The Stellars

Today’s entry started out as a Blog Plug of the Day in my Short Talk, but turns out that this one deserves an entry on it’s own.

See, today’s Blog Plug of the Day is not a blog, but the Friendster profiles of four Paris Hilton-worshipping KL socialites. Their pages have been going around via word of mouth on MSN for a while now, and I simply HAD to share it with you guys or I’ll be failing my honourable duty as a webmaster.
Honestly, I do not know what to make of them.
These girls are so outrageously narcissistic, it’s RIDICULOUS to the point of being HILARIOUS. Just look at their profiles, and repeat after me. “Holy shit! Are they FOR REAL!?”

Check it out. They are Malaysia’s VERY OWN Pussycat Dolls. Introducing… “Babybelle” Cheesilicious! “Tiara” Jasmine! “Jewelstar” Melissa! And “Princess” Melyssa!

Give it up for The Stellars!

“Fashion is my passion and shopping is my talent.” Word!
Man, I don’t know what’s so special about them but I’m a fan already. Where do I sign up for their Louis Vuitton Handbag Trust Fund?
Japan has Harajuku Girls. Malaysia has The Stellars. High fashion never looked so good and I LOVE ‘EM!

I reckon all girls should aspire to be a Stellar. Didn’t somebody used to say that there’s nothing sexier than a woman’s confidence?

Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like she? πŸ˜‰

Talk about a legitimate reason to feel Tulan.
Take Evelyn Lee‘s case for example.
Imagine waking up one day to find your own face in the MOST unlikely of places – on the covers of pirated “Tammy NYP” DVDs. Yes, profiteering pirated DVD peddlers in Malaysia are selling unauthorized the Tammy sex videos, with the WRONG girl on the cover.
That girl happens to be innocent Evelyn Lee, who didn’t even have the SLIGHTEST involvement with this whole sex video fiasco. Heck, she doesn’t even LOOK like Tammy! Why is she on the cover?
Evelyn Lee’s Tulan make my Vivian Chew Tulan look like a small Tulan.

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  1. Very confident dressing but I wouldn’t count myself as a fan.
    And yes, it’s so sad that even an innocent girl is pulled into the whole ‘sex video’ dirty business. I wonder who was browsing these pirated DVD sellers to come across her picture.

  2. You should have posted the photos of her super duper micro mini skirt.
    Did naeboo show you the profile, or did you tell her about them?
    @___@ My eyes..

  3. i have to admire them for gathering so much attention and publicity – even though they look pretty ordinary.
    they remind me of the bad princesses in that show Meteor Garden. hehehehe

  4. I seriously think alot of readers don’t have appreciation for veiled humour.
    But yeah, I’ve heard of those four already, you gotta respect the fact they can take it SO seriously.

  5. with all the money they have,
    stop buying the branded stuff!!!!!!
    1. get in touch with dawn yeo/yang/yeoh
    (i dont know which is her real nose. NAME, i mean.)
    2. call her plastic surgeon and bring along a photo of Paris or Angelina or Qi.
    3. ask dawn how she changes her name and dump stupid names like tiara or jewel and what’s up with cheesilicious. Get some posh names like Princess Mia or something.
    4. With a new face, new name, get a new BOYFRIEND. (you go, kenny.)
    I don’t see any boys in their pix. And where are the fast cars?!
    If they are all lesbians, i think olinda and rebecca are gonna have a fit.
    5. Donate to the fund and for a minimal fee of 100,000 RM, will host a banner of the stellars for posterity. (and to ward off evil)

  6. Wait, are you guys even good looking enough to criticize? What if you’re just as bad? Or worst? I bet some of you guys are fat and ugly.

  7. Dear Kenny,
    We are absolutely honored to have gained publicity on your most sought-after blog. However, i reckon it is only fair that if you would have at least credited the pictures you have taken, which exclusively belong to the Stellars.
    On the behalf of The Stellars,

  8. Dear Kenny and the anti-Stellars,
    What have the Stellars done to you till you have to write nasty comments about us? Fugly,ah lians,thai chicken…..??? Do y’all enjoy bringing people down? Well, just because you guys wrote some bad comments about us, I’m not going to write back. Do y’all know why? Because i think the whole thing is childish. I used to be one of y’all, critic and insult others. But now, i’ve tried my best not to do that. I don’t mean to offend anybody but I don’t think its right to comment about people whom you don’t even know. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and its their mouth so they can talk whatever and as much as they want to. But I also believe in karma. What goes around comes around!Hope you’ll get my point.
    From one of the Stellars,
    Tiara / Jasmine

  9. Whoa! You guys are a hostile bunch aren’t ya? πŸ˜‰
    I think a lot of you guys misunderstood my intentions.
    I actually genuinely LIKE the Stellars.
    Why wouldn’t I? It’s a fun and outrageous gimmick. And come on! They are obviously fans of Paris Hilton and it’s prefectly natural to want to emulate their idols.
    So lay down the pitchforks, guys. Or I’ll whack you with my pink LV handbag.

  10. i’ve nothing intelligent to say but there you go girls! thanks.
    at least ive myself, some entertainment tonight.
    when u wanna come shopping wid me @ starhill kenny?

  11. Damn, Kenny when someone sent it to me few days back, I posted it on my blog , thinking it’s just a bad joke.
    Then I was mocked by the so called socialites. Provided me a good day of laugh. Bloody amusing sial.
    My eyes r blinded by those pink bombs n knock off bags.

  12. Hey dude, they look pretty good, I bet many loud mouth guys here would lost all senses when one of these cuties come up and say “Do you want me ?”

  13. I’ve seen that Tiara/Jasmine girl in university before and she is pretty. Everyone who has seen her thinks so too. I heard that she’s also quite smart. Total opposite of what is written here.

  14. You guys crack me up! First Tammy, now Stellars. Priceless!
    I just wanted to add that The Cheesy One bears a striking resemblance to a certain Filipino American “actress” named Charmane Star.
    Thatisall. πŸ™‚

  15. omg. i knew i’ve seen tiara jasmine somewhere before. she’s my varsity senior. had a few classes with her. on a contrast to popular belief, she’s actually quite nice in person. and like carey said, i heard she’s pretty smart too.
    having said that, i am not a big fan of her style and fashion though. she wears stuff like that all the time. mmm..maybe minus the hat.
    surprisingly, i havent heard of the stellars before.

  16. To all those people who have been bashing these ladies.. stellar or not.. just sit back and think for a little while and see if you can EVER get a girl that hot? Ok lar.. some of them MIGHT be ugly, but can your gf be as stylish or charismatic?

  17. Princess, I do not know if you will ever read about this, but my friends and I have stumbled upon your profile months ago, and we have been viewing it ever since. Rather interesting, I must admit. People might have gotten the wrong ideas about you, but hey, they are just plain old jealous, I guess. You are filthy rich, undeniably hot and I could see that you are enjoying your life to the fullest. You probably dine in the best restaurants and shop in the most expensive stores, but I hope you would not mind hanging out with an average Joe like me. Your group of gal pals are all as hot and you ladies are not afraid to be yourselves, I truly admire that. I am definitely not a fan. But I can be considered a stellar supporter. You chicks kept me entertained. I say, keep up the good work and do not let any of these losers here bring you down. No offence but why, Paris Hilton and not Jessica Simpson? I think she is way cuter. Hohoho.

  18. OK. To put some closure in this discussion, I’m publishing word-by-word, an e-mail exchange I have with the girls. Here goes.
    Dear Kenny,
    First of all, i must thank you for the generous amount of time and effort you have put into diligently researching and writing an entire post dedicated to the “Stellars”. I think it is only befitting and, as expected from someone like you, to assume that your post has generated incredulous amounts of traffic and at the same time, garnered very encouraging responses from your readers who seem to have been exhilarated beyond words upon reading about us (or should i say, the post which you have so cleverly pieced together so as to add more flavour to the already flavourful topic of interest chosen as your post of the day). However, there are quite a number of things which you have failed to comprehend about us, thus leading to a post so misleading due to your lack of understanding of what the concept behind our “clique”, which we have sarcastically mentioned as being taken very seriously, is. (I wonder if it would help to explain the concept behind the “Stellars”, company logo, motto, dental plan, financial-year-end gross profit, etc. LOL) This may not sound as serious as say, having metalheads and otakus being misrepresented, but ultimately, there is a need to think of the ethical thing to do here.
    I believe we are a fairly misunderstood lot, which i do not blame you or your readers for, and that certain things must be cleared and set straight so as to prevent a prominent writer such as you are from unintentionally and inappropriately publishing words of slander to a very wide range of readers who live by your bemusing entries. It is clear to see that you are one who appreciates the very precious art of subtly injecting humour and insults at the same time, directing them at whomsoever you may choose to pick on or decide should be the next hot topic of conversation on
    everyone’s mouths for the week. However, i must say that despite your great passion for it, you have failed to see the sarcasm behind the very words used on our profiles. Interestingly i must pick a line from one of theyour rather expressive and hurtful comments on the Stellar post that
    “…it appears sarcasm is lost on many people”. Never once have i thought of anyone believing we actually meant those very words when we mentioned how people must worship us, and that we “..must have fans and paparazzis tailing us” as they were merely written as an insider joke, with the biggest hint of sarcasm ever, intended to be directed at a certain group of individuals (we shall not give names) who have of late been bothering our personal lives for quite a bit.
    It was never meant to seem as if we are of any status or rank in popularity in the society. Are we all not equal human beings, born with the right of freewill? Despite that having been said however, there is certainly a stark difference between what one would call freedom of expression and the deliberate insult of another person who has not in anyway directly offended anyone by merely expressing themselves. We express ourselves with the slightest intention to insult anyone in any way and here we are, getting unwanted publicity and negative comments when we have made
    none against anyone, only keeping things to ourselves and posting pictures on friendster only with the intention of sharing them with our close friends. The heavy tinge of sarcasm in our words, sadly have caused such uproar that i find it pointless to further explain how none of this is real, and that the shoutout (ie: “Yes. We are SO for real”) was meant to those who actually think the stellars are for real. It is saddening to see how an innocent formation of sisterhood meant to foster friendship among those who share the same interests have become such an issue of public hate
    and dispute. It is not right to judge someone before knowing them and even worse to judge a person whom you already know. Therefore accordingly i do not expect any judgment from you, for i will never judge you.
    We do not profess to be of a certain standard of beauty. Neither do we think we are worthy of being worshipped in any way, as our thoughts have been so far off from believing to be able to receive such attention. I feel the statement you have made regarding us being so-called KL socialites
    who are desperately trying to be Paris Hilton wannabes was a very, very serious and false misrepresentation of the actual facts which deserve to be corrected. We are not socialites, although some might have been innocently fooled into believing it when reading every word written on one’s friendster profile, done only to display a person’s good-natured interest in entertaining the wandering souls who browse through friendster pages on a regular basis (which we did not expect should rise to such surprising numbers). Not all of us consider ourselves Paris Hilton fans, although we have nothing against those who idolize her, as the heiress herself does deserve some respect for all the hard work she put into doing nothing (at the very least she is making something out of herself as a celebrity who doesnt do quite as much as the rest), and not all of us consider ourselves so privileged to the extent that we need not do anything in life. A number of us put in generous amounts of time working hard in the process of pursuing our degrees, only going out so often for the sake of catching up with our closest friends. Therefore, i believe it is unfair to judge so quickly and label us with horrific names, as displayed from the colourful language (of which are mostly blue) used by your commentators, as it is untrue and is an unfair representation of ourselves as individuals.
    Perhaps if you could put yourself in our shoes for just one moment, being criticized for the very thing you loved most doing, without any intention at all to bring about such disfavoured publicity, or to project ourselves into a limelight as overwhelming as such overnight. To you, this may be just another successful post, but to some and perhaps to anyone who is worthy enough to judge your actions, you may have just crushed the very souls of some very innocent people who have held not even a single grudge against the world or you, for that matter. If it were not for all this
    hatred and heartless slandering you have stirred up from your readers through your post, i would have still considered you as a very gifted soul who has put his talents to its best use,
    without any evil intentions for others.
    Yours faithfully,
    Melissa (Jewlz), on behalf of the “Stellars”.
    And here’s my reply.
    Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for taking time to write to me. Coincidentally, I was just about to fire off an e-mail to you too. πŸ™‚
    First off, please allow me to apologise on behalf of the few… Ok, hundreds of scathing remarks made by readers of my site. I’d also like to apologise for directing unwanted attention on you.
    Having read your e-mail, I’m not sure if you or the rest of the girls understood where I stand.
    Melissa, I wrote that entry because I honestly, sincerely, *genuinely* believe that the whole “Stellar” clique/gimmick/concept/philosophy rocks big time. I love it. I find it very entertaining when a friend of mine passed me the link. I kept laughing at Babybelle’s obsession with cheese. Of course, at the back of my mind I was thinking “Are they for real?” I never took it seriously. I wouldn’t care, ‘cos I’m loving it.
    Do understand that THAT entry was NOT written with sarcasm. It was NOT written with malice. It was NOT written with the intention to diss you guys off. It was NOT written to “rally the troops”. Even I myself was surprised by the amount of comments it generated because I don’t even get that number when I write serious issues like politics.
    I made reference that you guys are “socialites” because that’s how you guys come across as. I NEVER regard you all as “Paris Hilton wannabes” who don’t measure up. No, I just think you girls are a group of larger than life characters. And I have no problems with that.
    The comments generated were very insulting and hard to take, yes, but that was NEVER the original intention of my entry. NEVER. The most I expected was something like “OMG! They are so over the top!” and thatÒ€ℒs it. The reactions of the readers were really quite unexpected. You can say I miscalculated reader response.
    It’s unfortunate what happened, and I do empathise with you. Being in the public eye myself I know, ‘cos I get hundreds of hurtful comments each week. I’m practically immune to negative comments now. Who are they to me? Just a bunch of internet strangers. It doesn’t matter what THEY think right? What matters is how I express what I wanted to express. I ignore them.
    The sad reality is that people are always quick to criticise. We can’t change that. We have no control if people likes chicken over beef. We have no control if people thinks Andrea Fonseka does not deserve to win.
    We have no control if other people doesn’t like us. But what we can control is how we react to it. And I hope you girls pull it together and brush off all the “constructive criticisms” initiated by strangers. Of course lah, if it were your loved ones who advise you then you better listen carefuly instead.
    By all means, go out and be yourselves and express yourselves. Because this place is too boring if everyone looks and acts the same.
    You have my fullest support.
    Once again, sorry. If I ever bump into you when I’m in KL, I’ll buy you dinner. πŸ™‚
    Be nice now boys and girls. πŸ˜‰

  19. Dear pasta,
    I truly admire your keen eye for detail in all our pictures. Little did we expect anyone to have actually paid such close attention to the things we wear. However do let me clear a few things for you:
    1. We do NOT call ourselves sophisticated rich princesses. How one chooses to nickname herself is solely up to her discretion and should be of no concern to you, unless you of course spend every minute of the day thinking about the lives of other people. (Besides, have you ever wondered why you’d call yourself ‘pasta’? personal reasons i assume, but none of my business as i have better things to do)
    2. I have nothing against people who shop in F.O.S. and those who choose to purchase items from there for the sake of dressing down once in a while or for whatever reasons they may choose to do so.
    3. I must thank you however for informing me of the price of the sweatpants as i had no idea myself, since it was obtained elsewhere (according to the person who got it), and not by me. And i am not extremely picky over things i receive, as it is the thought that counts.
    4. It’s just TGI! Did you expect to wear a couture dress there for a casual dinner? We were obviously just trying to be casual, in our own way. (And i thought this post was about us being so called overdressed “socialites”. Honoured though, but geez. The irony.)
    5. I shall not flame, and i shall not express any anger using any form of vulgarity in my usage of words, for i will never stoop as low as you, or anyone else who wishes to insult and judge in that manner.
    6. There has been enough anger going around, and i choose to stay out of this, for i never asked for any of this.
    Thank you very much.
    P/s: i reckon you’ll look good in those pants though. Either that or be happy in it.. cos they’re really comfy and you can sleep in it. lol.

  20. hey, kenny, since the lot make peace, i think is best to put all this fiasco to a close man, as a goodwill on bothsides la.

  21. I guess kenny, we are humans afterall. We tend to judge people without knowing them and sometimes after knowing them we still judge them, call it human nature.
    Jewel, in my opinion, your group are different. I’m not saying that’s abnormal or what, it’s just different (sorry if i did not phrase it nicely)
    if i were to use a word.. i guess it would be “unique”?
    anyway, Kenny, all best in the marathon! maybe i”ll see ya there =)

  22. To Melissa,
    By reading your email to Kenny, I’ve seen that you have proven that you have the standard and the real “clique”. Your writing is very professional. Admire that.

  23. er i don’t find the stellars all that hot. mm but i have a passion for fashion too so hehe woot!
    ok i’m not making sense. oh well.

  24. actually that babybelle is not bad looking.
    her fashion sense… if it wasn’t for that weird thing on her head, she’d look alright.
    still trying to figure out what that weird thing is!
    i’m sorry, but i think that melyssa chick is just… bleargh.
    bleargh is just a nice way of putting it.
    But i just can’t stand the colour pink. I hate pink.

  25. Lol, where had all the comments gone to? You deleted one by one Kenny? If yes, that’s so nice of you. Anyway, the Stellars really do have the courage to dress. No comments on their personality because I do not know them well enough.

  26. These girls’ would definitely fit in in american high schools or college the way they dress, lots of young girls dress this way shopping in malls in US, what’s the big deal, just because they don’t dress like the usual conservative malaysian girls some of you have to curse them like witches, that’s prejudice.
    The girl in purple knits and pink sweat pants with words on the buttocks, that’s the style what every american teenage girls like, brands like Hollister, A&F, Juicy couture etc, imagine having the word “Juicy” written right at where your butts are.

  27. Wow! The stellars are cool!Honestly, i think they dress well and they carry themselves well too. I agree with Danix, i think that they definately dress much better than most of those usual conservative malaysian girls. They look hot as well!

  28. Cool chicks with great sense of fashion. I’m sure there are many jealous girls out there who just dont have what it takes to be one of them. Oh well, Stellars rock!

  29. Ahem! Curte, u’re comment may be too overboard.Maybe they might not be THE BEST dressers out there in Malaysia but they are definately hot looking college girls. I’ve seen Jasmine before at my college. She is very pretty. Oh and Belle, she just reminds me of Amber Chia! =)

  30. None of the Stellars are fugly. I think they are all kind of cute and fucking hot. Plus they must be very loaded too. Beautiful sexy wealthy and popular. Who could blame them for having so much haters around? If I were a female I would hate them myself. Wakaka. Jealousy all around. The haters are all probably fat and short. All living in denial lah. One of those hot chicks was from SMSKL. Rich gurl I reckon. What a slim figure! Me likey. Wakaka πŸ˜‰

  31. if i m not mistaken i read something about judging someone especially when that someone is not even familiar or should i say close to that very someone. if its true then can someone who is close to the stellars say a word or two towards the so called models of KDU. would that be categorize under ‘JUDGING A BOOK BY ITS COVER’
    well..words of honesty from the very bits of my heart says that richness is not something permanent if u girls out there BEHAVE as how u r behaving and after all i know some of u girls for being proud to be rich (i’ll mention no name. change your point of view and look at it tis way..only be proud for it was u that made u rich and be proud not for what was others that made u rich. no one is against your fashion, looks or richness if i m not mistaken again it was your over confidence tat put yerself into this kinda situations and don make a big fuss when someone says …OH MY GOD !! and one of your member was saying abt rights of freewill…guess what, dont u think u r against what u were saying. just because i like beef doenst mean u would too right n does that make me wrong for actually liking beef. same goes here, its not judging n its just tat sharing is caring n thats how we ppl put it. some may like u n if u read it u ll be happy (no doubt) so what about those who dislike u ..dont they have a right of freewill..(they are just learning from yer piece of advice on freewill)or should they just shut their mouth n condemn u from the back. either way, its still the same. i will be honoured if u would write back . looking forward to it.
    [KS: If you want people to write back, you should at least put a proper name instead of “Unknown”. It’s called basic courtesy.]

  32. I dont see anything wrong with freedom of expression, is not like they committed a crime against humanity or what. Those girls just wanna have fun. What so freakin wrong with that? Meleisha is a free country & everyone is free to express themselves in their own ways. We are not living under the rule of Taliban or Mujahideen nor Cultural Revolution or Dark Age, so let them dress as they please. And for god’s sake, go and pick someone your own ‘size’ lah you people. Lil kiddie gals also wanna bully meh! Aiyoyo. Petetiknya!

  33. They’re not all that bad. But i definetely think that jasmine and melyssa arent pretty at all, but the other two are hot. Everyone wants to belong or find a group of friends who share the same interests. Thats the fundamental thing about people; the need to belong.
    We shouldnt hate them for how they look. Its their choice. But i think they have to change the way they talk though.. putting themselves as high and mighty like that. But keep entertaining us Stellars! πŸ™‚

  34. YES!!! the winner goes to Jasmine,HURRAY HURRAY!!! she has a ‘sparkling’ goldfish eye & extremely flat cheek bone… & errr flat chest as well, everything’s flat from head(hair) to toe. The onli thing tht’s not FLAT is the eye bag lah, can put in coins oooh.

  35. Princess or Melyssa can be very down to earth and sweet if you really know her. She’s kinda like the perfect friend. So people, stop picking on her just because she adores the colour pink. Get over it!

  36. i am in total agreement with the fact that melyssa can be one of the nicest people in the world. perhaps you just haven’t had the privilege of being close enough to her to know her as well as some of us do, ashley. i must admit i disliked her and thought she was some “diva” before being her friend, but after so many years of friendship, i cannot deny that noone else can be as precious as she is. looks deceive =)

  37. STELLARS ROCK. big time. you girls have all my love and blessings. screw all haters, living in denial and jealousy… they jus tryna put ya flame out.

  38. I fully support the “PRINCESS” and the “STELLARS” I find her fucking hot. People can say whatever they want. At the end of the day, she is the one enjoying life and you people got nothing better to do than judge other people. Go look in front of the mirror and jugde your ownselves lahh! Plz go get a life lahh! Sad man you people!
    “STELLARS” plz keep on doing your thang. Surely got people out there who will agree with you. And I am very sure you are all way better than all these people here. They are really ugly til they got to fuck themselves becoz nobody would even notice them. That is why they hate you so much. Don’t you get it now? Stellars rock man!!! Peace out motherfuckers!

  39. Ming, I think you are such a fucker who has not fuck for such long time and you so wanna fuck the princess. Wah fuckers around.

  40. ashley must be ugly. go away nobody wants to see your face. don’t say anything if you have nothing nice to say. i LOVE em. Stellars are HOT. The rest are not. They really remind me of the girls i saw in the States before moving back to msia. Trust me, they would so fit in. I think people here are just a little behind time. Sad, but true.

  41. is it just me or do i sense a lot of jealousy here. and did anybody notice ashley has posted more than 3 times on this post? wow, times must be bad.. nobody wants to date you? no friends? i bet the Stellars are out having the time of their lives since none of them have posted anything since the mail. even i am getting sick of this whole blog thing. have fun, geeks. imma be partying. the Stellars can chill in my penthouse, liven up my private parties anytime. i dont tolerate no boring losers.

  42. A bunch of narcisstic girls, and a bunch of girls who envy them.
    This entry as well as the comments is better than watching “Mean Girls”.

  43. mr taylor student you **** man !!! kdu rocks !! come to kdu watch the amount of head melissa turn, it is undeniable that mel is an ex taylor student,but sadly she came to kdu and its taylor lost,you lost a smart+hot chick from your college bro !! and one thing i would want to let you know mel is a Law student! you heard of defamation mr taylor??and im not sure if you know that its not a convention do dress differently,correct me if im wrong,well yes malaysia do practice freedom of speach but had you heard of the news of the ”sarawak tribune” when our prime minister recon us to not abuse freedom of expresion? therefore there are ”limitation” towards our freedom, oh perhaps you do not know what is the human right act 1998 all bout let me teach you bout this since you are underexpose. In human righs act 1998 BOY, there is this article call article 8 explains; every person has a right tp respect his/her private and family life,are you doing so? again there is this article ,article 3,explains that no one shall be tortured or suffer inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment…not to forget article 11 which states that people have the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to freedom of association with others did the stellars harm u perhaps some unforseeable circumstances which i do not understand,well mr taylor im hoping that my english is simple enough for you to understand it..and well, till then aiya dont Jealous Kdu lar ok or not ah ! why talking so ah beng one ah,i learn from taylor one mar !!

  44. Who ever support the stellars!! ask urself wat’s ur purpose? tend to be a hero? but after all just wan to ask them out?? why?? because they are hot? and u all are horny? lol! u guys are sucks!

  45. hot daymn, im gonna employ Mel as my defense attorney for my company soon. Daymn! I’ll use all of u losers out there! Daymn.

  46. mata sepet macam ini pun boleh jadi super bintang…walao…kalau gitu, puduraya punya pengemis juga adalah super bintang…hahaha…tengokla sendiri pada cermin…muka “the stellars”…penuh dengan habuk dan “heavily ICI”…kalau hujan atau air kena pada muka, confirm muka habis lentur hahaha…TAU KAR JIU LAA~!!!…lu u liu mien ar ne kuan hao lian…lu mai kheong kan

  47. to be precise mr/ms bunchofidiots im not really sure that are u a normal sane or not..but i do advice,due to my opinion that you seriously should see a doc anyone who can help u up,poor feler.Well i would like to explain,i do like sex dont u??well perhaps a person who like sex would be consider horny by U and a person who dont shall be conside NORMAL??sorry i dont get your logic!,i do love good and nice things in this world,i would not reject if i have a chance to go out with them…why not??dont you like a GOOD,PRETTY,NICE,FANTASTIC things in this world?well perhaps im a looser to wants all this,perhaps you are just so looking for morderation in your life that make u such a happy person..well u enjoy your life dude..wishing u all da best !!

  48. I am not a fan nor a stellar hater. Rather i would like to say the stellars are by far the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever seen. yeah *thing*
    girls do somethin better with your lives instead of posing like fools. gosh that black haired thing with the crown looks horrendous. attention seekers they are!!!:)

  49. kdustudent, dont you feel boring and tiring after reply so much comments you dont like? well just get off this page if you do not want to read any bad comments bout the stellars you so fancy to. dont waste your time here.

  50. i damn support TRICIA.she’s such an honest cute girl.i damn love it.And, i also support the ‘ICI’ paint. (I’M LOVING IT).As a reply to Miss or Mr ASHLEYISLAME, actually i’m a normal guy, and i seldom tell the truth. But when i saw the STELLARS’S pictures and profiles, i cant stop myself from telling the TRUTHSSSSSSS.anyway, stellars, are you trying to imitate the KLCC’s malay or what we address them as ‘punk’ or you are one of their members? really want to know…anyway, do you girls play ORGY? Can i join?

  51. to stellars,
    you are semester, you need not pay for your school’s fee. i pay 4 you. IN UR DREAM…hahahahahahaha…..

  52. hi there to everyone,
    first of all, i’m here to clarify a few things, there are not only 4 stellars in the clique, there’s 11 and still more to come. As i read through all of everyone’s comments, i felt a heartache, how can you people be so cruel? we are just girls who had fun togather and yes, some of us have all it takes to be the girl next door, some of us are loaded with cash, but some are not as wealthy as the other girls, what brought us togather is friendship and sister loving, it’s just like any of you girls or guys out there have your own group of friends to hang out with, to come out and play dota/RO..etc, or friends to party and get drunk with. To most of you, we are like what u called “weirdo” “bimbo” “wannabes”..etc (name all you want!) dont you think you all worried for us too much? (at least you all care to judged us in SO MANY ways..) But, we were just best friends who loves taking pictues and having our special stellars moment while we are still young. Just like some of u people have a favor on drugs, or some people who can just spend the whole night playing dota, or even clubbers whom faces are always seen in so many clubs. what do others think of u? i dont judge people, and i do not discriminate on people who do drugs, 24/7 sticking their face to the comp , or hardcore clubbers..etc. If you dont like us, keep to yourself please, is quite hurtfull to let someone judge when the person dont even know us, oh, and did i tell you that i’m one of the stellars too?
    best regards,

  53. Girls and boys, go do something better with your lives than pick on other people. Their fans work hard to defend the girls but i don’t see the Stellars picking on you, picking on me, hating all of us here? Man,i think they really have better things to do. Unlike all you people here. Get… a.. life, you pizza-faced computer geeks. Stellars, if any of you are reading this, don’t ever dare let anyone bring you down. Because noone can. Besides i presume you girls are way too busy to check this post that often anyway. hahaa. (steve wuz here~)

  54. yeah no one’s perfect. these girls are not perfect but hey they rock the house y’all! say aye say aye coz it is so true! πŸ˜‰

  55. No offence, Minxy, but when you Stellars style yourselves in a way that is an obvious cry for attention, you guys are ultimately going to be the target of snarky comments by people who feel differently.
    I’m not going to judge you (or any other “Stellar” who drops by) for what you do.(Hey! Shopping is my passion too and some of your clique’s clothes are mad cute)
    …but if you can’t stomach the negative comments, stop reading this blog, gird your loins, and have your fun without having to worrying about what other people think.

  56. whoa ken is getting mad. go get a life! no point you keep SUPPORTING them while they dont even know who you are and where you from. you cant buy them a dinner though. so save it la.

  57. haha. many people support them also mah.. see? kenny like them just fine whaat. =) better support than negative spams *smirks*

  58. good grief.. stupid jealous ppl. esp you ashley. stop attacking the girls and their fans. save ur breath lameasses. ooh, hate life is it? well get used to it. life’s a drag. go find something else useful on ur computer

  59. Haha. I’m neutral here but I do agree it is important to maintain a degree of respect for the fans here ok πŸ˜‰ cheers, cheers!

  60. This is interesting. New trend setters πŸ™‚ Bona fide ppl I’d say.. Or rather one blind, leading another blind…?
    There’s always the saying, “If you have it, might as well flaunt it” or “If you don’t have then don’t have lah!”
    Screaming for attention
    Did Paris post her own porn on the net? lol!
    Envy, jealousy
    You and I, are everything their not. Vice versa.. They too, are everything we’re not. So why bicker?
    Freedom of Expression vs Slander
    Either one, can get you into serious trouble if you say something stupid..
    Why aren’t there any guy cliques? Lol!
    We need more male population. REAL MEN!

  61. wow ppl r tense n sore. sheesh it doesn’t mean i will link my fantasies to reality. can’t a guy fantasize? its better than all the hatred and jealousy i sense here. sue me for being a fan would you?

  62. Just want to point out. Too much showy self-confidence usually attracts a little outrage. But why? Why attack them if their display case of high self-confidence is not even directed towards the mockery of others?
    No, no. I am not siding anyone. I come with peace and respect, people. I’m just wondering.. what’s so wrong with them then?

  63. there’s one news i heard recently from monash uni.i heard that the ‘KEN’ fellow is actually only a nick name.actually, ken is jasmine. u see. the stellars’ gang didn’t say anything on the blog recently,and they didn’t protect themselves but, there’s many unknown fans stand up and protect them. to my opinion, all the fans are THE STELLARS. honestly, i myself ANTI THE STELLARS.i’m in the same class with jasmine but i has never spoken to her.bcos, how can a chinese claimed herself as non pure chinese….PRETENDOUS…SHE PISSED ME OFF..and i cant really stand her anymore.dressed like a bird to school.”PEACOCK MAYBE” how can you wear a fur to attend a lecture class? their fans’ thought are “HOT” but that was TOO MUCH.and i totally agreed with ANTI STELLARS. because you all are honest and telling the truth.not as their fans

  64. LOL stephen.
    Then what are you if you’re not ‘pizza-faced computer geek’?
    Being confident is good but these girls are being ridiculous to the point of being attention whores.

  65. well since i’ve never meet them, i’ll think before i say. but you have to admit, they’re quite interesting.
    if i get a gf that looks like jewelstar, i’d be so happy. they do the gothic lolita look. how can any anime fanboy not like that.

  66. first of all, i would like to let y’all noe my experiences about the so-called Stellar.I went to club and saw them b4, i wanted to say hi to them since we were college mate.but they turned their face n pretend dint see me.They are really sarcastic and materialistic girls; they only fren with those rich persons!!!!and to melissya, u are really a lil bitch and slut!!!!i hope one day all your fren will leave you coz u are not-worth to be fren with!!!n btw,jt for your info, melissya has been kicked out of college of bad results.wat i mean bad results were reall BAD!!!she is so stupid that she cant even spell her own name!!!!wuahahahah

  67. Unless u drive a BMW, else they won’t even look at you.
    Gals, get a life. Life isn’t just about clubbing and flirting with rich guyZ…

  68. apparently, this is their life…
    the online ppl, the gossip freaks.. They can say whatever they’d like.
    wtf is a 20 something has to do with the excess to everything? stay at home a knit?
    they’re gona party like shit, they’re gona hook up with freaks, they’re gona get drunk and have a hangover.. they’re just like us..
    Unless all you do is sit at home and knit.. Lol!

  69. I think it’s great that they know how to dress well and have fun. as well as excelling in their course…. smart and sexy don’t often go hand in hand but these girls know how to do it!
    i like the posing pictures!

  70. Personally i think stellar sucks
    They are just bunch of girls going through puberty. Well not to say i am matured enough but seriously i been through life and forsee most of it, and this is just totally immature girls spending money they cant even earn. Girls get a life
    P.S: Their so call “style” is define as “Plastic” in the west, research on it

  71. Well honestly, they are just another bunch of those rich brats from the upper class who thinks they have it all but infact nothing.

  72. I don’t think all of them are from rich families. Their parents might be working really hard just for these ‘stellars’ to buy cloths….

  73. hi, as what minxy had said, there aren’t only 4 stellars in the clique, so the thought of all stellars are rich brats from rich family is wrong! And again, the idea of all stellars are materialistic, won’t even look at you unless you drives a BMW, is again wrong! Some of the Stellars are not born in rich families, and some tries to be independent by working for their own money, they have to work hard and at the same time, study hard to make their parents proud. Some Stellars have been maintaining good grades as well and won’t shop for luxurious items in expensive shops. Stellars are just another group of ordinary girls hanging out together, having each other’s back when problems arise, and be there to care for each other. What hold us together is friendship, love, care and at the same time, fun!
    Sometimes, i really think that humans are very complicated. When a girl is being friendly, she’s a bitch or a slut! When a girl does not entertain you, you think that she’s materialistic, and thinks that she’s pretending! We can’t adjust ourselves to suit everyone’s preference. We can only be ourselves, and yes! We are being ourselves, and we are proud of it. Though many will have bad impression towards stellars, but in the end, we are just ordinary girls trying to be ourselves and expressing ourselves in our own way.
    and yes, i’m a stellar myself.

  74. I think people are over generalising the stellars. Common guys, you don’t know them personally, so stop stereotyping them with people you know. They might be different. Give them a chance.
    p/s : I think they’re pretty confident of themselves. A character many of us lack. Just my 2 cents worth.

  75. Candy, thanks for your opinion. But lots of us still think you are a slut. You can attempt to explain your ‘friendliness’ here but in other words, a lot of us here still think you are cheap. That’s the ‘stellar’ image that you are potraying anyway.

  76. Geez guys, you’re such a lovely bunch of people! The phrase ‘SOUR GRAPES’ comes to mind.
    My take on the whole Stellars issue?
    ‘Tis but a mere farce! These girls are intelligent and witty enough to NOT take themselves too seriously and I salute them for being as socially provocative (no, not provocative in the sexually explicit sense) as they can. Good on ya for being daring to challenge social norms! Not everyone likes seeing girls slouching about in the usual boring jeans and t-shirt combo after all. What is fashion but another take on art? Thumbs up to you few crusaders bold enough to experiment! (Though I must admit I find certain articles of clothing a tad dodgy and tacky)
    I personally know one of the Stellars, she’s a childhood friend. All my life I remember admiring her sense of daring, her impeccable looks and her wit. Beauty AND Brains, my dears. And yes she’s now doing extremely well in University. So who are ye to judge them?
    (languid sigh) Oh you poor beings who can’t take a little sarcasm.
    Still sounds like a case of sour grapes to me.
    Let me note that I neither like nor dislike the Stellars. What they wish to do with their lives has no bearing on mine. I just couldn’t resist commenting though, haven’t read such hilarious comments on such an innocent little post before! I guess I’m just used to people being a wee bit more open minded in England.

  77. Stellars! i m one of the stellars! ops! i am actually a member of X-men! Why not u just born in England then? SLUTS MEANS SLUTS ! this is not about open minded or what! they are actually polluting !! look at them! yucks! i am going to vomit!

  78. uhh… Jewlz used the term ‘false misrepresentation’ which is a double negative. Decent english nevertheless. Not something to scream about LOL

  79. Im sure you “Stellar” Girls are regretting ever using this blog as your start of stardom. Look at what it got you guys into. More hate mails & let downs. Get real girls, you are no longer in high school where you have to impress everyone with your materialism & characters, Paris Hilton isn’t famous for immitating someone else; she is herself. You girls have to find your own identities. Not act on names like princess, tiara, bell etc..Who uses that? *advise* try more elegant names..*shakes head*
    I bet you “Stellars” are checking this site everyday looking forward for some niceness in the viewers but all you see is negativity. And i reckon that all the nice comments are done by the boyfriends & friends or even yourselves . Come on, who are you kidding when the person writing the comment are named Paris,Minxy, tlc or Anonymous. Y? Can’t you come up with better words? Hiding away under the fake furs & designer bags that you have? And i do agree with the comments above; How long did you take you come up with that long mail “princess”? did you pay someone to write it for you with a thesaurus next to you?
    And btw, we do have lives of our own. So happens that we heard of this entry from other people who are Disqusted enough to spread the word around.

  80. Their names: princess, candy, lulu, etc… sounds like those ‘girls’ name… u know, the one from “papaya-farms”… I’ve seen names like that stated in those itemised bills.

  81. PLEASE! those ‘fans’ are the stellars themselves! isn’t it obvious? who would wanna be a ‘fan’ of them? they remind me of myself when I WAS TEN.
    the stellars are plain bimbo-wannabes they are not even i can’t say that they are bimbos cos bimbos are pretty but ugly ppl. i agree. melyssa looks like furong jie jie.

  82. One of the Stellar claims to be “Cannavaro’s private cheerleader” (in her friendster’s profile). With a face like that, she ought to be PRIVATE about it and only do her cheer in some secluded locked up room (u dont wanna scare all his other fans away rite). I bet Cannavaro would be pretty embarrased to have her as his ‘private’ cheerleader.

  83. The conclusion is,
    I don’t care what you are, I don’t care what you do,
    As Long as your goal in life is to help others.
    Do good to each other, help the poor, and love God.
    Stay away from sexual immorality, cheating, lying, stealing, and anything bad.
    So that wraps up everything.
    God Bless Everyone.

  84. Jasmine and Melissa have the best features & hair πŸ˜›
    They all have great bods.
    As for this stella thing. Dunno, dont care, dont give shiet.
    Hope this blows over for them and they get to live in peace again

  85. Jasmine and Melissa have the best features & hair πŸ˜›
    They all have great bods.
    As for this stella thing. Dunno, dont care, dont give shiet.
    Hope this blows over for them and they get to live in peace again

  86. Woah. cool. haha. I though it wouldn’t comment without a name n pressed the stop button. looks like it still went through
    So thats what the cowardly anonymous chicken that kept popping up is.
    πŸ˜› Cool programming

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