Too Fast, Too Furious, Too Tired

My travel schedule has been absolutely crazy this past week.

No thanks to my perfectly planned schedule being disrupted by the elections, my two weeks worth of commitments were all pushed back and lumped into one single weekend.

That’s not an ambulance plane. That’s just an airplane from Swiss Air

Some people say they envy my life.
Well my friend, you DO NOT want to live my kinda life. Especially not when it involves jumping on 5 different flights to attend 4 different events in 3 different cities. It’s way too hectic.
The way I look at it, hopping on an aeroplane is a bit like having sex.
It was exciting the first few times you do it. But after a while, it just feels so bland and normal.
(Disclaimer: This statement in no way implies that Kenny Sia is getting any. Kenny Sia is still a virgin. Just like Chua Soi Lek.)

Last Wednesday, I took a 7am flight out from Kuching to KL for the filming of Malaysian Dreamgirl.
The girls were getting their photoshoots done for Women’s Secrets lingerie and I was there to work the show.


Under normal circumstances, watching twelve girls modelling in their bras and panties is supposed to be a very exciting thing.
Yeah, of course I was excited at first. Which guy wouldn’t? It’s not everyday a guy gets to witness a lingerie photoshoot right?


Problem is, we started filming at 3pm and didn’t finish until 4am the next day. That’s 13 hours of work to sit through (and we ended up using only 8 minutes of my footage). Not to mention I didn’t get much sleep the night before because I caught an early morning flight.
By the end of it all, I was so NUMB and TIRED I did not even get a kick out of looking at hot chicks in skimpy clothes anymore.
It was scary, ok?
Seriously, I was beginning to worry if my disinterest in women was caused by me being too tired, or if I was turning gay.

The following day, I was flown to Bangkok to do a TV commercial.
It’s for a Malaysian snack food company. And no, it does not involve me grabbing a transvestite’s boobie.

It was fun because it was my first time acting in front of the cameras. The thing is, I had no idea it would take so long just to film a 30 second commercial. We took 12 hours in total, starting early at 6am and finishing at 6pm just to get the whole thing right. It was hard work and I was just one of the supporting casts, not the main guy.
The reason why it was filmed in Thailand is because the Thais are known for making superbly hilarious commercials. Funny Thai commercials are all over Youtube.
This one is no exception.

I wish I could tell you more, but I couldn’t. It was a very interesting experience for me and a real eye-opener working with the Thais. If I’m not mistaken, I might possibly be the first Malaysian blogger (who’s not a trained actor nor a model) to be asked to appear in a big-budgeted TV commercial.
Suffice to say, you will see the commercial here FIRST before it hits the TV screens once it’s completed.
The advertiser who hired me has told me that, and the premiere of this TV commercial will happen on 🙂

I wished I could enjoy Bangkok more but unfortunately I had to cut it short.
I told Timothy I wouldn’t miss Nuffnang’s first year anniversary party for anything and I kept my word.
Saturday night, I flew from Bangkok back to KL and immediately rushed straight to Borneo Baruk Club where the event was held.

Dawn Yang of

Because of my flight, I arrived late and came in only when the event was starting to draw to a close. Nonetheless, it was nice to meet up with so many Malaysian and Singaporean bloggers, and everyone had a really good time.
A few people noticed already that I looked tired, and that’s true. Fact is, I hadn’t been eating or sleeping right for the past few days.

That night, I myself didn’t sleep until 3am. And then I had to wake up at 5:30am to catch another early morning flight.
This time, I flew from KL to Johor Bahru to deliver a blog seminar at the Landmark IT Mall Computer Fair. With barely 3 hours of sleep, the kids attending my seminar must’ve wondered why the organisers had invited a zombie to talk about blogs.
In the evening on the same day, I flew back to Kuching.
When I finally reached home that night, I was already tired as a hamster.

So really, a typical week in the life of Kenny Sia is too fast, too furious, and honestly not that easy to handle. A lot of sacrifices has got to be made, particularly on my social life. If there’s any consolation, at least I am getting paid for most of these side projects. It is a lot of stress, but at least it is fun and it is something different.
I just really need to take a break though. So I’ll be away tomorrow for the rest of March to escape, recharge my batteries and hopefully think of new ideas to pump back into Ironically, that would involve stepping on the plane again to go to a foreign land.
I need to do that, else I’d really go crazy.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back.

While I’m physically away taking a break for the next 2 weeks, will also be taking a (mostly) commercial break for the next 2 weeks as well.
Advertorials are what keep this website financially logical to run. Despite the marketing undertones, I’m still the one writing them in my own words and with my own style. So please, support the people that supports 🙂

90 Replies to “Too Fast, Too Furious, Too Tired”

  1. I think you’re social life at Kuching has to take a back seat for a while… but in return, you go all these places & events and meet new people right right right?
    the bloggers, the dreamgirls & show producers, & thais… and seminar attendees…
    We are wondering, how you do it, not as in enough sleep or not…
    Just like in the TV and movies le!!!

  2. Top 10. *winkz*
    Kenny,u deserve a good rest.
    Enjoy ur holidays and come back soon… lolz!
    WE NEED UPDATES!!!! Haha.

  3. that is the first pic of dawn yang that is not the normally great goddesslooking dawn yang ive ever seen. (am i even making sense?haha)
    take a gud break…and drink lots of water! =)

  4. you think you damn great meh?if you cant cope then dont take up TOO many jobs lar!now sice you take it up, and still complain..PADAN YOU!!!dont know how to cope with the life then dont act pandai like you know lar..@##$%^^

  5. You are way too young to have lost interest in sex, especially if your life involves 12 hotties asking you to judge them. Havea good break Kenny. Look forward to your updates when you get back.

  6. This is reality. Once you are bonded with responsibilities, the more commitment you have to keep. If you look on the bright side, you are destined to be like this because you are extraordinary.
    Hopefully you can balance up your life with a slower pace sometimes.

  7. Ya, you look slightly frazzled that night at the Nuffnang party… But you still managed to keep the energy levels of the crowd high! Furong jie jie HAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, have a good rest, and be energized! 🙂

  8. Two big mistakes, Malaysian Dreamgirl and you making appearance. You should remain as the blogger who dun really show up everywhere. I know ur famous now, im happy but ur funnier and more yourself here. Just afraid ur appearance will screw ur blog up.

    Malaysian dreamgirls lingeries photoshoot.. getting in the same boat with a THAI actress…. WOW YOU’RE REALLY MEETING THA GIRLS !!!
    DAMN IT KENNY YOU LCUKY MOTHERFUCKAAAAaaaaa we readers want some too !!! ;o;

  10. “It was exciting the first few times you do it. But after a while, it just feels so bland and normal.”
    how can it be pal? you are still young larh. lolz.
    n yeah, travelling so many times in a week, u must be very energetic!!!! hahahaha.

  11. have a good rest.
    Is exercise in your daily routine? 🙂 i think you should have it in order to keep up the pace if not you’ll lose the timing.

  12. You are one of the very, very few bloggers who can earn a decent living from sponsored blogging and retain his own blogging style. That is something very admirable!
    Rest well, Kenny. We’ll see you (here) in April. And tell us about your recharging trip!

  13. “I know what pisses people off about fame, It’s when famous people whine about it!” George Clooney, on TIME 3rd March 08 edition…
    Yes, now you piss me off!!! with envy of course!!! 😛
    hehe, it’s a hectic life, but hey you get to experience new things, try different stuffs, take part in amazing events!
    Still, glad that you stayed true to yourself as a blogger =) Have a good rest mate!

  14. Live the dream. Tiredness is one thing but you are living the Malaysian dream. All the best and if you want to relax, always come to Melaka 😉

  15. aiyoooo.. i told u to be more prepared for a TVC lor. 6am-6pm is super lucky lor. mine was 5am-3am the next day!
    and most TVC “actors” are not trained or professionals. dont worry. u r in good company.

  16. Honestly the quality of girls in Malaysian Dreamgirl is really not good enough.
    I thought to myself,’Has all the pretty girls died in Malaysia?’

  17. Fuk you, next time you walk down 1Utama, and you see the winner of Malaysian Dreamgirl staring back at you from a ten-feet-high poster, just remember that’s her saying to you – “Fuk you”.

  18. Hey if you ever want anyone to cover for you at Dreamgirls, I’ll be happy to go and comment on girls in their underwear. Penang is nearer than Kuching – I could be a special presenter. I even have a British accent so I could do a bad impression of Simon Cowell…! 😉

  19. Wah, if I lead your kind of lifestyle, I’ll be making Red Bull, cigarette and coffee companies rich.
    *plugs battery charger into Kenny’s socket* Rest well. 🙂

  20. my comment is going to be completely irrelevant…but are those your dwarf hamsters? sooo cute! 😀
    i had a pair last time…sadly they are but no more.
    have a good break.

  21. Fuk you,
    Well, this comment is for you and people like you who are capable of making shallow, narrow minded bitchy comments only. If u don’t like Malaysian Dreamgirl, thats your problem. Do yourself a favour by closing the browser and watch something educational instead. I catch the show only when I’m free, but I don’t see the need to make any negative comments towards them. If think you can sashay better than any of the dreamgirls or do a better job than Kenny, go ahead and make yourself available in the show and stop wasting time punching comments over here.

  22. kenny,
    u better slow down or else your bro might suffer hehehh..
    then when u are ready for action, u will realise u need ANDRO!
    in case it hasn’t hit kuching… heheh, here’s the intro :
    he aint heavy any more, he’s your bro..

    my god i am like the worst kennysia fan ever.
    have a good holiday. =D

  24. Many young people die young, we retiree always wonder why!!!
    Young Man.. last weekend , after Coma early morning complaining a minor headache, My neighbour friend passed away 3 days after a brain stroke, due to stress and continuos hardwork. He was 39, left behind young wife and 2 kids. We are so sad for him. He recently acquired a F&B and wake up early and back home late. He had same body size like you.
    You can’t earn $ so fast and so quick. Plan your achedule properly, alway relax and enjoy yourself as you travel.
    A normal human need at least 6-8 hours full sleep in Bed.
    By the way, check yr blood pressure regularly and make sure you insure yourself. We like what u have done. Take care and

  25. OMG, Kenny!!!! Please take good care of yourself. It’s not appropriate to travel that often and putting yourself in a lack-of-sleep mode all the time! You can suffocate your blood cells to death!!!!!
    Remember to drink more water, and take things one at a time!!! We know you’re busy and looks like your plate is too full at the moment. Don’t choke yourself, and eat slowly!
    GOd Bless, KeNnY!

  26. if you don like it, then don watch it…. insulting the quality of gals in here doesnt make malaysia a better place…

  27. hey who is the girl in spec in the last photo? i like her!!! someone pls tell me
    Posted by: dan at 20 March 2008 9:45 AM | Link to comment
    nadia /nadnut from

  28. Dont worry, everyone need a rest, you’ve done your best. So next time try to plan what’s within your limitation okay. We’ll wait for you to be back again. Enjoy ya~!

  29. dude! ur life rocks! there is a saying “great fame comes great responsiblity” haha!
    at least u earn money right? ^^

  30. kennyyyyyy, though your schedule was tight and busy, the photo we took together look great. Guess you done your job pretty well eh. I notice my photo on the first picture. haha. seeya around

  31. I really really wonder how come the Malay girls can dress up like that? I thought being in’ll be controversial to their sorta islamic mind or something? Anyone has comments bout this? I’m really curious

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