The Most Honest Suggestion Ever

At Level Up Fitness, we have a suggestion box.


To me, it functions a bit like a blog comment box. Except it’s all in real-life.

From time to time, I’d open it up to see what my blog readers customers have to say. Also to find out how I can improve my place.

Just the other day, I stumbled across this gem.

Not something within my control, but I certainly appreciate his honesty. 🙂

Must Watch Video: Clueless people trying too hard to “sing” Through My Window at TM’s mobile karaoke booths last week. If there’s a definition of FAIL DOT COM, this is it.

Let’s hope their main event at Lot 10 next weekend won’t be as bad.

95 Replies to “The Most Honest Suggestion Ever”

  1. I got a comment.
    I emailed Levelup about 7 days ago and still havent gotten a response.
    How is a business going to run when I inquire about prices and never get a response?
    I thought in the current economic conditions that it is hard enough to get clients in. I never expected that you would avoid them.

  2. i didn’t know that people tend to go to gym in search for pretty ladies. i thought its all about fitness and workout. oh well, i guess there are many types of people (i didn’t mean it in a bad way)
    and i think that its very nice of you to actually consider all feedbacks personally cuz you know, not many “CEO” would care about them.

  3. Hi j.c,
    I went through the company e-mail and I don’t seem to have a record of your e-mail. May I ask to which address you e-mailed to and may I have a copy of it sent directly to me?

  4. What a dick….see, also even if there was a pretty girl there it does not mean that they would be looking at you!!!

  5. You can always dress up as a pretty girl with fake long hair that can double up as a bush… oh wait, where have I seen that before…..

  6. haha, told you so…I mentioned it before too
    Actually it is not that effective the box. Let’s see how is the ratio of those who comment over the total population?

  7. Not meant to be pedantic or anything of that sort, but there’s a spelling error in that suggestion form you posted (I’m assuming all your suggestion forms are printed in the same way). My guess is that it’s supposed to read filling instead filing.

  8. Hey Dude, gym here can be a pick up pace, I know a few cougars hanging out at my gym to pick up guys and trainers.
    Guys if you want pretty girls, you gotta look good to pick them up.

  9. I think it should be “this form” instead of “these forms” since there is only one form that the person is holding at that time right?

  10. “Not something within my control, but I certainly appreciate his honesty. :)”
    What made you think it’s a ‘he’? 😛

  11. kenny sia you funny fuck, you used to be funny. what happened man? actually i can answer that. money happened? there’s already a severe shortage of good chat in the world. get back to the old kenny because all these chats about level fitness? is a bore!

  12. Actually, I can think of one way to at least some girls in – have a little clothes boutique or mani/pedi/massage section!
    Then you just gotta hope that a good proportion of them are pretty girls! hehehehe

  13. What would you like to see improve?
    i would like you to be at the gym more often and exercise there also, then after that i can take picture with you and have your autograph ^-^

  14. kenny oh.. lol i dunno if i’m mistaken but.. shouldn’t filing this be filling this? unless you want your customers to be doing filing for you lol. but i could be wrong and my comment would make me look like a biggggggggggggg fool lol

  15. yeah, it’s out of your control kenny.. haha.. but here’s another honest suggestion.. maybe try giving discounts fo female members?
    i know it’s like sexism.. but hey, some gyms to that!
    all the best! =)

  16. i think you can hire a few pretty girls come to gym daily 9-5pm, just walk around, chit chat, do some work out. This will definitely boost your sales.

  17. Lol Mr Kenny,
    Not in your control but appreciate his honesty? You’re admitting that theres no pretty girl in your gym! wonder how will the current girls react if they read it XD

  18. sure. from blogger to businessman. Blogger, advertisements cannot bring fortune. BUT business is alway risky. It is cash flow, holding power. Some place can do, some place people just won’t buy it. time is tough, thrifty is now in everyone’s mind. business is about traffic, population and spending power.

  19. the person suggested having “more” pretty girls, which means there ARE pretty girls in the gym, just not enough la! zzz. and it is assumed that it’s a “he” who made a comment because kenny sia followed the rule in which opposite attracts..and i thought the form says “filling”? o.O
    kenny sia come open level up in kl!!! 😀

  20. Kenny,
    Can I actually download the application form through your website? I’m interested to join but need to retrieve more information about the current package. Infact, I might be bringing few of my mates to try out.

  21. Hi Kenny,
    Great that you started a gym! =) Pretty excited to follow through its development.
    Here’s a suggestion, being a regular gym user myself back in PJ.
    — Care for your members, not just push for sales —
    I have been going around gyms for some time and have finally landed myself in one that I am comfortable with.
    My most difficult experience was when I was with Celebrity fitness. Their concept is mostly marketing and pushing for sales that they neglect their most important assets: their members.
    Suffice to say they have been giving me too many problems that I can bear. Ranging from messing up my payments (Of all times, when I am in the overseas), and forcing me to pay up my one time late charge before I can even see a customer service personnel to settle up all my issues (Which ironically enough, includes my late charge). >.

  22. Sean, so which gym are you wth right now?;)..Then we can gym-gossip:D..I’ve heard some complaints from disgruntled members also from various gyms here so at least Boss Kenny here can ensure his gym is member-friendly

  23. Oh, just some regular small- mid sized gym that is relatively unheard of. no chains like the other big players.
    But good thing is that this particular one (And I am sure similar ones) operates with a very ‘community’-esque concious.
    It’s not as lavish as the big names out there, but it’s adequate for a total body workout. Serves the purpose so, and well.

  24. i like to suggest to your gym assumming these are not found yet. to have gym notice board for connecting people and making friends and also sexy body builder picture on walls.

  25. Does this gym offer boxing training ?
    I have been to some gyms but no boxing equipment.Don’t get me wrong.I want to box to improve my hand and leg coordination. XD

  26. more pretty girls doesnt mean your present girls are not pretty enough. it means your girls ARE pretty and the person wants more (numbers) of them on staff. if your girls are pretty enough, it would be written “PRETTIER girls”.

  27. POH HUAI BIN! Fuck you! You’re such a bastard! You know what have you done!! You go to hell!! You definitely will have a very very miserable ending, you’ll die in full suffering very soon and go to hell!! Please stay away from him!! Those who are closed to him will also have bad ending!! I hate you POH HUAI BIN!!!!!! @#%@#@%^……

  28. Hahaha… It is maybe a good suggestion to the Gym to attract more customer to exercise and become member. Another that, you can make a season promotion or any package

  29. My my my, this is one response which is superbly honest. Haha.. I remember when I was in a gym, they asked me what you need to comment about it. I wrote, “Help me, I am being touched by guys”

  30. i agree celebrity fitness sucks!!! i prefer carlifonia fitness..but sadly celebrity fitness took over in swy pyramid!

  31. pretty is too general and too vague. SEXY should be the correct word. however, i bet wives and girlfriends will not let their partners step into your gym anymore. so your target customers are single men.

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