Blue Eyes

On the streets of Cairo, this frail old lady sitting on the side of the streets by herself. It was 6 in the morning.

I don’t know who she is, or what she does for a living. What I do know is that she possess one of the most hauntingly blue eyes I have ever seen.
It was as if behind those pair of deep blue eyes was a story of despair and hardship.

What is her name? How did she end up sitting alone in the streets so early in the morning? She couldn’t tell me because we do not speak the same language.
I believe that every single one around us has an amazing story waiting to be told.

Most of us think that we all lead normal lives and that other people’s lives are just so routine and boring it is not worth telling. We don’t make an effort to get to really get to know someone because we throught there was nothing special to learn from them.
It is only when we managed to get someone to open up, then we truly get blown away.

Have you got to know someone new today?

I will be at the Open Day of SEGi College’s new campus at Kota Damansara on Sunday 20th May (tomorrow) from 10am to 5pm. If you guys aren’t doing anything special on that day, please drop by and say hi.

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  1. “It is only when we managed to get someone to open up, then we truly get blown away.”
    yeah, like getting married to a person u’ve known for years.

  2. “It is only when we managed to get someone to open up, then we truly get blown away. ”
    Nice one Kenny
    “Have you got to know someone new today?”
    Yes I do 🙂

  3. “It is only when we managed to get someone to open up, then we truly get blown away.”
    Nice one 🙂
    “Have you got to know someone new today?”
    Yes, minutes ago 🙂

  4. Great shot u got there..
    The old lady must have been beautifull when she was in her prime age..
    And now she is so helpless..must be a story behind those expression..
    A toucing post Kenny

  5. It’s a bit eerie to read about the blue eye lady and the accident together, especially at a Saturday morning…
    let’s hope everybody’s at peace and happy most of the time

  6. Yeah! move on kenny.. forget about the trauma at the accident. Glad that u’ve posted up new post b4 all ur readers gone berserk. they’ve been making too many comotions. The unfortunate accident entry almost reached 600 comments that was probably the most after the Kuching vs Perth entry… yo hot ler! but u r always good ler.

  7. You distasteful man, can you please remove those accident pictures? I understand the need for you to bring attention to your blog, but that post is pure irresponsible and sheer sensationalization without taking into account the feelings of the aggrieved party. Unless it was your son’s lifeless body there and your head under the truck, you do not have the right nor the right to presume that it is ok to post those sick pictures up.
    Your attitute sickens me sincerely.

  8. Those pics of the old lady reminds me of some shots from the national Geographic magazine. Both with eyes equally as haunting.

  9. You take amazing pictures. But I agree, behind every person — boring or not — is a story. If only we just take the time and effort to know it… keep it up!

  10. Interesting post. It reminds me of a story I’ve seen on National Geographic Channel called “Search for the Afghan Girl”.
    One of the photographers for National Geographic took her picture in 1984 in a refugee camp. She was only known as the Afghan Girl for years, until they decide to find out her identity. It was I think 18 years later before they actually found out who she is and where she is.
    For more information click the Wikipedia Article, the National Geographic Article, and here.
    Her picture, taken when she was 12, was named “the most recognized photograph” in the history of the magazine.

  11. To Richard and others who are going to comment on the previous post, please leave it there instead of bringing it here. It’s getting really annoying…
    Anyway Kenny, i like how you do touches on your picture. It really reflects the sorrow and hardship on the aunty’s face.

  12. “It is only when we managed to get someone to open up, then we truly get blown away” Kenny Sia
    woww…the facial impression of the old lady,really touched my heart..i seriously feel like want to give her help if i cant..haih..actually we are very lucky pals, comparing those like that..we shall feel luck and stop complaining about our bad luck..then, what are theirs?
    ~sobs~ T.T

  13. “It is only when we managed to get someone to open up, then we truly get blown away.”
    I think it is only when we are brave enough to take the initiative to open ourselves up to others first, that we allow them to identify and relate to us and open themselves up for us. It is then that we are all blown away in knowing that we are NOT alone…

  14. Wanna get a job at National Geographic is it? Wanna copy the Afghan girl shot is it? U r really lame. Artistic? no loh. Trying to be funny? Yes lor.

  15. Kenny, your picture taken reminds me of the famous picture of the little girl with the hauntingly beautiful eyes on one cover of National Geographic. That issue was decades ago and a few years back, National Geographic went back in search of that girl. They found her though she aged considerably but still retains her beautiful eyes. I’ve read that the human eyes is the window to the soul.
    Did you manage to get a peek?

  16. Hi Kenny,
    Been reading ur posts for quite a while and its only now. So far, yours posts have been entertaining and informative. The last and previous were too.. But somehow or another, there are bound to be people whose small minds cannot comprehend your true purpose if doing those posts. There are also people who seems to take pleasure in degrading you. Dont fret ya bro.. cos there are people like me and others who appreciate you. Thanks Kenny.

  17. Richard Tay, you’re commenting at the wrong post. and if you think kenny is disgusting, please stop reading his blog. he has a day job, don’t need your visit to keep him alive. so, blah, ok?

  18. Kennysia, pls remove this blog, you taking and photos of this poor old woman is distasteful, what if her family were to see her photos? You should help her or find help for her, not taking photos. Hehe. You just want fame and fortune for yourself, why not share with us? blabla…..Richard Tay, peace bro, luv ur post and sensitivities. Don’t get caught visiting
    But you should visit the smurfs website. Hopefully you don’t find Gargamel too frightening.

  19. This is really touching. Indeed. Everyone has a story to tell. This lady, reminds me of my grandmother.
    We are real lucky compared to those out there.

  20. Rather making stories of her misery, why don’t (or didn’t) you help her?
    Help ease her hardship.
    Have you done any charity today?

  21. Richard Tay, how can you curse kenny like that? This clearly shows what type of person you are. You claim you are defending morality but in reality you are just plain jealous.
    Hope you get your head stuck in an elevator. I will take pictures of it and post it on But your son can sue the town council for compensation.(at least i did not curse your son)

  22. hey, its true, everyone has so much stories behind them. But its not everyday that we have time to stop, listen and pay attention to others.
    And its not everyday we open up and break down our barriers to others.
    You reminded me that it’s been long that i didn’t meet any new people in my life. Not because i didn’t have any opportunities, but because i was scared. How do you open up with someone else?

  23. I could never understand why people just cant mind their own business but enjoy to bother about ppl blog..
    I m 18 n i grow up..but do u…
    Mind ur own thing..n stop bother about what kenny wrote..

  24. This onli comfirm on one thing..Malaysia Pendidikan Moral really didnt bring any good to u Richard Tay..
    And u need a 18 years old gurl to tell u this..dont u feel ashamed of yourself..?
    As least…she didnt learn to curse on u..

  25. Its very hard for me to mix with people here in M’sia because they stare at you strangely as if you have AIDS or something.
    I guess alot of people aren’t exactly that jovial around these parts. I’m sure there are nice people around, just havent found any yet.
    There are indeed stories to be told but most would take their stories to the grave with them.

  26. Saw sadness in her eyes. Wonder how long has she endure pain in her heart, mind and soul.
    Have you got to know someone new today?
    Ya, trying to know you.

  27. Hey Kenny,
    Sure you not traumatized by the road carnage? 2 sad post in a row? OMG, don’t do it Kenny! There is so much blogging for you to do yet!
    Just kidding, hahaha… A little levity sometimes help or call me insensitive. Seriously, talking about about any traumatic event means that your are on track to recovery.
    The whole damn world is full of misery and no one including me seems to have any solutions just band aids.

  28. Hey Kenny,
    You’re so rude one lah. Granny was no beggar, just doing her morning meditation and here you were snapping photos and interrupting. Also leh, all these people making up stories about someone who they don’t know (including me). Pictures lie too mah. Only thing left to do liao is to eat kolok mee, laksa, and kueh chap all on sitting! Oink! Oink!

  29. Kenny..u are fake guy. Admit it. Stop pretending that u are such a kind-hearted person..take off ur mask…

  30. amazing job, kenny. just run away from critisms. pretend nothing ever happened on the other entry.
    grow up and be a man lah

  31. No wonder there are famines in this world.
    People just like to watch and shoot pictures instead of helping.
    Also, favor asking people to grow up instead of giving a hand.
    Perhaps, those TV stations, charity organizations, orphanages and so on need to grow up as well.
    When one is hit by difficulties, then he or she will know who needs to grow up then.
    Just my 0.02 cents.

  32. wah, i see so many ppl give negative feedback and say kenny do nothing but take pictures only.
    Just ask yourselves what would you have done in his place la. He make an effort to blog about things that made a significant impression on him, be it humourous or solemn.
    In turn his stories make an impact on the readers. This is what he can do. Share things. Share the jokes, share the pictures, share the life lessons. Nothing wrong with that right?
    If no one has written an article or taken a picture/film how would we know what the outside world is like?
    So please la, until you have done your part in charity and make sure that you are an absolute angel on earth, only then you would have the right to say Kenny should have done this this or that that.

  33. don, have you actually seen REAL photographs professional photographers take? they take pics of famines, dying children in africa, of AIDS patients, of third world countries, old people and people who stray in the streets. are these photography subjects given help everytime they are photographed? and these photographers actually win prizes submitting those pics. u senseless dick, crawl back to the hole where you came from.

  34. If you think Kenny is fake then stop reading his blog!! Otherwise quit your bitching cause he can say whatever he wants and post whatever he wants cause it’s HIS blog. It’s not rocket science people, it’s common sense.
    Kenny….a photo says a thousand words and those particular photos are awesome =D!

  35. ur entry was really true. jus nw i was chattin with a new fren, n wad i discovered abt him realli xplained his character. i was ‘blown away’ n wanted to cry for him, even. everyone of us shld make de effort to b nice even to strangers because all of them have ‘stories waitin to be unveiled’. really.

  36. Aussie Chick
    It’s not rocket science people, it’s common sense.
    Well you know.. To them, common sense is not common , and they are always talking non-sensical nonsense.

  37. I feel pity for u kenny, u seem to attracts tonnes of shallow ppl reading your blog. I just want to say to you..Rock on! U’re a great blogger! one of msia’s best! Ur entries are informative, entertaining, at times educational and of coz humorous. Take Care! —Msian soon to be sydney-sider– Peace & Love!

  38. “Music of the Week: These are the reasons why Australian Idol is a hundred times better than anything American Idol has ever produced: Dean Geyer and Bobby Flynn.”
    this was a previous short talk u posted and i sincerely disagree with u, kenny
    i dont think anyone could ever match the likes of fantasia, kelly clarkson,chris daughtry etc
    but anyway, back to the current post, did u find out what she was holding? just curious, cause it looks like bank notes…
    aside from that, i have in fact seen several people(relatable to this case) sitting alone at sidewalks etc, if we were to find out why everyone was sitting alone, we probably wouldnt have time for ourselves, right?

  39. and to that rojakmaumau crap… please la, get a life. maybe you can go to Cairo and help the lady since you are oh-my-god-so-damn-freaking-kind.
    kenny… i think this person might be a homo and just being damn jealous of you. be careful orh… haha =D

  40. see, i’m not sure who’s side u’re on, kat. i was speaking FOR kenny, not against him, so why are u so miffed? u getting the facts? or u need specs?

  41. No Kenny… i HAVEN”T knew anyone new !!! Is it wrong, does our lives need to be so damn interesting and full of good n bad stories to tell???? Why can’t we juz lead a simple life ???

  42. and i wonder why so many people comment negatively to kenny’s posts. it really irks me to see ppl older than me bashing kenny’s posts. grow up.

  43. This is one of the most insightful and beautiful posts you have written. =)
    photos are meant to bring to life images and situations which words alone cant do. Those are freakingly good pictures.

  44. to Aussie Chick,
    you mentioned…
    “Otherwise quit your bitching cause he can say whatever he wants and post whatever he wants cause it’s HIS blog. It’s not rocket science people, it’s common sense.”
    but have you realized he has kept his blog PUBLIC and allowed readers to comment? This is common sense too.

  45. touching post,no one will ever notice and pay attention to those by the street.
    i’l be in SEGI on sunday too.
    hope to see you.
    good day

  46. how ah kenny? i already lost all respect i had to you due to your previous post? now i try to continue to read your post but i keep thinking you are such a faker and poser…

  47. did i get to know someone new today? yes I did & I think he’s a pervert since he wanted to meet me after saw my photo in friendster & chatted with me for less than 5 mins :/

  48. Really a great picture! Yea i blog everyday haha obssess but i am not as a great blogger as yourself but blogging to me is to remind me the things i’ve done and how life goes on….
    My blog header is
    “Life is not measured by the amount of breathe we take but by the moments that takes our breathe away”…
    Thanks for this post, there’s something about old people that makes me think of their struggles and hardship…its just sad…

  49. It’s great to see that you’re equally capable of writing something thoughtful for people to ponder over as making people laugh. Hats off, as usual.

  50. How much you pay her to pose for you? I think you paid her too little, she’s like cursing you, “you cheap little butt”

  51. More often than not, if you allow yourself to know a person better, even if you’ve known him/her for ages, you’ll meet a “new” person within.
    That’s the wonder of human interpersonal relationship, you don’t stop learning and discovering about each other.
    Don’t be too sure that you’ve known your partner or loved ones inside-out. Too much to learn about and the journey is life-long. In a way, that keeps things interesting.

  52. Richard Tay,
    Please kindly take a gun and shoot yourself. This world would be so much better without people like you.
    Kenny, Good Job! You did great!! You just touched a lot of hearts out there.

  53. This Blue-Eyed Old Lady very likely is the object of Bigotry and Racism in a land where those of her appearance is rare.
    Why is she there, and How does she survive sitting on the ground surrounded by squalour??
    “Be carefull how you treat strangers, many have entertained Angels without even knowing it”.

  54. just who or what are you trying to appeal to? the post is cliche, and who the hell told you a gray background is even tolerable? this blog has gone way down the drain.

  55. blink. u are plagiarising the title of my favourite book. seems like ur thin slicing ability has, and i quote, “gone way down the drain”. u seem to have temporary autism, although whether it is permanent autism, i leave it up to you to decide.

  56. well…u r really popular.only now i realised ur blog is really hit n big..
    emmmm..just say hello n hope u will b fine dear.

  57. Best Photographer of the year? my foot!
    I think people who said this dun even know what the hell is photography…

  58. Gordon, don’t to be angry at the world just because nobody ever took notice of your photography. What a pity. You can pay some newspaper money to have them make an article about your photos you know, that is, if you can find someone willing to support you.
    Otherwise, shut up.

  59. my gudness lah.. you guys damn no life.. its juz a thought for you to ponder, this kind of things hav been done countless times, on tv’s on mags.. everywhere to make ppl think about life, and here you ppl are cursing and bombing shit degrading comments abt what kenny is doing..
    Can i ask ah? you guys been living in a hole ya whole life?

  60. oops forgot to post my own comment..
    its a nice picture, makes you realise how lucky your life has been.. and to be grateful and appreciate what you have =)

  61. to the person nicknamed blink. the book blink is about psychology, u dimwit. u don’t do a lot of readin do u? i guess ur brain capacity is that small, u can only fit insults in ur brain. and about backlashing at me through my blog, shame on u, u’re a wuss. u are pathetic. and i’m not a kenny whore. i just can’t stand half-wits like u who are bothering kenny for no reason when u could’ve stopped reading his blog.

  62. wow.. those eyes.. so blue.. i bet she’s a pretty lady when she was young…
    it’s like staring into her eyes long long also make ur eyes blue @@”
    :O come la visit my blog come come come hahahaa..
    *press u now*

  63. haha, dhey, of course kenny copy the style of others’ la… duh if it’s good it’s then copied right? kenny is probably just experimenting new ways to take photos and probably improving angles and shots later on? who knows…
    damn, and i thought americans were stupid enough that they always flame each other, i’m getting quite disappointed with malaysians instead, dissing here and there but we’re all probably some fat fuck sitting and feeling protected behind the monitor cos you know we can’t get at you right? is not a place where we let our angers out just cos in reality someone is bullying us or whatever the case will be.
    By the way, keep in mind this is a comments page… not a page to rant or counter people’s rants… oops! talk about hyprocrisy 😉
    sides, kenny i think the pictures are pretty. keep it up, for all you know you’ll probably be hired by NG

  64. the blue eyes are probably piercing because of her blue garment. 😀 People with blue eyes have a variation of blueness in their eyes everyday based on what color their clothes are.

  65. yes i have got to know someone again today whom i have already known for years. at every point of time, people are different yet the same.

  66. Personally I believe everyone have a story of their own life, whether it’s the past, present or future…
    Sometime, they really make me ponder whenever I saw people who sit or sleep at the roadside, begging for money and food…
    Most of the time I give them some money. But I know that doesn’t really help them…
    Maybe that’s life…

  67. Wow! that’s a lovely shot and a touching post. Though i wished you knew about her story (which i bet you, it must be a sad one) to share it with us here. :-))

  68. yeah sure. cuz its not a proper english word right? told you not to troll, and thats the only reason i went over to your blog dear. tsk tsk. got you all pissy over nothing. once again stop trolling thanks.

  69. can’t even see the eyes clearly…. compare to nat geo version of the afgan girl lose by 300 miles… but… got ask permission from the granma anot wait ppl say you simply take pic again 🙂

  70. the pictures are good, but the content of wat u wrote i have to say is very distasteful. almost like pokin fun at the woman. and all the while trying to sound ‘sincere’. wat happened to you kenny?

  71. Hi there…
    Kenny..can you please tell me how you take those photos? Did you use special lens (coloured lens etc..) Or did u crop them in photoshops?
    Would be helpful for my photography class..thanx in advance..

  72. Specially to I’m A Chicken With No Name and rojakmaumau. Like the way you ‘hammer’ people ‘kau kau’…keep it going…some ppl just deserved it.

  73. I was wondering.. did you just spot her randomly on the street? Then go up and took pictures of her staring into your cam? Hmmmm…

  74. “keep it up, for all you know you’ll probably be hired by NG”
    – Prove that kennysia’s readers are idiot nimrods 🙂

  75. “keep it up, for all you know YOU’LL PROBABLY BE HIRED BY NG”!!@!(*^!(@&!(*&!!010101
    Proof that kennysia readers are nimrods 🙂

  76. It’s amazing to know that there are many narrow minded people in Malaysia. Worse than that, there are many who cant think straight and seemed to criticize everything. Pak Lah needs to work harder on the education part. If half of this society carries on with the same mentality, we will have to look at vision 3030 instead of 2020. We will forever be just dreamers with fat hopes.

  77. Behind Blue Eyes- LIMP BIZKIT
    No one knows what it’s like
    To be the bad man
    To be the sad man
    Behind blue eyes
    No one knows what it’s like
    To be hated
    To be fated
    To telling only lies
    But my dreams
    They aren’t as empty
    As my conscience seems to be
    I have hours, only lonely
    My love is vengeance
    That’s never free
    No one knows what it’s like
    To feel these feelings
    Like I do
    And I blame you!
    No one bites back as hard
    On their anger
    None of my pain and woe
    Can show through
    But my dreams
    They aren’t as empty
    As my conscience seems to be
    I have hours only lonely
    My love is vengeance
    That’s never free
    When my fist clenches, crack it open
    Before I use it and lose my cool
    When I smile, tell me some bad news
    Before I laugh and act like a fool
    And If I swallow anything evil
    Put your finger down my throat
    And If I shiver, please give me a blanket
    Keep me warm, let me wear your coat
    No one knows what it’s like
    To be the bad man
    To be the sad man
    Behind blue eyes

  78. When I saw this posting, the first thing I remembered was the National Geographic girl. She has the same ‘haunting’ eyes. My former colleague used to paste it on her Notice board.
    Very good pictures you’ve taken there… like the saying goes “A Picture tells a thousand words or rather story”.

  79. kenny, your readers are shallow-mided. you write humorous posts and they say you’re stale; you write emo posts and they say you’re pathetic. honestly, i feel sad reading the comments left by your readers – full of flames and trolls.
    nice intention for your post. although it reminded me of the afghan girl, your picture wasn’t as powerful equipment-wise.
    rojakmaumau, i’ve read your blog. i have never seen a person capable of such contempt and hate. you can criticize people for their character or lack of discipline, but not skin colour and religion. you’re inviting trouble.

  80. I’ve seen a lady with the exact same kind of shocking blue eyes. Takes your breath away doesn’t it?
    Like behind those eyes is a story none of us could ever fathom.

  81. T.T…. kenny sia i hate u ….y u post up this kind of picture.. make me feel sad when look at the lady….

  82. Please la Kenny Sia take picture of others you call him fake…
    You all take picture of yourself pose here and there pretending to be like Fei-Lun-Hai and S.H.E not fake enough ah?
    “KAWAIII NEHHH!!” ^_^V
    Don’t even deny for once you all never did that all you bunch of fakers!

  83. Aww, how thoughtful.
    My first time posting a comment here after lurking for bout a year. lol. Yay for me
    And btw, Kenny, if you happen to have Astro STAR Movie, keep an eye for me on it. I might be on the Reality Contest on STAR Movie, tomorrow night(23rd May), 8pm till 11pm, OnTheLot Contest.
    Erk, do i have to pay you the ads fees now? I guess few clicks for Adribe will do =) \

  84. wah got a lot of hateful people…..
    got so much anger to vent, why not vent it on the govt?
    nice photography kenny. what camera was it tho?

  85. Yeah it’s a nice picture good angle and beautiful. Did u give her some money? She must be very touched by your generousity. You are a man.

  86. These are all jokes!
    I frankly think these people…. joe, rojakmaumau, don, katherine and several others…. are the same people. It’s only a ploy to make this website more famous.
    Here, in the west, these ploy is well-known. Newspapers did it, magazines did it and what the heck not!

    rofl. all evidence seems to point to the contrary. you write a blog to amuse yourself only right.
    oh yar your sycophants are saying i shoudn’t read or comment on your blog if i disagree with your increasing pretentious posts. alright alright i’m gone already.

  88. Kenny, thanks for sharing and reminding us. The last pic, her eyes hold so much memories, I can sense some pain…I hope she’s well and God Bless her.

  89. roup, i am a different person from katherine, ok? please do not place her and i together. we both have our url, u can check it out and find we are very real and very different indeed. and to blink, who was the troll in the first place? who did wat on who’s blog? get ur facts right people!

  90. Hi, now I understand U r a stubborn hypocrit,someone who cannot take criticm or listen to others’ view. If u r not in wrong, you don’t have to care how much people accuse you. The more you protest urself on previous blog, the more I ‘look no up’ on you. Not sure whether you truly got permission fr the victim’s family to post those photos. So fake! I know you would never remove those photos. Because you thought if you remove them, it shows you agreed you were wrong. Yes, you did nothing wrong. But you did nothing right or good also for posting so many photos. 1 photo is enough to tell the stories. Sigh, good luck. May God bless you.

  91. You are such a prick. You cant judge all the malays based on the majoritylah, how would you like it if someone decided to murder your whole family because your great great great great great grandfather did something wrong? anyway this is OOT so lets not go any further

  92. Kenny,
    Don’t let other people tell you who you are… don’t even let them get to you. The most important thing is, you know who you are and we know who you are… and we know that you meant well… Others will always demand you to do more, more than you can… they should realize that you hands are no bigger than theirs…and that there’s only so much people like us can do…
    This is the most depressing post I’ve ever seen. It moved me and I am sure it will touch others the way it touched me.
    Keep on writing Kenny.

  93. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. They made me want to cry and give the lady a big hug. I wonder what’s her story too. Love your blog.
    Bleh: Masamania made me cry buckets when he wrote about the singing lady with the bells T_T

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