shouldn’t it be:
    “For a long time I stood there in shock and distress, not knowing what to do except for taking pictures.”
    instead of
    Oh my gawsh
    wut a sad accident
    i would have cried if i were there.
    now i’m feeling all sad and sorry.
    by the way, correction?
    “For a long time I stood there in shock and distress, not knowing what to do except run around asking for help”

  26. oh shit.
    sorry people!!!
    ignore my previous comments!!!!
    some HTML errors
    what i really meant was
    i don’t think it’s right to take pictures when accidents happened. really.

  27. well, a picture paints a thousand words and in this case, it portrays the severity of the situation for us to appreciate the consequences, should we all try to pull off stunts, no?…much condolences…

  28. I myself was involved in a self-accident many years ago. Praise God I am still alive. One thing u learn – DONT SPEED! Take ur time.

  29. you don’t do anything wrong….beside how can she survived in THIS kind of collision. even if you are a surgeon also no use.

  30. Kenny has done his best. There is nothing else he can do to help.
    Plus, this entry really remind us to becareful while driving. Wish the little girl is safe.
    My condolences..
    Stop criticising kenny!

  31. it’s just odd that you could be there not knowing what to do, but taking photos from so many angles certainly crossed your mind

  32. hey, i just read about the accident on the newspaper this morning, and now, i read it on your blog… it’s really sad to know these accidents happen… You are not to blame, kenny…don’t be too hard on yourself~

  33. “I had received First Aid training before, but when I was put into a situation like this, I honestly do not know how to react.”
    “For a long time I stood there in shock and distress, not knowing what to do except run around asking for help.”
    But i know how to go take out my camera and click here and there while seeing others actually DOING something to help the victims… Kenny you are so coward la instead of helping you act as though you really are a journalist! Not to mention you stop by roadside creating traffic jam! Ambulance also stuck in jam!

  34. “what makes a bit sad was you have the time to snap pics”
    You ask, why do I still have time to take photos?
    I’ll tell you. In between me calling the ambulance at 3:15pm and the ambulance and police actually arriving at 4:00pm, there is a 45 minute space and about THIRTY bystanders, onlookers and volunteers where NONE of us knew exactly what to do.
    None of us want to move the bodies because it is clear they are already dead, and whoever has survived (ie the little girl) had already been rushed to the hospital.
    So what else could we do?
    Direct traffic? We took turns. I was “traffic police” for ten minutes before another guy took over.
    And what else? Pray tell.
    You want me to perform post-mortem? Chant prayers? What?
    “But i know how to go take out my camera and click here and there while seeing others actually DOING something to help the victims… Kenny you are so coward la instead of helping you act as though you really are a journalist! Not to mention you stop by roadside creating traffic jam! Ambulance also stuck in jam!”
    Me creating traffic jam? Mate, if it weren’t for me the ambulance wouldn’t even have arrived. The place is a new area and none of those who arrived there before me could get a signal on the phone. I was the only lucky one there with a phone signal who could call emergency.
    Even when the ambulance and police arrived they also stood around not knowing what to do for 15 minutes before they ordered the fire engine to come in and cut through the wreckage.
    Fact is, I did the best I could at that point in time given the shock and trauma I underwent. I took the photos only AFTER I had calmed down. And only AFTER I have ascertained that there was nothing else that could be done. And I took with my phone camera. Not my dSLR or Sony T9. In situations like these, I believe I had done my best.
    “In another words, shouldnt we say Kenny took those pictures and put them up mostly, if not solely for the benefit for himself to generate positive viewership? To enhance his presence in the blogosphere? To create a buzz around his name? So that to translate those intangible fames he already has on web, to real life so that so make them more keenly felt? Say… on national television maybe?”
    There is a line between citizen journalism and distasteful blogging for personal gains, and I believe I did not cross that line. You can telephone the local Kuching police and check with them who at the scene provided the most help. Go ahead. I had given them my IC number and they know exactly who I am.
    On the other hand, I’d like to see what superhero powers you can perform if you were in my shoes.

  35. “why don’t you ask someone to take pictures for you while you pose? asshole…”
    Exactly, and why don’t you suck in your fat stomach and stick your flabby chest out as well like all your puke-inspiring photos?
    And what kind of explanation is that, daring others what other things they can perform? The point is what NOT to perform, ie taking pictures like an inconsiderate fat fuck such as yourself.

  36. The airbag, if the car had one in the first place, would likely not have deployed as the main impact of the truck hit the windscreen first and not the nose of the car.
    This is an example of why most trucks in Malaysia (and probably around the world) are extremely dangerous – to other vehicles. Their bumpers cannot make contact with the crush zones of passenger cars because they are too high up.
    There is an alternate design for truck bumpers which is closer to the ground and angled in such a way that the impact transfer to the other vehicle is done just right – to avoid accident outcomes like this one.

  37. What ever it is, the major point here is that lives were taken away just like that.
    We should always keep this tragedy in mind when we are about to speed, drunk drive, cut lanes, dozing off, on our hp, no seat belts etc.
    Let this be a lesson to all.
    Bless the souls of those who died and may God take care of the little one who still lives.

  38. Hi Kenny:
    You have done enough,to be honest,most of the peoples do not know how to react when such incident happens,at least you are trying to help.:)

  39. Kenny, i’m disappointed with you. You said you didn’t what to do to help them. And you could do was taking photos and posted in your blog? That’s bad. I regretted reading this post.

  40. OH NO! I can imagine how you would have felt… I had to cover my mouth from quivering and held tears from my eyes just going through the photos….
    You know, those people that kept saying about how you shouldn’t be taking the photos and instead should be helping, seriously, what can you do at a time like this? There’s really nothing you could do, and i hope by looking at the photos that Kenny has taken, it would remind everyone else to drive carefully and not end up like this… What more, with kids at the backsit… Seriously, it hit me harder than seeing the car under the truck when i see the photo of the lifeless kid’s leg from the backsit…
    I hope people will learn from these photos, and not make the same mistake as this young lady, and I hope their souls (i read this few times, u put ‘s’ there, meaning there’s more than 1, DAMNIT) rest in peace…

  41. God bless the lil girl!
    I know how serious head injury is cause my dad just came out from the Neuro ward himself.
    It’s so sad to witness the condition of ppl there…..

  42. Oh my…my heart sank too when i read this especially when the youngest kid is of the same age as mine!
    Kenny, i can imagine the trauma that you will have to go through after witnessing this accident. You did what you could and this is a real good lesson for all especially when driving with the little ones. A good wake up call for some reckless drivers out there.
    God bless the souls… 🙁

  43. Oh my…my heart sank too when i read this especially when the youngest kid is of the same age as mine!
    Kenny, i can imagine the trauma that you will have to go through after witnessing this accident. You did what you could and this is a real good lesson for all especially when driving with the little ones. A good wake up call for some reckless drivers out there.
    God bless the souls… 🙁

  44. From what I have read and seen here, those persons who are critising kenny (esp those who have done so after his explanation) can just fornicate off!
    And for kenny – no need to be defensive about this – as long as you respected the victims by not showing their faces etc that is fine with me.

  45. Well, kenny you have done what you suppose to do.. well done..
    for those comment on snapping photo around.. jus put yourself in kenny position at that time.. u will feel what he feel-helpless feeling..
    and my condolence..

  46. Can you MORONSS!! stop asking Kenny why is he snapping photos instead and not helping around!!
    As if you MORONS have inherited Superman powers that you can actually save the situation which Kenny can’t! and Is he using YOUR handphone to take the pictures, that YOU felt so sore about? His not taking photos of the deceased so what is the big issue all about??

  47. wah you ask people to call police ask who did the most? what are you trying to prove?
    you did the right thing to call the ambulance, but after that you should had just leave since you already mentioned you don’t know what to do, if don’t know and feel helpless LEAVE the place then, you and the 30+ people there are just there creating a unnecessary scene (take pictures, discussing, take number to buy 4D etc…
    Nobody here claims to be a superhero, my feeling is you done your part in calling ambulance, probably take a picture or two, but not hanging around there for a hour or more feeling “helpless”… you won’t need to direct traffic if the 30+ people including you were to park their vehicles and motocycles by the roadside…

  48. Really dont understand what you guys want. I understand that some might say is rude to take photo on the accident scene. But kenny had done his part in helping to call the emergency number. He had did more that what we are willing to do. Try to put the incident on yourself, what would you do? You could be a bastard who will slow down your god damn car, causing terrible traffic jam just to have a better look on the incident only.
    On yeah, go and write to the paper and screw those people who took photo on the accident scene la. I’m sure there are damn alot out there.

  49. To those who commented on Kenny:
    “Why take pictures?”
    Please lah, if you got a blog and you’ve got thousand of people reading it, obviously you would wanna let your readers know about something that happened which does not occur in everyone’s life. Reading on this post and looking at the pictures, it really made me realize the consequences of driving fast. Reality is that the person driving this car made a big mistake and it costed people lives. And you guys are making it sound like as if Kenny took pictures and made them got into a horrific accident.

  50. i had my witness my fair share of accidents involving people lives as i work as a ambulance driver… in an ideal world i have to agree Sensible thinking is correct… don’t stop and look if you don’t know what to do, but unfortunately people are like that. Kenny did right in calling ambulance, then he should had left the scene. and not to critize you but for i know for sure every accident we received at least 2 calls as the operator will fear it is just a prank call.

  51. Kenny, I am a medical student and I understand how bad helplessness feels in the face of emergency. However, it’s the heart that counts, you couldn’t have done much better.
    I am not sure, but I would just like to share this article written by a medical student in a similar situation, it may help:
    While what Kenny did (taking photos in the accident) might seem controversial, ask yourself: what could you have done better, were you in his shoes? Stand around, becoming part of the crowd who stand there discussing “how the accident could have happened” and so on? Compared to the crowd, Kenny actually did so much more by posting this article and reminding everyone about the importance of safe driving.
    Get over your knee-jerk reflexes. Kenny, although you couldn’t have helped out much on the spot, you still did what you do best: disseminating public messages through your blog. And I thank you for that.

  52. dont get upset kenny. life’s like that. there are always people who dont agree with what you do at any given time. no point trying to please everyone.
    btw, who did he really offend by taking pictures? the victims? what damage did he do by taking pictures after directing traffic and waiting for help to come?
    ask yourself whether you would actually stop down and help like him, or you will just drive past and spend no thoughts on it. shame on you

  53. F.O.C.U.S.on the real issue – the consequences of reckless driving! and not whether its JUSTIFIABLE on the part of kenny to snap pics or not. idiots.

  54. Hm.. i would feel out of respect for victims of the crash, the photos should not be publish. And perhaps this is a good topic of blog but still, instead of apologising that you are sorry Kenny, i felt that sometimes should be left unphotographed.

  55. aiyo kenny relax la you did your best adi ma…. don need to angry if you Kepo go busy body or Geh Gao go direct traffic…maybe you really expert in directing traffic since so many people log in to see your blog liaw… so you successfully pass your message to don’t drive recklessly liaw adi lo… Peace!

    I’d have agreed with you if he’s taking photos of the bodies..but taking the accident scene does not mean he did not pay respect to the victims.
    I dont understand why there are people try to say it’s right or wrong. It’s not a matter of right or wrong for certain things, eg. you choose to eat noodles of rice for your dinner.
    And what else he could do better or help much, if he’s not taking any photos at that time?
    U’d never know so helpless when you are at the place of tragedy while you have nothing to offer but watch it!

  57. MY deepest condolence to the unfortunate victims & their family.
    & to ‘Sulee’ & ‘abcde’ & to those still slamming Kenny for taking pics, cant u guys read his xplaination? Pls-lah, get the facts rite b4 cincai say things and pls read the comments b4 u write 1 yrself. Watever it is, there is no need for Kenny to even explain. Common guys, this is a sad accident so QUIT asking the stupid question of “Y take pics?”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. In another words, shouldnt we say Kenny took those pictures and put them up mostly, if not solely for the benefit for himself to generate positive viewership? To enhance his presence in the blogosphere? To create a buzz around his name? So that to translate those intangible fames he already has on web, to real life so that so make them more keenly felt? Say… on national television maybe?
    Viewership does go stagnant if you do not have something to stir it up once in a while, no?
    I like what he says. SO much truth in it.

  59. First time commenting, but for the sake of the family of the dead please take down the photos.
    I don’t quite care about your intentions but don’t you think their family has had suffered enough without you putting up photos of their wife, daughter, son on the internet?

  60. My condolence and deepest sympathy.
    Kenny, dont be upsad so much about the comments of why taking photos. Generally it’s true u shouldt have taken those photos. It gives ppl lots of negative impression about u, remember ho u r a celebriti blogger, and one thing try not to reply to ur readers comments, show ur profesionality as blogger not easily shaken. sori about tat ho?

  61. There’s nothing wrong with taking the photos, so shut up! Stop writing bollocks with your comments and move on. Kenny is posting all this so that we all can learn from it. So to those narrow minded moaners who spent 24/7 complaining about this and that, reconcile yourself or get some counselling before it gets to your head and becomes serious.
    This article is focusing on the horrifying accident and we all should feel sorry for the victim and slagging off Kenny Sia is not welcome.
    May God bless the lost souls and my immediate thought is with their family.

  62. Guess you were not so distraught as to have had the time to consider the implications of those photos you took AND to put them on your blog. If you’re genuinely sorry for the victims and their family then I think you should remove the pictures at least. I would find it highly offensive, not to mention heartbreaking to find my loved ones paraded on a blog for everyone to see.

  63. Hey Kenny, hope you’re alright by now… and will not have a nightmare because of this.
    I know sh*t happens… no words can comfort. Just a prayer.
    Be safe.

  64. yala feel sorry for the decreased la… and while you are at it feel sorry for the 1000000000 people who die in accident everyday around the world then!

    Kenny did not take photos of the dead people!! and if the newspaper journalist can take photos of the wreckage, why not Kenny? or for all you know, if there are other bloggers who happened to be there, would probably also snap photos and share their thoughts about the accident in their respective blog!
    In a way, Kenny is just showing his readers what he saw in that accident and to me it’s a lesson for all to learn.

  66. That’s sad, I hope everything turns out ok. Especially for the sake of the kids.
    As for the pics, it’s fine, any journalist would do the same. You didn’t show anything or shock value or anything distasteful.

  67. This is the result of all those reckless driving. Hate such drivers.
    Remembered when I went to Muar and drove alone the small road there, ppl there drove like hell drivers even the big trucks.
    kept me awake throughout the whole journey.
    Wonder why these ppl cant treassure both their own and others lives. Haiz

  68. I believe Kenny took pictures to show some awareness in all of us that speed kills.
    No point accusing Kenny of taking pictures when he should have done something (which god bless he did anyway), 4 lives have been lost what else can Kenny do, be god and give them life. Think before you comment guys. This message is for those who have been looking for the opportunity to shoot Kenny down.

  69. Some people may say that’s it’s the driver’s mistake and that slow is better. But things arent always what they seem.
    Accidents like this are sometimes results of a driver infront driving RIDICULOUSLY slow and still being oblivious about it. They pay no attention to their hind-view mirror. And even if they did…they could have scoot a little bit for some room to be overtaken instead of the car behind having to go all over the other lane to overtake.
    I know this might have nothing to do with this accident. But it pisses me off how these oblivious drivers are able to cause such horrible accidents and can still have no clue that they have caused them.
    -my rm0.02-

  70. kenny not pro la… who so free call police to check you hero anot? why? you want PM to give you a award for being a good citizen? if you feel you did the right thing then no need to defend yourself in the way you posted that message… so defensive and acted as you were the best in the lot.

  71. Hey Kenny, credit where it’s due, you helped out BUT you said “I took the photos only AFTER I had calmed down. And only AFTER I have ascertained that there was nothing else that could be done”
    Dude, there is one picture of that man carrying the injured girl to the hospital.. Surely that wasn’t after nothing else could be done rather than DURING something was being done..

  72. For those of you who are unhappy about the photographs, why don’t you write in to the local media or trashy tabloids, and tell them to stop publishing photos of accidents and other similar ‘tragedies’, because it is “immoral”?
    Cliched, but “a picture speaks a thousand words”. And given how intellectually-challenged some of Kenny’s readers are, it is no wonder he chose to use photographs, because even if he is able to come up with words to aptly describe the situation and the message behind his entry, many would not understand.
    I bet all of you discuss such pictures when you see them in the papers. Did you, for a moment, express disgust at the reporters or photo-journalists? If you did, why aren’t you giving the reporters the same nonsense you are giving Kenny now?
    Why is Kenny getting flak just because he is “not a journalist” – therefore he has no “right” to take photographs of the accident?
    Kenny is *somewhat* a public figure and has public influence – we all know that. Instead of flakking him with senseless oh-so-holy-schmoly talk about how “disrespectful” he is, why don’t you see the main point BEHIND the entry, which is very likely to be a simple “PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY”.
    I bet half of you detractors who posted the holy-schmoly comments about “oh this is so wrong you should not take photos it’s so disrespectful” and stuff, are the very ones who kick small animals or watch pirated DVDs or spew vulgarities or listen to ripped MP3s. Yes, these might be VERY small issues (not the kicking of small animals), but nonetheless it all boils down the same thing – moral values.

  73. Plz..Pray..not to critic bout the post and what kenny have done. he did what he done best..
    go read chinese newspaper (if you know how to read chinese) which have more photos with blood and flesh than actually can hardly see from kenny’s post. do you guys trying to say that the newspaper reporter trying to act unethiccally by snapping those photos for the public??? Sigh…stop arguement. it’s breathless to argue anymore….
    Pray for the souls, the 8month kid i saw very clearly in the pic frm newspaper really make my heart sank early this morning, so weak to see the nurses n doctors trying to check out whether there’s still any sign of heart bit using the machine on her but sadly to know that she’s died.
    God Bless the souls and take care of the only survivor, she’s still so young and have so much to learn =peace=

  74. Actually, another lesson to be learnt here which most of you probably don’t know is that: YOU SHOULD PUT SEAT BELT ON YOUR CHILDREN OR CHILD SAFETY SEAT AT THE BACK OF THE CAR FOR YOUR YOUNG KIDS. The kids could have survived the accident with minor injury if they have seat belt strapped on them. (of course, I am assuming that they were all at the back of the car during that time.) Can someone verify this?

  75. For those who gave negative comment about Kenny Sia taking the photos, GO AND GET A SEX CHANGE.

  76. I love taking photos. When things like this happens, I’d be doing the same thing as what Kenny did. But one thing will be different. I’ll take the photos AFTER everyone is cleared up and a confirmation on nothing else can be done. And I’ll only take the photos of the accident scene on where and how it happened. I guess Kenny was so distraught at that moment. All he can do was to take photos. Anyway, my condolences to the effected families.

  77. According to the report in the International Times (Kuching), the car lost control, not trying to overtake another car…… Kenny is right to stay at the scene and give his account of the accident to the police. Apparently, there is a conflicting report on the cause of the accident.

  78. Hi kenny, how do u actually stood and u run ah? in your sentence ‘For a long time I stood there in shock and distress, not knowing what to do except run around asking for help.’

  79. Shame on you!I don’t like the looks of this blog.
    First of all, you said that you felt distraught. On the other hand, you were calmly taking photos from afar, left, right, centre and back of the accident.
    What were you thinking of at that moment?
    “A-HA,i have another story to blog about?”
    Let me ask you..If the people involved in that car accident were your family members, will you still walk around taking clear photos of them lying there half dead?
    Show some respect for other people’s tragedy, please!
    Good for you that you are earning money from your blog, but please not on other peoples death tragedy.
    This blog emits fake compassion. I have no respect for it,(same as you not having respect on other people’s tragedy) other than the fact that it publicise news that people like to read and gossip on.

  80. Just for the record, I did not condemn the act of taking the photographs. I was just asking two simple questions relating to the photographs. There wasn’t anything negative or against Kenny taking the photographs at all.
    Kenny: For photographs taken using a camera phone, they sure are of high quality. What camera phone were you using?

  81. eventhough i work with the accident claims company and i have seen plenty of accidents in my work.. i still panic when i’m at the scene of accident. Even minor ones.
    Dun blame Kenny for taking the photographs. He just want to share what he saw.

  82. First, my condolences to all the families involved; the victims in the car, the lorry driver and his kin, and, from my reading of the accident description, the car the Honda driver was trying to overtake. In truth, we can argue that the deceased deserve our greatest sympathy. But we must also consider the impact on the lorry driver’s life, as well as others involved peripherally in the accident. Including all the witnesses.
    Second, on the subject of photography. While I hesitate to bring up the notion of the theory of photography, and how both photographers and viewers are affected by the events photographed, I would recommend that those who can might read Susan Sontag’s ‘On Photography’ and then comment further.
    Some of you, if you are fair to Kenny and honest with yourself, will recognize a bit of your own experience in his lensmanship.
    You whip out your camera, at a family gathering, and your literal view of the world changes – now the only things that matter are those viewed ‘through’ the view-finder – everything else is peripheral, and the ‘shot’ counts for everything.
    Kenny, who might remember the bald ang moh from kayaking with Unker, did almost exactly what I would expect under the circumstances. And, I think I would do much the same. I have been at an accident, very similar to this, and know the sense of helplessness and powerlessness in the face of tragedy and death. I would argue, in Kenny’s defense, that the ability to take the photos actually allows Kenny mental room to deal with the physical, emotional, and social devastation caused by a moment’s hurry…
    My condolences, again, to all those affected. I pray that everyone who wasn’t there will honestly assess their beliefs about what they ‘would’ do, ‘could’ do, ‘might’ do, ‘should’ do.
    May God have mercy on them all.

  83. My first thought when I saw the photos was what the fark was Kenny doing taking photos left, right and center.
    Instinct or not.Good story or not and everyone can argue ’till the cows come home.
    It’s just plain wrong.
    Drive safe all.

  84. Those who keep on with their criticizings u just dont get a point what is blogging all about? Sharing thoughts events places food anything interesting with all the readers. Simple! taking photos has nothing wrong since Kenny did his best calling emergency number, plus it is wise enough for him to share this with all of us , looking into the pictures i realised how serious it could be to drive recklessly. Its a lesson, a precious one. Thanks Kenny!

  85. Those who keep on with their criticizings u just dont get a point what is blogging all about? Sharing thoughts events places food anything interesting with all the readers. Simple! taking photos has nothing wrong since Kenny did his best calling emergency number, plus it is wise enough for him to share this with all of us , looking into the pictures i realised how serious it could be to drive recklessly. Its a lesson, a precious one. Thanks Kenny!

  86. Lanjiao! say nothing can be done only take picture but can take picture of good citizen who actually doing something carrying the victim to hospital, Kenny you sure can talk cock!

  87. heidikho….same msg no need to post twice one… unless you forgot to put ur blog link to direct some traffic to ur blog….pathetic!!!

  88. Erm n i hv no idea y my comments appear in another nick name?. U ppl who keep on with the insults, u know urself nothing better than anything!

  89. eh greedy bloggers if u know noting of how it turns out like tat pls its not of ur concern, u dun hv to bother! I dun leave comment for u!

  90. idiot. what compassion do you have? standing around doing nothing. nothing it seems, if there was nothing, why was a man carrying a half dying girl out of the car, was she too heavy for you? or are you too pussywhooped to look at some blood?
    give some respect to the family, remove this photos and posting. maybe we should do the same if your family is involved in the same kind of accident.
    oh look, an accident!
    *standing and looking dumbfounded*
    maybe i should call for help…. oh no mobile reception, damn… ok la… can’t do anything…
    *runs around like a headless chicken for a while*
    … ahh… time to take some pictures of the dead and half dying children and woman…
    *will get me good hits for my blog… WOW*

  91. It does make us think, doesn’t it?
    Think about, what the lady had gone through over her life, studying, accumulating wealth, building a family, and it was all taken away from her, and 2 of her children, because of one mistake. Think about, her loved ones, the husband, the relatives, and her friends. How would they feel?
    It makes me think – since life is so fragile, we should really live life happy. I know, that’s the cliche of all cliches, but it’s true, isn’t it? Stressing over not being able to finish certain tasks in time, worrying about money… what if you die tonight? Would all those things still matter? “Live everyday like your last” – how true now, huh?
    May they rest in peace.

  92. to some childish people,
    you sure you can do what you talked in here?
    can you be so calm to do those things if it really happens in front of you?
    or you just watched too many hongkong dramas, and think you’re the hero in the dramas?

  93. 1. Taking those pics weren’t wrong.
    2. To those who say we can ‘learn’ from this post and the pic… WHAT TO LEARN?? We all know speed and stupidity kills.
    3. Just curious though… you said you took the pics after you have calmed down. The 7th pic showed someone in a motorcycle helmet carrying the little girl away. I wondered, wouldn’t it be better if you had offered your car to transport the girl instead?

  94. angel, nobody wants to be a hero, nobody is asking to be a hero, but this posting is crap.
    even if he just wrote the article, it would be… but with pictures, and claim innocence by being dumbfounded… it’s bullshit

  95. kenny sia, what you did was wrong and there is no excuse for it.
    once a blogger crosses the line, he loses safe harbour and if you dont know what that means go ask a civil lawyer.
    sorry kenny but posting this was low. dont say posting pictures was for stimulating open debate later cos if the media gets wind of this, we all might have to register to blog. and that ain’t funny at all

  96. pls stop whinging about kenny taking those photos. who are we to judge? so long as we take part in his blog by viewing his pix, we have no right to judge the blogger and his social conscience.

  97. To those who criticized me for putting up this entry thinking that I’m some sorta cold-hearted animal who goes around snapping photos of accident scene. Let me set the record straight.
    What You Thought Happened:
    Kenny passed by the accident scene. “Wah! Got accident. Better come down take picture!” *snap* *snap* *snap* Left the scene because happy got things to blog about.

    What Actually Happened:
    3:15pm. A bystander stopped my car asking for help. I called 991. Yes, we were frantic and in shock, but we tried to do what we can. We managed to stop more cars passing by and ask help. Soon, about 5 people came to our assistance.
    3:20pm. We checked on the victims. There was a lot of blood but no movement. I was still in shock and distraught and I did not dare to approach the cars too close because I was scared, but the braver ones did. One Malay guy checked on each one inside the car and ascertained one child was still breathing and she was rushed to the hospital with the assistance of a Chinese guy.
    3:40pm. A crowd of about 20 bystanders started to form. A traffic jam was also starting to occur so we took turns directing traffic. After my turn, a guy took over from me and I returned to investigate the wreckage. I was still distraught but by instinct I took some photos with my Samsung X820 phone. I didn’t take the photos for fun. I took it because it is not everyday that I witnessed a horrific accident like this. In fact, it was my first and I wanted to document it.
    3:45pm A Malay guy (shown in photo 20070518-3.jpg) picked up one of the young child from the front seat. He chanted Muslim prayers after realising that the girl he was holding on was no longer breathing and placed her to rest on the back seat.
    3:50pm There was really not much any of us could have done except guarding the wreckage to ensure no looting of the victims goes on (yes, this kinda sick things do happen) So I basically talked to the guys around me about what a sad thing this incident is.
    4:00pm The ambulance and police arrived. I gave my account of the story.
    4:15pm I left and returned to work.

    You guys sure have a lot to say about me posting up this entry. But how many of you truly cared about the young girl still battling for her life in the hospital.
    The LEAST you could do is call Sarawak General Hospital (+6082 257555), find out about her condition, and if need be, pledge a donation to her family.
    If you have already done so, you have my praise. If you haven’t, shame on you.

  98. MasculinEndings, that’s all he wants, for us to visit his blog… to get his ratings and hits up…

  99. “I didn’t take the photos for fun. I took it because it is not everyday that I witnessed a horrific accident like this. In fact, it was my first and I wanted to document it.”
    so this is a serious bit of HISTORY in YOUR LIFE that needs to be documented la…
    in all his GLORY Kenny Sia witness a FATAL ACCIDENT and took some pictures….
    really makes me throw up

  100. I think kenny didnt do anything wrong,He cant do anything at that time,like what he said just now,he only learn BASIC first aid…with this serious accident..what do u expect him to do?standing there like a fool?no way man!he got a story to share with us,and that’s his job.if he didnt show us this blog…just imagine how many people will repeat the same mistake?

  101. Aiyo, give the guy a breaklah, whats the point of having more people scolding him, wont change what happened and at least he stopped to help, i bet more then half the readers here would have just driven past

  102. can’t take the heat
    this is the price you have to pay
    Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction.

    what if I was the one TAKING PICTURES of and accident with YOUR DEAD OR DYING FAMILY members

  104. You are the kind of idiot blogger that alot of people would hate and alot of people would like. For me, you’re too cute and wholesome and no such person exists in this world. You come off too fake.
    What’s wrong about this is that you’re posting pictures of dead people on the road, in an accident and claiming you’re sorry.
    Good job. My hero. There’s nothing sorry about shocking things up once in a while to keep those viewership high is that?
    Please stop this fakeness. Be an asshole if you want to but I’m sure you’re more happy taking those pictures thinking about your latest post than you were feeling sorry for the dead victims.

  105. Lol like what you are doing, if you dont know what his true intentions on posting the pictures were, then best you dont judge otherwise just like what you said, someone will repay the favour and bite u in the ass in the future. Have a nice day.

  106. WHAT was our MAIN concern again?…oh right?!!! its the ACCIDENT and its cause?…but look what ALL RIGHTEOUS malaysians are on about? oh yeaaah that kenny should remove his posts and pictures because they generate too much publicity and rumours … whatever happened to the people who wanna share their thoughts out of goodwill?…oh right! they CANT cos the local newspaper will do it anyways — why bother?
    sighs. typical malaysians. how depressing.
    remember, “…it takes ONE to know ONE…” 🙂

  107. kenny.sia.the.idiot, I think that is enough. Obviously you are not interested in listening and more interested in yelling abuses at me.
    If You Cannot Help, Don’t Shout.
    Don’t Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk.

  108. can’t take the heat kenny?
    removing my postings ain’t gonna help you out on this one…

  109. hey kenny, why do u thnk you have to specify the the model of you phone?
    … so yeah so i took the photos with “my SAMSUNG X820 PHONE”
    u looking for a sponsor or smthn? or just showing off?
    while there’s nothing wrong in taking photos, cos i couldn’t have done anythn else but watch as well, it’s probably best not to publish the photos. if it was someone i knew in the accident im sure as hell i wouldn’t want to see those pics.
    ps. zeroX, while trucks do have higher torgues and horsepower, this doesn’t take into account their weight, and cargo (if any). to go from zero to 60 takes like a minute or smthn. very hard to accelerate, not to mention slow down (momentum shit).

  110. Reminds me of that quote people always say, arguing on the internet is like the special olympics, even if you win you’re still retarded. Lol.

  111. well, if you didn’t delete my comments, it would show that i wasn’t yelling abuses at you. but it’s just my own opinion of your posting.

  112. hij, I published the name of the phone I used because commenter khensthoth asked me what type of phone camera I used.
    With regards to publishing the photo on my blog, I don’t think I did anything wrong because photos of car accidents appear in our local newspapers everyday and the photos that went to print were a lot more gruesome. I would think local Malaysians have a lot more tolerance of that seeing as how they are perfectly fine that our newspapers published these photos.

  113. newspapers are to REPORT incidents…
    Reporters don’t talk about how shocked or distraught they were…

  114. be a man and accept the criticism.
    that’s all from me today, i’ve got better things to do.

  115. oh?…you’ll be surprised how newspapers filter vital information and allow us to know what are permitted to know…
    stop preaching for heaven’s sake. what exactly do you want KENNY SIA to do?

  116. Whats up with this whole Kenny taking pictures thing?? He just took pictures of accident scence, and don’t the newspapers reporters always do so? So do you go scolding all the reporters for taking the pictures?? Kenny was being a good resident to help out at the scene, yet you guys are here talking like this!
    HE HELPED, by calling the emegency line, and directing the traffic. WOULD ANYONE OF U HAVE DONE SO IF U WERE AT THE SCENE?? I am sure more than half of u would have just stood there. And why will u just stand there? You will surely answer “cause I did not know what to do.” Now this “not knowing what to do” thing happened on Kenny, BUT at least he called and helped out! So whats this whole problem? At this kind of accidents, nothing much can be done.
    And Kenny is being nice here, to show you guys, all his readers the importances of safe driving. He cares, and he doesn’t want this thing to happen to any of his readers.
    Those people who gave the critism are people who can’t think right!
    Kenny, I am sure you did your best. Cheer up.
    My deepest condolences to the family involded in the accident

  117. Kenny is being heartless?? You people have been critizing non stop on this post is merely because this blog owner is KENNYSIA. If it had been posted by a nobody, none of you would even care to leave such comments. Now tell me who’s the fucker here?
    Kenny, ignore those bastards and dont take it so hard. They are just a bunch of pretentious pathetic pigs with attitude problems who think they are so righteous. They are in fact nobody but HYPOCRITES.

  118. By scolding Kenny Sia is not gonna bring back those deceased back to life. Can you guys just stop it? Get on with your life. Pathetic moron.

  119. Those who are obsessed with the fact that this entry has pictures should have a life.
    I reckon from what I read is that the people above who criticize Kenny should stop buying all newspapers and magazines (gossip or disaster). Because you are saying that people who takes the pictures and keeping you all informed of what is happening are being distasteful. Go be a hermit. So Kenny being at the scene and blogs it online is like just acting as what every other newspaper etc are doing.
    Because you are not at the scene so you do not have the RIGHT to criticize. Accidents takes forever to clear and Kenny has done what he can, i.e. asking for help. I have a friend in high school who died in a car accident because NO car stopped and asked for help. So stop criticizing and go celebrate the fact that you are still alive and breathing and enjoying God’s grace.

  120. hey kenny, don’t feel too bad, at least you weren’t there to congest traffic majority of malaysians do, and you didn’t stop for the purpose of jotting down the car plate number. these people i mentioned only jam up the roads, they slow down their cars just to look but they don’t actually get down to help. i mean, what’s the point of looking at the accident when they aren’t gonna get down and rescue the victims or offer any kind of help? why not just drive quickly so that the ambulance can arrive quickly without getting stuck in traffic jam? malaysia is a country with first class facility [not] but third world mentality.

  121. It’s very hard to please everyone. So just do whatever you feel is right Kenny. No matter what you are still the best blogger!
    cheer up!

  122. I don’t understand those who gave negative comments on this blog entry. I know Kenny can be a little attention craving but since it’s his style and we chose to read his blog, why bother? Bloggers are some sort of freelance writers and it’s up to him what he wants to write about. I think if you guys read this story from bloggers like Jeff Ooi you wouldn’t condemn him right? Cause he’s a more serious stuff writer. You guys just tag Kenny as a funny writer and expect all his posts to be amusing. =/

  123. please, for For Heaven’s Sake, drop this nonsense about safe driving….
    this has nothing to do with safe driving…
    if you don’t know how to drive safe, or don’t already do so… you deserve to be under that truck…
    kenny: yes a blog is to DOCUMENT happenings in the blogger’s life but shouldn’t you be more humane and have some compassion for the deceased and their family? it would have be OK if you had wrote about it and left the pictures out…
    my 2 cents.

  124. To the chicken shit who posted comment with the nickname “”. You seemed to be very disturbed. Go and get a sex change, you idiot!
    You dont even have the guts to publish your own name which shows how chicken shit you are. Dare you criticize people like Kenny Sia. I think he has more moral than you, fishbrain. Get a life!
    I am more distraughted to read comments like this from idiots who gave negative comments about the photo now!

  125. Kenny..kenny…let’s do everyone and the victims a favour by removing this blog or removing all the photos.
    The key point here is RESPECT!!
    Touch wood: Here is an example:
    You wouldn’t post a photo of your dead family member on the blog and say “oh look here, i feel so distraught coz one my my family member is lying in the coffin now. Oh well, anyway, this is the coffin and you can see a hint of his hair color from this angle”
    No wouldn’t do it, coz you respect and love your family.
    Moral of the story?
    Don’t do onto others what you wouldn’t want others to do onto you.
    Understand? i make myself clear?

  126. to all kenny sia balls lickers, you so like to defend him change ur surnames to sia ok? people have the right to criticize kenny and if kenny want to defend his own site let him do himself like what he is doing now, no need you balls lickers come say this and that or quarrel with people like kenny.sia.the.idiot

  127. Mr. Ng, exectly what i was trying to say… but in a much nicer manner… kudos…
    AJP a.k.a kenny.sia.the.idiot

  128. Guard the car from people looting??!!?? so if got people loot, you whip out your handcuff and arrest them a? please la you want to hang out there to experience the situation just admit don’t give all these bullshit… so like to guard go be security guard at bank then!

  129. my deepest condolence to the family who involve in the accident. Hopefully the child will be alright soon.

  130. seriously.. those bashing kenny should get a life. the main point of this post is to advice ppl to DRIVE SAFELY. kenny is a person who always takes pictures so obviously its his natural instinct to take pictures. and about him specifying his camera model is because different models might not take such good quality pictures.
    if you are unhappy with kenny, why are you still here? jeez. you don’t know how it feels to be in his shoes so don’t go shooting your head off.
    condolences to the victims.

  131. I’m A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAKKKKK!: Why don’t you go f*ck yourself? More like you are a chicken with no balls.

  132. Fake loser trying to appear compassionate.
    If you are that symphathetic and emphatetic, you would call the ambulance and buzz off knowing that you could not do anything else.
    Go back to the office, make a silent prayer and get on with life.
    Let the real reporters to the rest.

  133. well, to “I’m A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAKKKKK!” youre defending the other bashers too, why not change to their surnames, huh?
    just get over it ppl.. youre making a big fuss over kenny taking pictures.. so hard to please everyone..

  134. wow today i login and see one of the most commented blog in such a short time! Not to mention kenny seems very pissed as he keep answering all these scoldings… but i think kenny don’t bother to answer them, you seems so desperate to defend yourself, and of course you won’t use your car to drive the girl to hospital, what if blood stained your interior? might as well take pictures at all angles that would shame even the most professional insurance agent or journalist right? Please don’t say you are much better compare to the rest of the crowd, you ain’t different from them. yeah donate all the money you have and say the rest of 25 million malaysian who didn’t as cold blooded then.

  135. So funny “I’m A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAKKKKK!” want to fuck himself wahahaha….
    looks like kenny got an alterego in kennysiatheidiot ala spidey and venom……
    kenny! gogogo take more pictures of accidents robbery kidnapping fire and fights! i like to see!

  136. Anyone who wishes to teach kenny about respect can just email him privately. There is no need to do it so publicly. The accident has been distressing enough for him. Please.

  137. Most dulan all the people want to type FUCK but no balls and type f@ck or f*ck instead! FUCK YOU

  138. If I’m in Kenny’s shoes, I’ll help the victim. But as Kenny was said, there’s no much thing you can do as a mere mortal.
    Plus, the reason why the motorcyclist bought the girl to the hospital is because the motorcycle is much FASTER and can go QUICKER to the HOSPITAL to SAVE the GIRL’S LIFE!.

  139. Kenny ignore all these people…you are god and you know that! The best of the best!
    Posted by: Melissa at 18 May 2007 2:17 PM
    Ok… the above comment really made me go WHATTHEFARK??!

  140. What on earth were you thinking while snapping so much photographs? Your rationality eludes me still.
    The focus wasnt anymore on the family. What were you thinking?
    Commenter ‘wjlim’, his comment werent exactly favourably to you, but those werent exactly unconstructive neither. There are some truth in it.
    Subconciously, you are generating hits to your site.

  141. After reading the newspaper and looking at the picture you posted, especially with the child leg sticking out of the backseat, it really hurt me emotionly. My condolence to the father who lost his family.

  142. The reason they use a motorcycle to fetch the girl is NOBODY offer their car to fetch la DUH…. blood on the interior can’t wash off you know…the smell stays and all car user are just selfish, including me and you kenny haha! admit it la,

  143. TIME AT STAKE! I mean if Kenny is Superman, I’m sure he’ll fly te car with the passenger to General Hospital.
    And i’m sure if he’s like Tru (Tru Calling), he would help the deceased and the little girl when he wake up the next morning! By that, he would not go to work and he’s salary would be cut off.
    Remember, no one’s perfect. Tell me what you gonna do in that situation? TELL ME! And of course you can.
    Kenny, you did what you can do and I respect you for that.

  144. Oh should we pity kenny sia because it’s distressful for him for receiving negative comment on his prestigious blog?
    Who posted the blog to invite comments in the first place? Who asked for it?
    If he is so distressed? Why not jus disable the comment column??
    He should feel distressful at the time of the accident, distressful enough for him to leave the scene knowing that he do not have the balls to carry the little girl out of the car.
    By the way, even if we type F*ck or Fark or FUCk or FOOK …they all mean the same feeling. Doesnt matter how we write it.
    And if his fans pray to him like god, just call him when you or your families are faced with any tragedies or accident. He will dash right to your place and take photos and blog it bfore the reporter do.

  145. some of you malaysians are REALLY malaysians. you guys just love to complain abt every single thing.
    very typical of you jealous fucks who also can’t take that someone has a successful blog. so what? no happy ah? make your own blog la diu! don’t like what he posts, don’t read la diu!
    there’s nothing wrong with taking photos when it’s death related (funeral, accident, etc). stupid malaysians!
    hope someone nukes this fucking country.

  146. If it is me, i will stop my car, scare and panic, use my samsung phone which is the best phone in the world cause it can call in rural areas where other phones can’t to call ambulance, and use it’s super clear zoom geng geng sibeh gaolat camera to take pictures left, right, bottom, front, too bad it kenot fly up to give a aerial shot if not paling best! and then i will try the best to contact the girl and give her donation, not to mention ask everyone to do the same cause i am a good guy hehe.
    Moral of story: SAMSUNG paling best! nokia motorola hamilanjiao brand all go far far!


  148. Thanks guys.
    For your info, i am one of kenny sia’s devoted readers, until today.
    I have never leave any positive or negative comments in his blog bfore, until today.
    He had jus gone way to far with his “photographic” skills.
    As i read his blog, the word “fake” “fake” “fake” keeps popping in my mind and i could not contain the frustration in me any longer.
    I need to give him a piece of my mind coz KENNY SIA YOU HAVE GONE WAY TO FAR THIS TIME!!!
    Learn your lesson well. No need to defend yourself.
    Everyone makes mistakes at one point or another.
    Learn from it, apologise, take out the photos and move on with life.

  149. Kenny,
    Ignore those moron who know how to criticize only. If i were in your shoe, i might be doing the samething also. The picture you posted is a lesson to all rackless driver and those tail-gaters.
    Even the rescue team need a JCB excavator to pull the lorry and the vehicle apart, those moron reader expect you to use your bare hand?
    You have all my support.

  150. Sorry kenny. i dont mean to be such a shitass. I am a pathetic loser. you know i looked at the mirror all the time and i knock my head against it a 100 times a day. I have a very small brain infact. Didnt mean to critize you.

  151. Kenny, lai
    My friend hor, his friend de friend de friend…
    whatever la…
    the friend’s friend’s friend de family member passed away le.. from accident
    come KL, help them take photographs and post in blog can?
    bring your gaolat camera come. dont bring dunno hamilanjiao brand de camera. must clear one!!
    hor, den hor.. put 10 pictures enuf la.. no nid much.

  152. Dear Kenny,
    Keep to what you believe is right. Ignore the negative comments. One man’s meat is another’s poison. Who is to say what is tasteless or not?
    I am a Kuchingnite currently in the Mid East on assignment. I see broken bodies and sprawled inards everyday. Smashed up skulls and burnt torsos. On TV. Tasteless?
    By the way, I bet those complaining about the photos are the same ppl who slow down everytime there is a crash to have a look. Known also as neck benders. Bigots lar this ppl.
    By the way, this is no accident. It is a crash. Completely avoidable. So, to other drivers out there…be careful when you drive. 90% of crashes are avoidable with patience and good driving skills.

  153. I am kee’s friend actually. He satisfy me physically everyday so i had to support him. sorry kenny. dont mean all that i said. LOL

  154. Malaysia government faster react!! got a terrorist want to nuke malaysia liao, faster check his/her ip address and arrest her before it is too late!!!

  155. I have something to say to those lunatics who leaves all those harsh messages to Kenny…
    I think you guys are a bunch of problematic, deprived of love people who probably have records at a Mental Institution. This is his blog, he can put up anything he wants to, if you can’t stand him then stop visiting his blog and stop looking at the photos!
    Kenny, be a professional and don’t bother arguing/replying to these idiots..let them bark like a mad dog if they want to. Let them have their cheap thrills on your own blog!

  156. thank you for the help any where. Just hope to tell me that are the two young kids still breathing the moment you take the pics? thanks…

  157. You know.. the thing that I can’t stand is not Kenny’s post but no-brainer comments!
    Some of them really make me go WHATTHEFARK?! (or FUCK, as kee would want me to spell)
    Kenny is God??!!
    The picture you posted is a lesson to all rackless driver and those tail-gaters.??? It’s a Head ON COLLISION FOR GOD’s SAKE!
    oh nvm.. I’ll never win

  158. if you are going to chastise this blogger for taking photos of an accident, how about going up to the traffic department or your government and givin em a tight slap across the face for erecting billboards with pictures of accidents to warn you against speeding?
    Sure there are some moral issues but then again, all he did was take pictures of the wreck and not pictures of a lifeless body.
    Sure he could have taken the girl into his car instead of the motorcyclist..but hey, were you there? what if the motorcyclist had grabbed her quicker than he could? heck, hes even offering financial backing for the many of you argumentative cynical bastards would do that?

  159. Ken, you are right. i am such a loser. You see, i am small in size (as in my most important part). I looked at myself i feel like puking all the time. Sorry for being such a pain. I am pathetic and I will eat cow dung for a day just to reconcile myself.

  160. I really hope that all of you can stop giving comment. Maybe a prayer would be a better option. All of us really needed that. Please…

  161. My deepest condolences to the family of the victims who are now probably going through one of the worst times of their lives both in denial and in grieve. May God bless the lil girl that’s now fighting for life is the hospital and may she learn to live with this incident and recover from it in time.
    And now a note to Kenny Sia, dude, I’ve always respected your guts, your creativity and your talent in keeping our lives up to date and filled with laughters. A blog is a pretty personal thing and you have the rights to write anything you want it in (well, almost) but I feel maybe u should stop for a moment, a second and imagine if that car belonged to your loved ones and you were reading about it while viewing those pictures in sm fella’s blog. Like i said, it aint wrong, but smhow, it doesn’t feel that right either eh?
    Keep up the good work but learn from these entry.

  162. “what if the motorcyclist had grabbed her quicker than he could?”
    Hello? Maybe it’s because he was not holding a state of the art technology camera in his hands? That is why he has both hands to save the girl?
    While someone was busy taking photo of him carrying the girl? Get it?
    If you don’t, you can scroll and see the evidence kenny sia took himself?

  163. geez, if you guys are SO frigging disturbed by kenny’s post, leave and don’t ever come back then, this blog is all about him not you.
    Furthermore it is not like he is forcing you at gunpoint to stay. Just GTFO. =/

  164. After reading those comments, i notice that there are a lot of crazy ppl around…. I think it is because of the stressful life we are having now… I don’t see any single point of the argument at all…It makes me scared cos there are too many crazy ppl around and I don’t even know if he/she is sitting next to me.

  165. Transferring a severely injured little girl by motorcycle?
    One commenter said something that hit me pretty hard; WHY didn’t Kenny volunteer his car to take the girl to the hospital?
    Oh, and superb pictures, btw. Top hole stuff. My condolences to the deceased, but sorry, none for Kenny and the flak he’s getting.

  166. Hey Chill, Whatisthis. There are not many crazy people, just a few kids using different nicknames complaining about this and that. 🙂

  167. kenny,
    i teach you laaa
    you go buy The Star newspaper. Flip over to the obituary page. One by one go visit them, take photographs and then post them on blog.
    What? Nothing wrong ma.. You got your sibeh gaolat camera woo..

  168. yah hor, dun think they will use the same comments if they have to put the IC there… sigh… see what ppl can do being anonymous… tsk tsk

  169. yah hor, dun think they will use the same comments if they have to put the IC there… sigh… see what ppl can do being anonymous… tsk tsk

  170. And if his fans pray to him like god, just call him when you or your families are faced with any tragedies or accident. He will dash right to your place and take photos and blog it bfore the reporter do.

  171. Has it occured to you guys that Kenny Sia could be sitting behind the desk now, reading each of the comments and giggling in victory.
    At last he created enough chaos to bring more readers to his blog.
    He achieved his objective at last.
    Hail to kenny sia.

  172. Kee wrote:
    And if his fans pray to him like god, just call him when you or your families are faced with any tragedies or accident. He will dash right to your place and take photos and blog it bfore the reporter do.

  173. Dear Kenny & everyone,
    I didn’t write the earlier comment of
    “yala feel sorry for the decreased la… and while you are at it feel sorry for the 1000000000 people who die in accident everyday around the world then!”
    so you know, I original comment was, I hope you (kenny) are alright.. not being traumatize with this incident. Be safe!
    If this comment come out differently from what I type now… I don’t know.. maybe I shouldn’t write anything in the first place.

  174. you’ve done your best as a citizen, ignore what others says.
    dont think those people that give you negative comments will have the same reaction as you, which is actually come down and help and help to control the scene. they might also not think of taking picture, as picture can in a way help the police to futher investigate the accident.
    so, those people that give negative comment probably, will be those slowing down( and create traffic jam) just to see what’s happening and say, “wah.. there got accident oh… ”
    you have done a good deed, good job.. and god will bless you…

  175. would you ALL please STOP!!
    The pictures alone does not disrespect the victims. The commotions in this comment section does!
    If any of you have the at least one ounce of sympathy, shut up and leave this at it is now.

  176. WOhoo so funny, mario, i got a fren ho, she punya breast big big dua liap ni wan….so she less chances of accident lor since you say accident ppl mostly rackless wad XD summore you fully support kenny, go vote for him in general election ok! make banner to sorak gao gao!

  177. Dear Kenny,
    managing trauma victims are disturbing..since you are the 1st at the scene…
    l would not advise carry the victims by yourself in this situation due to a possiblity that the victims could had a spinal injuries and possible cervical/ neck frature…carry them around in the way in the picture could already killed the gal or cause more injuries..
    If you are unfortunate again to be in this situation again..always protect the victims neck by stablising the neck on the road…sandwich your legs in between the victims’ head so as no to let them turn their head side to side…
    talk to the victims (this can check the airway)..and don’t give them anything to eat or drink!!! if they are in shock..put ther legs up and wait for help…
    you cannot do much in this situation…we are not mobile hospital..there is only so much you can do..
    Takr care of’s not easy to forget these incidents…taking and chatting with your friends will be a great way to relieve the stressors…

  178. Journalist and reporters taking photos of the accident = Their just doing their job.
    Newspaper post the photos of the accident = Good, so that everyone can know what actually happened.
    Kenny Sia took the photos and blog about it = Shit ass stuff to do. Being not sensitive, being a pussy.
    Come on, what the fuck with you guys out there. You guys who kept criticize people around and never learn is it? I bet if you were in the scene you are only one of those who cause the traffic jam and instead of coming down and help, you just slow you car and look at it. Seriously, do you think that the income he generates through this blog sphere is enough for him cover up his fancy lifestyle? He is not a poor guy that needs to attract some bunch of pussies like all of you who criticize, just for the sake of generating some advertisement income ok?
    If you guys think that Kenny is really being harsh and what he did is really wrong, why not you guys go and complain to the newspaper? Start a campaign to protest against what he did instead of being a chicken and come out with stupid nicks and drop idiotic comment. You guys just talk like there’s no tomorrow, ask yourself what have you done for the victim’s family.
    To tell the truth, without reading from Kenny’s blog, I don’t even know that there’s an accident like this happened. At least he did something, but you? Really shame on you guys. I’m shame on myself also since I didnt read the newspaper everyday. But Kenny, you have our support. Just ignore those cock talkers around

  179. Don remove the pictures!!! i want to show my friends that the samsung phone camera sibeh clear, clearer then wad nokia and its kanineh karl gneiss or wad shit camera punya photos… Mr samsung will be so proud sob sob…

  180. Kenny sia, listen here.
    There are a lot of commotions created here in this blog.
    It’s not emiting positive energy to the victims.
    Remove it so that everyone will rest in peace.
    This is the least you can do for the victims and your readers

  181. ladies and gentlemen, let me first say that from a neutral point of view each and everyone of you be it pro-Kenny or anti-Kenny are in the wrong.
    Let us not forget that we are all brought up differently and have different ethics and cultures instilled in us. Some might say that taking photographs of an accident is unethical and vice versa.
    Please learn to respect your opponent’s views as your opponent might have been brought up in a different society and might feel that what you think is right is actually wrong. Tolerance is the key my friends. We will not go far if we get so easily worked up by a few words from the opposite.
    Nobody is right in this case and dear Kenny, I think it is best you do something to satisfy both parties. Perhaps keeping the post there but removing the photos might bring peace to all?
    Let us not be strayed away from the actual issue here. The accident was a tragedy which shouldn’t had happened in the first place. Please do not be overconfident behind the wheel. Drive safe and take care everyone.

  182. Good job by posting up photos of tragedies /accidents?
    You don’t worship him every day and nite hoping for lotteries / better career / getting healthier every year / long life just like praying at other temples, don’t you?
    WHY GOD? lolz…
    Those who posted negative comments are morons?
    Perhaps, things would be better if the photos weren’t posted in the post.

  183. I think it was kind of Kenny to try to assist the victims even if it was just to lend others his cell phone. I dont think his pictures will be used as police evidence. The police will probably has their own photo evidence. But the adjusters and claimant’s will probably want the photos for use at the trial of the action. Kenny might be called as a witness since he was at the scene of the accident and he, Kenny Sia is the only identifiable witness to the accident for blogging about it..:-)

  184. think it was kind of Kenny to try to assist the victims even if it was just to lend others his cell phone. I dont think his pictures will be used as police evidence. The police will probably has their own photo evidence. But the adjusters and claimant’s will probably want the photos for use at the trial of the action. Kenny might be called as a witness since he was at the scene of the accident and he, Kenny Sia is the only identifiable witness to the accident for blogging about it..:-)

  185. I’ve been a reader for a long time Kenny and I think even you know that this post is totally not your style. At least I hope it isn’t.
    Perhaps you were a little eager to share with us your experience but the photos are not necessary. I know I would hate having my loved ones tragic photos plastered on a website.
    I’ve always thought you to be kind, sensitive and considerate, be that then to this family. Search your heart Kenny, and do the right thing.

  186. This is by far the best comment!!
    If it is me, i will stop my car, scare and panic, use my samsung phone which is the best phone in the world cause it can call in rural areas where other phones can’t to call ambulance, and use it’s super clear zoom geng geng sibeh gaolat camera to take pictures left, right, bottom, front, too bad it kenot fly up to give a aerial shot if not paling best! and then i will try the best to contact the girl and give her donation, not to mention ask everyone to do the same cause i am a good guy hehe.
    Moral of story: SAMSUNG paling best! nokia motorola hamilanjiao brand all go far far!

  187. nobody can actually actually react at such a situation
    sum times da so-called first-aid learning would become useless in such a situation,instead saving da victims u may actually cause death.

  188. Gosh, what a freak incident it is. My condolences to the family.
    Those that criticized, think twice before you post. Kenny took the guts to take those photographs and shared the moment with all of us here.
    Kenny is just sharing his experience with us, this is his blog, not a public forum, what is there for you guys to judge good or bad?
    You called him cowards, i bet you’ll peed in your pants when you see dead bodies at the scene.
    Please guys, this is a very good lesson to learn, and Kenny did GREAT, i repeat, he did GREAT by posting his entry.
    Those that not happy with this, you can always leave, there’s so many other blogs and internet content to read, the world doesn’t end at

  189. Some people attack Kenny for the sake of attacking. They will just keep on looking for imperfections in how he has reacted to that Kenny looks stupid reacting that way. To these people, I have only pity for them.
    There are those who says that it is not right for Kenny to post the pictures of the accident here. Or some who just wander.. perhaps what one of you guys could do.. or Kenny could do is to ask the family involved. (I would like to do so but I am not staying in Malaysia so it’s rather inconvenient)
    I have been reading Kenny’s blog for quite some time now and I sincerely believe that he is not doing this just to create more hype for his blog. I think it has got to do with his consistent care and concern for those who are less fortunate. For those who are in doubt, please do ask yourselves who Kenny is to you.. not just from this incident but from everything that you know about him for the past years. Could he have faked all these? Unlikely to me…
    In the event that the family affected choose to have the pictures taken down, I am sure Kenny would do so. Not so much because anyone feels so but the family involved.
    For the rest of us, I appeal to have the unfortunate family in your heart and really ask what else you could do for them.. It could be a prayer, a donation or anything else within your means.
    I hope my message could do something for them. And my prayers too. Treasure your loved ones. 🙂

  190. lets wonder how a man like Kenny speaking about trying to help & ends up taking loads of photos & post it in his blog… Kuching is small, ppl could recognize the car & rumors will spread. Kenny should have some respect for the dead, instead he could pray or take away the car’s plate number instead of TAKING PHOTOS…
    Later on, he would offer donations & a lending hand, later on he would be famous for offering help & gets publicized. don’t u think all he wants is just a breaking news on his blog??
    Please Kenny… try to do better things than scoring points on the expenses of others…

  191. Its pretty inconsiderate to be taking photos and posting it up like this esp when it involved people that has passed on (so you were helping, snapping, helping, snapping? pray tell how did you accomplished that while feeling what you felt?). I thought you would be one of the better ones but I supposed all are the same, trying to increase the readership. Tsk tsk!

  192. You can only do that much by asking Kenny to change. You can do much more doing other things for the family. Things that could really benefit the family.

  193. to “kenny just want PUBLICITY” above,
    pls dont judge kenny like this k!! u dun deserve judging!! ppl like u cause him to blog within restrictions more and more u know!! and when we cannot read a neutral blog, it’s you who were to blame!!
    all my prayers be to the family. and kenny. take care.

  194. “and not to critize you but for i know for sure every accident we received at least 2 calls as the operator will fear it is just a prank call.”
    Posted by: I’m A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAKKKKK! at 18 May 2007 10:48 AM
    – Just curious: Do I get it right that if the operator receives only one single call for a particular incident it would be treated as a prank call? So in the future, in order to get them alerted & send an ambulance for rescue, we have to call at least twice, or we’ll never get help?

  195. HAHA I agree that is the best comment! which bring us to this
    if kenny is to look for more viewers and publicity for his blogs then he succeed!!! Congrats!
    However if he really meant to express his feelings of how helpless and pity he is towards the victims, i’m afraid based on all these comments he fail miserably.
    Therefore this blog achieve 50% of what it intended.
    ps Samsung really so sibeh clear anot? chill guys!

  196. OMG!!!!!!!!!
    din know so many ppl cmmting here, i meant to agree with frank,not those against kenny.

  197. Consequence of a Single-lane-dual-way Pan Borneo “highway”. How many times have we seen this kinda head-on accident happened in Sarawak? Blame the road, otherwise, drive super carefully.

  198. hey kenny,
    i guess i’ll have to agree that the pictures in newspaper aren’t exactly as bad as urs, except maybe in chinese newpapers where somehow they like publishin pictures of the victims body/face (as opposed to english papers).
    but then i’d rather see the photos in the ‘official’ public media. if i knew, or was related to the victims, it’s just a bad vibe reading stuff like this on sum1 else’s blog- sorta like tokin behind ppl’s backs. wouldn’t be gud to be in their shoes i’ll have to say.
    but hey im just being critical.
    doesn’t matter if u have a car or a bike.
    not sure if it was a good idea to pick up or move the girl. her bones would’ve been messed up.

  199. will you all please read kenny’s explaination?
    u are just bashing him over the reason he has jz explained! O.o

  200. To: I’m a Chicken with no Name,
    Can you please answer my question above? I’m really curious about this – and I believe it’s a piece of very important information.Thanks!!

  201. ohh. u anti-kennysia finally got yr chance of bombarding kenny.. how long have u been waiting for this ya.. haha.. its funny how his doings is none of yr business and u all keep blasting him.. he is just one guy.. admit it u’re juz jealous of his blog popularity if not u wont bother to scold.. oh so u hate him so much for this, so juz leave don ever read his blog again ok? he doesnt need readers like u all afterall.

  202. Kenny, how about you admit you made a mistake, take the damn photos down, and move on?
    It was wrong for you to put those photos up, morally speaking, and whilst morality might be a subjective issue, it is clear that most of your readers seem to feel that this post falls into the immoral category.
    The main reason something like this is frowned upon is this:Let us say, touchwood, that this was to happen to someone in your family. How would you feel if 2 weeks or 2 months or even 2 years after the incident, you stumble upon these photographs on the internet? What about the victim’s teenage brother who has been protected from seeing the gruesome photos and has been denied access to the details of the accident? What happens when he sees these photos one day when he is looking for some jokes to cheer himself up on the previously funny
    You should really be more considerate Kenny. If you really want to make money from your new advertising partners, why not set up a Malaysian branch for or one of those other sicko websites? Is this really the way?
    I saw an accident the other day right in the middle of KL. The police were putting the dead body into a body bag, and there were about 20-30 people standing around taking photos with their handphones. I told myself that only the lowest of the lowliest lifeforms could possibly want to record a scene like that in permanent form. It’s as if seeing that happen wouldn’t scar you enough, you had to take photos just in case you finally forget about it.
    Kenny, please do the right thing. You can still redeem yourself. It takes a great man to admit his mistakes, and you will gain, not lose respect from others if you do.
    Also, in relation to this phrase in one of your above comments : “Mate, if it weren’t for me the ambulance wouldn’t even have arrived”, may I suggest that you apologise for this as well, or at the very least delete it?
    To make yourself look like a traffic-directing martyr on the one hand, and then on the other hand claiming to be the hero who saved the girl’s life is rather hypocritical dont you think? But wait a minute, didn’t you say that the 1 survivor was rushed to the hospital by an onlooker? So what exactly did the Kenny Sia-commissioned ambulance do? Hero? I don’t think so.

  203. Some Newspaper cutting to share:

  204. and btw, this is KENNY’s blog! u have no rights to force him 2 take down the photos or to take down the blog entry! he can just delete ur bashing comment if he feels like it..but he didn’t coz he respect each and everyone that have commented..*sigh* shame on those that kept writing harsh comment and thought u’re the owner of this site. O.o it’s just pure evil! x.x
    my condolence to the family members T.T rest in peace

  205. Hi Kenny,
    I’ve always been reading your blog and this is the first time that I am actually commenting. I would not say that it is bad that you go around taking photos of an accident scene. I think it is noble of you to actually try to help and instead like most people, would just slow down and take a look and then drive off.
    What I think is that you should only post the first four photos and then describe your whole experience from those. This allow people to understand what the accident scene is like.
    I am not very good with word but what I think is that, yes, by putting photos in your blog allow us to know what you were seeing at that time but sometimes, people might not want to know or might not be able to stomach those scenes. People like those who are directly affected by the accident (relatives or friends) might find that those photos are in bad taste. Especially if they see photo 5 and 6 where they can see someone they might be close to being in those situation.
    It is up to you on what you want to post on your blog and like what I said earlier, I would not say that it is bad of you to go around posting those photos but just place yourself in other people shoes at times. They might not feel what you feel.
    To the family affected by this accident, I send my condolences.

  206. You people are just wasting your time especially Chicken …whatever hell ur nick name is!!
    Kenny, this is a good post for all drivers to learn and see what kind of damage (be it physically,mentally) it does to one who is reckless.
    Ignore all those sick bastards remarks Kenny. Hope you get over the trauma soon! Life has got to go on…
    P/s: Just stay firm and believe in yourself. Don’t fret and get upset over these harsh remarks. Just take them as mentally retarded patients whose brain are attached to their backside. What you did was right. U Take Care.

  207. This is Kenny Sia’s blog space and as such, he has every right to blog on whatever he sees fit. Whether it is distasteful or otherwise, it is a matter of opinion. Just the same as all those who have judged him here have the right to place their comments here on his space. This is the internet man…No one forced anyone to read it. If you dont like it just click the “back” button!!!

  208. Read in the Star today, All 4 victim died on the spot.
    My condolences to the victims family.
    Kenny, you can’t do much then even if you are the best doctor in the world.
    Everyone else, drive safe and god bless.

  209. *phew* i couldn’t believe that i actually read all the comments here…
    u guys more interested to fight than show condolenses here :/
    shame on u

  210. aiya…u ppl say so much. next time u dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all. u complain so much abt kenny putting up the photos but u still look.u complain he’s insensitive but u still read. what did YOU do? nothing constructive?leave it be la.
    the main subject it not about kenny’s insensitivity or otherwise. it’s about reckless driving and lack of road safety campaigns. get a life! dont throw it away

  211. seems this post has brought many long-time lurkers to voice their opinions, and most of them point in the same direction. i’m in that same boat.
    honestly, i whole heartedly agree with jon stu. it was and definitely still is plain inappropriate to whip your camera out at the scene of an accident as severe as this one.
    granted, you did what you could to help out, and that much is admirable. at what point of time, however, did you decide you wanted to start taking photos? just because you used your phone camera doesn’t make the fact that you took the photos any less disturbing. you could’ve used the most discreet spy cam or a mother-big dslr and it wouldn’t have made a difference because it isn’t so much the photos, but rather your intention of taking them in the first place that is troubling.
    you do have the right to document your life and what goes on in it. however, you decided to share these tasteless photos knowing that tens, or maybe hundreds of thousands of people would eventually stumble onto this page. comparing to a tabloid, honestly is equivalent to comparing the four seasons hotel to a sleazy motel and if you’d be willing to stoop to that level by posting these pictures, then it is your blog.
    but out of courtesy to the victims’ family, and to your readers who strongly oppose against the posting of these pictures, imho i feel you should take the pictures off. the first four pictures were taken from a journalistic angle. the rest bordered on offensive, and i almost retched when i saw 20070518-6.jpg.
    sorry to say but this post was taken a bit too far, kenny. out of basic courtesy and the fact that you represent the same moral values as a lot of your readers do, i implore you to remove the pictures. at least some of them.
    hope this comment doesn’t get lost in the sea of kennysia bludgeoning and exaltation.

  212. Although the intention was good, it would still have been advisable not to physically manage the girl even though she was still breathing. Her ribs might have been broken or skull fractured, and carrying her away like that without medical help might kill her instead.

  213. oh so nowadays comments can only be positive ones….like praising kenny noble, polish his shoes that he doing the right thing and lick his balls that he have every right to post stuff on his blog.
    negative one go away, don read! don see! kenny boy boy and all his supporters want to be ostrich bury their cibai head in sand let them be! don go comment ok!
    I want to read and kan kenny if i think he not appropriate is my business la, say ppl no life you go support ppl very got life la…full of life la.

  214. GWN : “Just the same as all those who have judged him here have the right to place their comments here on his space. This is the internet man…No one forced anyone to read it.”
    Speaking of rights, he has the RIGHT to blog on what he did, we have the RIGHT to comment here, and he has the RIGHT to delete our comments. But enough about rights. Let us talk about being considerate. Let us talk about not being heartless. Let us talk about not using a tragedy to boost one’s popularity.
    yushi_gurl : “u guys more interested to fight than show condolenses here :/”
    And showing condolences HERE of all places does what? When X suffers loss, we show X condolences. We don’t go to X’s neighbour, or some random drug addict on the street to express condolences about X’s loss. If you really wanted to show your condolences, you would say a silent prayer for the deceased and their families, and not type it out in some random blog, especially one where the graphic photos of the accident, including details as to how the lorry’s “spoiler” (shouldn’t it be bumper, Kenny?) reached the driver’s headrest. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the head rest against the headrest? What would Kenny’s statement suggest? Hmmm…
    annoyed : “u complain so much abt kenny putting up the photos but u still look.u complain he’s insensitive but u still read. what did YOU do? nothing constructive”
    Well Mr. annoyed, not everyone can be at the right place at the right time like our superhero ambulance caller Kenny Sia. I personally did not do anything. But what I DID NOT DO is to take photos of the incident like some uneducated unrefined person. I looked at the photos, yes. But I did not take the photos, AND I don’t want to look at them again.

  215. Kenny, this is my first time writing a comment on your blog. Something just catch my attention. Why are you asking your reader to answer if you should help in any way possible especially financially ? We know that you are from a well-off family and please if you feel like giving a donation to the little girl or the family do so.. quietly. If you feel like visiting her in the hospital by all means do so. As I see that there is not so much of a point here to show it in your blog, somemore asking for other’s approval. What if we say you should donate RM 1 million to the kid can u do it ? I would say for those people who wish to give a donation, do so in a manner answerable to your heart, not passing the responsibility to others and worst still making a hugh puiblicity out of it.
    One more thing, if you are really feeling guilty of the whole thing, u would be considerate enough not to put all this things up in the net at the first place. There is a thin fine line between trying to fake that you are sorry(to get the publicity) and you being truely sorry. And this blog has been pushing that limit abit too much I think. As for the photos I dont think it is wrong that you took them, but I think it is just wrong that u post them here in the web. Yes it is something that does not happen everyday in your life, u can take as many pic as u like for your self-keeping but putting it up here, somemore all 9’s of them is jsut showing to us that u wanted the publicity. Nothing more. Period.

  216. FYI guys in case you haven’t noticed…the i’m not chicken nick is when you forgot or nvr put a name in the Name section, automatically generated one 🙂 i agree wif john stu and Samsung the best!

  217. OMG, I am sorry to hear that. My condolence to the family.
    Don’t speed, no matter what. I nearly crashed with a van when I was trying to overtake a lorry when I was in Perth. The lorry did not slow down and I was driving an old car. Luckily that was a straight road, the incoming van saw me and tried his best to drive close to his left hand side. I was just inches from death.
    After that incident, I never want to overtake a vehicle.
    You have done your best, Kenny.

  218. aiya kenny want to organise a dragon and lion combo dance in the small girl ward ma…. TUT CHIANG!!!! wan to lau liet lau liet increase publicity le… remember to take ur holiau gaolat samsung during that time and take 10 pictures and blog about it ok! i promise i be the first to login and comment!

  219. I bet half of you guys who complained about Kenny taking the photo didn’t even bother to read Kenny’s explanation.
    He himself is a professional blogger, taking photos to further let us readers visualize the scene wasn’t wrong.
    He could have choose not to take the photos some of you might say. But, I felt that he was not overboard. He did not take the photos of the victims. As he said, rather than being an on-looker, he gave whatever help he could. Rather than driving by, he stopped and gave help. Yes, it does not earn him the right to take the photos but what more can he do?
    Imagine you are a professional blogger for years, what is the first thing coming up to your mind? I believe that is what Kenny trying to do, taking photos and showing it to us all, forgetting about the faults he might make.
    His intentions was right, his habit was natural and he did what he usually do.
    Too many of you are looking at too many different sides of this story. Back to basic, it’s all about Kenny’s thoughts on the accident. Why think further?

  220. I agree kenny can put all these on his blog, and the pictures some might not feel good but i’m ok wif it, but all the content where he feel bad and sad and helpless not to mention himself lambasting all his critics are so LAME.
    You are such a FAKER but i am ok wif it cause there are fakers everywhere. Why not camwhore a picture of you crying in the background? that will sure convince few more people what a saint you are!

  221. Really? Sorry, but this is the 1st time I read sbd’s blog, so didn’t know that the nick of “i’m a chicken wif no name” can be whoever… So it means I will never get an answer for the question I’ve asked regarding the emergency calling then… Thanks for informing though.
    Anyway, honestly I’m very surprised to know such a popular blog, besides those celebrities, of cos – there’re always new comments every time I refreshed the page – AMAZING!
    (Those anti-kenny, please don’t shoot me for this – I’m just expressing what I thought…)

  222. “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you”.
    Kenny, if you honestly followed that principle when you took those pics and posted them, then I have nothing to say. Indeed, I respect you for doing at least as much as you thought you were capable of. I believe you did your best, under the circumstances.
    AS for all the other commenters, the above quote applies to you too.
    Enough said.

  223. dont be sorry, its not your fault that it happened.
    smtimes when fate’s in charge, nothing human does can change it. so yea.cheer up =)

  224. Those photoes went too far? you guys seriously don’t know what sorts of pictures a reporter take. WTF is wrong with taking photos of a car filled with dead people? Can you tell me? disrespect to the victims? Did kenny show full bodies of the victims? Haven’t you guys heard of the term citizen reporter before?
    If people were in kenny’s shoes i bet most of them will be snaping pictures too. Its not like he sells the photos to the press to earn himself some crazy money? It’s just that its a gruelsome moment that deserves to be captured and made into a self reminder how horrible the accident was. In kenny’s case, he wants to share something he saw, something that might be the most gruelsome incident he saw and he wanted to share it. Isn’t it not wad normal people do? No?
    Dear hypocrites, please don’t pretend you’re a saint or something, please don’t showoff your so called how-i-would-save-the-day-if-i-were-u thing, it makes u sound so low.

  225. oh my.. this is really sad. my condolonces to the family of the victims.
    i’ve been reading.. about what? hundreds of comments and most of them are just ridiculous! the purpose of this post is a CLEAR way to remind us that we should drive safely and be careful on the road. many accidents happen and somehow, these pictures really made a point.
    kenny, don’t beat yourself up.

    ok lah.. i can understand if ya’ll are not in this line or work.
    1ST OF ALL…
    if kenny juz blogged all words would it have made such a big impact?
    Without looking at how bad the crash was..
    could you have imagined how bad it was?
    I hate it when ppl comment all they want and know nothing

  227. Just curious, i work in telecommunications and probably can answer your call, i think what the ambulance driver means is that whenever an accident happens there will be at least 2 calls to report the accident, hence confirming it as real (or the prankster is really free).
    This is due to whenever an accident happens in a space of say 10-30 minutes there will be good citizens who will call the emergency line to report the incident. Kenny might be the first but highly likely he won’t be the only person to call for ambulance. Unless his Samsung phone is really the best in having an reception. Cheers

    ok lah.. i can understand if ya’ll are not in this line or work.
    1ST OF ALL…
    if kenny juz blogged all words would it have made such a big impact?
    Without looking at how bad the crash was..
    could you have imagined how bad it was?
    I hate it when ppl comment all they want and know nothing

  229. If it is well written with the best intend to educate, Praise
    If funny, laugh
    If photos too offending for some, critcize
    If find the blog misleading and insensitive, Fuck you la Kenny
    I got rights to fuck him, same as you people got rights to fuck each others, fuck and forget, don’t bear any grudges

  230. Hey kenny’s server company called him say overload lor… burst lor…kenny more famous then andy lau or mawi la people blog aso not that much comment in one day! diu parishilton aso can sau pei liao….kenny… NI ZHENG NEI HANG! famous celebrity liao, you made it! Fireworks BANG BANG PIANG!

  231. Dear Nzboy,
    I think you can safely assume that most of the people here would not put down “taking photos of car accidents and dead peoples’ legs” as their occupations when filling up forms.
    What may I ask is the point of Kenny’s big impact? You say that it is not humiliating, and you are right. It is not possible to feel humiliated once you are dead. In fact, I don’t think it is possible to feel anything when you are dead. It is however highly disrespectful. Maybe if YOU had used YOUR BRAIN (assuming you have one), you would have thought of this before typing a post in CAPS. Now everyone’s attention will be drawn to your stupidity.
    If Kenny had said that 4 people died when a car got into a head-on collision with a lorry, I think most people would be able to imagine how bad it was.
    Another thing, take a look at the 1st photo. Kenny, did you have in mind this blog entry when you snapped that photo? Were you picturing how you will be telling the story on your blog, and how you needed a good introductory photo? Were you picturing yourself getting a medal of honour from the police for your heroic efforts?

  232. Thank you for the answer given!! I really appreciate that…
    Just let’s say there’s an accident happened in a very rural area where there’s no other ppl around except for me, so I’m the only one calling for ambulance – in that case will I be attended?

  233. wa, call ambulance can get police recommendation liao wan a??? what is the number? i want also! one call only ma summore free one!

  234. John Stu + Ng, I do not mean any disrespect to the family and I most certainly do not mean to be inconsiderate. If the driver’s husband or the young girl’s parents request that I remove this entry, I will respectfully do so.
    Having said that, I wonder why you have established double standards towards me and towards the newspapers. Are you only disturbed by photos of a car accident on my blog, or are you similarly disturbed by photos of car accidents, tragedy, famine and war splashed across our newspapers every single day? If you can convince photojournalists of to stop publishing ‘inconsiderate’ photos of war and tragedies, I promise you I will remove this posting as well. But please don’t have double standards.
    John Stu + Ng, you said that I am inconsiderate and disrespectful. Actually, I doubt your sincerity towards the victim’s family. Tell me, now that you know of this unfortunate incident that has befallen this family: Are you going to actively provide them with help and support, or are you just gonna stop at bashing

  235. if there is ambulance available, they will attend to you, what i mean is normally there will be at least a call for help, if you in rural area i’m sure you will get attended too, provided you are able to hang on (touch wood), you might consider to use Kenny endosed mobile as he claims to be able to call in rural areas 🙂 no more curious already right!

  236. tears rolled down my cheeks when i was reading this post
    and i think i got the msg
    dont’t u think so?

  237. Kenny, there are hundreds of accidents happening everyday. Why should I provide help and support to this particular victim? Because the famous celebrity Kenny Sia is rallying behind them for his own personal reasons? Even if I did do something for any victim of any tragedy, no one will know about it, because I wont publish it on the internet, unlike you.
    And I have not seen a photo in any local english daily as gruesome as the one in this posting. Also, please do not equate yourself to a cnn reporter. They ARE journalists. You write crap here half the time. The reason people come back is because its funny. Not for the journalistic value. Please do not think so highly of yourself. You are nowhere close to being a cnn floor sweeper, what more a cnn reporter.
    And if you are such a great journalist, why are you not aware of the journalists code of conduct that was brought about by the Hillsborough Disaster in England?

  238. Kenny replied, but so long paragraph = Fuck you all la my blog my business la i don give a fuck you offended or not la… call CNN or STAR or BADAWI to screw me ok! kenny consider join politics ok? you got massive potential and popularity!

  239. My prayers to deceased…
    To the commentors who bashed up Kenny, u guys sucks.
    Kenny, I know how it felt to witness such a tragic accident as I personally have encountered not once but many many many times… believe it or not..
    To the extend of I will go and try to help out if I can even to just to bring the body out… and I’ve done it. I know the how it felt to see dead bodies lying motionless and it just sank your heart not knowing what to do. It’s okay… you’ve done your part. God bless. 🙂

  240. John Stu, now you are just getting abusive and personal against me.
    Clearly you do not have the victim’s welfare in your heart at all.
    Quote: “Why should I provide help and support to this particular victim?”
    John Stu, you make me sick.

  241. Kenny jin gao, kenny jin ho kia, mai ma kenny liao, ee jin kolian eh lu zai bo, john stu lu pun chin eng ho comment gao lat gao lat, tapi gua suka! Holiao

  242. Haha… ok ok, thanks 4 both the attention & reply. But actually I was told that even if there’s no reception, u can still call for emergency numbers – the only thing stops u from calling is when ur mobile phone is low batt.

  243. Kenny
    Thank you for this entry, you open my eyes and hopefully to more speed monsters that driving recklessly which only lead to disastrous consequences in the end, sooner or later.
    The pictures are not distasteful nor unrespectful to the victims or family of the victim or even the passerby. You took photos of the wreck (not the victims) to post it on your blog to serve as a reminder on how fragile life can be, and how easily life can be lost in our own hands. The accident can be prevented.
    Do ignore those who did not understand your intention/reason. They are too naive (I may say) to see the whole picture of the picture. (:P)
    My condolence for the victims and their family and friends.
    Be strong kenny!

  244. Opinions, opinions.
    Don’t judge others unless you want to be judged yourself.
    That goes for you, John Stu.
    And you, too, Kenny.

  245. Kenny,
    Abusive? Stop being a drama queen.
    “Clearly you do not have the victim’s welfare in your hearts at all.”
    First, I only have 1 heart, unfortunately. 2nd, whether or not I have the victim’s welfare in my “hearts”, at least I did not disrespect them, nor did I try to gain popularity off their tragedy.
    You have clearly misunderstood my statement ” “Why should I provide help and support to this particular victim?”.
    Why this particular one? Why don’t you give money to the family of every single person who dies in an accident? Just because you feel more strongly about this because you personally witnessed it doesn’t mean others should too. Maybe I feel more strongly about something else? About some other victim of some other tragedy?
    Kenny, how can a future CNN anchor be unable to understand such a simple statement?
    And I make you sick but your photos don’t?

  246. Kenny i think you lost it…. don’t take john stu words out of it’s context, i don’t think he meant that he has no intention to help people, instead it is a hypothetical question towards you. So keep your cool ok?

  247. Dear Kenny,
    Well, to be frank, I was very angry that you choose to publish these photos. I can’t stop uttering wtf upon the sightings of it. All those things you said and those pictures you posted would instantly pop up the word FAKE FAKE FAKE in head!!! I mean, how could someone be so calm to snap so many photos when it’s such an emergency? You definitely can’t blame those negative comments. We just can’t help ourselves but to be angry at the fact that you could walk up to the car and snap the 6th picture. You know, the picture of that poor kid which could win you RM50 from The Star if you send it to them? I mean, the first picture already could speak a thousand words, so there’s no such need you should speak another thousand words. You could just mention “Today I saw an accident. [Picture] It was horrifying but I did help. Hail me,” That’s it. You’re done. BUT NOOOO. You must give a long speech plus some hyperbole. Boss Stewie also had such problem last time but did he snap picture? Well, he did. But he did it after the accident. That’s why he is hailed as a hero while you’re… zero.
    I don’t think a norm blogger will get criticized until to the 18th floor of Hell if he blog about some accident. So what make you difference? You have status. You have reputation. You are Malaysia’s top blogger and there’s no doubt about it. Thus YOU, of all people, should know what kind of topic will generate positive or negative comments. So did you anticipate such problem will occur? I don’t know. But I can tell you, there’s nothing people like the most than to see the fall of a champion (Chelsea, anyone?). In Chinese saying, I would say you ‘la si seung sun’ (pull shit on yourself). Speaking of being the top in the business, you do know you have a responsibility, right? You are like the king and many (or maybe just some) people idolize you and just want to be like you! You do know you have children reading your blog. What kind of message you’re trying to tell them? Do you want them one day when they grow up to prioritize taking pictures more than helping in an accident? Think bout it!
    Morally speaking, I am proud of you to lend you hands. I really do. But morally speaking again, I am not proud of you to snap pictures of the accident. I’m glad you’re so calm trying to help in this situation but I’m not glad you’re so calm snapping pictures. I dare to say you dare to blog about it because you know the girl’s still alive. If the girl is dead (touch wood), I don’t think you would even mentioned it in Short Talk. To me, you are acting both angel and devil now. Clearly despite such panic, I believe while you’re busy clearing the traffic, there’s one tiny voice in your mind saying, “This will make an interesting to blog about,” Prove me wrong.
    Despite the negative comments, I’m sure these 200+ people have received the important message you are trying to deliver that reckless driving is really… reckless. How do I know? Well, at least those negative comments didn’t say anything like, “PADAN MUKA!!” But what’s really matter is the chatbox at the side of your blog. This bunch of people is clearly ignorant (or half-ignorant) about the issue you brought up. They are busy talking about karaoke when you are busy fending off the negative comments. IMHO, I think they’re even worse than those negative commenters. Would you rather want people to respond to you regardless what you blog or fail to see the very message you’re trying to deliver? I prefer the former.
    Besides, if you really dislike those negative comments, you could just simply disable it. Or even better, you could protect this entry. But heck, it’s too late to fix this problem since most of your readers surely had read it. Unless you do something silly like donating half your allowance to the victim or publicly say sorry, I don’t see how you get out of this big mess. Seriously, you do need to admit you’re wrong at the taking pictures part. Bear in mind you’re not wrong at helping people. Just say you’re wrong will not make you lose face, in fact you will gain more respect as it took a lot out of a man to admit he’s wrong. Just admit you have gone too far this time. Be a man, do the right thing.
    In the end, it’s just my 2 cents. I stand neither at the positive nor the negative commenters.

  248. my condolonces to the family involved….kenny, it will take awhile to recover from this. Take your time. A special prayer for the family members affected by this unfortunate incident. Fingers crossed. Bless you.

  249. I believe your earnesty and compassion. However, think: would you like your loved ones’ dying pictures on the Net? You did a gallant job helping but it is heartless to put up pics of ppl you don’t have permission from.

  250. Hey, John Stu.
    You weren’t there.
    You’re not Kenny.
    So what makes you think you’re a better person than he is?
    Even if he did make a mistake, he’s only human.
    And he did say he’ll take down the pics at the victims’ family’s request.

  251. Just received an sms from a friend of the victim’s family who read this blog.
    The four-year-old girl who was rescued to the hospital did not survive…
    I am not participating in any more discussion.

  252. Agree with Infectioner! Just that some people took it too personally and just scold kenny for the sake of scolding him. so i don’t condone such actions, nevertheless i agree that kenny is wrong in some ways yet correct in others.

  253. Hey Perspective,
    Funny you chose that nickname.
    Also, funny you should choose to waste 1 whole line to state the obvious i.e that I am not Kenny.
    And kudos to you for reading through all my posts and concluding that I was not there. That was genius.
    I never said that I am a better person than he is. I may be a rapist/murderer. But I would not have taken those photos in the 1st place. Taking the photos in itself is the behavious of a person who deserves to be caged like an animal. Later posting them on a blog that has a readership as wide as does, well, that goes beyond words.
    I am curious as to why you said this : “Even if he did make a mistake, he’s only human.” because, yes IF he did make a mistake, he is in fact only human. However due to the numerous technological advances in recent history, an “apology” has now been invented, and so has a delete button. Maybe you should grab your latest IT magazine for updates on this.

  254. Should photos be posted? Yes? No? I just think everyone should just shut the fuck up. It is ridiculous and it sounds that it is more of a anti-kenny tirade rather than a debate about morality or insensitivity.
    John Stu, I very very strongly disagree with what you said and I won’t waste another single breathe because self-righteous that you are will surely see nothing wrong in your long comments.
    Everyone, please just shuddup

  255. Omigosh!! May she rest in peace…
    Anyway, thanks for the update Kenny – it shows that your posting in the blog pays off – at least u get the news of the little girl, despite of all the “objection” comments…

  256. Kenny, since you are so compassionate and kind and can be comparable to Mother Theresa, why not stop blogging and go around and donate money and offer yourself or volunteer for those who need your help?
    Just because you happen to witness an accident and have time to take photos, load them onto your PC and blog them doesn’t automatically make you a compassionate person who do not have other self induced intentions.
    Stop faking it…

  257. Well, John Stu, the only point I’m trying to make is that none of us has the right to judge others. None of us are perfect.
    “Let he who is blameless cast the first stone.”
    I’m not throwing anything.

  258. Quoted from John Stu
    “I never said that I am a better person than he is. I may be a rapist/murderer. But I would not have taken those photos in the 1st place.”
    So u think raping and murdering someone is not that serious compared to Kenny snapping pictures of an accident scene har?

  259. Kenny is very depress already! stop harrassing him! can’t you see he doesn’t want to discuss anymore, if we want to bark bark loud loud he also won’t comment cause he already took alot effort in pushing his blog popularity today already… can’t you see all the effort put in it? damn he still has a day job to take into account man… now beat it until the next accident happen ok!

  260. [B]Infectioner[/B] i recon you read all the comment posted before u started trying to show off ur good command in english. or u are just too ignorant and wanted kennysia to agree with ur stance about taking picture of the accident scene.
    Clearly he stated that he took the picture only AFTER everything has settled down. Why u guys keep insisting that the first thing that came to his mind is “OMFG! take picture quick! this is rare!”
    And what is wrong about taking picture of the car wreckage? MIND YOU THERE IS NOT EVEN ANY GORE IN THAT PICTURE FOR GOODNESS SAKE!
    And lets remind all the retards out there, HE SAID HE TOOK THE PICTURE ONLY WHEN THERE IS NOTHING MORE HE COULD DO. He already did whatever he could.
    I bet those retards who criticising so much here would be the one who stay in the car driving as slow as they could to take a glimps of the accident and poof, life goes on as usual. Instead of stopping and provide help.

  261. think this is a journalistic take on the accident…
    about morals… how about journalists who take pics in warzone? they cant do anything to help too.. should they then not take pics?
    or kenny isnt entitled to take pics?
    whatever, think before anyone start throwing daggers and swords at another, reflect on own morals first

  262. Dear Taking pictures of accident is worse than murder/rape!, you are obviously another foolish idiot who does not understand the point I am trying to put across. If you don’t have a proper understanding of the english language don’t comment, as what you say will go off on a tangent.
    Well Perspective,
    By singling me out, are you sure you are not indirectly throwing one of your imaginary stones? What are the implications of what you are saying? By singling me out and saying generally that no one has the right to judge others are you not saying that I am being judgemental? Looks like Kenny has a fellow saint in Perspective. 2 of you can drive around together patrolling the streets to take photos of accident victims and at the same time calling ambulances.

  263. Oh Yeh? nothing else he can do?
    I remember him posting a picture of a man carrying a lifeless little girl to his motorcycle?
    Nothing he can do?
    What was he doing before he took the photo of the guy carrying the girl?
    Sit there weeping?
    Lame excuses are for lame people

  264. Many of you do not understand one simple concept:
    If that was your family that died in that accident, you would be not be so eager to defend Kenny’s choice to put up pictures of your dead family in the car that they died in.

  265. We make our own ways in life, and do things according to our beliefs and judgement. We also bear the consequences of our actions. I’m not condemning nor condoning Kenny’s actions but surely if we are concerned about our moral responsibilities, let’s stop casting stones and do our part. Let the victims rest and the survivor(s) rest in peace.

  266. June, Kenny couldn’t help take the girl to the hospital. He had to stay around so that the police could get his name to verify that he was the most helpful one there. Plus, he had to get more photos.

  267. *sigh
    Well, John Stu, I apologize if I’ve hurt your feelings. I’m just enjoying this verbal warfare.
    Just think about what I’ve said. I meant well.
    p.s. I’ll make sure I call the ambulance.

  268. John 8:3
    The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group and said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?” They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him.
    But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”

  269. Firstly, Kenny, the fact that you are defending so vigorously your stance shows that those comments struck a nerve, and deep down you do feel bad for what you have done. That’s Psychology 101.
    Secondly, helping someone does not have to involve publicising how you have helped, and saying things like “had i not done this, that wouldn’t have happened”. Saving a life is a beautiful thing, flaunting that you have saved a life or aided the saving of a life is sad. Sad in the sense that you seem to want recognition for that.
    Thirdly, posting pictures and descriptions of what happened, especially when it involves the passing on of 4 lives, is a bit inconsiderate. Why? Because blogging about the dead in a blog that people usually associate with “entertainment” is just plain wrong.
    Fourthly, there is absolutely no difference between snapping pictures with hi-tech cams and sitting down oil-painting the scene. Both involve capturing an event. And a heart-wrenching event at that.
    Lastly, I quote “The LEAST you could do is call Sarawak General Hospital (+6082 257555), find out about her condition, and if need be, pledge a donation to her family. If you have already done so, you have my praise. If you haven’t, shame on you.” Unquote. Alright, so you have “donated”, big deal. And as if people care whether they have your praises or not, hey? And this ties in with Point Number 2.
    I know, Kenny, you expected people to heap praises on you for “doing good” when you clicked the “Post This Awesome Entry” button – but it ended up showing how immature you are deep down. I admit I have been a vivid reader of your blog, but when true colours shine through, they ironically pale my perceptions of you as a blogger and as a person. I am not trying to personally attack you, but I am disappointed.
    Utterly disappointed.

  270. John STU, that is a very good comment you posted there.
    I understand Kenny’s predicament in staying around to take more photos for his fellow readers.
    Without these tragedic and heart wrenching photos, there would not be enough impact for the readers to feel for him.
    Totally understand.

  271. As a blogger I can understand that you took the photo so that u can blog it. And you seriously wanna blog this to warn ppl about the consequence of speeding.
    So? Take one, and help!
    What r u doing when the guy carried the girl out? Taking photo?
    That was gross…you seriously NEED NOT to take so many photos….to show the sequence of the happening…from the beginning till the end….it’s too much…
    and….you can pen down the happening….if you wish to tell ppl about the sequence of incident…
    Taking photo from the beginning till the end? Sorry, I can’t accept it as being a good samaritan.

  272. Please leave all religion teachings or excerpt out of this ok? Thank you! Hate it when things like that pop out,

  273. kiraion, it’s not from the beginning lah.. he did all he could do already… he DIRECTED TRAFFIC you know… a CELEBRITY directing traffic man… come on… how often does that happen?
    and kiraion, if you did not call the hospital to ask about the girl, SHAME ON YOU!

  274. Another thing that pisses me off is that in that particular photo where a motorcyclist is carrying the little gal, there was also an overweight guy putting his hands over his shoulders as an emotional support. You can see that they both care.
    As for kenny sia, the posting of that photo shows us that he cares enough to the the photo and post it in his blog. Good for you kenny sia. I feel for the 2 guys that tried to help and as for you, you seemed like a real jerk by hiding behind your camera.

  275. To be honest, it is normal for kenny to take photo…if not him, someone else will. does it make any diff if kenny takes them instead of some other journalist or any other policemen? the point here, is about the accident…
    and it is normal for you to be ‘dumb’..and nobody really expect you to do anything..i am a fully trained first aider, even by saying so, it’s quite hard to react. the best you can do is to shut off the engine to prevent the car from blowing off. only if you’re sure enough, then you can move any casualty. if you’re not confident, just wait for the ambulance to arrive. Byah!!!

  276. Settle like this la…
    John Stu win…should go start his own and bring all readers with him lor.

  277. First of all, Kenny, I’m sorry to hear such a tragic news. i ever witness an accident b4, except it’s not THAT serious. and i know what it’s like. ur brain goes empty immediately. u wanted to do something but u just can’t. it’s not that u don’t want. >

  278. Very hard to react in such situations is also a very lame coward excuse!
    If it’s so hard and difficult to react, why are there people helping out the little girl?
    Everyone should just give a coward excuse by saying,”oh i could not react, let us all just take pictures and blog it. This will make this world a better place to live in.”

  279. Kenny, you made a wrong move there.
    You shld not have taken the photo of people helping out the little girl.
    In fact, you shld take photos of yourself calling the police and also directing traffic.
    That would prove that you did a lot to help out the victims.

  280. don’t blame Kenny for this post. He may have good intentions posting this blog entry, such as making us aware of the danger of wreckless driving, how life is precious, and maybe make us aware of this situation in case we face it in the future, since he thinks that he didn’t help out enough. I don’t blame him cos anyone will be in a state of distraught when facing this situation. But seriously, I still don’t know how he took the pictures (the camera must’ve pretty good anti-shake mode! :P)
    May the deceased RIP.

  281. shame on ya all… if u r in the situation, will u stop n helped? or will juz ‘omg.. how sad..’ n drives away…
    talking bullshyt is not enough.. make a sense dude..
    it’s no offence taking the pics.. he juz wanna share wid u guys his ‘rare’ experience.. yet such unexpected comments happen.. lol..
    if u r not happy wid it.. dun read… leaves! God noes whose heart is sincere…

  282. Kenny, Well done your pictures might actually help the investigatiom. I can understand how you feel. You are shaken up.
    Good on you for posting the pictures. The thing with our drivers is that they dont value life. Life is cheep for them. You hv been abroad u know how people are so responsible and follow rules.
    You can post 100 pictures thousands many die but our drivers will still be the same. The mentality is truly third class.

  283. the family runs a fast food shop infront of polytechnic kuching sarawak, somewhere 22km of to the polytech bus station

  284. i saw the news said that, the child that just passed away is only 5 years old. While the others whom died on the spot with their mum, was only 2 yr old and 8 months old. It could be you in the news if you do not take lessons from this.
    This accident occured when the lady trying to take over but unsuccessful. Bang with the truck from the opposite side.
    This really remind me of my own experience. I am studying in Melaka. One day, when my mum brought along my bro and my sis picked me from MMU(Uni) to Seremban. Before we reach the highway, a lot of cars in front of us. My mum couldn’t see the front, and she was wondering why those cars keep waiting and feel a bit impatient about it. So she just drove to the right trying to take over the front cars. Just when we were on the right lane, there was a big truck(without the long tail) moving towards us. My mum was shocked, well, I was shocked too. My mum was totally stunned. She didn’t do anything else except just move forward.
    All of sudden, we heard a loud honk from the truck. The truck managed to move to the other side, avoiding our car(kancil).
    We were lucky to be still alive. My mum was not patient enough to wait. After the incident, no one saying anything in the car, tried not to cause any anger or guilt since we had a long journey still.
    My message was, please be patient no matter what on the road. Do learn some lesson from this post. Life is fragile.

  285. John stu u sound like someone who are jealous of his popularity and take this opportunity to bash
    I think u forget some important point here.
    First, this is his blog, his personel online diary. You dont walk into people’s life and teach them what to write in thier diary do you?
    Secondly, heck, from what i see he didnt beg you guys to read his blog. He just publish whatever he wants, he has the freedom to do so. Why should he change his writing style for the sake of the crowd… especially YOU! who has nothing to do with his life. Dont mould someone else to suit ur taste. If you dont like it then dont read.
    Thirdly, taking picture of accident scene which do not involve the details of victim. i dont see any problem with that. Which part of the picture is so gruesom to you? Clearly u are just trying to exaggerate thing just to flame
    Fourthly, he took the initiative to offer help by directing traffic. Why are u being so heartless to make fun of it? If u were there what would u have done? Judging from the way u talk here, u wont even care to stop and offer any help. As i said, u are among the traffic slower, u will slow down just to take a glimps of it.
    Finally, picture of volunteer carrying the little girl. So erm, u wanted kennysia to tap on the other shoulder of the volunteer for moral support? Oh ya, maybe he should help carry the girl too eventhough he doesnt need to just to show ppl he care? You care from the bottom of ur heart, you dont do unneccesary thing to win the heart of crowd. Grow up!

  286. Good idea, Kenny sia should just save the photos in his PC and write a diary instead. He does not even have to blog it at all, since it is that personal to him and no one else should comment about it?
    If you cant take comments, don’t even blog it and allow people to comment on the blog.
    Yeh he should just care from the bottom of his heart and keep snapping photos. Obviously that’s what he does best.
    Thanks for the guide.
    From now onwards, we shld all just care from out hearts and not lift any fingers to help or even snap pictures.
    And next, we must blog it to the world that we cared from our heart so that other people will know that deep down within you, you cared.

  287. God, please open the eyes of those are reading the blog now. Its is not the matter of why snapping photos, why not helping, who is right and who is wrong. Its the matter of, those who is survived or not. Please comfort the family of the lost. Please take care of them and strengthen them. With this blog, these pictures, we all get to understand how bad the situation was. Without the pictures and information and the comments here, we all dont know what had happenned, its could be “just another accident”. Now, all we can do is pray for those didnt understand why the pictures are here, so that they have the wisdom to understand the situation of Kenny and the victims of the accident. May god bless everyone who read this and those are “unable” to read this. Kenny, be strong and dont take it too seriously. Take care everyone. I really felt bad for what had happenned.

  288. woo~I just read bout this in the paper a while ago..The lady was only 22 years old with 2 kids and with the mom am niece at that time. It’s really horrific. The borneo post disn’t post much bout it.. It’s so sad.

  289. i support u steven 13…
    tis is his blog.. his life, his matter.. u outsiders hav no rights 2 force him change his writing style juz to suit u.. lol..
    criticize r of destructive n constructive.. but pls watch ur tone… ya nid sum moral lessons..

  290. i dont find anything wrong, you snapped pictures of the incident. i have no idea why so many peole make it as a big deal. -_-”
    after all you guys are not in the place where the accident took place. u have no right to judge kenny! although kenny knows some basic step of first aid but not all people are trained to handle such situation. as people said…” saying words is easy but not everyone can really do as they said”

  291. dont you understand simple english that he offered help? its not like he did nothing except taking picture. THe point is there is nothing more he could do. for goodness sake please stop being so ignorant and calm down and THINK!
    Everyone could take comment, but not senseless comment like yours.

  292. I don’t really understand why so many people are criticizing Kenny here…
    Let’s all be frank. If we were in his situation, we would either be so freaked out that we might need help, or just looking on doing nothing. At least Kenny did something. At least the dude managed to help those people. And he is still feeling bad about it.
    As for the photo’s, it’s up to him as to take them or not. As far as I can see, the pictures are not offensive and in fact, this entry has garnered more following than what is written about it in the papers.
    If it wasn’t for this entry, ya’ll probably would write this off as just another accident and wouldn’t give 2 sens as to what happened to those people involved. At least people now are concerned…
    So come on la… Stop flaming the dude…

  293. TO: John Stu, Kenny & all those that actively have their points and reasonings.
    Guys, I think the arguement has gone beyond its main topic already. In the end of the day, many lives were lost, lesson should be learned and feelings were tossed around with statements and accusations.
    But I feel, enough is enough, dont you think? Kenny doesnt feel good about this post & ive sure it’ll be one that will stay in his mind for days to come. When u assist in an accident especially one where lives are lost, it just doesnt go away that easily. The sight of the crash, the debris, the blood, the lifeless bodies and those fighting to survive. It will always be in Kenny’s mind. I feel to begin with, it wasnt his fault to be there. He wasn’t the lorry driver or directly involved in the accident. He was innocent.
    Let things be. Let it all go. For those who really care for the victims and also the little girl who passed away in the hospital, I propose that you respect them, respect their families and lend a helping hand by givinge a moment of silence and let this issue rest along with the family that was lost tragically today.
    Bare in mind that these happens day in & day out. Lives are lost every other second. What has happened im pretty sure noone reading would have wished it to occured especially Kenny. Let’s now be extra vigilant and whenever we’re on the road, let this be a reminder that life is our most valueable asset.
    To the family & victims and to the readers and truly feel for this unfortunate incident, be at peace. To Kenny, this will be one hard experience for you. Feel no anger, feel no guilt. Let it rest too.

  294. I agree with what Kenny was doing on the spot… It’s better to see how bad the accident was rather than hearing it from people…. And yea, I would’ve been dumbstruck if I were in Kenny’s situation… ='(

  295. firstly, i would like to forward my deepest sympathies to those who perished in the accident.
    some of us here are more worried about ‘whether it was allright for kenny to take pictures’ than to actually think of the message of these photos.
    with slightly gruesome pics at hand, i’d have to say, it would bring an impact to most of us, to remind us to drive carefully in the near future and such. for that i thank you.
    i guess the prominence of ur blog has sparked jealousy amongst others, and well, it’s not surprising. such is the price of fame, i’d say. let it be, and i hope u’ll recover from all this.
    keep on blogging, and be strong!

  296. he just trying to give every1 remember drive carefully, although just have a accident, we don’t hope will have other kind accident again..maybe after u c this post, u will drive carefully n always got this in ur mind, kenny, u r rite, n this type serious accident, even u know 1st aid.. u oso cant help … only the professional can do 1st aid on the victim, its true, even u r scout or st.john, u oso cannot give them 1st aid,.. n bomba not there.. u cannot pull them out oso … maybe can try to settle the traffic over there….to make sure the ambulance n bomba can come asap, taking pic.. n let u all c is.. maybe remind u all drive carefull.. once accident not oni the DRIVER involve.. the PASSANGER oso will involve..

  297. a horrifying accident happened and all some humans can do is to argue over a few photo snapped on the scene? isnt there something more important for us as humans to put our thoughts into when such things occured? like how can WE do better (for those who think kenny din do enough) if we ever meet with such a situation and for others, what else can we do if we meet with other accidents..

  298. After reading the entry, I could only sit back against the chair in wordless shock, the images swimming in my mind. May the lady and the children be in a happy and safe place. My prayer goes to the little girl and to the family.
    I am sorry that you have had to witness this traumatising tragedy. 🙁

  299. Such tragedy. I will not comment on your photos, as you have your points and your oppositions have theirs.
    Kenny, I believe you must be rather traumatised yourself. Do realise it’s okay to feel what you are feeling now.
    Seek professional help if you need. Witnessing such a traumatic scene has adverse effects on adults and children alike.
    I am also truly sorry that you couldn’t have done more but I think it’s time to let go and move on.

  300. I think Kenny should do everyone a good favor by removing this (I mean only this) blog and all the pictures (of this blog) to show respect to the victim. that is the least u could do.

  301. kenny, u have done all u could have done for the victims. i’m sure kenny isn’t feeling very good himself, for all these reactions caused. but everyone seems to have got off topic now. everybody is talking about the photos, not the victims. be considerate, people.
    my condolences to the victims’ family.

  302. First of all, my sincere condolences to the family of the deceased. Second of all, I hope Kenny is OK post-trauma, especially after all the malicious flaming.
    I have had loved ones pass away in road accidents. It is never an easy experience to have to deal with.
    I personally feel that with the family’s consent, the pictures on this blog will serve as a grim reminder of the fragility of life and the dangers of speeding / getting distracted on the road. Most readers are between 18-30, I believe.
    Please drive safely.

  303. We should not comment on what kenny should do. If Condolence to the victims’ family. 🙁 Well, if we expect everyone to follow what we think should be done. You are just carrying anger and upset feelings in you, which is stupid. Rather, if you do not insist people following your SHOULD do, you will feel better and happier which is a wiser option. It is kenny’s blog world, we can personally analyse whether it is proper or not to have done so, but we should not insist him to follow what we think that SHOULD be done.

  304. I’m also very sorry to hear that the little girl didn’t make it. Heartfelt condolences and prayer goes out to the family.
    There is a lot for us to learn from this tragedy, and how people react to it.

  305. Stop saying that Kenny should not take pictures la. I mean if you were in his shoes, you probably just drive pass, stop for a while, create a small traffic jam then leave the place. Who would actually stop their car, come down to offer helps? So please, stop acting as though you are such an angel and stuff. There’s nothing anyone can do because most of the victims were dead.
    Seriously, ask yourself, would you even stop your car to come down and lend a hand. Then, only start commenting.

  306. I hope those that survived are doing okay, and my condolences go out to the family of the victim(s).
    Sure Kenny could’ve just posted a blog entry with no pictures describing the car accident, but like someone said earlier pictures say a thousand words. Maybe these pictures will remind people of what could become of them by driving errantly (which seems to be pretty prevalent on Malaysia roads).
    It’s an unfortunate incident, and if these pictures help other drivers drive even a little bit safer, they served their purpose.

  307. It is nobody’s right to define what’s morally right or wrong. Taking photographs at accident scenes, whether morally sound or otherwise, is as much controversial as abortion or euthanasia.
    Some newspapers publish gruesome accident pics everyday for the nation to see. Would that have been considered disrespectful to the victims’ families? Or would you have in mind that because of a blogger posting it, it would then change the whole dynamics into being a ridicule? If so, are there any strong evidence of a ridicule (including showing the faces of those victims)?
    Criticizing on the grounds that taking photos at accident scenes and posting it publicly is wrong, is strictly subjective.
    Whether Kenny did enough to help, who are we to judge? Are you sure you would have offered more help than him given a similar situation? Are you sure that any random guy out there would have done better than him in this situation?
    It is a personal blog after all. Unless there’s a law prohibiting this, the pics n entry need not go.

  308. Aiya, just read the blog and shuutupp. Bloody idiots complain about everything. So what if kennysia took pictures of the scene? Didn’t it give all of us a better picture of what happened? Satisfy our natural human curiosity?
    All you facqers complaining about the photos should just admit you’re jealous of kennysia’s popularity. Don’t be mad at kennysia just because nobody reads your pathetic blogs (no photos)
    And if you complain some more about photos, just go fac yourselves. Maybe that will hit some common sense to your frail minds. Idiots!!

  309. Kids,
    Stop bickering! According to today’s Star report, 4 from the same family died in that nasty accident. Let’s pray for their souls instead!

  310. Keep your conscience clear, Kenny!
    Don’t bother with other people trying to make you feel bad.
    You did your best and u took the best respectable photos!
    As for those ‘sensitive’ people critising u.. Don’t read newspapers then!!!

  311. My deepest condolences for the family, hope the little girl is fine. It must be really depressing for the little girl’s family.

  312. Lanjiao! say nothing can be done only take picture but can take picture of good citizen who actually doing something carrying the victim to hospital, Kenny you sure can talk cock!
    Posted by: kenny is a cocker at 18 May 2007 12:20 PM | Link to comment
    Use ur fucking pea brain to think…..u need how many ppl u need to carry 1 small girl to hospital??
    1 guy carry the arms 1 carry the legs? 1 open car door? 1 step the accelerator, 1 to change gear?? Fuck…. use ur brain to think….if u have 1….

  313. As one of the commentators said, you guys are picking on him just because he is Kennysia.
    This is true. There was a nobody who posted photos of the Subang Parade Poh Kong shoot out victims, like up close shots. Barely a meter away from the deceased. You could even see the hole in the forehead where the bullet went through.
    You know what people said, “Wah!! Terrer la you… even got time to take photos!”
    but not a single hate comment. (or maybe some might have accumulated, but up to nearly a week, the blog was still unflamed.)
    Kenny didn’t do anything wrong. He knew it was insensitive to take photos of the victims but of the wreckage, I’m sure he thought it through and through.
    But I’d like to thank Kenny for putting up this photos which serves as a reminder to us to treasure our lives and becareful on the roads.

  314. wahlaooo… people who are bashing kenny,
    you people so super know how to check for spinal injury on the scene kar??? know how to check for internal bleeding kar??know how check for neck trauma???…basic first aid is BASIC first aid…if u know how to diagnose spinal injury and internal bleeding u’ll probably need a MD behind your name and will probably need a MRI’s and a few CAT scans to diagnose it…
    posting this up means people will know about it…and people will talk about it…i.e spreading the word, so other people will be more careful.And to send condolences to the families involved.
    Also people who are concerned about the ethical issue of snapping photos, sounds like they didn’t even read the part where people die, did you at any time offer any kind of support for the family,a condolence maybe???i doubt it??as for the “why should i support this particular case debate?” i ask you this question why you are making such a fuss over THIS particular case???you might as well trash the red cross and say why should i support this particular foundation who helps millions of people.
    as for the person who said kenny’s rich and should support the family privately,you are SELFISH to the max dude,just coz u don’t want to donate say “i don’t want to donate lar”
    As for people who think journalist tells a better recollection of what’s happened, well erm… last time i check they are also human who write the stories in their own view,(I’m sure if go to places of war and watch the local news they would show the news in the reporters point of view….i.e probably contradictory to our own),++they weren’t there on the scene.It’s like asking you to write a story on the scenery in greenland without you even going there b4.
    here’s a question in regards to the guy with the helmet carrying the girl….How many people does it take to carry a girl???just one(maybe two)…and how many people were on the scene trying to help 20 odd people…ever heard of too many cooks ruin a soup….same concept lar…stop bashing one person, he superman kar???he HOUSE MD kar??anyone one grey’s anatomy issit??
    oh and pictures are important to any investigation,do you know how hard issit to calculate momentum, impulse changes in kinetic and potential energy and all the other investigation things when the car has been changed by the authorities trying to get the people out???
    P.S condolences to the families involved and anyone who witnessed the horrific incident.
    PPS Stop bashing people and show some compassion to those involved.
    DRIVE safe,peace

  315. you all stupid people who gave negative feedback,just think in a positive way this picture teach us a good lesson that every time we are on the road just remeber ours love one is waiting for us to get home safely not just show off how silkful you are at the road ,a bit of mistake u will never see your love one again.And stop give bad comment about wheather taking those picture is right or wrong.If u were kenny at the scence i dont think you can do much help to the victim.There is another victim sill at the ICU WAD lets us pray for her to get through this .

  316. dun blame urself kenny… well we normal citizens dun noe the right procedure for emergency 1st aid… and the outcome may be worse if it is performed without professional experience n knowledge
    sad piece of story… =(
    my condolences to the victims
    thanks for sharing it wif us

  317. i once involved in the same situation like u..
    a car knocked down a cycling boy..
    i DID help them, because the uncle aunty there seems like dont noe wat to do..
    i ordered the driver not to send the boy to clinic but GH..i even go find the boy’s family by asking one by one around the friend and i just try luck, luckily we did managed to find and inform his family..although i dont know what happen to that little boy..god bless..
    u already do what u supposed to least, we are not a bystander..

  318. this is plain juvenile… you guys bangin kenny for nuthin…. sheesh… accidents happen everyday….. it just so happened that this time its horrid…
    blast all you bastards…

  319. Don’t blame yourself, Kenny. You can be equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge but when people encounter this kind of scene, it’s natural they become lost and don’t know how to act, all of a sudden.

  320. Kenny
    I read your blog often, but i have very rarely commented.
    Dont get yourself down with what people say to you about snapping pictures. It isnt like you just took pictures without helping, but took pictures as there wasnt anything else to do.I think that the criticism directed at you is wrong.
    You blogging about this will make us ALL much more aware about driving safely as shit happens. i personally will drive much more carefully next time.

  321. Kenny, I myself had witness an accident in which a cargo truck hit a motorcylist (with a pillion rider). The truck was moving quite fast but veered to the right side to try avoid hitting the motorcyclist, but to no avail.
    Should the truck veered to the left side, it would have hit the car I’m travelling in instead.
    I was so shocked…and went blank. Until today, the image of the lifeless body of the pillion rider haunted me and I shivered everytime I passed the junction..
    I just want to say, I know how it feels…

  322. You young people should spend more time reading stuff like – that can really open your eyes and see what the country is really like! but alas even if all the ppl on the internet read uncle Lim’s blog, BN can still count on uneducated country folks to vote them in and continue providing dangerous roads like thes for you and your children!

  323. the best part of reading kennysia’s blog is when there are contradiction in the comment part, where everyone start to argue who is right and wrong. writing long essays to support their arguements. as if everyone is doing an assignment given by their lecturer about the ethics.

  324. As a regular reader of your blog, I did not think putting up the pictures was a good idea.
    Sorry to say this, but the least you can do to respect the family of the deceased is to leave the pictures out.
    It’s just in bad taste.

  325. This is crazy! Kenny taking pictures and everyone’e getting mad. Cmon la! U wanna blame him for being insensitive? Then you all gonna blame all journalists, all reporters in the world for being insensitive la! Then newspapers wont have pictures of the accident or of people in casket. U all say Kenny wanna achieve get positive rating for his own blog. Cmon la! Newspaper also the same la! Kenny blogger surely will blog abt things happening wann mah. He already din take pics of the victims or number plate. Just take pics of the ACCIDENT – HOW BAD IT IS NIA. That is ok right? Not like he took pics of the lifeless girl with half open eyes oso! Ayoyo. Pls la. Stop attacking him la. He has already done his best dy. At least la concern about him! It’s so traumatising la to actually witness a FATAL accident!! Cant slp, cant eat, keep on thinking about it nia. U think he also like kah? Aiseh.
    Pls drive carefully. Life is fragile. RIP to the deceased and hope the little girl is recuperating.

  326. If you don’t like what are you reading here, why don’t you just F off or stfu?
    It’s his blog, and who are you to give a damn about it? What’s the fuss?
    We are all grown up, so what’s the big deal?
    My condolences to the family, may they rest in peace.

  327. what?! no offence. but i just felt the entry was absurd. u said u were in shock. yet u are still able to CALMLY snap such high quality photos- especially of that girl in blood. a person in true shock will prob just stand in shock.

  328. this is indeed depressing news. if it was me i think i would have stood there in shock. my deepest condolences to the family.

  329. Hi Kenny:
    Don’t let the negative comments bring you down,I think they commented just because you are Kenny Sia!The most popular and the best blogger in M’sia!

  330. If you had just put one or two pics, you’d have driven the point home about reckless driving and nobody will tear you apart like this but no, you gave a series of pics, like your Kinabalu climb, starting from impact to discovery of bodies to heroic acts and so on and you have the gall to declare nobody else but YOU did anything, like a self-righteous preacher. You’ve exposed your egotistical tail, but of course that’s not surprising b/c why else do you tell the world about your boring life?
    Btw, very good phone camera there, despite ur shaking. What make n model u using?

  331. Fantastic, all of you just managed to generate a huge spike of traffic to, increased his popularity oh…and maybe revenue as well.
    He is either very smart or very immature. Controversy sells.
    Thanks whatever god that there is still people around that doesn’t hail blindly to Kenny as an idol or role model. Kudos to John Stu, nicely said. I couldn’t have done better.
    Please, most people don’t give crap about his popularity. Being famous doesn’t exactly give him immunity and it doesn’t make him right all the time either.

  332. when i reading through the comments…it make me wonder how old are you guys…
    by the way, is his blog not urs..dun like it shut up and leave the blog..
    By the way, for those which is so free to about get a life…kidss

  333. JACKASSES, BASTARDS.. Would appreciate if you guys can spent a moment of silent and pray for the departed and their family instead of debating or showing your support to Kenny. MALAYSIANS (sigh)! Please show some maturity in your thinking! So please STOP REPLYING ANYTHING if you want to show your respect to the departed and the rest of the readers.

  334. I agree with John Stu, Qi and Infectioner.
    Kenny – at least now you know this posting has attracted 400+ comments – this is an achievement in itself?
    More sensitivity should be displayed, I don’t think Kenny is a ‘bad’ person – he should have displayed more tact and understanding.
    And all you ‘KennySia’ fans out there – for goodness sake, calm down and THINK. Don’t just jump onto the support bandwagon or say things just to make someone feel better…

  335. JACKASSES, BASTARDS.. Would appreciate if you guys can spent a moment of silent and pray for the departed and their family instead of debating or showing your support to Kenny. MALAYSIANS (sigh)! Please show some maturity in your thinking! So please STOP REPLYING ANYTHING if you want to show your respect to the departed and the rest of the readers.
    Name list of bastards that still debate:
    (Still counting)

  336. wonder how kenny will like it if his parents were involved in a road traffic accident and i took pictures of it and put it up on a well read blog. guess he wont mind since he does it himself

  337. Dear UKnowWhoAmI/Paul
    You need a lesson in counting. 🙂 you ommited Xian and Geex from your hit-list tally count – after posting your rant.
    Everyone has a right to express their opinion/s. That is life. Deal with it.

  338. err…i dun understand y som ppl r gettin so er…irritated? by the pics kenny took. its not like he go zoom to the gal’s face n took her pic…n then do photoshop n show tat the gal’s dead or sumthing. no name, no face, onli leg…wats the fuss bout??? and its not tat he dun wanna help…he xplained tat he’s scared n traumatized…which word u dun understand here? wat if…he moved sumone…n tat sumone die bcoz he moved her??? tat would b worse. and wat could u all ppl do if u were in his shoe? prob some would juz pass by without even helping…and he reli did a great job by calling for emergency n direct a bit of traffic. but then, he said…his car is parked at side? how does tat contribute to traffic jam? shudn’t u ppl put tat blame on the passerby who slow down to look?? n does it matter wat fone he use? no need go bang bang him on wat model of fone he use…and…he gav a warning of distraught pictures ahead…so, if u dun like it…leave the site…unless kenny is next to u pointing a gun to ur head…n ask u to read on. so pls stop critisizing him, n i agree…blog is a place for bloggers to xpress himself. so u ppl go xpress ur…irritation in ur own blog. dun come xpress here alll…its irritating enuf. n condolences to the family of victims.

  339. JACKASSES, BASTARDS.. Would appreciate if you guys can spent a moment of silent and pray for the departed and their family instead of debating or showing your support to Kenny. MALAYSIANS (sigh)! Please show some maturity in your thinking! So please STOP REPLYING ANYTHING if you want to show your respect to the departed and the rest of the readers.
    Name list of bastards that still debate:
    (Still counting)

  340. JACKASSES, BASTARDS.. Would appreciate if you guys can spent a moment of silent and pray for the departed and their family instead of debating or showing your support to Kenny. MALAYSIANS (sigh)! Please show some maturity in your thinking! So please STOP REPLYING ANYTHING if you want to show your respect to the departed and the rest of the readers.
    Name list of bastards that still debate:

  341. wtf: Of course he wouldn’t mind if his loved ones’ dying pics r posted; any publicity is better than no publicity.

  342. yea yea.. man .. its all kenny’s fault.. eh can i suggest you guys go to a photo forum like\forums, ? i think i saw.. like erm.. countless pictures of accidents there, are you saying that all those ppl are also heartless? to take pictures? hey perhaps those ppl taking pics in warzones should sell off their kick ass expensive camera’s and use the money for the poor kids there huh?

  343. Do you see any deliberately sensationalized pictures in here? Do you see gore dripping from bodies like in the chinese newspapers?
    No you do not.
    Quite frankly, I think most of the outcry here against Kenny is a load of thrash talk by people who have nothing better to do than act self righteous.
    Honestly, I’m not a fan of his, but the way you idiots are railing at him for his actions disgusts me.
    And I bet there are even those who considered stealing these pics and claiming it as their own.
    It’s his blog, why shouldn’t he post something which happened in his daily life? Don’t preach to me about tact either, because from what I’ve read from a majority of these garbled comments, most of you don’t have the faintest clue.
    Even if it reached out and slapped you in the face.

  344. geez you guys, stop it. he did his best trying to help as compared to most of you that will just drive away. taking photos isn’t something bad. go and scold all the reporters and photographers if you are offended by photo publishing act. dont google any image as they will offend you anyway and pls don read any article that contain photograph. childish idiots.

  345. kenny you are a pig and you know that! PIG! and all those people who only know how to ask others to shut the fuck up are just retards! ask people not to come and comment why don’t you guys leave then! Comments aren’t only restricted to pity and praises FYI…

  346. Will
    I don’t think he even dare to go near the dead body and take pictures! that would be even more insulting and disrespect! lucky enough he didnt do it! or else worse comments will be expected.

  347. “Name list of bastards that still debate”:
    (Still counting)
    Weeee…!! :)) this is fun!! Keep ’em coming!!
    Reminds me of days when the class monitor used to keep a “name list” of people who talked in class!
    (We’re really really scared, Paul…. 😉
    (ok, will stop behaving so childishly like Paul aka Idiot aka UKnowWhoAmI now.. and maybe start my own blog!)
    Good luck, Kenny.

  348. Ken-you have a niece n nephew, don’t you? So did someone, but they all died today and some xxx posted their pics (tactfully avoiding their faces) all over his blog in the name of blogging as a hobby and informing the public about road accidents. Shame on u!

  349. Kenny are you reading all these comments? hope you are happy now, knowing so many people had viewed your blog and your advertisers must be proud of you… not to mentioned having such a big bunch of followers… feel powerful? let out a big evil laugh then… MUAHAHAHHA…asshole.

  350. no he did it not to inform the public but for ‘one day in the life of Ken,’ just another incident to tell. Next!

  351. lets all push the 600 comments barrier!!! chiong ah!!! let kenny know that his holy objective of projecting himself as the saint of all saints and his great powers comes with great responsibility role of educating the public of road hazards failed!
    you stand at the road direct traffic also blocking cars la you fat bastard! go cam-whore instead!

  352. I don’t think there is a need for Kenny Sia to try and explain or rationalise his actions anymore. People who are leaving negative comments are simply making personal attacks at him. The fact is Kenny Sia stopped to help and stayed to leave his statement. If every bystander were to leave the scene, the police would not be able to investigate the matter.

  353. Idiot: Ironic that you are using that nickname.
    Name list of bastard that calls others bastard, but doesn’t know how to shut up himself.
    1) Idiot
    2) o…still Idiot
    will: Yes we all agree that he did the right thing by calling ambulance and so on and so forth. Its the pictures that is making all the hoo-hah.
    angelchan: “when i reading through the comments…it make me wonder how old are you guys…
    by the way, is his blog not urs..dun like it shut up and leave the blog..
    By the way, for those which is so free to about get a life…kidss”
    Again, another one. Looking at the way u commented makes really makes me want to wonder what your age is? Oh..and I don’t think it has anything to do with it either.
    I also assumed that you do not have a life(as stated by yourself) as you are also so free as to comment here. If you also don’t like seeing the comments here then leave lor.

  354. yarn, you seriously think the police will investigate this accident? if so PDRM will be the best police force in the world lo….kenny stay just to take pictures and be a busybody bitch just like everyone else there…hoping to get interviewed by tv3 or star.

  355. Kenny did his best already…I don’t know what I would do if I was there…I’d probably be too traumatized to do anything…My mind would have probably gone blank…All of you who are condemning Kenny for not doing enough, what else could you have done? More harm?
    It really is such a tragedy…Tears swelled up in my eyes as I read the entry and saw the pictures…I guess we really should try our best to be more careful and patient on the road…Especially when we have children in the car…The lives of others are in your hands…and this incident is even more so tragic as it was the driver’s own children…I am always a more cautious driver when my little brother is in the car with me…
    boob_omatic: I think your comment is really insensitive…Sure the driver was wrong but they’ve already lost their lives and you can still bring yourself to say something like that…We all get impatient on the road sometimes…We all make mistakes…What if this happened to someone you knew or to a loved one of yours? Would you still say the same thing? Gosh really!
    The whole Kenny-Sia-shouldn’t-have-take-pics debate: I think Kenny was only trying to remind us to be more careful on the road especially when we’re driving with our loved ones and children…And pictures do speak a thousand words…The pics create a greater impact and show us the seriousness of the consequences of being impatient on the road and drives home the message…plus I think the entry is also his way of trying to reach the family of the victims…
    It really breaks my heart to think of the children who passed away in the tragedy…May God Bless and Heal the little girl and give her the strength to survive…

  356. I lost 3 friends in an accident in Subang recently,
    it was hard. However, I never got the chance to say goodbye, and I wish I had.
    Kenny, you did not do anything wrong, you took photos, as this blog belongs to you, and it is a journal of your life and your experiences.
    I say to those, good luck coping with your inferior complex.
    Good Luck Kenny, as this post gave me an insight on the real danger of the Malaysian Road System. Thank you.

  357. WHAT A FUCKING DIPSHIT KENNY… insensitive PRICK!!! i told u guys i told u what a dick he was… so much for your favourite fucking blogger… what a dipshit… snapping pics… i hope u can rest in peace now kenny that u know u traded a few lives for your STUPID FUCKING BLOG!!! man sometimes i really think u should come back to reality and stop living off your computer… do something to help the world or just get shot and pissed upon… FUCK U seriously

  358. I think people like john stu, kee, and all other flamers are like.. retards in real life who has everything in life except a life (pun intended) and real friends (do you guys even know what “real friends” means anyway?). You guys are the sort who:
    1.hides behind the computer, alot of rubbish,
    3,wanks alot,
    4.are actually disappointed that you’ve been stung by a mosquito instead of a spider.
    5.dreams of having sex with mary jane all day long
    Get a life, go out into the real world and see what supermans you can be. That ought to fucking shut you guys up. Oh, don forget your superman costume, except that your “S” stands for Stupid, or maybe you guys can change it to “FS” that stands for “Fucking Stupid” instead. Hows that sound to you eh?
    P.S: I’m not coming back here for discussions or to check what you wankers have to say anymore, so go ahead, flame me. I’m gonna catch spiderman now. Have fun dickheads.
    P.P.s: My deepest condolences to the deceased. May their souls rest in peace.

  359. “wa….got accident, use phone call ambulance! i am a hero! i can be yourrr herooo, take pictures! i am a professional blogger, have to inform my no-life hungry for new blogs supporters, i know liao, first take a picture of sideways, next ah… oh a sohai go save the girl better take one of that nice shot, then hor take one with part of the body can see one, in case too sensitive people offended yet want to show something controversy sikit so that more viewers ma duh! ok la the stupid ambulance finally come take one more picture la! but too bad la abit paiseh dare not ask people take picture of me direct traffic and call help. if not the best adi. yay today no need to show all those meet that blogger go here travel buy that stuff blogs liao supporters starting to be immune with those blogs adi, this one NEW! FRESH! CONTROVERSY! i like…..

  360. To all the kenny’s ‘yes’men
    If any of your family members died from tragedies and accidents, you call Kenny up right away ok?
    He will dash right up to your place, snaps snaps snaps and put them on blog before the reporters do.
    So he is a hero. He happened to be at the crash site, he helps, stop, snaps, helps, stop, snaps.
    Just think la.. what on earth was he thinking when he was snapping those photos if not for the benefit of this blog?
    In another words, shouldnt we say Kenny took those pictures and put them up mostly, if not solely for the benefit for himself to generate positive viewership? To enhance his presence in the blogosphere? To create a buzz around his name? So that to translate those intangible fames he already has on web, to real life so that so make them more keenly felt? Say… on national television maybe?
    Viewership does go stagnant if you do not have something to stir it up once in a while, no?

    On a marketing point of view, this is a reasonable deduction. Subconciously, he is generating hits to his site. Oh yes, he is an opportunist alright.

  361. wah, spiderman superman aso come out liao…what next… goodrubber not coming back? then i might as well say FUCK YOU PSYCHO half the people here don’t even get what you are saying lousy piece of shit, what the fuck…people like you make my day man hahaha

  362. people are given a choice to blog what they want and read what they want. please stop criticising kenny. if you think you can do a better job at helping the society, then why is it i don’t see you people helping out at old folk’s home or at the orphanage? why aren’t you helping out by rehoming the homeless abandoned cats and dogs that are straying on the streets and being cruelly treated? why aren’t you in volunteer teams helping out with the natural disasters? please stop talking big and criticising other people without first looking at yourself as a person wasting the world’s precious oxygen and our country’s limited resources.
    if you think you’re so great and can do a better job at making the world better by blogging, go ahead and let us know when you make it, coz by then i’d most probably be busy cleaning out my dentures and washing my grandma underwears.

  363. I guess the only person who have the rights to strip kennysia off the photos are the family members/relatives of the victims…

  364. LariesT: Yes we know and we agree. Its the act of him taking the pictures and posting them here. Which he can do without and would have also gotten the message of the post across to all.

  365. Hi kenny,
    My deepest condolence to the victims family. Hope you recover from the trauma. I’m saddened to what can happen when we do not take the right step in driving. Wished that the driver could be more patient.
    Hope everyone learnt a lesson from this entry. It’s a good entry to remind everyone that life could be just over for our own carelessness…
    Dun blame kenny for taking that pictures.. I might have done tat too if i were in his place at that time. This whole entry make me speechless and to care about the loves one around me.
    Take care everyone!

  366. “…u [kenny] traded a few lives for your STUPID FUCKING BLOG!!!”
    eh kenny, since when u become the lorry driver ah?…why are the people accusing you being insensitive and killing the victims? they’ve resort to cursing you and your family members too…tsk tsk tsk! how low….

  367. GoodRubber:
    Your point doesn’t make sense. I don’t think your rubber is actually that good. Stop talking rubbish.
    Good bye and good riddance.
    For any of you who are interested here is an excerpt from NPPA (National Press Photographers Association)Code of ethics. Read point 4.
    Photojournalists and those who manage visual news productions are accountable for upholding the following standards in their daily work:
    1 Be accurate and comprehensive in the representation of subjects.
    2 Resist being manipulated by staged photo opportunities.
    3 Be complete and provide context when photographing or recording subjects. Avoid stereotyping individuals and groups. Recognize and work to avoid presenting one’s own biases in the work.
    4 Treat all subjects with respect and dignity. Give special consideration to vulnerable subjects and compassion to victims of crime or tragedy. Intrude on private moments of grief only when the public has an overriding and justifiable need to see.
    5 While photographing subjects do not intentionally contribute to, alter, or seek to alter or influence events.
    6 Editing should maintain the integrity of the photographic images’ content and context. Do not manipulate images or add or alter sound in any way that can mislead viewers or misrepresent subjects.
    7 Do not pay sources or subjects or reward them materially for information or participation.
    8 Do not accept gifts, favors, or compensation from those who might seek to influence coverage.
    9 Do not intentionally sabotage the efforts of other journalists.
    Does the public has a justifiable need to see this? We have on average 20-50 fatal accidents a day. It is already an well know fact that recklessness, poor judgment and speed kills.

  368. Condolences for the victim’s family. I don’t know what else to say to the victims.
    Kenny, if possible, have an update about the surviving little girl.
    Side note:
    Where are the concern for the victims?
    How come so many moral police who are more bothered about the anonymous photos than about the surviving little girl?
    Is this the real Malaysian attitude?
    I’m deeply saddened and humiliated after reading the comments left by all these people.

  369. Just read the comment entry Kenny made regarding the 5-yr old girl not surviving…my condolences to the family…May they all RIP…

  370. LariesT:
    Not bad, selective reading. Its not gonna change anything.
    Posted by: comeon at 18 May 2007 5:46 PM
    “I bet half of you guys who complained about Kenny taking the photo didn’t even bother to read Kenny’s explanation.
    He himself is a professional blogger, taking photos to further let us readers visualize the scene wasn’t wrong.
    Yes, we read his explanation. But that is not the point.
    Apparently you not thinking either. Let me ask, what guidelines do you use when classifying bloggers as professional?

  371. Hey Kenny,
    I think you have done the right thing by not moving the injured from the vehicle unless there is an imminent danger of fire or explosion. Who knows, you may cause more damage by doing so but tend to the injured if you could.
    By looking at the photos, airbags would have done nothing to save the driver from such a horrendous crash. What Malaysians such be educated about is the use of seat belts for all passengers and also child car seats. These safety components save lives! Slow down, speed kills.
    The rest of the people shouldn’t be too hard on Kenny about taking photos. These could serve as important evidence for recreation of the accident scene. What if you were in an accident and there were no collaborating evidence you were deemed guilt of the cause?
    Enough said. Bless those departed souls and Kenny I hope that you are not too traumatized by this accident. Seek help if you are.

  372. Seriously, just stop pointing fingers at Kenny. He did nothing wrong and he tried his best to do everything he could. I believe his sole motive was only to remind everyone to drive safely.
    Whatever done is done. Why don’t we just pray for those poor souls who have departed rather than pointing finger at the wrong person.

  373. i think kenny should print screen from other website news’s pic n upload here… just that pic is enuf…..

  374. Kenny,are you really sure that she tries to overtake another car?Because this happens to one of my friend’s family.There’s a total of 3 in the car(consisting of 1 mum,1 pregnant girl and a small little girl).Not trying to be harsh because I heard different stories from both side :\.
    Deepest condolences to their family.

  375. i never knew that you’d write about something like this. usually it’s about your family if it’s concerning heart felt matters. as for this one, i gotta give you some credit. you cared.
    nice to know 😉
    all the more you’re appreciated.

    GET A LIFE!!
    NTH TO DO AH!!?

  377. Many of us like to say what could have been done or should have been done but more often than not, unless you’ve been put into the exact same situation, you can by no means really comprehend what one’s going through.
    Emotional trauma is no shit. Be well Kenny:)
    From a purely trained first-aider and some sound background knowledge point of view, yes, so what if you’ve received first aid training, you’re no god. First aiders have very limited help to offer in serious injuries. One of the basic principles of first aid is to identify the situation, analyse and do no harm. If you’re not sure, don’t do it.
    As has been pointed out earlier, with a crash like this, moving the victims is not an ideal thing to do. You could just possibly kill a potential survivor instead of saving one’s life. Certainly, many would see the act of carrying the girl as the most appropriate thing to do, but like what a previous reader commented, the way she’s been carried could easily kill the girl.
    FYI, don’t know how many ppl actually know this but if you happen to come across an emergency at a place thats out of your mobile provider’s coverage, dial 112 and you will be connected to other available network and directed to the local emergency center, even if you’re overseas. So remember it’s not the end of the world if your mobile has no coverage as long as you have your mobile with you..well, GSM mobiles.
    It is perhaps the flaw of the country’s medical system for an ambulance to actually take 45 minutes to arrive, judging by the place reported – i believe you don’t need that amount of time from GH. 45 minutes can take one to Damai already!

  378. daamn.. my deepest condolences..
    you did what you could man.. dont mind what others are saying.. those photos were snapped after offering everything you could.. you were just trying to share what happened to the readers.. by posting it up also creates public awareness.. some people are just pure haters..

  379. hope d gurl will b alrite.if u knoe bout the gurl’s latest condition,plez do update d meantime,can onli pray tht she’s alrite
    as 4 those who couldnt make it in d car accident,may they rest in peace..

  380. airbags are only useful if the passenger cell is well protected, ie not crashed to small bits.. if the lorry’s bumper went right through it, any super canggih airbags wont help…
    trust me,i’m an automotive engineer..

  381. Comment box is for people to comment. You can type whatever you want. I totally agree.
    I saw all the comments and a lot of people asked:
    If one of your family members is in an accident, how will you feel if you saw these pictures of the accident on some random blog?
    My ans: I seriously don’t care where it appears. After all, when it is printed out in the newspaper,reported on tv with videos and images, thousands of people will know. Even age, name, etc. And more importantly, the pain of losing someone is far greater than something as tiny as some photos appearing in a random blog.
    Why is the motorist carrying the girl and Kenny busy snapping photos?
    My ans: I don’t know about Kenny.But I feel gross and scared to carry that girl because, what if she dies in my hands? What if the major cause of her dying is because I moved her? Then I will feel guilty forever. I admit Im a coward. But how many people can be as courageous as the motorist? At least I know all the 20 over onlookers including Kenny are cowards too. And people may say, if you don’t attempt to save her, won’t you feel guilty too? I will feel sad not guilty because at least I know clearly Im not the one who caused her death. The accident caused it and nobody can prevent that. I am not a doctor too. I can’t save her even if I very much want to.
    He snaps photos and put them up is just because he wants to share his traumatic experience with us. I don’t think he will get good money out of it. And so what if his viewership has gone up with so many people bashing him? That is just worthless if he really wants to gain publicity, fame, money etc.
    However, Kenny, I disagree the comment of people who ought to be shameful if they do not donate or call to find out about the situation. Though I feel sad for them, they are not my family or someone I know. I agree that everyday there are accidents happening and it is really not something shameful that we do not do anything to help out. Im sure you do not look at the newspaper everyday just to find out who are the people who got into accidents and then donate to them or pay visits etc.
    And about Kenny publicising that he is very helpful, I just feel that this is triggerd by the negative comments.No intention of publicising or getting an award out of it.
    Just saying how I feel and not intending to say who is right or wrong. It is just a pointless argument because so what if Kenny is disrespectful? or so what if he is a saint? Nothing changes in this world and the fact that all died in that tragic accident.

  382. Condolences to the family.
    I dont blame you kenny, any one of us would be as shock as you if in this kind of situation.

  383. I disagree with those who assume that much controversy has been generated over the photos only because he is kenny sia. In fact, if it wasn’t him posting this entry, i believe the pictures would receive more criticism.
    While kenny has done a good job lending a helping hand the best he knew how, providing too many details about his efforts has made it seem like he is simply fishing for compliments. Sure, if it weren’t for him it could have taken much longer to reach the police, but emphasizing it so greatly is unnecessary.
    Also, who is he to put a label on people who should be ashamed of themselves just because they choose not to pledge a donation? Countless could see the severity of the accident and not donate for their own reasons, why put them down? The most we can do is just appeal for aid, but if turned down we should just be respectful.
    I understand kenny is trying to remind us of the dangers of driving, and he has done so, but the thought of him snapping away while at the scene is just sad. I am aware that the helpless passerbys had nothing to do while waiting for help but taking numerous pictures is just sick.

  384. Hi. i’m so sorry for e ordeal. Speaking of insensitive issue.
    Firstly did u get e message of driving carefully? A picture speak a thousand words, i got the message it hit me right into my heart.
    Secondly, y point finger at others n what make u so superior to judge a person. A theory is always a theory, we are humun afterall. And what is right? A majority in e votes? Then the votes make u wrong.

  385. Some people have no life
    If you think this is wrong and you can do better THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE IN HIS BLOG? No wonder ‘some guy’ ending up driving an ambulance rather than a doctor.

  386. I think most of you should think how to make sure that you yourself didn’t ended up like the victims instead of bashing kenny around right? Seriously, he DID explained about the photos. He took them AFTER he calmed down. Personally, I think he didn’t do anything wrong as he didn’t post the dead bodies pictures. Stamp the accident pictures in your brain cells so that you’ll know what might happened if you drive carelessly.
    Normal human being would be totally shock & don’t know what to do after seeing a freak accident. You guys obvious haven’t seen dead bodies + blood + wracked car before, don’t you? You’ll be traumatized like shit.
    Condolences to the family & may their souls R.I.P.

  387. I dont know why is it so hard to understand.
    If your mum got killed in an accident, you go call Kenny and straight away he will fly to where you lives, snap pictures and blog about it ok? You like it that way?
    He helps out, and thats great. But problem is his rationality eludes me when he helps, stops, snaps, helps, stops, snaps. Even a reporter will subconciously tells you he did it for a paycheck.
    While it is great to help out, there is no denying he did it also for the benefit of himself, his blog. To generate hits, to have potential monetary gains.
    He did it to create a stir. Just like he did it with that christmas post 2 years ago, he puts on a controversy post to attract comments & viewerships. Why else you think LG will advertise their ‘chocolate’ here?
    There is a potential monetary gain if you could attract hundred thousands pair of eyes to your site everyday. In months to come, I wont surprise to see more brands to advertise here.
    Why couldnt he just help out and thats it? What is it in his mind the moment you took out his camera phone from his pocket if not potential monetary gains?
    If Kenny were to post up some lewd jokes and attract tons of comments, and potential monetary gains, that i am ok with it. In fact, those were what brought him fame years back. ANd that is what he should be doing!! But not this one.
    There were over 400 comments posted, and half if not most of the comments were questioning your intention the moment you took out your camera phone. It is an obvious attack.
    I think I will have more respect for Kenny if he apologizes. I will have even more respect for him if he admits the photgraphs he took partly for potential monetary gain.

  388. In context to the fuss of photo taking, the impact of a message will hardly bring about any effect without the photos. If you try to get across the message to a wide audience about the consequence of speeding or anything like that, you use photos, which is one of the best ways to get a message across. Donations don’t go to war torn countries within the effects of the photos, which tell a story far greater than words can convey. Not many people would have understood the emotions Kenny have gone through with just words.

  389. been Kenny’s fan for a long time until this post that i disagree with what he did.
    once a photographer in africa comes across a girl dying in the livelss land with a hawk waiting for its meals. he took a picture of it, chase away the hawk and left the place. he then won a big prize for that picture. but he committed suicide years after – his conscience ate him alive for he didnt help the little girl.
    issues is, his intention of taking those photos.
    for himself? or for mankind?
    sure Kenny did something good, by calling an ambulance and trying to direct traffic. but the photo snapping part still puzzles me – not that you shouldnt. but the fact that you took so many photo in so many GOOD angles? Kenny, if you are a reporter i would say you are a good reporter. and yes police dont need that photo from you. not that many anyway.
    fact that nothing else you could do (as you have done all you could) doesnt means you could go around and snap photos.
    if there is just a photo or two, then Kenny you still have my support. but when there is too many (with DAMN GOOD ANGLE i must admit), i am speechless.
    and your defensive come back just made you look worse – “i am already a hero by doing so much. you nameless people probably cant do as much”. yeah we might be able to do only a thing or two. but we wont take so many pictures to show people around.
    call me a chicken as you like. i am ashamed by you.

  390. The photographer in Africa carried the girl to a shelter after the photo-taking incident. However, without that one photo, not many of us could have truly understood what was happening in that country. If that photographer stayed on to become a volunteer there selflessly, he would still have been considered a greater person, but then he would one of the many who already made contributions and disappears quietly when he dies. One person can only do so much, but it is a totally different matter when you brought the world to your attention with what was posted. People sat up and took notice, and the situation was immediately understood.
    In terms of photo-taking, you would tend to capture better images faster within a shorter period of time when you have prior experience in that field. Kenny has a wide-readership, it is improbable that he did not take the photo partly out of self-interest. However, what is important in this message is that it did captured the attention of a wide audience, and it told the story.

  391. At this point in time, i tink everyone, whether positive or negative, are either repeating the same thing in different ways or bashing at at each other.
    Maybe it’s time to stop.
    I do not agree with this blog and the pictures but it’s obvious that kenny sia will not be deleting this post as it is bringing in so many viewers.
    It’s a weekend , go out and have fun and forget about kenny sia.

  392. HELLO PEOPLEEEEEEE.. wakeee upp!
    There are many people dying from many wars and they include children and women. They die from no fault of their own and yet we switch channels when we see them on the news….
    HEREEEEE…. the mom practically killed herself (and her kids).. plus she is really careless to overtake in a one lane each, two way road….
    sooo yeah, some of you saw this first hand so wooo hoo it made u relate to it but please remember, there are people dying as we speak in ways worse than this, its just that it has become old news for us and we became terribly insensitive….
    whatever it is, im not going to pretend im self-righteous or that i feel so sad blah blah because i am not a hypocrite and i feel that my sadness could be directed to other issues the world is facing, not just another car accident.

  393. When i first saw your entry, i also thought, WTH man, still got time to take foto! Why never go and help!
    And it does seem a little contrived to say it is all in the good of the victims.
    Until i read all your comments.
    It must have been traumatising to realise how immacutely linked life and death is.
    And these photos do serve to remind us that.
    However, i still don’t agree with the photos. At least not a whole film reel of them.
    Much blessings and prayers.

  394. Its normal for a normal 1st aider to be in shock when it comes to situation like this. However, it is very advisable not to carry the victim as we do not know whether he/she has internal injuries or spinal cord injury which may paralyse her.But if he/she is able to walk with abit of help, you may send him/her to the nearest clinic or hospital with own vehicle. If you do know the correct way of carrying and confident, good, go ahead. But if you are not, do not make situation worse. Please correct me if I am wrong.Its my 1st aid knowledge that i have gained after attending few courses for the past 5 years. Just wana share:)

  395. hey kenny,
    if, like you say, you really care bout the victims in the accidents, then obviously you’d TAKE DOWN THE FUCKING PICTURES by now.
    seeing as how they’re still up there i can only guess that:
    i) you actually don’t care bout the victims
    ii) you like the blog traffic
    iii) you get some twisted pleasure in watchin ppl arguin on ur blog
    iv) you’re a dick
    (…yeah just added the last one for fun)

  396. wow. that’s a lot of comments.
    first of, it was really tragic to hear of such news. i can actually relate to that as my friends were involved in a highway accident not too long ago too. the feeling of not being able to do anything when clearly your friend- who’s lying unconcious in the ICU ward- needs you. the feeling is just plain ridiculous…and real. and painful.
    my condolneces to the family of this accident’s victims, as well as to the many others who falls prey to the road stats.
    now that i’ve gotten that out, i would like to return my attention to the fact that this post has garnered so many comments.
    whether he intended it as such (which i personally, sincerely doubt it), kenny is currently recently lots of publicity over this issue, the good and the bad.
    and all you self-righteous people out there, slapping kenny with accusations of such and such…don’t you see…you are the ones helping him achieve his goals (let’s assume for now that all kenny wants is fame and world domination). YOU are the one making such public outcry, over and over again. you are contradicting your own stand.
    however, did kenny break any rules in doing so?
    it is, afterall, his blog.
    he can be a really bad and nasty piece of $hit, or an angel under guise…but this is his blog, where he’s entitled to his thoughts and actions (as restricted by the rules/law/act/etc). if you don’t like him, you are also entitled to voice your own thoughts, and perhaps never to visit this blog again?
    i don’t know, but i think everyone’s blowing this whole thing out of proportion.
    but i don’t think kenny did anything wrong.
    perhaps he was desperate for more hits. nothing wrong there. he didn’t exactly drive that truck that crashed into the car. he was there to help.
    perhaps he was insensitive and a natural b*tch.
    but he stopped. he did all he could. he phoned the ambulance. he helped direct traffic. yeah, i guess you could say he was nasty for not going back to office early to work. -_-”
    perhaps he was just trying to relate to us the emotions he was feeling then, and how best to do it, but use pictures.
    he did nothing wrong there either.

  397. You’re seriously sick. You took photographs?
    Don’t use that BS line that it could be used for “police evidence”. What more do the police need than seeing what they have before them?
    What if her family reads this? They will see the awful photos of her crash, and they will also know she did it.
    Words can’t describe how DISGUSTING you are. You are shameless. Exploiting the DEATH of someone else to get hits on your pathetic website.

  398. 1. Kennysia made a simple mistakes by taking photo. -END-
    2. You guys who criticised kennysia is kiasu people with too much free time. Go do something meaningful please and fuck off. -END-
    3. To all the ball lickers and people who support kennysia…. You guys are so pathetic(bodek kuat) Go fuck yourself also. -END-
    4. Oh my god…with all our visit and hit/second to kennysia webpage he’s probably claming more from the hit count from internet provider. So please stop it already. You guys actually giving him advantages. -END-
    P/S: And i better go fuck myself now.
    Just my 2 cents becoz i don’t have any common sense or 6th sense.

  399. Me again.
    On the fifth photo, you can see little legs peeking out. If it wasn’t for that one I would have assumed the best and that you had the decency to wait until all the bodies were taken away before you started taking photos.
    You have no respect for this family Kenny.
    A simple blog explaining the situation, and perhaps a photo of the glass on the ground and link to the newspaper story will be enough.
    I will contact the hospital but not just to send my condolences, but to let them know that a cold hearted blogger has put photos of the crash up on his site. Including one of their dead child.
    Don’t pretend to be a hero begging for people’s help because that one photo of the little child’s legs shows enough about your cold soul to know that you don’t really care.
    You seriously make me sick.

  400. kenny don’t let me see you on kch streets, gerenti i pui at you! PUI! useless fame hogger!

  401. First time commenting here..though am avid reader. I think that a blog is to jot down personal write what you see…you put images of it so it may remind you over and over again that fateful day of what you have seen. Kenny is doing what he had been doing for the past 2-3 years since he start this blog.. He blogged…he put images together with it so his reader can somehow relate or get a better sense of what he wished to convey. Somehow, i think it is already cultured in his nature or instinct that gives him tendency to snap away those photos given that certain situation./event. I do believe that he do wish to let this incident (accident) known to as much people as possible..but not for personal gain.. but to somehow bring sense to other people to help the girl who is in critical danger. I imagined him traumatised from the event..and feeling hopeless and i think he would have wished he could have done more…thus…it was his intention to make up for the thing, he blog it here so people would be aware and could actually lend a hand..
    So, instead of critisizing him.. I think we should thanked him for this awareness and focus on helping the girl…
    Think of it..if it wasn’t for Kenny..i doubt half or even 80% of who have commented good or bad would know about this accident..
    So give the bashing a rest supportive.. no good comes from constant hatred…
    The bible say.. Love your family, friends and neighbours…and better your enemy as well..
    May the Victims rest in peace..and Peace to all!

  402. Fish:
    “1. Kennysia made a simple mistakes by taking photo. -END-
    2. You guys who criticised kennysia is kiasu people with too much free time. Go do something meaningful please and fuck off. -END-
    3. To all the ball lickers and people who support kennysia…. You guys are so pathetic(bodek kuat) Go fuck yourself also. -END-
    4. Oh my god…with all our visit and hit/second to kennysia webpage he’s probably claming more from the hit count from internet provider. So please stop it already. You guys actually giving him advantages. -END-
    P/S: And i better go fuck myself now.
    Just my 2 cents becoz i don’t have any common sense or 6th sense.
    Posted by: Fish at 19 May 2007 8:29 AM | Link to comment”
    Excuse me, simple mistake??? Do u even read all the previous post?
    Why don’t u go fuck off yourself. Stop using profanities. We are not criticizing, we are stating a fact and a problem with his ethical photojournalism.
    Please also make it clear that what is your stand on this. Don’t sit on the fence and shout at both side to fuck off, you may fall down and impale your balls.

  403. The fact that all the photo is still here proves that Kenny is enjoying the publicity of everyone who commented. He has achieved his goal, winning all the popularity he wanted by taking all the shots at the accident.All 9 of them.
    One more thing, the little girl survived. Read Sat paper (chinese). Another good attempt to stir up more publicity of this blog. Successful-very, brilliant-absolutely, felling sorry-dont think so.

  404. Kenny you sold your soul for popularity! Porky pig! Let’s see you coming out of all these pig shit you created! I used to thought you were funny and dorky, now you are just disgusting and a loser! attention seeker! screw you!


  406. Of course he mentioned the girl passed away, he wanted huge traffic but it got out of hand and the balless coward don’t know how to end all these so he just use his fucked up mind to say everything has ended so he don’t have to explain himself anymore… a friend is the family friend, might as well say friend friend friend punya emak ipar punya friend la dickhead!

  407. hey guys don’t keep scolding and forgot the true purpose of this blog and its hidden message that you all should know…..
    SAMSUNG X820 has the CLEAREST camera of all the other phones in its category, come with ultra zoom, anti-shake that even brand like Sony can’t develop, vibrant colours and High-Definition clarity. Please take not of all that. Thank you.

  408. Whatever the case, I feel this shouldn’t have been made into a blog entry. Please give some thought to removing it..or at least the pictures of the victims.
    I’m sure their family members wouldn’t want the world to see them like that.

  409. thespian: “What’s wrong about this is that you’re posting pictures of dead people on the road, in an accident and claiming you’re sorry.” For one thing, Kenny Sia did NOT take pictures of dead people. And taking photos of the scene of accident does not mean he does not feel sorry for the casualties.
    For another, he “offered to help by calling the emergency number.” This is the safest, and the best, thing he could have done to help. When kenny said “he did not know what to do”, he probably meant that he did not know how to go about giving actual help to the victims since he is not a trained medic.
    By taking photos, he is portraying the severity of the accident for us to witness. He is also conveying to us the emotions he felt then, through pictures.
    To Kenny’s critics, you’re doing a great job in helping Kenny boost his publicity even more by creating such a fuss. In that case, he will have to thank you for helping him achieve his “aim” then.

  410. gruesome accident indeed. and totally heart felt. taking the photos for the police is a good deed but posting them up do not support the fact. it is dreadful to see a kid lying dead inside the car. plz if u wanna help dont put up those dreadful pics. u could at least called up the hospital and asked for the kid’s condition instead of reading it from d papers if u reli cared.

  411. I have read enough of all these comments (indeed I never finished reading all of them) cause the arguments just go round and round. I think most people MISSED a very important point arguing whether Kenny should post the photo or not. He has the right to put up the photos but the victims or the victims’ family member has the higher priority in the ‘rights order’. Hence, what Kenny should have done in the first place is to ask for permission from the victim’s family. He shouldn’t have put up this entry so soon.
    But then again, i can understand this is the first major accident that happened right in front of him, he probably still traumatized by it. Hence, it is natural to blog about it.

  412. hehe you want x820 come to my shop at Hot Shot mobile near Kch Waterfront… i count you cheaper, i stock up alot x820 adi so i sell more quantities ma can cheaper lo… lai lai ok!

  413. aih,what the fuck wrong with ur all lar…go read his reasons first before commenting on his action…this is what wrong with the community…judging when you dont even know the full story…this type of people can jump from building…u think his wat? superman? spiderman? no emotion? I really want to SEE WHAT YOU could do when you are in his position.Balless cowards.Btw,cheer up. This type of people doesnt worth your time.
    God bless.

  414. ya kenny quit your so called day job and instead of go travelling here and there camwhoring go look for accidents la! come to peninsula North South Highway patrol everyday let you take pictures until song song! bring your pda ur phone ur dslr ur sony t9 or wadever and shoot until your fingers also numb. and when you done, might as well go to Nirvana take summore pictures of the dead and don left our the other religion ok! Sicko…

  415. Fact: it is only normal to help call for help, anyone could’ve done that! I can’t believe the many ppl who are praising him like he did something real heroic. read the post again. the guy only did two things: call n take pics, all over the place. i would’ve called, but to take pics of something of this nature would be beyond my conscience.
    Fact: Kenny feels guilty taking those pictures b/c he says “sorry” and its not sorry they died, its an overall sorry , incl. his taking of the pics.
    Fact: one pic tells a thousand words; so many pics tells us he did it to get a reaction. he knows he’s wrong but he can’t resist the publicity and gain he’s getting!

  416. “hehe you want x820 come to my shop at Hot Shot mobile near Kch Waterfront… i count you cheaper, i stock up alot x820 adi so i sell more quantities ma can cheaper lo… lai lai ok!” commented by I paid kenny alot for all these promo
    Shame on you! You show no sympathise and care at all about the tragic accident like personal attackers, and yet promo on Samsung for your selfish-making money-for-your-own-life. Now, people will be bashing you at Hot Shot mobile nearby Waterfront.
    I just read it in chinese newspaper this early morning. My condolences to the family of victims. May the victims rest in peace.

  417. Yasushi no brain ah.
    Icantbelievethis:FACT:If Kenny is really sorry, he can still delete the pics.
    FACT:If Kenny is still greedy for money, he won’t remove the pics but will say sorry to con stupid people like you.

  418. firstly, there’s nothing kenny could’ve done but call the emergency number. cos ONE, you must never never move a victim of a car accident or anything cos you might injure them like break their neck or something. i’m 15 and i know that.
    and kenny taking photos. i don’t find it insensitive. how bout those photographers who take photos at accident scenes ALL THE TIME. your not gonna call them insensitive, are you? why think of the negative effects when we can look at the positive? like kenny could be telling us to be more careful on the roads. why do we people always look at the bad side first? think about it.

  419. Yasushi is the stupidest commenter bar none WAHAHAHa what the fuck…can’t even catch the sacrasm and start blasting people like no tommorrow… this comment box is full of idiots like you who has no sense of humour or sacrasm and i like it! to know that there are people more stupid then i am,

  420. apa lah: r u confused? your 1st fact is against Ken, your 2nd is for him…pls, don’t ever be a lawyer!

  421. I agree with HEE. Go read his entry. At least it isn’t openly Kenny-bashing. But I still think that the photos of the victims should be removed.

  422. sandra: yes, you shouldn’t move the victims unless you are sure they don’t have broken bones. This is very true and applicable in places like the US where their ambulance will always arrive within minutes. But for OUR case, sometimes it is not a bad idea at all to move the victim if we have concluded that’s the best action to take. The victim is unconscious and the ambulance is not coming. I would carry the victim to the hospital myself if I know I can get there faster. There is no protocol (there never is!) in Malaysia what we (public) should do in case of emergency, especially during car accident. Minor or major. Just ask around, you will be amazed at all kind of answers you get!

    take up Rescue diver course. although you might not be able to help all the time, but is good you can help sometimes. and is all that matters. let this incident be your strength 🙂

  424. wah.. not sian 1 a u all. arguments just go round n round non stop.
    before i left this website yesterday, there are only 190+ comment. bt now there is alr 526+ comments leh!
    seems like there is a lot of ppl out there gt nothing better to do

  425. Kenny you this sunday still going segi college to promote yourself? can i go there throw eggs at you a? so like to be famous and attract all the attention ho! basking on all the publicity ho! best la u hehe…

  426. there was nothing you could’ve done kenny…so keep your head least you tried to help..everyone would’ve been dumbstruck in situations like these..
    dont blame yourself for something that’s not your fault

  427. funny ah with all these kennysian. he blogs watever he wants la. get a life la u ppl. if u dont like. get lost la. dont read anymore. shessshh..lame lame lame…kiddish!

  428. Im so sad to hear about the news. deepest condolence to the victim’s family.
    Hey, you people out there. Do remember this is Kenny’s blog. He just blog out what he witnessed and his feeling. You people want to read it then read it. Don’t comment on nonsense. The whole comment column become a bullshit. If you people are at that situation, I bet you’ll only slow down your car and watch what had happened and you people make the whole road jammed. did you people came out at once to give a hand? and you people keep on criticise people’s blog. Did Kenny posted out the victims’ photo? I didn’t see any inside the blog. So what the hell you people keep on boombarding his blog?

  429. I saw the story on The Star newspaper yesterday.
    I find it similiar to de one written here…
    Anyhow, i felt sorry to those who couldnt survive.
    Deepest Condolences to the their family. May God bless the soul n the survived girl.

  430. the pictures taken by kenny is not gruesome, yet why he want to take so many from different angles, its like you eat never eat until full still leave half empty stomach, want to go penang but stopped at ipoh….
    The weak heart people will think too gruesome and over, but the hardcore audience are not satisfied, kenny you are a really balless coward…. like kids want to skip school but scare mama beat so end up skip class oni…

  431. Kenny,
    This post & especially the photos of the accident has brought about negative reactions & comments from a lot of peolple.
    Obviously it was a mistake to put it up esp the pics. My advice is to take the pics off your blog. Put pride aside. mistakes are made by everyone. People will respect you more if you do that.

  432. Bless you Kenny, you did the right thing and if it was not for you, all of us would not know about this let alone the Police and the Emergency team.
    You are very brave. I have gone thru one similar to this and was still shivering even after six months!
    To the rest: Please understand this as it IS very traumatic to see all those fresh injuries and death.
    Kenny, pls keep up the good work. You did the right thing.

  433. I’m glad that these pictures were put up. I hope that it reminds us all to stick to the speed limit, keep a safe distance with the car in front of you, buckle up (yes… even sitting in the back seat), don’t let your kids treat the car as a playground and not get distracted or angry while behind the wheel of a vehicle.
    I live along that road (Jalan Batu Kawa-Matang). I see too many people doing all of the above everyday and paying for it with their lives or the lives of others. I too was there-but later. Everyone was distraught-including the cops, firefighters and civil defence medics. I think you get that when kids are involved.
    It’s not hard to understand why the police considers the car as a ‘deadly weapon’. ’nuff said. Drive safe.

  434. first of all, this is the first time i’m commenting here, though an avid follower of for the last few years.
    i never thought of having a say in this blog until this post.
    above all, condolences to the victims’ family, i’m sure this is a very testing time for them, and god pray i only hope they can bury this tragedy deep down in a corner of their mind.
    secondly, i thought kenny did everything he could to assist, that is enough. i don’t think many people can boast to have given his best to help in a horrific accident. kenny’s done well.
    lastly, despite all these i don’t think i’ll be reading this blog anymore. the photos to be honest, is somewhat tasteless and although i don’t condemn kenny for taking a few shots for police evidence or blogging purposes, whatever reasons, i sure do not wish to one day find out that my beloved ones are involved in an accident by seeing the photos posted here.
    that, will kill what’s left in my heart.
    all the best, kenny, you’re a great blogger, with just one less reader from today onwards.

  435. Hi Kenny,
    First and foremost condolences to the family. Second, may u be strong and get over this whole saga.
    I have been a avid reader of your blog. Both for entertainment and interest.
    Personally, I feel that while there could be nothing wrong taking photos, the words used to form your argument may have given the likes of those who are bashing you and, a very wrong impression. As the saying goes, the more you try to explain, the more complicated it gets. Which is generally true because pple who are already not happy, will pick and find everything that is not right to form a basis of argument to their advantage. There is always something to argue about in an explaination.
    Jornalist over blogger. Job versus “not everyday incident”. It is the job of a jornalist to photograph an incident he afterall is paid to do so. But maybe not so for a blogger. 1 or 2 photos to publish and document the incident may have been more than enough. Even in the newspapers, probably, i feel, they might not have had that many pictures used. Probably 1 or 2 which leaves the most impressions.
    Nevertheless, given the circumstances you were in, you most probably have done more than most would have. Its upsetting to know that its difficult making people understand your point of view, but at the same time, do not degrade yourself to the likes of them but try to show more understanding to those who do not realise by putting yourself in their perspective as well.
    There really isnt a wrong or right. Just a matter who which is of more priority. If unfortunately I was a close family member of the unfortunate incident, I would be pretty upset about whatever is written or shown in your blog. Similarly, I believe that you would be too. There might have been a better and more tactful way to do it.
    Cheer up. Over this whole incident, everyone has much to learn. Not only trying to understand each others perspectives, the sensitivity of words, the need for explaination, the need to know when to stop critizing, the priorities, the open-mindedness, the art of forgiveness and compassion.