The Siarong Party Girl Controversy



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If I ever said I’m not a fan of Sarong Party Girl, I’m sorry. I take those words back. She’s found a new fan in me after the Singapore Bloggers Conference.


SPG (her account of the evening here) missed all the afternoon session of the conference and only turned up during the after party.

I spotted her red sarong party dress at the balcony on the second level with her male companion. I don’t know if she knows me, so I walked over there and introduced myself.

I’m glad I did. That girl just kept giving me surprises after surprises throughout the night.

Kenny: “Hi, I’m Kenny. :)”

SPG: “Heyyyyyyyy, you’re Kenny! You’re from Kuching right? Guess what? I’m from Kuching too!”

Kenny: “Whoa!”

Surprise #1: She recognised me.

Surprise #2: She’s from Kuching! Damn, I never read enough of her archives to realise that.


To be precise, she’s born in Singapore but her parents are from Kuching. But I don’t care, I want to claim her as one of our own. πŸ™‚ Despite her being so controversial, I’m still proud that such a talented girl like her has roots from my hometown, ok?

SPG: “You know… I know exactly how you look like underneath those clothes.”

Kenny: “I know how you look like underneath those clothes too!”

Not bad for a conversation starter eh? How I wish I could say that to every girl I know. πŸ˜‰


We were referring to the ‘nude blogger’ incident when SPG posted on her blog an artistic shot of herself in the nude. Next thing you know, the mainstream media went crazy posting biased sensational headlines about how ‘dirty’ she is.

I was amused why the newspaper made a big deal out of this when porno sites have been living on the Internet for ages. So I went ahead and post my own nude photo.


Sad to say, my picture wasn’t as well received.

Later that evening, in a room where many other bloggers were congregating…

Kenny: “Hey, can I take a photo with you?”

SPG: “Yah, sure!”

Kenny: (to mr brown) “brown, can you help us take a photo?”

mr brown: “Sure, man.”


SPG: “You know what would be really funny? I think we should do a photo with our tops off.”

Kenny: “!!!”

Kenny: *thinks* “I’ll do it. Are you gonna do it?”

SPG: “I’ll think about it, but only if you do it first.”

Kenny: “Okay.”


A piece of Sarawak’s lush rainforest in Singapore

I don’t know what happened next but the chatty room full off bloggers suddenly turned quiet. VERY quiet.

All I remember was mr brown shaking his head saying “This deserves an entire post on its own, man.”

*click* and the camera flash went off. I turned and saw SPG adjusting her straps. I looked back at my camera AND THEN I saw this.

That’s not ‘one big yawn’. Its ‘two big yonks’.


I showed it to SPG and we burst out laughing our tits off. I felt as if I just shot the cover of my first porno DVD – “Hairy Potter and the Half Naked Nymph”

mr brown walked away feeling disgusted.

mr brown: “I’ve got only one thing to say about this, man… KENNY, YOU GOT BIGGER BOOBS!”

He’s right.


This entry was edited so much, the flow of words is just so mangled right now.

Suffice to say, I did expect ppl to go “OMG you are crazy!”. I didn’t expect ppl to go “You lost my respect, I’m so disappointed in you.”

I wrote it because it was a very unusual and out of the ordinary situation that occured. Its not something that happen everyday, and I think its worth noting.

Some ppl go to Thailand and take photos with ah guas. Some people go to sex expos and take photos with porn actresses.


The incriminating photo.

I took a photo with a professional fetish model, that’s all.

180 Replies to “The Siarong Party Girl Controversy”

  1. WOO!! Unbelieveable! You actually posted the pictures up without censorship! Guess this post will be reported in the newspapers within days…

  2. I can’t belif wat i jus saw! I hope ur gf can take it! In fact,she’s braver than u,she ‘open’ more for us to see! DaRN!!!

  3. hey kenny, i think one of her posts mentioning about she removing her that nude posts because of something about hurting her family or something, maybe u should check with her again abt this post… then again if she really gave the ok-sign… *chokes, can’t breathe*

  4. crazy Sarawakians….
    *shakes head*…
    … next time round, i’m definitely going to Kuching for a holiday… to erm… observe the natives… πŸ˜‰

  5. My utmost respect
    Goodness me, i wouldn’t be suprised if the newspapers would care less what you say, this deserves the highlight post damn it, nobody mentioned about this on other blogs

  6. I can’t say I’m a big fan of her opinions, but damn, that SPG has got some big balls. And I can respect that.
    But won’t you feel responsible when M’sia comes crashing down in the resulting morality scandal?

  7. Urm, urm, urm…
    Now I know that Kenny has coconuts on top definitely. But below??? Them a roomful of lucky bloggers man. Warraoz, fiery hot man!

  8. hahaha… that was hillarious man, u lucky bas**** ahahaha. i wonder how ur gf’s gonna react when she sees this.

  9. OMG Kenny! You … you … are hairy. Hahah and one freaking lucky guy! I can imagine a lot of SPG fans going “OMG YOU BASTARD!” hahah. They are just jealous.

  10. I know you have a disclaimer. But I still think you should check if that photo was meant to be for private or to posted on the blog for the world to see. There’s been enough of a controversy for her here without this starting it all again.
    In the eyes of many men, you have scored a coop for getting an eyeful. But, is this necessary? I don’t find this post tasteful at all.

  11. Wa! You cannot say u r a converted fan and then show a pic of both ur boobs lar. Ppl will say u superficial 1. πŸ˜›
    Anyway, I was right outside the room when you 2 took the pics, 1st class seats to the show. πŸ˜›
    And, ur “wife” is unhappy leh. She blogged 1 long entry saying her displeassure. Her language though a tad too strong, but some pts are pretty valid I think.

    YOU COULDN’T!!!!!!!!

  13. This post is offensive. Why would a so called decent guy like you think this is funny?
    Could you give me ten good reasons why your girl friend would be okay with this? No decent girl out there would think this is okay. I never posted a comment before, and I have enjoyed reading your decent posts in the past. Even the one about your dad made me all teary. But this is utter nonsense.

  14. omg. i read something like this on one of the singaporean blogs but i thought it was just a joke…..
    hmmm well all i can say is i’ve bigger boobs than both of you combined!!! and i don’t know where you got the courage to put this up man. you better hope your wifey don’t blow hor……

  15. I lost my respect for you Kenny. And I pity your gf. How do you think she feels when she sees that pic? Maybe you’re saying that ‘hey, it’s just in the name of fun’, but this is already over the limit. At least respect your gf by not posting up a pic of you and another girl – half naked – for the world to see.
    Totally tasteless.

  16. Walking on thin line there, dude. Better check with Malaysian law about Malaysian posting something R-Rated. Don’t wanna see you blog from jail. That aside, extremely interesting night you had there. As for your girl, I should think she’s fine with it, the quiet secretive guys are the ones to watch out, not the ones who are blatant like you.

  17. Hey Kenny.
    In all honesty, I dont find anything particularly funny about this “tongue-in-cheek” entry. It’s anything but funny. As a matter of fact, I find it utterly distasteful.
    And I quote Wendy :
    “I look down on all of you there”
    My respect for you has plunged several notches. You are so over the line you cant even see the line anymore.

  18. OH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOODNESSSSSSSSS…..i dont think kenny is the one with big balls in this case!!! LOOK AT HER!!!!! why nobody say she got gigantic balls???????? I MEAN IN FRONT OF EVERYONE? wahlauweiiii dont remove this post yet…not until i go back home and read again lol
    p/s: Nice tits and boobs by the way…both of u. Kenny…since u become so influencial, try advice more girls to strip nude…we want more =p

  19. Why the comments turn sour??! because no one can believe why a supposedly good bloke like Kenny (what were you thinking??!) would actually post an entry like this. It made me sick to my stomach! And making the tits wiggled, is that supposed to be funny?

  20. arrghghhggh lucky you didnt use the other pic. Otherwise all of us back in singapore kena haul to the stesyen for questioning on lewd behaviors in public liao.

  21. respect lost.. if SPG wants to throw herself into the public like that, the least a lot of us would have expect is for you to play along.. i pity your gf.. imagine her putting a photo of herself with a man with his dick showing.. a lot of us thought you are a man with substance.. ya, but still just a man i guess, naked boobs rule.. this sux..

  22. Well, I see England, I see France, but I can’t see anything on this web page.
    Anyway, guessing from the comments, who gives a shit lah – as long as SPG + KS both agreed to post the photo. Not like they were having sex or anything.
    Nudity is funny people, not scandalous. I mean, does anyone get aroused watching streakers at sporting events? Were there children there? I don’t think so!

  23. I think if you’re trying to garner more support from your dirty male fans, you’ve outdone yourself. Well done, Kenny!
    But if you think we girls are just going to sit here and not say anything, and laugh at your offensive post..think again, Kenny.
    Even your good friend minishorts is disappointed at you. think of the many ppl whom you’ve disappointed when you posted this. There’s a malay saying “nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga”
    It’s time you think about this seriously.

  24. as a reader, I like to read your blog. But I think this is going way to far to share. I know you would have mixture of comments. + n -. It is fine with me of what you have posted. But nowaday, Readers’ age range is wide spread from 6 to 60++. Dont mind the old, but think of the young one. What is in your mind when you posted the pictures? I know there should not have any restriction on blogging, but i think the pictures should be cencored or put it in more artistics way and then describe in words..
    Actually, this remind me of an episod of ‘Boston Pulic’. Students have been assign to take a photo of a scene they like most and describe their thoughts of it. There is a student took a picture of 3 naked kids (5 to 6 yrs old) bathing happily. In his thoughts he decribed it as a joyful moment of kids playing with water (most kids do) showing carefree, peaceful and harmony which the world should be. BUT for other it consider a child porn. At the end, he was given detension and the school has no choice to make a police report due to parents pressure..what the f*** right? Very dramatic right? This is the world we are living in.
    I do hope the pictures do not give a wrong message to the young.. ‘hmm, when go party or gathering, lets dare the hot chicks pose with us like kenny & SPG !’ and then blog about it!
    Please keep up the good role model. yes, i should congratulate you for being a great bloger and many blogers idol. As a infamous bloger, you caught lot of bloger and readers attention. But dont forget the readers. I do understand, as a reader, we can choose what to read and not if we are wise and decisive what we want! but not for the youngs..conservative am i? Actually i am not..just i want to lets all the blogers realised that, cherish the freedom that been given to blog what you want to blog, please use your power wisely….
    ps: this doesnt mean that i will stop reading your blogs..

  25. holy cow the amount of people who sound like they never seen tits before, or tits dont exist, or are mom and pops that want to extend their authorities past their own homes! all the holier than thou closet pervs! amazing! im scared.

  26. 2nd comment today. To sourgrapes who are blasting the negative comments. Put yourself in Kenny’s shoes, yeah, totally put yourself in his shoe. Now read back the comments. There are truths everywhere on these comments. What would his dad think? What would his young fans think? What would the law think? Frankly, I’m more afraid of him getting a jail sentence than anything else. It’s disastrous for his family, and girlfriend. Don’t just think to please your entertainment inquisitions.

  27. Kenny, you’re being flamed. This may be a lil too liberal for our world but I understand you did it in the spirit of fun. But pull it offsite also good lah. If not you’re gonna kena left, right, center and behind. I must admit the post was rather tastefully done though, in view of the sensitive nature of the topic. Peace, Kenny.

  28. 2nd comment today. To sourgrapes who are blasting the negative comments. Put yourself in Kenny’s shoes, yeah, totally put yourself in his shoe. Now read back the comments. There are truths everywhere on these comments. What would his dad think? What would his young fans think? What would the law think? Frankly, I’m more afraid of him getting a jail sentence than anything else. It’s disastrous for his family, and girlfriend. Don’t just think to please your entertainment inquisitions.

  29. Dude, if it doesnt kill you, it will only make you stronger. I didnt see the pictures but I can only imagine. If any of us went out to the Playboy mansion for a party we would blog the hell out of it for weeks. This was your experience. People should stop being so damn judgmental. Its only a body!

  30. Read your original post. Not really offensive, but felt disturbed nonetheless. Disturbed because i was thinking of how Nicole must be feeling if she read this.
    Refrained from posting comments as i was hoping to read your clarification soon, but sees you doing frantic damage control instead. Say something, Kenny! Explain if you care, please!
    Is that really you? Did that really happened at the Bloggers Convention? That girl is no doubt SPG, given her dress is similar to pictures posted by other bloggers. I don’t feel disappointed with you because i have never expected you to be a role model. But this post just give me a mixed feeling…..
    Oh by the way, for all those people concerned about children in the presence. SPG only arrived at the Bloggers Convention during the post event party, which is strictly for above-18. So there is definitely no children around during the photoshoot.

  31. hey hey~ actually im kinda disappointed that u took off the pics =x
    despite all the negative comments, I admire how u n spg have the guts to “bare it all”.
    guess it’s all in the name of fun, and if anyone is worried about kids getting bad influence, don’t you think that upbringing plays a big part? and i think one should be more concerned about the millions of porn sites on the net, than one harmless picture of bare boobies. =P
    anyway, great site you have here, kenny. keeps me entertained at work. =]

  32. yar kenny, dun mind d negative comments la. we all know u meant it in jest. hey, i’m a girl n i am not offended at all! y shud i pretend to b shocked n appalled n point a finger n go tsk tsk tsk. dis is kenny’s blog n wat is d meaning of a blog if u kenot write n post wat u feel, if u need to censor for readership. heck if i wanna see a doctored picture or read a chastised entry, i might as well go visit my grandma’s blog…or xiaxue’s. we love kenny for his balls to post watever that is real. y so shameful? he has nothing to hide wat! he is not sum hypocrite who’s all talk n no cock. i agree with javalier, the quiet secretive guys are the ones to watch out, not the ones who are blatant like you, cuz kenny has nothing to hide n ppl dat know him (like nicole) knows wat he is capable of. no respect lost for u kenny. much love, man.

  33. Talk about shooting youself in the leg. Although I see not much wrong in this post itself but still I guess Kenny you should have practised some digression in what you have written because this is a hugh public audience as in millions of people all around the world ya? And I really do not thing you really want to go flashing to the whole world when you for one are a respected person in the blog society. As in the one that gained respect fully clothed. I guess many are disappointed at the little cheeky outburst that occured on that night but as many sagas this will be something etched in the minds of many. But what has been done has been done and Kenny don’t worry I’ll still read your blog and hope you’re not too disheartend.

  34. damn i actually missed the original post, but thanks to perv’s tips, I saw the ONE extra photo. That’s all? That is the photo that created all the big HU-HA? Fuck dude then kenny is a pussy to del that photo. (again, I didn’t read the original entry so I don’t know how bad it is).
    Come on kenny, BRING BACK THE JUICY PART, screw the other bitches

  35. So many pp shoot you.
    Nowadays, freedom is jus a illusion. They say you can do what u wan, and then later put pressure on u to not do the things they dun like.
    I do agree with “I wrote it because it was a very unusual and out of the ordinary situation that occured. Its not something that happen everyday. And its worth noting.”. Hope ur gf understands this. πŸ™‚
    The idiots can say what they want. The biggest of them are the 1s who tried to bring the parents and gfs into the picture. But if they(the parents and gf) truly understands u, they will noe u did not do anythign to be ashamed of, and thats the most impt.

  36. Give the guy a break man… who are we to judge him and be ‘disappointed’ in him? By what standards do we judge the quality of his posts? By our own expectations? And what is it exactly do we expect from ?
    Although some of us might not find his recent post to be done in great taste but to have done what he did doesn’t make him a bad dude… he doesn’t deserve such vehement denunciation.

  37. kenny wat u post dun change d decent person that you are. what others say abt u here is no a reflection of ur true self inside, it doesn’t make u a less decent person nor a morally corrupted one. as usual, one small thing overwrites all d good u’ve ever done for mankind eh. i will always remember u as d kind n sensitive soul who cared for his family, respect old ppl and haf d patience of a saint to put up wif all d ah peks at wedding dinners. πŸ™‚ if u were my bf/son/grandson/bro, i’d b proud, not ashamed.

  38. kenny wat u post dun change d decent person that you are. what others say abt u here is no a reflection of ur true self inside, it doesn’t make u a less decent person nor a morally corrupted one. as usual, one small thing overwrites all d good u’ve ever done for mankind eh. i will always remember u as d kind n sensitive soul who cared for his family, respect old ppl and haf d patience of a saint to put up wif all d ah peks at wedding dinners. πŸ™‚ if u were my bf/son/grandson/bro, i’d b proud, not ashamed.

  39. based on this post alone, I’m kinda questioning my judgement in including you now.
    It’s one thing to be funny and ‘tongue-in-cheek’ but this one post might destroy anything good that came out of that article, for you, AND everyone else…
    With great popularity comes great resposibility, dude. But at least you still had the balls to edit the thing.

  40. sigh & aka would you please shut the fuck up. i’d rather see kenny in the nude rather than the drivel minishorts writes. loss of respect isit? here’s a saying for you, ‘don’t like? don’t come.’
    what exactly are you people disappointed in. or better yet, what were you expecting? what do you take him for? he isn’t some slave to keep you entertained while you sit in your chair writing hypocritical drivel in your own blogs. if there’s something wrong here, it’s you, the ‘disappointed’ people who are taking kenny for granted.
    so what if he posed in the nude? is it a crime? there’s no such thing as a ‘malaysian law’ on the internet that states such a thing. ffs, nobody owns the internet if you haven’t noticed.
    more importantly, how does this affect you? seeing a nude pic makes you horny isit? or reminding you that you haven’t been ‘getting any’ for a long time?
    it’s just a little nudity ffs. if you’re ashamed of your own bodies fine, don’t take it out on someone else who isn’t. it’s people with mentalities like you whose kids end up having to curiously ‘explore nature’ themselves resulting in the growing number of unwanted pregnancies in the country.
    kenny, thanks for sharing.

  41. kenny man , juz remember one thing : Do wat yer deem right and to ur heart …
    Fuck the critisim. Most who condemn such liberation doesn’t deserve your attention.

  42. Don’t see what the big deal was about posting it. SPG was the one who initiated it, and did she expect it NOT to end up online?
    And all this ‘with great popularity comes great responsibility’… so we’re going down the path of self-censorship now?

  43. grrr screwy IE. that pent up raging anonymous person was me. not that knowing it makes much of a difference tho.

  44. I’m a girl, so that chick who was all “I’m speaking on behalf of all girls who are not just going to sit here and take it” can go suck on a rotten cucumber.
    You’re judging yourself on Minishorts + XiaXue’s standards? HA! I would be PROUD if those 2 idiots didn’t like me (and they don’t).
    I’ve said it before re: your other postings when you thought I was “criticizing” you, Kenny. Even if some people think you are boring/stupid/rude, you should see whether that person has a valid point or not, before going all crazy and trying to conform to their idea of what you should do.
    Taking down any post you were happy to post in the first place just because people got all school motherly is an evidence of lack of balls (or hollow coconut balls).
    And all those people who are all “think about the children” – you people are deluded if you think anyone old enough to use a computer is still an innocent.

  45. hahaha! oh man this is so interesting!!! Kenny what next ? your trip to Geylang or was it Gayland ??!!! post pictures wei! juicy one only !!!! LMAO!!! but i m still dissapointed with you, that doesnt mean i dont like you! LOL!

  46. Way to go Sarong-girl! Now IÒ€ℒm completely confused if this constituted molestation or child abuse, or both. The least you could have done is to call his mum, Madam Sia for approval. I hope you did as this coconut has been in the shade without exposure to the sweltering sun much and glad that you showed him the way. Did you also show him where the light is at the very end of the tunnel?
    Now, pull your ears with your hands and stand in the sun, coconut boy, while IÒ€ℒm having a chat with Sarong-girl.
    I am truly glad that you are actually one of us. For the longest while, you have been the only one that stands out and probably the only one that will ever live a full life in the history of the land of sheep, (I just made up the history part, there isnÒ€ℒtÒ€ℒ one.), and rather pleasantly surprise that you arenÒ€ℒt sheep at all. This kind of explained why you are different. It must be tough trying to fit in, for it is a place where there is abundant broadband and smartcard but with a bedroom, living room and Lee emperor that belong to the Ming dynasty.
    For the growing pains that you and your family are going through in the most recent months, I can sense that the entire land of sheep are growing up with you as well, in a way much like a beam, black or white, or some shades of grey, but to the entire land. For the very things we do there associates some price, a doubled edged price, sharp as razor blade and could be rather unforgiving, which could make us and our parents proud, or perhaps lived to regret it entirely. Everyone has some of those and some simply have more than others.

  47. kenny, dont let the opinions of some local blog whore whose losing her fame affect you. keep up your good work. ignore what that lamer xiaxue has to say. she’s suffering from dementia me thinks.

  48. OMG!! Nice one!! Some pple are just too immature to respond to this. Maybe Asians should open up more? =D Respect to ya. Cheers!

  49. to me, you absolutely have the rights to do what you did (i’m referring the very original post)! as a gal, I don’t think that i’m offended by your act (and perhaps her act as well!). I think it was cool, helluva great guts! Nevertheless, I foresee that it is going to be a tough road for you man. The voices from the more ‘open’ generation of course would be: bring it back, bring the hot stuff back! We absolutely love it! Yet again, you gotta be prepared for any upcoming that might be worse, really. You know, this is MALAYsia, not solely a land of KENNYsia.

  50. Kenny…i think u better turn off the comment, i can’t believe people saying dissapointed on you…total crap. I believe if shes willing to go naked in public…why kennysia cannot post about it? Well at least i got amazed that a girl would do that in public…really really brave.

  51. Anonymous,I apologised if I offended you or any girls out there. You don’t have to scold me with vulgar language.
    Kenny, I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you in any ways. But your posting today – well let’s just say, Me alone..I find it hard to accept.
    However, if your gf Nicole is okay with all this, then I guess she is a great girlfriend after all. And you my friend is a very lucky guy. =)

  52. Hey, donÒ€ℒt care what other says lar. Who are they to judge ppl?
    I am a girl, but don’t few any wrong in the pic. This is Internet leh, and you did put up notice before the pic.

  53. actually i laughed and went “wa lau! she anyhow flash her boobies!”
    i thought kenny was single, so its okay, then i learnt he has a gf -__-
    kenny, dun think u b happy if ur gf had a naked man pressing his dick on her right…
    but its v funny to knw that she was THAT easy. =)

  54. Stop girls…why argue? After wasting so much time commenting bad things about kennysia, tomorrow you will still come back and read his blog what? So please don’t make him look bad…if you get offended then keep it to yourself, don’t have to write a long long post in your blog to humiliate kenny…how childish. You should know who im talking about.
    p/s: kenny, whats ur msn…lol

  55. I wonder if your virtual wife will up the ante show us lusty men even more than SPG? Just joking. OK, it’s in bad taste, i admit. XiaXue definitely cannot enjoy my bad taste joke.
    But since i’m not a blogger, i can’t leave my comments at XiaXue’s site. So i’m hoping her “husband” can convey the following message to her.
    “A body is to be respected. But who should respect your body more than yourself. I understand how you feel since the other party involved is Kenny, your “husband”. But there’s no point in getting so upset with SPG. To her, maybe she feels that flaunting what she have (although to me it seems more of a case of flaunting what she don’t have) is the highest form of respect to her own body. It’s just a different sets if values….”

  56. seriously, why bother about what others think of the content. it’s ur blog. overall she’s just a person who everyone thinks is a slut. i don’t see a wrong in befriending her and doing anything at all. from her entries, i can see that she’s a nice person =)
    there’s no big fuss over it.
    some ppl, and i mean SOME, just over-reacted.
    this is what i call, DUMB!

  57. Saw the original post thanks to RSS hehe… But seriously, I’m not clapping.
    I know I don’t have a say on what you should blog, but you seem to forget that you are far from anonymous. And two pairs of titties (the bigger one’s on a dude) moving in rhythm is just frickn disturbing.

  58. Did you both have sex after that? Can you feel her boobs resting pressing on your chest. From the picture, its seems like it did. I bet you had an erection right?

  59. I neither love ya, nor hate ya.
    I neither consider you a hero nor a villain.
    Neither a role model nor object of derision you are to me.
    I just read ya. Keep blogging, and I’ll keep reading.
    This message has been brought to you by the letters A to Z, and by the numbers 0 to infinity.

  60. I am open minded but I am still a girl. If you didn’t have a GF, I would go “Wow…Kenny..I can’t believe you did that…bravo” but you do have a girl and heck, you should’ve respected her..really. Well, I hope you’re both alright..gosh…which open minded girl wouldn’t fume over this.

  61. *eyeroll* enforcers of so-called moral values to the rescue.
    chill, kenny. i hope you’re not disheartened by the verbal attacks on your r’ship with your girlfriend. you love her, she loves you, it’s all good. you yourself know your own loyalty, who the heck are others to question it?
    personally, i laughed my ass off at the original photo. i didn’t find it indecent, i just found it funny because it screamed out “Nipple Confidence!!” to me in stereotypically conservative Singapore. and now i’m laughing my ass off at the replacement drawing… it just looks fucking horrible! it’s like a drawing done by a 7-year old! and then i realized, that was the point. it’s less offensive to be childish than being a morally-offensive adult.

  62. as many had said, as readers we are no one to judge you and we can simply turn away when we find ur entries not amusing anymore but what about the harms you’d done to your loved ones? as a female i cant help imagining how sour your girlfriend will be feeling…
    dont mind what we say, a lot may find it funny, some may think it’s distasteful, but that all do not matter. just ask yourself this question, kenny, honestly, whose feelings are more important than those of your loved one?

  63. What are all these ppl dissapointed and offended about? Gawd, ppl take bloggers too seriously. So what if Kenny is seen with a pair of tits?
    Kenny writes, we read, we laugh, we cry. And today we perved. Did the world stop? Nope.
    So chill the f**k down ppl. As Rockson would say, “Nabeh lah! KNNBCCB. Don’t like, dont come lah!”
    Rock on, Kenny. πŸ™‚

  64. Hello there kenny.
    I do enjoy visiting your site. Yes it is damn hilarious. I really do not have any problem with this current topic which you have just blog but i am quite concern at the location this nudity scene took place.
    If you already not know, singapore has a strict rule on nudity at public and entertainment places. There was an incident where a patron of a pub climb up on a bar top and took of her top and dance topless. It results in a massive fine for that patron as well as that pub. But if this event occur in someone else’s home then it is ok.
    If however, this event occur at a pub then…. I have nothing else to say. You just got that establishment and that girl into trouble. Well lets hope nobody reports this to the authorities or the press.
    Hopefully you would be more careful in future and think of the possible repercussions of such actions.

  65. whatever these ppl say, i’m still your biggest fan, Kenny. Just blog whatever that comes through your mind. This is what blogging is about. It’s about you, not about what others want to / don’t want to read about you. Tasteless? blah!

  66. The kennysia we all know won’t do things like that. It’s probably a moment of unclear judgement. Everyone make mistake. Just because he make one bad post doesnt necessarily condemn him to the hell of doom.
    You probably ticked off several people, some really close friends of yours but i’m sure they will forget about this incident soon. Stay cool alright..

  67. Seems like i couldnt view the pictures but reading the comments … makes me.. excited. anyhow for me to view them? thanks

  68. hi kenny, i would like to read this entry plese? hehe… i find that you’re a humourous guy, i enjoy reading your blog! tell you what, because of your entry about the digital cameras, i have bought a Panasonic Lumix!! btw, my email is, send me this entry yeah~

  69. arrrgh! you guys, keep whining already and give kenny a break. if you don’t like what he wrote then just don’t come back. period.
    to kenny: i think you’re a great guy. keep writing and expressing yourself. don’t mind what people say or think about you. they’re just jealous coz they don’t have the “bola(s)” like you do. *hug*

  70. sorry, typo! *grin*
    arrrgh! you guys, stop whining already and give kenny a break. if you don’t like what he wrote then just don’t come back. period.
    to kenny: i think you’re a great guy. keep writing and expressing yourself. don’t mind what people say or think about you. they’re just jealous coz they don’t have the “bola(s)” like you do. *hug*

  71. One thing about Malaysia is that Malaysia will never be going forward.. malaysia will instead going backwards day after day..
    In malaysia we will never have freedom to write what we want.. i mean why cant we just say what we want, sing what we want (Negarakuku)
    I don’t see anything wrong with expressing our feelings rather than staying in one country where the gov is worry about every single thing. If the gov wanna worry about every single thing perhaps they would increase security to make sure people out there is not getting hurt fron snatch thieve, etc.. help people in Malaysia.
    Not worry about what people is gonna say!!

  72. woot kenny! you really zai to the extent of being a bit siao sia! LOL! hahaha! admire your courage and creativity man! hahaha! i wouldnt have been able to do it even after gazillion years!!!=DD

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